Since the idea of this series was first conceived, many people have given their encouragement, time, and effort in helping it to become a reality. Mart Gibson, my wife, my brother, Paul Miller, Don Forshag, Frank Mayberry, Ron Deep, Jack Schira, Paul Sullivan, J. T. Smith, Tom Seebode, Rosie Cler, many unmentioned friends, and classmates (who are very old and treasured friends) have been especially helpful and insightful. Some sent books and articles that proved to be the key to the final touches in the writing. Some proofread and edited. Some passed information on to others who might possibly be able to use or further publish the theory. Some read the theory and were actually happy to finally discover something that made sense to them. Some made a point to tell me to keep up the good work. At least two presented the theory to promising students as a viable alternative to today's accepted physics. After the first four books of the series were published, some interesting new friends and acquaintances encouraged us to continue - some who have degrees in physics and one physicist who was working along similar lines some years ago with his instructor in Russia (their experiments with unusually configured electromagnets caused them to conclude that future physics would be based upon "whirlwinds").

Charles (Ace) Holman placed a condensed version of nether theory on the class of '60 website at the Air Force Academy. He did a great job.

Thank you all for everything you have done.

With your help, and the help of others like you, perhaps the height of the waves will grow in the sea of complacency and prejudice that is so prevalent in our sciences today, and the future will be brighter for succeeding generations.