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Updated May 2, 2014.



With all of the obvious anti-American activity that has been happening within the last year, it seemed that everyone would have some clue about the total take-over of this nation being attempted by the Shadow Party, the far left, the Muslims, the U.N. and the useful idiots.   However, the media is suppressing the real news and lulling the people with unimportant things to keep them asleep, the bell curve that represents the IQs of the people shows how few of them manage to be sharp enough to see through the facade, and most of the people are too busy just surviving to pay attention.   So this update is being written just in case it may do just a small amount of good in a world so tinged with evil.

Obama - Crimes

It has been proven that Obama's on-line birth certificate is false, that he is a Muslim, and that his social security number is not really his, but the Republicans don't seem to want to open that can of worms.

At this time, the facts on the Benghazi incident are being covered up.   The witnesses are not allowed to talk with the exception of a few whistleblowers.   Various levels of threats have been used to maintain the silence.   Hillary Clinton was obviously part of the problem.   She is more cunning than Obama and has plenty of help from the communists in the so-called Democratic Party.   During her hearings she showed that she did not care to participate with her angry outburst, "What difference does it make?"   Any fool can see that she and Obama are both essentially murderers for political gain.   The Democrats at her hearing did not wish to ask her any pertinent questions.   Instead, they grandstanded and flattered her as a great secretary of state (when she has never done anything great).   For the most part, the Republicans were just plain stupid and showed no cohesion whatsoever.

Needless to say, Obama (being a Muslim) has been aiding terrorists whenever he can - not just by allowing them to cross the border from Mexico.   When the two brothers, Tamerian and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, exploded their bombs at the Boston Marathon, Obama refused to call it a Muslim terrorist plot.   The subsequent explosion of a fertilizer plant near Waco, Texas, was whitewashed as to its cause.   It could never have been a terrorist attack, right?

Fast and Furious is still on hold since Obama shielded Eric Holder from the consequences of his perjury and his contempt of Congress.   This is another case where Holder and Obama are murderers - killing literally hundreds of people in an effort to discredit guns so that Americans may be disarmed.

As of October 2013, it has been realized that handgrenades have been sold by a U.S. dealer to the drug cartels in Mexico and have caused many deaths. Eric Holder has refused to either prosecute the dealer or halt this operation. This was just another part of the Fast and Furious operation by U.S. government "law enforcement".

The IRS has been used by both Democrats/Progressives to illegally attain their goals.   Richard Nixon and Hillary Clinton, among others, targeted their political enemies by using the IRS.   Now it is quite apparent that Obama is responsible for targeting his enemies through his politically-appointed representative in the IRS.   The Republicans, as usual, will not use the criminal justice system to make the witnesses speak, but some of the witnesses have spoken regardless.   If the Republicans were not afraid to use all that is at their disposal we might be able get to the bottom of this more quickly.   To date, the IRS has been found responsible for targeting conservatives of all kinds (churches, ministers, tea party groups, etc.), for handing out confidential information to other agencies, for enlisting the FBI to aid in enforcement, for giving free passes to leftist groups and people who should not have had them, and more.   The list of illegal activities by the IRS is still growing.

Obama is still using Homeland Security and other means to allow more and more illegal aliens to come into the United States.   These aliens include Middle East Muslims, Chinese, and many other nationalities as well as Mexicans.   The obvious motive is to have more drugs, thugs, and terrorists enter the country, and to use as many as possible for an illegal base to elect Democrats.   The state of Arizona has not been allowed to enforce federal law, and signs along the border are in English and Chinese.   Sheriff Arpaio is still a prime target of the Obama administration because he has been doing his job.

As of October 2013, a government drone has been used to monitor and apprehend and American farmer on his land in North Dakato, despite the fact that this is against the 4th Amendment guaranteeing individual privacy. Obama oversaw this action and is reponsible for it.

The bureaucrats who are the workhorses for Obama have an underground system of emails in which they use aliases to prevent anyone discovering what they are doing.   Transparency is the last thing they want.   Efforts using the Freedom of Information Act to discover what was in the emails have been thwarted by blocking out large sections (in some cases, the whole thing).

Obama has leaked secret information that allowed Navy Seals to be killed.   Leon Panetta has leaked confidential information to film makers creating propaganda films for the left.   Yet Edward Snowden (a whistleblower) is being targeted for telling the truth about the National Security Agency (NSA) which is building a huge facility that will be able to read all our correspondence (emails, phone conversations, etc.).   The NSA has already been using illegal means to read such correspondence, and has the excuse that this has led to prevention of terrorist attacks.   Even if true (which may not be the case), here we have a cure that is worse than the disease.   The NSA must be stopped and their new facility dismantled or used for other purposes.

ON JANUARY 17, 2014, Obama made a speech regarding the NSA scandal. About 75% was the history of the NSA starting with its inception during the Truman administration. This tended to lull people to sleep as he showed what a great job it has done in times past and what needs to be done in the future.   Then he launched into a disjointed but smooth rheotoric of what he intends to have happen now.   He is to have our executive branch of government (i.e. Obama) oversee the NSA with more "transparency" (like his usual transparency is).   The way to "map" terrorists by monitoring who they contact and who contacts them will remain in the NSA's repertoire (but who decides who is a terrorist and who is not?)   The Justice Department (under Eric Holder) and the State Department (under Obama's appointee) will help in the oversight along with others whom Obama might like to have help him.   There will be a reform with a new program "only for security purposes".   Our private information will be kept for and by the NSA for a period of time, and more information on all of us will continue to be collected and stored for a period of time so that the NSA can get into it if someone sees fit to do so.   Actual telephone conversations will not be heard nor emails viewed by the NSA unless the people under scrutiny are a security risk for the nation (who decides?).   So we can look forward to the NSA being overseen by the Justice Department (like it has overseen the Fast and Furious debacle, the IRS scandal, and many less blatant happenings), and the State Department (like it oversaw Benghazi).

[It should be noted that
(1) once information is acquired, it will never be removed from the digital files,
(2) even if a saint were to promise us that the information would be used morally and legally, and even if the current administration were saintly, there will come a time when the saints are gone and the demons will have taken their place,
(3) national security is merely an excuse for more power and control over us - in fact a judge has ruled that there was no case of any gains in national security by NSA snooping according to the NSA's legal briefs.]

Another traitorous act that comes back to Obama is that of his FBI director who is responsible for having material "offensive" to Muslims purged from their training curricula.   Political correctness is something that the Democrat/Progressive/Communists began to use in an effort to obfiscate the truth.   It is a form disinformation.

According to Liberty Guard, Obama has authorized a force using 30,000 surveillance drones to patrol communities and homes across the United States.   He says this is for your safety, but the same bases and personnel can be used to kill us.   There will be approximately 69 bases in the U.S. and its territories for drone use.   This merely confirms what Obama and Holder put in an executive order some months ago.

According to The Tea Party Vets, the green energy fiasco is killing America's military personnel and our nation, and is putting many more in mortal danger.   After pushing electric cars which actual use more CO2-based energy when one considers the CO2 cost of electricity, Obama went after the U.S. military.   His executive order number 13423 decrees that the entire federal fleet of vehicles must use alternative fuels by 2015.     He wants battery powered trucks for the military.   The batteries in such vehicles have the habit of bursting into flames.   The military is not equipped to refuel using more batteries.   The loss of efficiency in going from gasoline or diesel fuel to electrical energy causes more CO2 emissions overall by at least 30 percent.   The cost of the new vehicle fleet will be three times the cost of a comparable fleet fueled by gasoline.   The navy must be algae powered.   The Navy jets must be seed powered.   The Air Force must use wind-powered turbines for their energy.   Obama's real motive is to kill the U.S. economy and cripple the U.S. military further so that United Nations military forces can more easily take over the United States.


Some of the purposes of Obama's Healthcare are to (1) bankrupt the U.S. and its Sovereign States, (2) to eliminate the older people (they are the ones who may be wise enough to see through him), (3) to control the populace, (4) to eliminate political enemies, (5) to increase the number of people working for the government, (6) to discover who owns firearms or other means of defense against a tyrannical government, and (7) to maintain the health of those who are either corrupt enough or stupid enough to vote for Obama and his minions.

Obama has the good guys in a vise.   He knows that if they defund Obamacare in the House, his minions in the Senate will kill that part of the bill and give it back to House.   At this point the House will have to kill the Senate version and the bad guys will claim that the good guys want to shut down the government - which includes no pay for the military, no pay for social security, etc.   This is a classical example of the joke about the human body in which the various organs were attempting to establish priorities.   The rectum finally won against all good sense by threatening to shut off the body's ability to deficate.   Obama and his minions began as the veto blockage in America's gut, preventing us from seeing what is going on behind closed doors in Washington.   Since then, they have inadvertently exposed the fecal matter in American politics, so we may call them the domestic enemas of America.

As if October 2013, Obamacare is being stalled due to (1) inability of the website to handle those who wish to see the what it will cost them, (2) disgust by those who attempt to use the website, (3) the irrational and excessive personal questions involved before one can even see what it will cost them, (4) the fact that the IRS is the entity that will oversee Obamacare, and (5) the excessively high cost when one is able to see what it is. It appears that even the sign-in process is an attempt to gain personal information that will result in either identity theft or a better means to control each individual. Bear in mind that the IRS is run by a political appointee who answers to Obama - and the IRS is already busy sending one's personal information to others (even though personal information is supposed to be confidential).

As if October 2013, Obama's Attorney General (Eric Holder) and the Department of Justice have tapped the phones of conservative journalists under the pretense of national security. When it was discovered, they lied about what they were doing. This an orchestrated attack on the 1st and 4th Amendments.

As if October 2013, Obama's Environmental Protection Agency has been given unlimited power - including the power to to seize property and close down companies. This is unconstitutional, and just one more way for Obama to exercise dictatorial power over us all.

Obama and his minions have enlisted every useful idiot, traitor, and enemy agent, from the many in Hollywood to the dumbed down youths, to try to create gun control that will climax with the removal of all guns from the populace.   The Second Amendment was put there by the Founding Fathers as our last defense against a tyrannical government.   It is much easier to subjugate the people when they are armed only with knives and pitchforks.

The various massacres were largely the result of leftist efforts to inflame the emotions of the useful idiots and to bring more useful idiots into the fold.   Yet, the left claims that it is guns rather than people or their movies and video games that cause such massacres.   The statistics and other facts indicate that the more guns in the hands of honest citizens the less crime we have.   Some other statistics are even more telling.   During the left's last efforts to take our guns away from us, the number of guns and the amount of ammunition sold was so great that most had to be back-ordered, and the enrollment of new people in the National Rifle Association (NRA), Gun Owners of America, and Second Amendment Foundation increased.   The NRA alone had a 45 percent increase in members.   The proposed legislation against gun owners failed because even the Democrats were afraid of the backlash if they were to pass it.   According to Alan Gottlieb of the Second Amendment Foundation, 100 million Americans voted in 1012 - and at least 80 million own guns.   There is still the threat from Obama using the United Nations to take our guns away.   The U.N. Arms Treaty is a direct assault on our Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms.

As of October 2013, some research has been done as the culprits in the massacres and shootings. In every case, it was a leftist that was the shooter. See T-F zfoDql?rel=0

From the American Policy Center with Tom DeWeese as President we see that, Miguel D'Escoto is the U.N. General Assembly President.   He is a former priest who became a communist and won the Lenin Peace Prize presented by the old Soviet Union.   Bear in mind that "peace" to a communist means that you have decided not to fight for your rights and thus may be exploited mercilessly.   D'Escoto is leading the U.N. effort for total global control of the United States - and he expresses this publicly.   He is an ally of Obama, and Obama is working with him.   The U.N.'s New York Conference on the World's Financial and Economic Crisis, led by D'Escoto, laid down a specific agenda for U.S. control, including:
Global control of the sea, space, and air,
Global tax authority,
Global financial regulatory authority,
Global competition authority,
a Global economic council,
and creating a World Monetary Board.

The U.N. is moving to increasingly infiltrate American Sovereign States through a front group called "International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives" (ICLEI).   The group has already infiltrated all 50 states, and we are already paying dues to them with our tax dollars.   The ICLEI creates policy to strictly regulate the use of your private property, including telling you how homes can be built and of what materials.   Regulations have been passed causing homeowners to replace their existing windows, roofs, and appliances.   The ICLEI also attempts to make it difficult for you to own and operate your car, using policies that eliminate the building of new roads, place higher taxes on gasoline, issue fees for parking, and prevent the building of garages.   These are just a few examples.

The U.N. Law of the Sea Treaty would restrict off-shore drilling and energy exploration.

The U.N. Convention and Elimination of Discrimination Against Women is and international version of Roe vs. Wade that would further entrench the assault on the unborn.

The U.N. Treaty of the Rights of the Child is an intrusion of families, giving children the right to contraceptives and abortions without the consent of the parents.

Whether you agree with these ideas or not, Americans should not be forced to be subservient to the United Nations. The U.N. here in the U.S. has been proven to be no more than a nest of spies and a means of infiltrating our organizations with moles and sleepers.   We should grant the FBI the right to go after communists in the U.S. regardless of what they call themselves (they want to overthrow our government).   We should then withdraw from the U.N. and kick them out of the country.

The last I heard, the higher ranking military officers were still being interviewed to see which would be willing to kill American civilians, FEMA was still ordering many plastic coffins and setting up concentration camps, and Homeland Security was still buying much too much .223 and 9 mm ammunition, as well as more guns.   Don't know any more about than I did about the black helicopters over large population centers performing exercises to intimidate and accustom the people to their presence and the noise of their gunfire.   It is possible that this activity has temporarily ceased.

Comrade Hillary Clinton is beginning her campaign for president.   She was one of Saul Alinsky's supporters in college and the Clintons received big money for Bill's campaign from China.   Hillary is a ruthless and cunning psychopath who used the IRS against Bill's enemies during and after his run for the presidency.   She is not the sweet thing she appears to be in public.   Lately, she has allegedly given top secret military secrets to the New York Times (which it published), including our cyber warfare methods, allowing her subordinates to take the heat.

There are several organizations which are asking for donations to further their cause of impeaching Obama and Biden: The United States Investigative Unit with Douglas Ramsey as its Project Director ( 202-558-6491), White House Watch also has Douglas Ramsey as its Project Director ( 202-558-6491), at least one Tea Party group, and more.   I wonder about Douglas Ramsey with his two ways of obtaining money from donors.   Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch would like to do much more than impeach Obama and his allies.

From their own statement: "Organizing for Action is a nonprofit organization established to support Obama in achieving enactment of the national agenda Americans voted for on Election Day 2012.   OFA will advocate for these policies throughout the country and mobilize citizens of all parties and diverse points to speak out for speedy passage and effective implementation of this program, including gun control, sensible environmental policies to address climate change and immigration reform.   In addition, OFA will encourage the formation of chapters that will be dedicated at the grassroots level to this program, but also committed to identifying and working progressive change on a range of issues at the state and local level."

The OFA is a socialist/communist organization designed to further the actual goals of ACORN now that ACORN has been unmasked.   The OFA must be exposed for what it really is.

As of October 2013, Obama has pledged over $250 billion to the International Monetary Fund in the form of "Special Drawing Rights". He did not consult Congress or have the money appropriated in accordance with Constitutional requirements.

Continuing as of October 2013, Comrade Obama has ignored the Constitutional requirement that the U.S. Senate "advise and consent" on high-level Administration appointees by appointing dozens of "Czars" who answer, not to the Senate or the American people, but only to Obama.

Also continuing as of October 2013, Obama has instituted a number of radical initiatives, including the cap and trade energy tax, expanded domestic surveillance and wiretaps, and an illegal amnesty, by executive order or agency regulation instead of be legislative action as required by the Constitution. Currently, the coal workers are either out of their jobs or will be shortly.

Continuing as of October 2013, Obama is doing all he can to prevent our securing our southern border. He has manipulated governmental statistics to cover up the fact that millions of illegal aliens, including Middle Easterners and Chinese, have been and still are invading us.

Continuing as of October 2013, nothing has stopped Obama's executive order to declare martial law whenever he decides to do so. This order makes us his slaves regardless of our age, sex, or religion.

As of October 2013, Obama's latest budget calls for $1 trillion in higher taxes - and liberals (progressives/communists) in Congress are also pushing for almost $1 trillion in tax hikes. These liberals are are supporting plans to hit taxpayers in California (a communist-dominated state) with an average tax increase of $3,525 each. Furthermore, Obama has increased the Death Tax on grieving families - and now he wants to make it even higher, discouraging investment, savings, job creation and family businesses. Needless to say, Obama wants things to be his way and does all he can to prevent American-friendly legislation - he is the rectum in our government who stops all things good from passing.

According to the Heritage Foundation:
(1) the new deficit spending imposed by the Obama budget over the next 10 years comes to $5.3 trillion,
(2) the tax increases being pushed by Obama in his latest proposed budget come to $1 trillion,
(3) the tax increase being pushed by the liberals in Congress come to $1 trillion,
(4) the number of jobs destroyed by the Death Tax come to 1.5 million,
(5) the cost of Obamacare in tax increases over the next ten years come to $1 trillion,
(6) the federal budget deficit for 2012, fueled by spending that wastes taxpayers' money, comes to $1 trillion (this has been the case for the last four years),
(7) the federal debt that will continue to increase under the liberals is now over $17 trillion,
and <8> your share of the federal debt is now over $113,000.

The democratic party was taken over long ago by progressives (American communists) whose goal is to destroy our free-enterprise economy and weaken the America to the point that the new world government can make slaves of us. Unfortunately, the Republican Party is the same process of moving to the left. Our hope is in the Tea Parties.

Update on March 6, 2014

As a review, the U.S. Army is still being indoctrinated to be a peacekeeping force for the United Nations. The United Nations is a force for the new world order, and a foreign government for which U.S. servicemen are not pledged to serve. In fact, it is the duty of each oath-taker who serves in the U.S. Army (in other words, all who serve) to refuse to take illegal orders which means orders from those who are not Americans. The U.N. is an enemy power and its headquarters is a nest of spies. This is actually old stuff. President Clinton was the one that we can say began this trend - or perhaps he carried on something Jimmy Carter began. In any case, when an Army corporal refused to wear the U.N. uniform because it is a foreign power, he was court martialed by Clinton politically-appointed military officers. That was in 1993 and that corporal's father his written a book about it, with the title Michael New Mercenary...or American Soldier. It can be purchased by writing to:

Daniel D. New
P O Box 100
Iredell, TX 76649

The cost is $4.95 plus $1.00 for shipping per book. If ordering in multiples of 50, the cost is $50 for each case of 50 and shipping is paid by the sender. I strongly recommend this book.

A Tea Party Exclusive states that the Army is building a "city" on 300 acres in Virginia for a cost of $96 million, complete with a sports stadium, bank, schools, and subway. The purpose of the city is to prepare U.S. troops for the occupation of cities abroad, but the city is set to look a lot like an American city with signs in English and subway carriages that carry the same logo as those in Washington, DC. This bodes ill for America when one scenario is for the Army to restore order in a town seized by Tea Party "insurrectionists".

There is a leaked U.S. Army manual revealing plans for the Army to carry out "Civil Disturbance Opertions" during which troops would be used domestically to quell riots, confiscate firearms, and kill Americans on U.S. soil. The manual also describes how prisoners will be processed through temporary internment camps under the guidance of U.S. Army FM 3-19.40 Internment/Resettlement Operations. Internees would be "re-educated" into developing an "appreciation of U.S. Policies" while being detained in prison camps inside the U.S.

Fort Hood Soldiers are being taught by their superiors that Christians, Tea Party supporters, and anti-abortion activists represent a radical terror threat, mirroring rhetoric backed by the Department of Homeland Security which frames "liberty lovers" as domestic extremists.

Of course, the interviewing of top military officers is still being done to see which would be comfortable with disarming American citizens. This is merely a test to determine who would be willing to order NCOs to fire on Americans.

During a recent Ohio National Guard exercise, second amendment proponents were portrayed as domestic terrorists as part of a mock disaster drill.

This is very much like a prelude to an Obama version of what Putin is doing now in Ukraine.


So far, Putin has sent in troops with no national uniforms and black masks on their faces to capture the Crimean Peninsula of Ukraine, claiming that he is protecting Russian citizens in Ukraine (citizens who do not wish to be protected).

Why do the bad guys wear masks? In this era when cameras are everywhere, a face can be recognized later. Back when the secret police of the Russian czar were known, there were no cameras, and most of them later became members of the Cheka (first incarnation of the KGB). Stalin was one of them, but he, and Lenin as well, changed their names and moved on. They knew that if they had been discovered for what they were, they would have been lynched.

True to the practices of the communist government in the old the USSR, all Ukrainian radio stations have been taken over. Loudspeakers in the shopping centers parrot Russian propaganda all day, perhaps interspersed with a little music, while Putin lies to the Ukrainians and the world in hopes that we won't notice what he is doing.

Updated May 2, 2013.

Benghazi - Judicial Watch succeeded in have the legal system force the release of emails having to with the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi. These emails have shown that Ben Rhodes, the White House Communications Advisor, sent instructions to various key people to cover Obama's rear end since the election was imminent and he could lose it if the truth were known.

It appears that now a select committee with subpoena power will be set up to go further into the matter. Hearings of witnesses who were previously kept from testifying are now in progress. Obama has been publicly called a liar and a coward.

Ukraine - Putin has been using the army of "dissidents" that he placed in East Ukraine to take over government buildings and provide Putin with his usual excuse of protecting Russians against the "bad" Ukrainians. This is a ploy that has been successful for decades in the old Soviet Union, and more recently in Georgia, as Russia forcefully gobbled up more countries. Putin is old-style KGB and is too stupid to realize that propaganda justifying his actions is not going to convince anyone of his good intentions. It appears that for now his taking Crimea is an accomplished fact.

The Obama administration is trying to send money to the Ukrainians to cover the debt they owe Russia for oil. Ever since the Soviet Union fell, Russia has used oil to force the old member nations to remain with it. This was especially true with Ukraine. Russia would sell the oil to them a inflated prices, loan them money at high interest rates so they could pay for the oil, and subsequently bring the targeted nations further into debt. It was the same ploy used against U.S. coal miners so that they owed to much to the company store to quit.

The point is that Obama will give our tax dollars to the Ukrainians so that they can pay Russia at its exhortionist prices. We will be funding the Russian economy. But it is likely that Putin is actually one of Obama's bosses, so of course Obama will do Putin's bidding while claiming he is helping the Ukrainians. Helping Ukraine in other ways might make more sense to us, but Obama does things for different reasons.  


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