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Michael Bloomberg

Radical Billionaire




Most of the following information was taken from the December 2013 issue of the American Rifleman: the President's Column by James W. Porter II, and Political Report by Chris W. Cox. Many of the conclusions and opinions are my own.


New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg intends to spread his vision for gun control to every corner of the nation. When asked how much he would be willing to spend on this vision, Bloomberg stated to NBC's David Gregory: "I think I have an obligation as an American and as a citizen, as a human being, to help others. Smoking is gonna kill a billion people this century. I put $600 million of my own money into trying to stop the tobacco companies... That's one issue. Who knows with this?"

Obviously, Bloomberg feels that the Second Amendmend should be eliminated one step at a time if not with one big step. The removal of Second Amendment rights would cripple our ability to defend our freedom. It is this amendment that is the foundation supporting the whole Bill of Rights. Without it, our other rights can be removed without any final means of preventing such an eventuality.

Bloomberg is the Mayor of New York City and the 13th wealthiest man in the world. He bought his "mayorship" with millions as he buys other things that he wants. Like most of those who crave power, he fears others and wishes to diminish their power. And he is a liar like most politicians, saying in one instance, "I do think there are certain times we should infringe on your freedom", and in another instance, "I don't think there is anybody that's defended the Second Amendment as much as I have."

He says as to the meaning of his version of the Second Amendment "You can read it to say [our Founding Fathers] only talked about militias, or you can read it to say they wanted guns in your pocket. I don't know, that's up to you." And Bloomberg uses gun control in New York to line the city's pockets by virtually kidnapping anyone who is suddenly stuck in his city with a firearm due to weather or for other reasons that their plane landed there and could not take off. Enough ransom and the confiscation of the legally carried firearm (legal from the state in which the right-to-carry was issued) will eventually get the victim out of jail. This has happened to marines and old ladies alike. In this regard, New York City is at least as bad as Mexico. What he really means is "up to Michael Bloomberg and my money."

Bloomberg funded and created a cabal of urban political machines and Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) as well a multi-million dollar Political Action Committee - all in his obsession for power.

The city's mayoral office was covered by a term-limit law enacted through public referendum, but Bloomberg used a vote from his puppet city council to eliminate this problem. He uses taxpayer funds, city personnel, and city equipment to further his political agenda. He even used city resources to impose his will over lawful firearm commerce through court action using a hand-picked federal judge in Brooklyn. He installed much of his private gun control by court order in many corners of the nation. He sent teams of city detectives to other states where they wilfully violated federal firearms laws to demonstrate that criminals could do the same. His agents committed multiple federal felonies at licensed dealers and got away with it.

The felonious activity was put in motion to propigate false claims about the flow of guns into New York City even though Bloomberg knows there are federal laws covering every aspect of criminal and illegal firearm commerce in every corner of the nation.

After the tragedy at the Washington Navy Yard, Bloomberg had a well planned press conference - immediately - even before the dust had settled. There was no confusion about this program from the many gun control suppporters who are carefully stage-managed at his events. They've had plenty of practice. Bloomberg had them deployed to at least 100 press conferences all over the country, even paying for a specially decorated bus for the centerpiece of the tour.

The tour was meant do gain support for his anti-gun agenda, but it failed miserably, alienating many of his existing supporters and driving over 50 mayors to resign from his group. One reason for the backfire was the reading of a list of "victims of gun violence" to honor their memories. The list included cop killers, murderers, and rapists. And Bloomberg was forced to publicly apologize. When the list was "scrubbed" by his consultants, it had been reduced by half. Too late, the damage had been done. The tour continued with unwanted results.

In the aftermath of the Navy Yard shooting which involved one deranged man with a shotgun, Bloomberg's minions railed about a non-existent AR-15. The Washington Post described the end of the press conference saying, "Soon all that remained was one person at the lectern..."

Bloomberg is only one of the "elite" who believe that everyone should be defenseless except they and their bodyguards. They know that the best way to enslave us is to make the Bill of Rights useless - and the best way to do that is to get rid of the right to keep and bear arms.

Like every other psychopath who rises to the top in government, he is deluding himself about his ability to keep the people in the dark. He will be deposed one way or another.  


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