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Communist Conquest without War

As long as capitalism and socialism exist we cannot live in peace;
in the end one or the other will triumph - a funeral dirge will be sung
over either the Soviet Republics or over world capitalism.
                                                                                        Vladimir Ilyich Lenin  


For the most part, this information is taken as a public service largely from None Dare Call It Treason... 25 Years Later by John A. Stormer (Copyright 1990).   There is much more in this book than the sampling shown below and more people should read it if they plan to have their grandchildren live in a free nation.   Stormer's predictions have come to pass and he should be considered a modern-day prophet.

Development of Tactics

By 1990, "the communists had succeeded in capturing one-third of the earth's people and 25% of the earth's land mass - more people and more of the earth's surface than any other would-be world conqueror in history."

"Violent revolution was once thought to be the only way to socialism.   However, in 1948, a relative handful of Czech communists successfully pressured the Czech's national legislative body to accept a 'peaceful' transition to socialism." This became the pattern for such "peaceful" conquest in other nations. "Jan Kozak, historian of the Czech communist party wrote a detailed account of how a small minority of communists manipulated the nation into 'peacefully' accepting a [communist] takeover.   A copy of Kozak's report fell into Western hands... and was reprinted and released to the public in December 1961 by the House of Representatives Committee on UnAmerican Activities." "It took less than three years for the [communists] to peacefully transform a newly freed Czech republic into a communist police state."

The report placed special emphasis on the use of governing bodies such as parliaments or congressional houses in bringing about a communist revolution.   It states that "bold and deceitful communist tactics can overcome strategical and numerical disadvantages when the... opposition fails to comprehend a threat to its existence..."   Kozak stated: "Our experience provides notable and practical proof that it is possible to transform parliament from an instrument of the bourgeoisie [private owners of land or capital of any kind] into an instrument of the revolutionary will of the people [a communist dictatorship] and into an instrument of power for the peaceful development of the socialist revolution."

"In January 1961, the Soviet dictator Nikita Kruschev acknowledged that the tactics developed in Czechoslovakia had been adopted by the world communist movement."   "Petr Zenski, who was the vice premier of Czechoslovakia and member of its Parliament at the time of the... takeover, confirmed that the communists [had] used his country as a 'dress rehearsal' for 'new techniques' to undermine free governments without the use of military force."

Leaving the Leaders Asleep

To accomplish the communist takeover, the democratic political leaders must fail to comprehend the character of the force that is challenging them.   Using deceptive names for actions, legislation, organizations, and sources of income is one technique.   Stating bogus motives rather than the real motives for actions is a second technique.   Using rhetoric that pleases the opposition while doing the opposite is a third technique.

Placing Agents in Key Positions

Communists are taught to lie repeatedly.   This made it possible to have communists elected to key positions in the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government as well as appointed to key positions in the bureaucracies.

Agents in schools subverted the youth and agents in the media subverted the media.

Advocating Reform

Using close allies in the legislative bodies and government bureaucracies, the communists exerted pressure from above by advocating "reform measures" which were named to appeal to the masses.   This excited mass support to move the nation into becoming an all-powerful socialist state.

Local Movements

Communist [community] organizers brainwashed the masses and agitated to create pressure from below which caused non-communist legislators to waver or join the communist causes.

Using Crises

Convenient crises can be used or crises can be created.   During a crisis, the opposition can be blamed for its creation or blamed for its handling of the crisis.   Lying to make the crisis worse or to discredit the opposition is recommended.   No crisis should be wasted.


Although violence is to be avoided when possible, it may be used if necessary.   This could be the assassination of a key member of the opposition or use of members of the communist underground (like the Weathermen - Berbardine Dohrn & Bill Ayres) to create riots, bomb buildings, kill policemen, etc.


In 1974 Alexander Sobolev, the head of Moscow's Institute of Marxism-Leninism, organized a look-back for a future refined blueprint.   After this was accomplished, he summarized the blueprint as follows.
A.   The decisive prequisites for a peaceful takeover are:
(1)   A nationwide political crisis,
(2)   A united working class movement,
(3)   A solid alliance of the working class with all working people,
(4)   Winning of the middle class strata of town and country for the cause of freedom and socialism, and
(5)   Adoption of effective measures to neutralize wavering social strata.

B.   The working class and its allies must have a mass political organization capable of taking and holding power in both the provinces and the capital no matter what develops.

C.   To hold and extend their gains, the revolutionary action must be strong enough politically to defeat every attempt at armed violence against the people by countering it with revolutionary violence.

D.   In the struggle there is no limit to constitutional opportunities.   At a certain stage, the Party has to fight for change in the constitution itself... reorganization of the old machinery of state to uphold the people's interests is imperative.

The Coming Economic Crisis

According to Stormer, the Communist Party USA (as of the time his book was written) has been implementing the Sobolev blueprint step-by-step.   First they plan to exploit a coming economic crisis.   Creating the crisis (as ACORN, Soros, and their allies have done) and taking action to make it worse (as Pelosi, Reid, and Obama have done) are recommended actions.

The stock market crash (helped by Soros Shadow Party) will move the date of the cyclical economic crisis up [or make certain that it happens].   The crash will shake people's already shaky confidence in capitalism even more.   People will be open to new and more radical solutions.   There will be political fallout.

There must be a quick and determined response from the communists when the crisis occurs.   Historically, communist and working class revolutionary parties become mass parties on the basis of how they react in periods of crisis.   It is always the parties that respond fastest with clearest most popular explanations and best working class solutions that become mass parties. [Note that the most popular explanations are not necessarily the most logical.   Also note how quickly the communists in our government have moved to magnify and exploit the economic crisis.   In fact, this is a contrived crisis that was started in its infancy by using communists (ACORN and the bureaucracy) to cause credit to be overstepped by almost everyone.   It was aided by years of deliberately misrepresenting the Bush administration.   And it was triggered by Soros and his people to coincide with election so that Obama (as communist agent) would become President.]

Other factors were predicted to add to this crisis.   AIDS, drugs, and abortion were to create a "social crisis" according to Jack Kurzwell, a professor of electrical engineering at San Jose University in California.   Kurzwell is a leader or the 1987 Marxist Scholars Conference at the University of California at Berkeley.

[Note that Marxists, Socialists, Communists, or whatever they call themselves have the goal of taking over our government and altering our Constitution.   In every sense of the word they are either enemy agents or traitors.   Yet, they are accorded the right to assemble, plot, and brainwash us - all under our Constitutional protection.   In the old days, they would have been shot.   However, they have gradually penetrated to the point that the FBI can no longer legally act against them in any way.]

After the economic crisis, according to Stormer, there will be skyrocketing deficits and debt.   He goes on to explain in detail how the prerequisites occurred and what will occur to create the problems [but you have seen these because they have come to pass].   What is expected to follow, according the plan of the communists, is unification of the masses, the winning over of the middle class, neutralizing the opposition, political "exposure" of the opposition [through lies if need be], intimidating the opposition, prosecution of the opposition [note that the democrats are attempting to prosecute the advisors of George W. Bush - this is also a form of intimidation of those who might want to oppose the democrats in the future.], lawsuits against activists in the opposition, disarming the opposition [no guns or ammunition], and the final complete communist takeover.   Obama, Pelosi, and Reid are working to make this all happen.   Exposing them and their motives to the nation is our logical recourse.

Saul Alinsky's books, which have been used as bibles for the communists, should be read by everyone so that each of us can be armed against the con men of the communists.   These people who con us can be as persuasive as Obama.   Just as Obama was considered one of the best of these, the others cannot be discounted.   When one reads Alinsky's Rules for Radicals and goes especially to the section on the desired qualities of a community organizer (communist agitator), it becomes apparent that those who qualify must be narcissistic psychopaths similar to Obama.

You Americans are so gullible.   No, you won't accept communism outright
but we'll keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you finally wake up
and find that you already have communism.   We won't have to fight you;
we'll weaken your economy, until you fall like a ripe fruit into our hands.

Above taken from a speech by Esra Taft Benson speech on October 25, 1966,
quoting Nikita Kruschev (from his meeting with the Soviet dictator).  


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