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In July, Chris Farrell, Judicial Watch Director of Investigations and Research, and Congressman Steve King (Republican from Iowa) with his delegation, spent a week uncovering facts about the smuggling across the U.S. southern border - facts not covered by the mainstream media.   According to the resulting article in Verdict, the Judicial Watch Newsletter, this is what they found.

1.   The new fence has a weakness that allows illegals to cross by simply climbing it.

2.   The drug cartels are smuggling drugs via backpackers who are guarded by armed drug cartel operatives positioned within our own borders.   This is not a small effort.   There is an army of backpackers involved.   Once each has delivered the drugs in his backpack, he simply moves to where the authorities can see him and allows them to send him back to Mexico - this allows him a free return ride so that he can spend his energies smuggling more drugs across the border.   Each backpacker is paid between $500 and $2,500 per load, depending on its size and distance it must be transported.   A clandestine support network in the U.S. drops food and water for the backpackers at designated points.

3.   There are dozens of cartel "spotters" positioned on hilltops and ridgelines overlooking the lower areas.   They have radios, cell phones, GPS positioning devices, flare guns, and high tech optics that include night vision gear.   When U.S. drug enforcement agents are spotted in any given area, the nearest cartel spotter sends up a flare that is visible for over 15 miles.   Spotters are routinely paid $1,500 to man a post for three days.

4.   The cartels are using ultralight aircraft to fly over the border, drop loads of 300 to 400 pounds of drugs, and then fly back over the border.

5.   Tunnels are still in use - even more widely than before - to smuggle drugs under the border.

6.   U.S. attorneys given air-tight cases refuse to prosecute, stating that they are too busy.   This adversely affects the morale of the over-extended Border Patrol agents and Bureau of Land Management Rangers who attempt to prevent drugs from coming across the border.

7.   The Illegal Immigration Reform Act of 1996 authorizes the Department of Homeland Security to quickly remove certain inadmissible aliens from the U.S.   This act covers repeat offenders who have no entry documents or have counterfeit entry documents.   Someone undergoing this "expedited removal" policy is not referred to an immigration judge unless he claims to be lawfully in the U.S. or claims sanctuary.   Some illegal aliens have been arrested over 32 times.   One illegal alien had seven expedited removals before he went before a judge.   He was released at the border as having "time served".

There is a danger that Americans who are foolhardy enough to be backpacking recreationally and camping in the southwestern U.S. may be killed by those in the drug cartels.   And there is the everpresent danger of more imminently deadly things being smuggled across the border as well as enemy agents.

The Communists and their useful idiots in the Obama adminstration are doing nothing to help the situation.   Their job is to weaken the U.S. with drugs or with disasters similar to 9/11.   It would seem that Soros lets his wishes be known to Rahm Emanuel, and Rahm tells those in Homeland Security what not to do.

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