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The recent bailout of financial institutions has created a new government bureaucracy and more will probably follow.   Newt Gingrich was very concerned about this and attempted to prevent it from happening in such a socialistic fashion.   At one time, I was part of bureaucracy (the phone company) which had many of the same faults found in government bureaucracies.   What follows is a view of what these faults are.   The best solution is not to have a bureaucracy.

1.   Once a bureaucracy is formed, it seeks to grow.   Its leader's salary and chances of promotion usually depend upon the number of people under him or her and the workload the bureaucracy has.   Consequently, the leader does everything possible to create the necessary growth and to compete favorably with other bureaucracies.   In this process, there is much spending of other folks' money.

2.   Once formed, the bureaucracy breaks into various departments which grow and compete with one another for the same reasons given above.

3.   Each leader of each department tends to promote only those who agree with him or her and those who are intellectually inferior and therefore non-threatening in the sense that the person would be able to compete for the leader's job.   This is called the "peter principle" and causes the quality of leadership to drop drastically with the passage of time.

4.   The competition among the leaders of the departments as well among the leaders of the bureaucracies creates a climate of political intrigue - with the supposed purposes of the departments or bureaucracies taking last places in their priorities.

5.   Although not instruments of legislation, most bureaucracies and departments are empowered with the ability to make rules which are the equivalent of legislation.   Consequently, the people affected are exposed to laws which have never been voted upon.

6.   Bureaucracies, once formed, almost never cease to exist.   They are there until the nation of which they are a part is terminated.   Therefore, in government, politicians can come and go, but the bureaucrats are there for life and know better how to manipulate to their own advantage than do the elected officials.

7.   The bureaucrats with greater power can thwart a nation's goals and make or break that nation.

8.   As a consequence of the above, it is even more efficient for anti-American agents to become moles in American bureaucracies than to become elected officials.   The more intelligent handlers and teachers of anti-American agents know this and try to place moles in bureaucracies.   There are examples of this in Higlights and Comments on KGB Connections.

Hero Dogs

One example of bureaucracy in action happened at the end of the Vietnam War.   Dogs had played various roles in this war and had saved at least 10,000 American lives.   Four thousand dogs served and 325 lost their lives in combat.   Of those who survived, only 200 came home to the United States.   Some bureaucrat in the Pentagon did not have a blank on his forms for dogs, so he listed them under equipment.   An order came down to leave most of the equipment in Vietnam.   This caused approximately 3,475 dogs (American heroes) to be euthanized or worse.

The dogs had been paired with handlers who worked with them, groomed them, fed them, and loved them.   To the handlers, these dogs were their brothers who went on point with them, went with them on sentry duty, or went with them on tracking duty.   The dogs took the worst of enemy fire and often saved the lives of their handlers.   The bond between dog and handler was as great as any bond can be.   When the Army forced the two to be separated and caused the dogs to be killed and eaten by the Vietnamese, the handlers lost any faith they ever had in our government and were emotionally scarred for life.   Many who had been saved by the dogs and their handlers lost faith in the Army - and many felt a hatred for those in command who were responsible.

How would you feel if your best friend (who saved your life and those of your compatriots many times at risk of his own) were handed over to someone who was raised in a culture which had no compassion or conscience in his regard and considered him food.   The dogs knew what their fate would be when they were given to those who would kill and eat them.   Dogs who had never been too afraid in battle to show fear were trembling when they were being left with the Vietnamese.   We sometimes have the gumption to actually honor a human war hero and let him live out his life in a more pleasant environment.   This is what should have happened with any hero who happened to have been a dog.   Instead, he was betrayed by those beyond contempt.   There should be a special place in Hell for those guilty of such acts.

This was one of the worst examples of bureaucratic psychopaths at work, but there are many others (check your history on what has happened to horses in the past).   At best, bureaucracy eventually leads to waste and corruption, and it is best not to have a bureaucracy when it can be avoided.

Examples of Cabinet Level Government Departments not Authorized by the Constitution
(These bureaucracies have usurped states' rights and put a large burden on the taxpayer.)

Health & Human Resources
Housing & Urban Development
Homeland Security


Other Unconstitutional Acts
(Usurping States' Rights)

Healthcare plan requiring individuals to buy health insurance or pay a large penalty.   This automatically increases the government bureaucracy or bureaucracies responsible.

Directing the bankruptcy of the Chrysler Corporation, forcing older bondholders to accept 29 cents on the dollar while United Autoworkers received 55 percent ownership share of the new company.   The law requires that bondholders be paid first.   This was illegal and an unconstitutional taking of property.

The House recently passed a bill that would create a new race-based government in Hawaii, with the authority to exempt itself from U.S. Constitution and state authority (the Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act or 2010).

B.O. (Obama) is intending to sign on to the International Criminal Court (ICC) that is dominated by European thinking.   This would cede America's sovereignty to an unaccountable international legal body.

Government itself is a bureaucracy now that grows through theft and unconstitutional laws.   Several farms in New York state that have been family homes for generations are being taken away from those families.   Oil shale formations were discovered below the surface that made the land more valuable.   This was an excuse to raise the taxes on the land to exhorbitant amounts that the farm owners could not pay.   This curse has put the farm owners in debt to the state that can never be paid.   Efforts to have a company drill for the oil so that the royalties could pay the bills would have solved the problem, but the State and the Governor passed legislation that prohibited drilling so that they could "study" the issue.   The result is the state taking the land for unpaid taxes, and the owners not having a place to retire or the money to retire.   His is obviously a case of using bureaucracies to steal land for the benefit of the State.

Bureaucracies, Legilators, and Bills

At one time, our elected representives at all levels of government were able to read their own bills and read those of others so that they could honestly say why they voted yes or no.   Today, the bills are created by referencing parts of a library of documents.   If one has the library and several weeks to have a staff pore over the bill and see what it actually says, then perhaps a legislator would be able to honestly say that he understood that bill.   I am a college graduate, an engineer, and I have attempted to read bills that are up for a vote.   It was impossible for me to know what those bills said.

Bills should be written without the legalese and referencing to more legalese.   When a legislator says he did not read the bill he voted for, there was reason he did not read it.   If the result of readable bill is a longer bill, then so be it.   Many times it is longer because it has too much in it.   Furthermore, when bills are shown for the public to see, the bill should be capable of being understood by the public.

Today, the typical legislator does not really vote on a bill that he understands.   Instead, a bureaucracy puts the meat in the bill and the legislator merely "signs the paper".   The Internal Revenue Code is a good example of this.   The IRS drafts the changes and Congress approves them each year.   In this way, the IRS gets by with fooling you into thinking it is not so bad.   If don't believe this, try doing your own income tax each year.

We will never be free as long as we let legislators pass bills that bureaucrats have drafted and given to the legislators for their approval.  


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