Comments on B.O.'s speech about a Navy corpse man
(not a Navy undertaker).

(Added to this website on 2/7/10.)

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B.O., the supposed Commander-in-Chief of our armed forces, showed his true colors a few nights ago when he called a Navy Corpsman a "Corpse Man" in a speech he was giving with his nose held high as looked down upon us ignorant non-elites.   Furthermore, B.O. repeated this blunder two more times in the same speech - so much for his understanding of the U.S. military or his desire to help them in any way.

Perhaps the Obamaniacs can excuse this as a new pronunciation fathered by B.O. or a new rank for the Navy.   If the former, from now on we shall have a Marine Corpse, a Corpse of Engineers, etc. - and there was once an Army Air Corpse, a Ground Observer Corpse, and other corpses.   It sounds like those of us in the corpses are - or were - members of the undead.

Let's hope that we can find more humor from B.O. as he trashes our nation along with Pelosi and Reid.   Obviously, B.O. never read the Constitution.   The constitutional law he taught was about a new constitution that he is foisting upon us whether we like it or not.   So why should be expect him to know anything about the military he attempts to command?   The last time I checked on it, 80 percent of our Veterans were against B.O. and his minions - maybe there will be more than 80 percent against them now.   As B.O. continues to use his teleprompter and his mouth rather than his brain (assuming he has one), perhaps he will awaken the rest of us who are still either groggy or sleeping.

To most of us, this was funny.   B.O.'s biggest enemy (his own mouth) got him in trouble again.   We laughed at him over an over again.   But truthfully it is not funny when an ignorant and stupid communist clown can stand in front of a group and show how ignorant and stupid we have been nationally to elect such an idiot for the Presidency.   We can enjoy his clowning and his stupidity, and we can continue to laugh at him - but he really is such a pitiful excuse for a President that when we laugh at him, we are only laughing at ourselves.

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