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Humans are usually social creatures.   This means that they cooperate with one another to make a better life for all.   This is not a result of any religion.   It is merely the way that they have found to have a better life - an evolutionary thing that applies to any normal human.   The key to this behavior is empathy, the ability to place oneself in the shoes of another and feel at least some of their pain when their circumstances are less fortunate.   A true human has this ability that manifests in part as a conscience.   However, there are some who look human on the surface, talk publicly as if they are human, but lack the ability to empathize and have no conscience.   We call them psychopaths and they are subhuman creatures who often prey upon humans.   The legends of vampires portray allegorically the psychopaths within our midst.

Psychopaths usually do whatever they want without regard to how it may affect others.   They can be interested in things that have little effect upon society or they can be interested in power for themselves - and may become corrupt politicians or moneylenders who are only interested in profits that lead to more power for themselves.

The Federal Reserve (neither federal nor a reserve) is the current incarnation of a number of similar cartels made of psychopaths that have a strong desire to gain power through moneylending.   Such cartels have infected humanity as long as humanity has existed.   The Fed and its previous incarnations have been the major source of human suffering throughout the ages.

These psychopaths create money that is not backed by any form of actual value.   They bribe legislators to create a law that gives them legality as counterfeitors who can lend their printed "play money" and gain interest in real money.   If any government refuses to borrow or accept their "play money", they do everything in their power to either force that government to play their game or force that government out of existence.   The increase in the money supply due to their counterfeiting, creates inflation which reduces the value of the money that one earns and saves.

The more money that these psychopaths can lend, the more interest they can obtain on their bogus money - and the more power they can obtain for themselves.   Governments that borrow their "play money" are accepted with enthusiasm by the cartel.   However, such governments would not be so willing to borrow from the psychopaths unless there were a need for such "play money".   Any need for survival of a government will cause that government to look for a way to insure its survival.   If a government must fight a war, the need for money to fight that war is great, and the psychopaths in the cartel will loan the government bogus money they have created from nothing.   Thus, it is advantageous to the psychopaths for nations to have wars.   The cartel can loan money to both sides in any conflict - and they have done so for many years.   This being the case, the psychopaths have discovered that they can create the conditions necessary to have wars - and they do so, and have been doing so deliberately.

Wars between two nations do not happen when one nation is obviously stronger than another, so one way to create a war is to make a strong nation weak and a weak nation strong.   The various ways to do this include distribution of wealth ("loans" that will never be repaid from the strong nation to the weaker), setting the stage politically (like helping Hitler to rise to power in Germany), making a nation's populace dislike or hate the target nation (by using propaganda or by manipulation of reality), and removing obstacles (like the removal of a president through political means or assassination).

Wars have another benefit to the psychopaths in the cartels.   They buy stock in defense industries and manage to obtain enough to have controlling interests.   During wartime, their factories are the ones that are not destroyed because they have influenced politicians to tell the generals what to avoid.

Looking back upon the many wars that psychopaths' cartels have literally created, it is obvious that they are murderers of masses of people far excess of any number every killed by any ruler or general.

My wife and I have done enough research in the last few years to know that the Federal Reserve is composed of those who deliberately create conditions that ruin the middle class and murder our military men.   We have also researched the role of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) which works hand in glove with the Fed and Communists.   In our research, we have found it necessary to buy hundreds of books and to use many hours to take the time to connect the dots.   But now we have found one particular book that thoroughly sums up the workings of the "Fed", the CFR, their roles in our disasters and wars, and much more.

The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin is the book that we recommend that everyone read.   Unless enough of us know that we are being ravaged by a cartel of psychopaths, we will never be able to rid ourselves of them.   This book is published by:

American Media
P.O.Box 4646
Westlake Village, CA 91359-1646

It comes in soft or hardcover.

For more information go to

The essential details of the mechanism used by the Federal Reserve to fleece us is almost unbelievably brazen.   Those who are responsible for its inception and continued perpetuation should be tried, executed for treason, and the wealth they created, including that of their descendants, taken and applied to the national debt.   Unfortunately even these steps will not cure the problem the traitors have created.   Decades and careful attention to detail will be needed once people have awakened and empowered the legislature to take the appropriate steps as presented in the aforementioned book.

Today, the Federal Reserve can "legally" write a Federal Reserve Check which has no backing monetarily whatsoever.   It is the same as you writing a check from a bank account that does not exist.   The check is given to the U.S. Treasury in exchange for government bonds that are equally worthless except that they can be paid in the future from dollars taken from the taxpayers.   Furthermore, interest is charged on the amount of the bonds that will also be paid by the taxpayers.

The bogus money created from the Federal Reserve Check is used by the U.S. government to pay its bills, and therefore becomes part of the U.S. economy the same as any other counterfeit money can - which creates inflation as an unseen tax because it makes your dollars worth much less.   Once the public has the couterfeit money created by the Fed, the money goes into private bank accounts and becomes commercial bank deposits.   "Deposits" is changed to "reserves" even though they are not kept as reserves.

It is legal for the banks to loan out nine dollars for every dollar in "reserve".   Each loan is on paper and no dollars (not even unbacked Federal Reserve Notes) actually change hands.   These paper loans collect interest that is your hard-earned Federal Reserve Notes, and the bank then has more assets.   In fact, once you have accepted a loan from a bank, the amount of your loan is on the bank's books as an asset because you are expected to either pay the bank back for the "money" (that never existed), or to give the bank your home, automobile or whatever.   In other words, the bank created the "money" it loaned to you from nothing, and you used the nothing money to buy things that the bank can take if you default on your loan.

Once you have the paper that says you have the "money" from your loan, you write checks which go to other people, and they deposit those checks in the banking system so that more "reserves" are there for the banks to use to create more money from nothing.   Since the bank can make $9 for every $1 that is deposited, it can use the profits to count as assets and then loan more money created from nothing.   This cycle can continue again and again until the actual "money" in the bank as a reserve is a tiny fraction of the "money" loaned.

So the actual "money" the bank has is very low and could never be even slightly able to satisfy a run on the bank in which people were asking for cash.   But most people do not want cash and are satisfied that a check will do.   So often, a bank will be deficient in reserves of any form and will need something to provide checks to those who suddenly want take their deposits out of the bank.   The solution is for the bank to borrow money from the Fed.

The Fed is composed of member banks which hold the "reserve" of the Fed which is mostly the government bonds the Fed "bought" with Federal Reserve Checks and the interest the government plans to steal from the taxpayers.   Borrowing money from the Fed enriches the Fed because of the interest charged for the loan.   It also enriches the bank because the bank can use the loan as another asset and make loans with it just as it had been doing at a rate of 9 to 1.   The loan the Fed gives the bank comes from the "reserve" of the Fed.

The government bonds, because they can be paid at maturity by dollars taken from the taxpayers, are considered assets that the Fed now has and part of the so-called reserve.   Truly, the "reserve" of the Fed is but a promise by the government to pay the Fed from future taxes.   So it is not reserve at all.   And the Fed is not Federal at all.

The greatest theft is from the taxpayers in the form of inflation which increases every time money is borrowed.   If all the loans were paid off and no more borrowing occurred, there would be no inflation.   For many reasons, this won't happen - and if it did we would be in worse shape because we are "married" to a corrupt system for reasons that are explained in the abovementioned book.   The book does show a way out.   In the meantime, we can help a little by having those who can manage such things to pay back their debts and NOT borrow again.   Borrowing includes using credit cards.   If you pay off your credit card debt every month so that no interest is charged, the card is a convenience.   Otherwise, it is a personal liability.

There is another thing that can be done - especially since interest given for a bank account is so low.   One can keep most of his money out of the bank so that the bank cannot use his money as part of a reserve.

There is essentially no competition between banks as long as the Federal Reserve System exists.   The American people are being abused by a monopoly.

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