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GUY NIXON (Red Pather Redcorn)

Researcher, Historian, Analyst, and Author

Correct history without political correctness, tampering, or outright lying is the key to understanding the future.   Historians who do their homework (research that is extensive and cohesive), write in a way that makes history come to life, and use language that we can easily understand, are a large part of our national wealth and hope as a free nation.

Guy Nixon (Red Panther Redcorn) has a Bachelor of Science degree in biology with an emphasis on wildlife management and a minor in geology.   For twelve years he worked with the U.S. Forest Service, and for six years he worked as the Wildlife Manager for the Mt. Toro Hunting Club near Salinas specializing in Blacktail Deer and wild boar.   He has organized three Deer Habitat Improvement Projects in the El Dorado National Forest in cooperation with the Mule Deer Foundation and the U.S. Forest Service.   He has produced five videos: Hunting Blacktail Deer, El Dorado's Wonderful Wildlife, Hunting Wild Western Hogs, Hunting Desert Mule Deer and Coues Deer, and Hunting New Zealand.   He has been a contributor to the following magazines: Mule Deer Foundation, California Game and Fish, Trophy Hunter, and California Bucks.   To date he has written five books (see details below).   Currently he hosts a weekly radio program on history.

Americans are not like the people of other nations.   This is largely the result of our having grown up with Native American (American Indian) foods, tales, names, and history.   At one time, being related to Native Americans was considered a bad thing.   That is no longer true, and it is common to have ancestors who were Native Americans - another reason we are different.   The Native American grew up with the wildlife to the point that great knowledge of that wildlife was a part of the Native personality.   To know the wildlife was a part of knowing the Native American.   Guy Nixon's books are filled with almost unknown facts about our wildlife and Native tribes, facts that should be known for a full appreciation of our heritage.


Books by Guy Nixon

Slavery in the West
Copyright 2010
With special emphasis on the events leading to the Battle of Rock Creek in El Dorado County, California (1848) - the forces of the Miwok versus those of the Maidu and Washoe.   The book includes the First and Second Indian Wars of El Dorado County.

The Battle Over Hell Hole and the Rubicon in El Dorado, and Placer Counties, California 1907 Copyright 2010

From Warrior to Judge
The Biography of Wahshashowahtinega Bill Nixon Hapashutsy of the Osage Tribe 1843 to 1917
Copyright 2010

Bill's father died from a buffalo hunting accident before Bill was born.   Bill was adopted by his mother's new husband and grew up as an Osage warrior to fight for the rights of Native Americans and the survival of his family.   As Native Americans, Bill and his family were denied American citizenship and the right to vote.   Even after the civil war they could still be legally owned as slaves.   The rights for which he and and his fellow warriors fought were never obtained during Bill's lifetime.   His grandson was 17 years old before (in 1948) before the right to vote was granted.

Bill's story is an American story, rarely told about Native Americans from the Indian territory now known as Oklahoma.   This is a comprehensive work that brings history to life with family photos and actual events that shaped America as we know it today.  

Finding Your Native American Ancestors
Copyright 2011

The environmental disaster of the Dust Bowl tore Oklahoma families apart, sending survivors to all the corners of the nation.   For many people now trying to find their lost relatives and ancestors from Oklahoma, the task is more difficult than expected.   This is a compilation of Guy's research and how it might be applied along with the historical context of the times.   This is history you do not see in school books.   Those who are trying to find more about their Native roots and those merely interested in American history from the Native American point of view will find this book invaluable.

California Wildlife Encounters,
Copyright 2012
Co-authored by Ben Nuckolls and Guy Nixon

[Ben Nuckolls is an avid outdoorsman.   In the early 1990s he worked for the California Department of Fish and Game Region 2, part of the time with the Wildlife Investigations Unit.   This was a unique opportunity to work with the capture of Tule Elk, Desert Bighorn Sheep, Mule Deer, Blacktail Deer, Black Bear, and Mountain Lions.   Bill later became an officer on the El Dorado County Animal Control Unit.   He is a licensed Veterinary Technician.]

A River Divided
The Story & Biography of "Chief" Coppa Hembo, 1812 - 1898
Copyright 2012.
Co-authored by Jill (Redcorn) Kearney and Guy Nixon (Redcorn)

This is a Native American story of success and achievements.   Coppa Hembo's father was Maidu and his mother was Washoe.   He became the primary Huuk (chief) for nearly 50 years over the Hill Nisenan band of the Southern Maidu, with authority over the Maidu and Washoe people living on the divide between the forks of the Natoman (American) River.   As a young man he had been attacked by a grizzly bear which he managed to kill.   He was permanently disfigured by the mauling and was given the name of Coppa Hembo (Grizzly Bear Killer).   He led his people in battles against slave traders, but kept his people out of the First and Second Indian Wars of El Dorado County, and lived in peace with the hordes of invading miners.   During his leadership he arranged for his people to be vaccinated against small pox.   He had a reputation for wisdom and impartiality which led to his serving as both judge and keeper of the peace for Indians and non-Indians.   A staunch proponent of education, he arranged to help the local school system during conflicts arising from the American Civil War.   He guided his people into full integration into American society, saving them from being placed upon reservations.   His is the story of a true American hero.


Since this page was put up, Guy has written several more books and has been a featured speaker at functions of groups interested in history. His books are available from various sources.   One is Amazon, another is from Xlibris Corporation, (888) 795-4274),,   If there is any difficulty obtaining one of Guy's books, please contact him at  


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