I plan to add things to this part of the website from time to time. For now (December 7 - Pearl Harbor Day), I am adding the first two which are some things I discovered and have been using successfully for years.

Green Smoothies - February 8, 2016

There is a book by Victoria Boutenko with the title Green for Life, that is based upon research another lady did on the eating habits of wild chimpanzees. Chimps have mostly the same genes as humans (although often chimps are smarter). Chimps live very healthy lives and have extremely powerful muscle mass. They eat about 50% fruit, 35% greens, and 15% miscellaneous things. Their diet consists of items that have all of the amino acids necessary for proteins. When humans use the correct methods to mimic the chimps' diet, the humans become much healthier.

My wife and I have been following the practices given in Victoria Boutenko's book and have had rather amazing results without any deliberate or painful changes in what we eat. We just eat what we feel like eating according to what our bodies feel like eating. All we do that is different is drink a green smoothie each day.

Brown Recluse Bites - February 8, 2016

About 20 years ago, one of our cats had a brown recluse bite under he lower jaw. It was eating away the tissues there until there was a large cavity from one side of the lower jaw bone to the other. And like all brown recluse bites, the venom was still working to deepen the cavity.

The cat could not easily reach that part of her to remove what was placed there, so my wife placed raw honey there several times a day. After a time, the tissues grew back (even the fur) and the cat was normal again.

Recently, I was bitten by a brown recluse on the left shin. I let the bite go for a time because I did not realize what it was. When it failed to heal and continued to grow in size I began placing a mixture of raw honey laced with iodine on it under a bandaid. This mixture was the next stage in evolution, invented by my wife, for brown recluse bites. It worked. I cannot tell others to try this treatment because I would be accused of practicing medicine without a license. This is just information that you can use as you see fit.

Insects Spraying Acid - February 8, 2016

A couple of months ago, a flying insect collided with the corner of my left eye near the nose. It sprayed acid into my eye and flew off before I could see what it was. The area that it sprayed was very painful both on the eyeball and on the skin around the eye.

I went inside the house and took out some baking soda and made a past of it with water. After applying the paste, I rinsed the area. Six applications of the past and rinse followed before the pain stopped. The eye survived with minimal damage.

The soda paste is also a means of working with ordinary spider bites or ant bites.

Ridding Oneself of that Nagging Cough - December 7, 2007

The human bloodstream has a certain acid/base balance.   This means that it is not too acidic and not too basic (also referred to as alkaline).   An acid is defined in two ways.   First, it is a compound of hydrogen in which all or part of the hydrogen may be exchanged for a metal or basic radical, forming a salt.   The second definition is that an acid is a proton donor - because a hydrogen ion is a proton.   A base is also defined in two ways.   First, as a compound which yields OH ions when dissolved in an ionizing solvent.   Second, as a proton acceptor.

We use something called a pH scale to determine how acidic or alkaline (basic) a fluid is.   The term pH is defined as denoting the negative logarithm ion concentration, in grams per liter, of a solution.   Pure water is usually considered to be neutral and has a pH of 7 in a scale from zero to 14.   A pH of 7 means that there are 10-7 or .0000007 grams of hydrogen ions (protons) in per each liter of a solution.

Decreasing acidity (going basic) means decreasing the hydrogen ion concentration, such as going to a pH of 10-8 grams of hydrogen ions per liter - which is a pH of 8.   Increasing acidity means increasing the hydrogen ion concentration, such as going to 10-6 grams of hydrogen ions per liter - which is a pH of 6.   Therefore, in a scale from zero to 14, zero to 7 is considered acidic and 7 to 14 is considered basic.

Water is an ionizing solvent and is considered neutral.   Adding a base to it such as baking soda causes it to become basic.   Adding an acid to it such as vinegar causes it to become acid.   When an acid and a base are combined in the correct proportions, a salt is formed even though it may not be seen in its crystalline form.   Thus, a salt solution may be neutral or near to it even though both a base and an acid are in it.   The bloodstream is such a solution when the body is healthy.

When certain organisms enter the bloodstream such as flu or cold viruses, they both prefer and create an acid environment.   The reaction of the body is to attempt to make the environment less hospitable for these organisms which means causing the bloodstream to move toward the basic end of the pH scale.   Often, this is done through sneezing or coughing.   The next few paragraphs explain why this is so.

The human metabolism at the cellular level uses carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen and excretes carbonic acid, H2CO3.   Carbonic acid is a weak, unstable dibasic acid that is readily disassociated into water and carbon dioxide.   Thus, H2CO3 yields H2O + CO2, which is precisely what happens in the lungs.   When one breathes faster such as when one is running, more carbonic acid is excreted from the lungs in the form of water vapor and carbon dioxide.   This is necessary because more carbonic acid is forming in the bloodstream from the greater exertion of running.   The chief function of the lungs is to maintain the pH balance of the bloodstream.   When more carbonic acid is formed, the lungs can only maintain the correct pH balance of the blood by acting more often - so you pant.   There is always more oxygen left in exhaled air which is why CPR works with mouth-to-mouth breathing.   The critical part of the lungs' function is to excrete carbon dioxide.

When a virus causes the blood to become too acid, the reaction of the body is to sneeze or cough in an effort to exhale more water vapor and carbon dioxide so that there is less carbonic acid in the blood and the blood can return to its proper pH balance.   This can be a real problem when one is sick from flu or a cold and wishes to sleep.   Rest is vital at this time for a quick recovery as is the necessity for inhibiting the virus by making its environment more basic.   This means that if one can use other means to make the blood more basic, the sneezing and coughing may stop - and one can rest.

Tums are (at least at this time) a form of calcium without any unnatural substances included.   They are basic which is why they neutralize stomach acid.   If the average size man with the flu or a cold takes either 4 jumbo-size Tums or 6 regular-size Tums before attempting to sleep, he will usually not be bothered by that nagging, sleep-preventing cough, and will fall asleep easily.   I have found that Tums are more effective than cough medicines in this regard because they remove the cause of the cough rather than treating a symptom.   As the Tums are dissolved in the stomach and the basic solution enters the blood, the blood becomes basic and coughing is unnecessary.   The usual time it takes for the Tums to take effect is about 15 to 20 minutes.

In cases where coughing is absolutely necessary to remove fluid from the lungs, Tums will have very little effect.   However, in most cases there is adequate lung capacity for breathing and sleep is more important than overly-ambitious fluid removal.   In cases where there is excessive fluid in the lungs that affects breathing, one should see a doctor before the condition becomes life-threatening.   When the lungs are normal (not damaged from disease) expectorants and liquids are needed when coughing is not able to dislodge phlegm from the lungs.

Saving Your Teeth - December 7, 2007

One of the things I discovered when working as an engineer is that reinforcing steel in concrete is prevented from rusting.   The concrete acts as a solution which is basic (has many OH ions).   When an acid attempts to reach the steel, the OH ions (acceptors of H ions or protons) in the concrete accept the H ions in the acid before they can reach the steel - and the result is the formation of pure water rather than metal oxide.   This lesson was not lost on me.   I realized that a base such as sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) used as a compound for brushing my teeth would save the calcium (a metal) of my teeth from being eaten by acids from any decaying food.   I began using only baking soda rather than toothpaste and did not see a dentist for over 20 years.   When I finally did see one (because I had split a tooth), my teeth were almost plaque free and there were no cavities.   The baking soda tends to stay on the teeth in molecular form between brushings.   It both protects and deodorizes.   Where the usual sweet toothpastes or powders merely cover it up, the baking soda removes the cause of bad breath.

People are different and from one day to the next circumstances are different, so it is wise to have dental check-ups.   But saving your teeth can best be done by using baking soda for brushing.

Insects Causing Strokes and Hearth Attacks - June 18, 2008

There is an insect that comes in four known species and is called by a number of names: "kissing bug", "assassin bug", "blood-sucking conenose", "bee assassin", or "wheel bug".   Normally, this insect jumps on other insects (such as bees), injects a digestive venom, and sucks out the insect's juices.   However, it can attack vertebrates like humans.   When it does so, it injects a fluid that acts like an anesthetic so that the human does not feel anything.   After the fluid-sucker has dined, it drops off and can leave one with lyme disease.

The more immediate threat to the human comes in the form of a stroke or a heart attack, according to where the human is bitten and the general health of the human.   Medical doctors are not trained to understand what has happened and MRIs or scans cannot detect what has happened.   The bite often is not found except as a red, raised, spongy area that is hot to the touch and is about the size of a quarter.

These bugs are shown in insect books as being in certain areas such a "the east" or "the west".   However, it appears likely that at least one species has moved into other parts of the country because they have been seen in wooded areas outside of there normal habitat.   This is not unusual considering the number of vehicles that move across the United States every day.

At least one stroke victim was not diagnosed properly by the medical doctors who examined him.   He found out later what had happened by speaking with those who learned from folk medicine.   According to Jeanne Callaway who explained the "kissing bug" to me, a copper penny taped with scotch tape (to prevent excess hair-pulling upon removal) helps if nothing else is available.   Raw honey helps to draw the poison.   Antibiotics should be taken when possible to avoid Lyme disease.   If caught in the act, the insect should be taken off without squeezing it - squeezing causes more poison to enter the wound.   Iodine, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or similar means of disinfecting the wound are recommended.   Bacitracin or similar antibiotic ointment will help.   In the case of one stroke victim, ginkgo biloba was taken (two every two hours) in an attempt to avoid further brain damage (ginkgo biloba is reputed to separate blood platelets when they are stacked together).   Possibly, the ginkgo biloba helped as the victim could not get to a hospital for quite some time.

New England Remedy for bursitis, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and muscular rheumatism

From a book by D.C. Jarvis, M.D., Arthritis and Folk Medicine copyrighted 1960.

Vermont folk medicine does not recognize the a difference among bursitis, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and muscular rheumatism [they appear to arise from the same root cause].   The treatment for all of these things is the same.

1.   Two teaspoonfuls of whole-apple cider vinegar (as opposed to that made from only a part of the apples) and two of honey in a glass of water, taken at each meal.   If, for any reason, this mixture is not accepted by the stomach at mealtimes, it may be taken between meals - midmorning, midafternoon, or evening.   [It may be sipped as if it were a cup of coffee.]

2.   On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week, at one meal on each of these days, a drop of Lugol's solution of iodine is added to the glass of water containing the vinegar and honey solution.

3.   One Parkelp tablet is taken at breakfast or at all three meals, whichever gives the best result.

4.   A solution made from a half cup of vinegar and three cups of water is used to soak the hands and feet.   It is applied by a cloth wrung out of this comfortably hot solution to other joints.

5.   Biologic food selection is followed every day.   This removes wheat foods, wheat cereals, white sugar, citrus fruits and their juices, and muscle meat like beef, lamb, and pork from the daily food intake.

Reasons for taking vinegar follow.   Most of these reasons were demonstrated by studies of farm animals who were given vinegar along with their usual diet versus those who were not given vinegar.

1.   To provide sufficient acid the stomach is supposed to produce but does not.   From the study made, it appears that the start of the problem lies in the stomach where food is inadequately digested.

2.   To make the tissues of the body tender so that the body cells may carry on their vital activity as they should.

3.   To produce elasticity of tissues in the body.

4.   To remove calcium deposits in blood vessels.

5.   To promote the use of calcium in the body [so that it is going to the right places].

6.   To terminate excessive activity of the body's energy expending mechanism [probably due to excess adrenalin].   The result is a sweeter disposition and better handling of stress.

7.   To exert a favorable influence on constipation - which is ofter present with these disorders.

8.   To improve the health of the skin.

9.   To kill the culture medium in the body that makes possible the growth of harmful germs.

10.   To assist in shifting the blood mass to the digestive and other abdominal organs.   It is believed that vinegar assists in shifting the blood from the second and top floor (which includes the heart, lungs, central nervous system, eyes, ears, the lining of the nose and throat, and the muscles of the arms, legs, and body trunk) to the ground floor (which includes the skin, stomach, intestines, liver, spleen, and kidneys).

11.   To bring about the disappearance of putrefaction in the intestinal tract.

Reasons for taking honey follow.

1.   It improves digestion.   It is soothing to the stomach.

2.   It attracts fluid - commonly referred to as hydration ability.

3.   It helps the body to destroy harmful germs.

4.   It is an excellent food supplement, containing vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.

5.   It has a laxative effect which aids in preventing constipation.

6.   It is a sedative, producing, sound, refreshing sleep.

It has been noted that beekeepers do not have kidney trouble.   They have clear complexions, good eyesight, and no lameness.   They do not have cancer or paralysis.

Reasons for taking Lugol's solution of iodine follow.

1.   Iodine is related to the ability to resist disease.

2.   Arthritis improves when taking Iodine.

3.   Iodine is necessary for the thyroid to do its work.   The thyroid with sufficient iodine weakens virulent germs and kills less virulent germs.  

4.   The thyroid with sufficient iodine rebuilds the energy for a day's work.

5.   The thyroid with sufficient iodine calms the body and relieves nervous tension.

6.   The thyroid with sufficient iodine allows the mind to think clearly.

Reasons for taking Parkelp tablets follow.

1.   Kelp has the same mineral nutrients found in the ocean and in the bloodstream [the bloodstream is way to carry the ocean with us for feeding the cells and removing cellular waste].

2.   Kelp has more than twelve vitamins and twenty-one amino acids, all in balance with one another.

Observed results from taking Parkelp tablets follow.

1.   There is less pain.

2.   Swelling of the joints does not increase.

3.   A heart that was damaged by rheumatic fever earlier in life is much improved in its action.

4.   Shortness of breath is no longer present.

5.   The patient has much more energy.

Jarvis emphasizes that the treatment for bursitis, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and muscular rheumatism is the same.   [They seem to come from the same root cause or causes.]

Iodine - July 6, 2007
Iodine is not a poison, but in the antiseptic form, the alcohol used as a base is poisonous.
What you don't know about iodine can kill you.

For over 15,000 years, iodine has been used in various foods to keep humans healthy. For you to remain healthy, iodine must be present in every cell of your body. It is much more than an element needed by the thyroid, and insufficient amounts of iodine in your body can result in any one or more of numerous diseases ranging from obesity to cancer.

In 1948, a paper was introduced by a reputable but incompetent researcher that claimed iodine was a poison. In 1969, another paper was introduced that reinforced this wrong conclusion. The domino effect that had begun with the first paper was increased with the result that most prior sources of iodine in the diet were removed, using bromide substitutes that were poisonous when they took the place of iodine in the cells.

Many years passed before the lie about iodine was discovered and challenged by three doctors. Many doctors, who were taught in medical school that iodine is a poison, still refuse to prescribe iodine as a means of curing a physical problem. However, once again one can buy iodine dietary supplements over the counter in pill form or in a liquid solution.

A book has been written by Lynne Farrow that addresses all the above in detail. It is The Iodine Crisis, Copyrighted 2013. Reading it and following its recommendations can save your life.

A major part of the iodine crisis involves "iodized" salt. Your bloodstream is supposed to have the same elements in the same proportion as uncontaminated seawater. All the trace elements found in uncontaminated seawater most likely have a part in keeping you healthy. The sea seems to have obtained its salt from the earth salts like those found in salt mines today. So earth salts also seem to have all the elements needed for the human body in the correct proportions. However, those who process (refine) salt can make more money by selling the trace elements to chemical companies. So they take the valuable trace elements from the salt, and add four agents to the salt (one is a cyanide) to allow the salt to flow easily. These agents are not good for you. They also add a small amount of iodine that is lost for the most part before you can use the salt. Unfortunately, the bad salt is cheap, and is used in most of the foods you buy in the grocery store today.

You should be using only unrefined salt. If enough people wake up and begin to boycott the refined salt and the foods which use it, things will change for the better.