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Liberty Guard has a pamphlet on Hillary that encapsulates most of her transgressions. The pamphlet is called Hillary Rodham Clinton - A History of Scandal, Corruption, and Cronyism. I could find no website for Liberty Guard on the pamphlet, but it has a snail mail address.

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This website page is a mere thumbnail sketch of Hillary's evil nature. There is more detail in the pamphlet, and even if Hillary should win the election and become President, the information about her is worth knowing because she will be killing our nation as we know it and should be impeached forthwith. The Clinton Foundation appears to be a means to launder money for use by the Clintons.

Uranium for Russia

According to the New York Times, the Clintons arranged for 20% of the U.S. uranium to go to Russia in a roundabout way that led to millions of dollars for the Clintons.

Speeches for Big Money

As per the Huffington Post, the Clintons were paid $3.4 million for 18 speeches funded by by banks interested in the Keystone XL pipeline. Hillary's state department subsequently approved the building of the pipeline.

Donations for Weapons

Per the International Business Times, twenty countries donated substantial funds to the Clinton Foundation. Subsequently, these countries were approved by the Clinton State Department to receive $1.65 billion in weapons from the U.S.

Ethics Agreement Violation

Per the Washington Post, Hillary had signed an ethics agreement with the Obama Administration which was violated when the Clintons failed to disclose the names of 1,100 donors from foreign countries to the Clinton Foundation.

Donors for Favors

From VOX, at least 181 major donors to the Clinton Foundation had dealings with the Clinton State Department and were lobbying that department.

Donor Background

Per Buzzfeed, at least two of Hillary's top donors were major felons now serving long prison terms for fraud. In past election years, China was a major donor for the Clinton campaigns.

Secret Payments

Per the Associated Press, the Clintons have a secret "pass through" company called WJC,LLC which is designed to channel secret payments to the Clintons.

Hatchet Man

Per the New York Times, political hatchet man for the Clintons, Sidney Blumenthal, received a salary of $10 thousand per month from the Clinton Foundation to perform tasks for Hillary and help lay the groundwork for Hillary's campaign for president. This is another example of how the Clinton Foundation is used as a money laundering means for Clinton money.

The Real Clinton Foundation

Per the Washington Times, the Clinton Foundation has spent only 10% of the $1.6 billion it has raised for charitable purposes on those charitable purposes. The rest was spent on lavish travel, staff overhead, and in paying Clinton friends. Per the Washington Post, $26 million on speaking fees from Clinton Foundation donors suggests that the Clinton Foundation is there to provide money for use by the Clintons rather than for charitable purposes.

Misuse of Relief Efforts

Per Chris Wallace of Fox News, Bill Clinton was appointed co-chair of the relief committee for earthquake in Haiti. This committee approved millions of dollars for the relief effort. This ultimately resulted in between $1 and $5 million to the Clinton Foundation.

For the first time in 50 years, a gold mining permit was granted VCS Mining, a startup company. This is permission to mine gold in Haiti. On the board of this company is Tony Rodham (Hillary's brother) who has no background in mining.

More Speaking Fees

Between 2001 and 2012, Bill Clinton made 13 speeches. He was paid $500 thousand or more per speech in a foreign country. Eleven of those speeches were made at least 8 years after he was president when Hillary was Secretary of State. Foreign countries could thus have a means of bribing Hillary for favors through the State Department.


After it was shown that tens of millions of dollars in foreign donations were given to the Clinton Foundation, the Foundation announced it would refile five years of tax returns. in one three-year period, it omitted tens of millions of dollars in foreign contributions, reporting zero to the IRS. In another two-year period, it admitted to overreporting government grants by more than $100 million.

Clinton Money

The estimated net worth of the Clintons is now over $150 million, almost all gained in the 15 years since Bill Clinton left the presidency. The money has apparently been acquired by accepting bribes for favors from the Clinton State Department.

  Using the IRS as a Weapon

The Clintons had perfected the use of the IRS against political critics in the 1990s during which many prominent conservative organizations were audited by the IRS - including the Heritage Foundation, the National Rifle Association, Concerned Wnmen for America, Citizens Against Government Waste, National Review, American Spectator, the National for Public Policy Research, American Cause, Citizens for Honest Government, Progress and Freedom Foundation, David Horowitz Center for the Study of Popular Culture, the Western Journalism Center, and more. Individuals were also singled out for audits and IRS persecution.

The more recent examples of this in which the Barack Obama was involved are only the latest.

Using the FBI as a Weapon

This goes back to the 1960s, using the FBI background files on political opponemts. More than 900 FBI background files were illegally accessed by Bill Clinton and Craig Livingstone who was hired to do the job. When this scandal came out, Hillary claimed it was a bureaucratic snafu. The Clintons have done all they can through the years to uncover all the dirt that might be found in their political opponents' pasts. This gives them an edge.

Private Email Server

Hillary has used at least one private email server that has probably been hacked by foreign powers. This was illegal and seems to have been created to allow her to say things that would not be discovered by the public when they were likely to incriminate either her or her correspondents. Under subpoena, she and her her attorneys have first hidden, and then erased thousands of possible incriminating emails. Just recently, Wikileaks (formed by an Icelandic company called "Sunshine Press") has released more of the lost emails that show wrongdoing. What she has done is a felony, punishable by a prison sentence. However, the Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, and Bill Clinton had a little discussion on his airplane that seems to have made Loretta decide not to prosecute or even fully investigate Hillary's felony.


The Clinton Administration granted U.S. high tech companies the right to sell missile guidance system technology to China in exchange for $5 billion in donations to the Clinton campaign in 1996. This allowed China's nuclear missile program to leap forward for an estimated decade. The Rosenbergs got the death penalty for such a thing, but the Clintons got away with it.

Pay to Play

This was a way to organize the Department of Commerce to get donations from foreign countries for the Clinton Foundation. So the money for the Clinton campaign of 1996 could be successful. Since it is against the law to accept foreign donations for such campaigns, the foundation was the answer. China was one major donor.

Bill's Hormones

There were several scandals through the years due to Bill's attraction to women. Hillary managed to stifle the rhetoric to some degree with threats or worse. In one case, the woman's cat of 13 years was killed, her tire slashed, and her children threatened in an effort to keep her quiet. Today, three women have stated that they are frightened that Hillary might win the election and come after them for speaking out.

Illegal Use of the Whitehouse

The Clintons used the Whitebouse to obtain campaign funds by "renting" the Lincoln bedroom for one night each per donor. Travel agency commissions were also given to those who donated. When the Clintons left the Whitehouse, they stole practically everything that was not nailed down and were forced to put it back later.

Insider Trading (Cattlegate)

Insider trading is illegal. The Clintons managed to accomplish this by using political means.


This was a fraudulent land deal that caused the collapse of the Madison Savings and Loan. There were partners in this one who took the rap and went to jail on Bill's testimony. One mysteriously died in prison while in solitary before he was to give testimony against the Clintons. Another died when prison officials failed to give him his heart medicine. Altogether fifteen of the Clintons' associates were convicted of committing 40 crimes while the Clintons escaped prison.

More evidence was found of Hillary's involvement years later that showed she had lied (again).


Deputy Whitehouse Counsel Vince Foster was found in 1993 with a gunshot wound to his head which was ruled as suicide. He had extensive knowledge of the Whitewater scandal. Within hours of his death all records of that scandal were removed from Foster's files and then given to the Clintons' personal lawyers.


On his way out of office, Bill Clinton pardoned a number of shady contributors to the Clintons. These were people who were guilty as charged.

Defends Rapist

Hillary defended a child rapist who had suffered severe trauma and was in a coma for several days. Hillary's client passed a lie detector test and was let off with a light sentence. Hillary said she had lost her faith in lie detectors and laughed about it. The child is now a grown woman who was on TV. She is obviously still damaged.


Four Americans were killed when Hillary and Obama did not want the danger of terrorism to be exposed to the public just before an election. In essence, Hillary and Obama are reponsible for their deaths and the subsequent cover-up.

Saul Alinsky

Hillary and Obama are both disciples of Saul Alinsky and use his principles to the letter. See Saul Alinsky

The Danger

Hillary is an enemy agent as is Obama. If she becomes President, America will be in for more enemies as Supreme Court Justices for the next 40 years or so. Hillary wants to take away the one Amendment in the Bill of Rights that protects all the others, the right to keep and bear arms. The progressives today are not what Theodore Roosevelt was. They are American communists. They want to take away what remains of our freedom. RINOs like Paul Ryan are not much better. We must pray that Trump wins.

August 7, 2017

Trump has won the election, but the "dimrats", including Obama and Hillary are still trying to get rid of him. At this time, a man has been installed to find a crime with which Trump and his people can be charged. This man is Robert Mueller. For more, go on line on "search" using "Robert Mueller" and you will see that he has a record as a "dirty cop".


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