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According to the Chairman of the Senior Citizens League (SCL), the U.S./Mexico Social Security Totalization Agreement will give Mexican citizens (illegal aliens) a stronger claim for Social Security benefits than any claim by U.S. citizens.   This Agreement is still alive in Washington and Obama could send it to Congress at any time.   As I understand it, only a "yes" vote from 2/3 of the Senators is needed for the Agreement to become law.   The House will not be involved.   This Agreement covers not only Mexican workers, but their spouses and dependents as well.   This means that millions of Mexican citizens and dependents who are covered under the Agreement will have almost bulletproof protection against Social Security cuts and changes such as those that are being discussed in Washington.

1.   A well-known U.S. Supreme Court ruling known as "Fleming vs. Nestor" makes it clear that Congress can (A) cut or change at any time the Social Security benefits U.S. citizens receive, and (B) that Americans don't have a "right" to Social Security benefits regardless of what they were promised in the past, how much they paid in, or how much they may be hurt by cuts.

[Social Security payments are your own money being paid back to you, but only in part.   Had you been able to place in a bank Certificate of Deposit (CD) the money you paid into Social Security, at age 65 you would get well over three and a one-half times your Social Security check each month just on interest alone, and still be able to will the principal to your heirs.   Social Security is a Ponzi scheme to give a large portion of our money to a corrupt government while giving back a small portion to those who survive after age 65. See Trusting Our Government for details.]

2.   Promises to pay benefits in the Agreement with Mexico will be protected because they are made by international agreement (a "treaty" - see Articles II and VI of the U.S. Constitution).

3.   Obama has pledged an amnesty to an estimated one million illegal aliens in the United States (what he calls this a "path to citizenship").   If necessary, he is willing to bypass Congress and grant amnesty by executive order.

HR 4321 (passed by the House of Representatives when it was controlled by the Democrats), provides access to work-authorized Social Security numbers and eventually benefits to nearly 11 million illegal aliens. [Not long ago, this plan was stalled.   No one could believe that even the Democrats would do such a thing.   But the plan had over 100 co-sponsors - Obama wants it because it will give him more voters to extend his presidency.]

4.   The United States is in trouble financially and will be so for some time.   There are many in Congress who want to cut Social Security benefits (your own money) - and of course the so-called President would love to do so.

5.   The SCL attempted to obtain copies of the Totalization Agreement.   Finally, they were forced to file lawsuits under the Freedom of Information Act because the government was stonewalling.   After two and one-half years, some information was finally released to the SCL.   The bureaucrats are still withholding the full context of the Agreement.

At this time (November of 2011), the House is controlled by the Republicans.   This may not be the case at a later date.   So this is a good time ask your representative to repeal HR 4321 and any similar legislation.   This may not stop Obama from using an executive order to do the same thing, but it may slow things down in a political climate when Obama worried about the next election.

Since the Senate still has more "progressives" and corrupt senators than "good people", this is a good time to do all we can to elect more honest candidates in the coming elections so that the Senate can once again be pro-American and in favor of upholding the Constitution.   Those like Boxer and Feinstein from communist-dominated California must go if we are to save our nation.   Only the Senate can impeach a U.S. president, and if Obama should continue to extend unconstitutional power for the executive branch, he must be impeached.

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