Problems in both legal and illegal immigration,
their causes, and possible solutions.

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America is unique in the world with the U.S. Constitution as a contract between the States that limits the powers that the sovereign States delegated to the Federal Government and withholds all other powers for the States.   The Bill of Rights in the Constitution lists the rights of the people that neither the Federal Government nor the State governments may take from them.   Although the Federal Government has stolen some powers at times, most of those times the Supreme Court has prevented the theft - and in the future may still make invalid the laws that are unconstitutional.

The typical American citizen grows up knowing subconsciously what his or her rights are under the Constitution even when the Constitution is not reviewed periodically.   This is the result of American traditions and attitudes which each American child experiences during childhood.   This is not true with people from other countries who immigrate to the United States.   Legal immigrants usually learn their rights within a short time and also learn that others in the U. S. have those same rights - which must be respected.   Often even illegal immigrants are very conscious of citizens' rights in America because that is one of the reason they come here.

Immigration can be good for America when it brings in people who (1) will assimilate readily, (2) are honest, (3) are loyal to the Constitution, (4) can pull their own weight, and (5) enter the U.S. slowly enough to allow for assimilation to occur quickly.   Immigrants can be a problem if they are not honest or loyal to the Constitution.   This fact should be self-evident.   If they cannot pull their own weight, they can become a burden on unemployment benefits, welfare, the educational system, and any other benefits funded by tax payers.   If they come from a culture that does not allow them to assimilate readily or come into the country too quickly to assimilate readily, they do not learn how take care of themselves adequately or to vote intelligently.   In regard to the latter, they can become numerous and dependent enough to gradually, through voting, create a welfare state which eventually becomes a socialist/communist state much like California has become in the last few decades.   If illegal immigrants are voting the problem becomes even worse.

Mexicans and Latinos (Hispanics) who enter the United States today, unlike most immigrants from other countries, (1) come predominantly from a group of people with little education and low economic status, (2) bring in others from their extended families who also have little education and are from a lower economic level, (3) remain to together and fail to assimilate readily, (4) retain their own language and do not learn English, (5) are prime targets for those who take unfair advantage of others (con men and Communist agitators), and (6) improve their economic status only as far as the third generation of each particular family.   On the other hand, these are usually eager workers, family oriented, and ethically superior.

According to an article by Jason Richwine in National Review with the title The Congealing Pot, Mexican and Latino immigrants usually enter the U.S. with lower education and establish themselves with lower paying jobs.   The children of these immigrants become better educated and increase their wages approximately 50 percent over the wages of their parents.   However, the third generation of the family will remain at approximately the same educational and economic level as the second.

According to another article in same magazine, Five Decades of Crisis by Duncan Currie, there is a direct correlation between family and economic status.   In the United States in 1980, 18.4 percent of all births were to unmarried women.   In 2002, 34 percent of all births were to unmarried women.   In 2007, 39.9 percent of all births were to unmarried women.   These statistics are from The National Center for Health Statistics.   In 2007, "Nonmarital births represented 27.8 percent of non-Hispanic white births, 51.3 percent of Hispanic births, and 71.6 percent of non-Hispanic black births."   "The most disturbing trend is among Hispanics..." who are the largest and fastest-growing minority group.   "In 1980, only 23.6 percent of Hispanic births in the U.S. were to unmarried women.   By 1990, that figure has reached 36.7 percent.   By 2000, it had reached 42.7 percent.   In 2006, 49.9 percent of Hispanic births were outside marriage.   A year later, for the first time ever, more than half were.   The Pew Hispanic Center says that 69 percent of first generation Latino children live in married-couple families, compared with 73 percent of second-generation children and just 52 percent of the third generation of higher.   This suggest that many Hispanic immigrants are assimilating into an underclass culture - the type of culture that has long hampered the mobility of America's urban poor."

One possible solution is to do a better job of enforcing child-support laws.   Another is an expansion of marriage-education programs.   However, these are solutions that happen after the fact that immigration policies allow a large number of poorly educated people to come into the U.S.   First, we need to close the borders so that illegal immigration is stopped.   Second, we must address the fact that future immigrants who have relatives in America are given preference over others.   One of the reasons for this policy is that immigrants with relatives who are already established in the U.S. are not likely to be homeless or completely destitute.   This policy is good in the short run.   In the long run, it is not a policy that encourages a proper ratio between highly educated and poorly educated immigrants.   Some other countries have application systems for immigration that give higher points to more educated people so that there is more chance of accepting those with higher education.   Perhaps the U.S. should alter its system to accept more highly educated and less poorly educated Mexican and Latino immigrants.   This would not mean that the less educated would be shut out or that preference might not be given to extended family, but that enough with more education would be accepted so that a proper balance could be established.

One of World Communism's goals is the destruction of the family so that the state can completely take over the raising of the young.   This allows each generation to be indoctrinated as Communist slaves and prevents nationalism from prevailing - so that allegiance to a Communist world government by the young may be more easily obtained.   Consequently, things that influence, or are influenced by, the destruction of the family such as propaganda, drugs, alcohol, lack of moral fiber, etc. are encouraged by the Communists.   Remember - Communists are good at destruction, but they are not good at creation, nor do they choose to be.   Notice that the degree of nonmarital births in blacks is the most extreme.   This came about largely from the efforts of agents trained by the DGI in Cuba who became members of the Weathermen (Weather Underground).   They were the community organizers (Communist agitators) and violent revolutionaries of the 1960s.

The closing of the border and other changes necessary in immigration laws will not be likely to happen with the current administration.   Communists such as Obama, Pelosi, and Reid want to keep the borders open enough to have the less-educated immigrants, both legal and illegal, moving into the U.S. so that Communist agitators (whitewashed as "community organizers") can more easily influence the vote in their favor.   This is especially true when dealing with states that have a high number of electoral votes like California or Texas.   In California, the 8 southernmost counties control the whole state (23 counties) with their large Hispanic population and Communist useful idiots such as those in Hollywood.   This is a classic example of using a select few to dominate an entire state and, with the state's electoral votes, to dominate a whole nation.

The root of most of our problems has been those who are pro-active as either Communists or those who manipulate Communists.   The so-called President of the United States is now Barack Hussein Obama.   His fellow Communists appear to be Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid as well as those in the House and Senate to help Pelosi and Reid.   It would appear that removing these would successfully address the root of our problems.   Actually, the solution is much more complex than that.   These people are merely pawns in a global chess game.   For instance, Obama is merely the anointed rock star who can lie more convincingly than most used car salesmen.   He is a figurehead appointed by George Soros.   Rahm Emanuel takes his orders from Soros and implements them by telling Obama and others what they are to do.   Sometimes there are discussions on how best to implement Soros' orders in which Michelle and her Chief of Staff participate.   Yes, they can be removed, but others like them will replace them.   Even Soros and his upper-level minions can be eliminated, but they will only be replaced by various other lieutenants and cronies.   The real long-term task is to replace those who are indoctrinating our children and who have infiltrated the media, our bureaucracies, and all levels of government.   These people must be exposed for what they are, and that will lead to their demise.

Added November 4, 2012.

The following information was taken from a newsletter from Taxpayer Revolution, signed by Ted Hilton, Chairman.

Nancy Pelosi's daughter, Alexandra Pelosi, enraged the Left with her undercover welfare video.   She interviewed applicants at a welfare office on New York City's 14th Street, some admitting they don't want a job, and support Barack Obama "because he gives me stuff"."   Some are on video drinking alcohol in the welfare line.   One man laughs as he admits to having five children by four different women.   He tells Alexandra Pelosi "I'm here to get a check, whatever they've got to offer, it's not like they've got a checklist, I'm just here to get whatever I can get."

The Contra Costa Times praised an illegal alien working in Richmond, California, to raise six kids, no husband mentioned.   The Los Angeles Times reported we now have four generations of gang members that began with an illegal alien entry.   One illegal alien gangmember has 13 kids.   How do they do it?   We are forced to support them with those 77 welfare programs they qualify for once they "drop anchor".   Taxpayers are subsidizing their own demise.   I can factually tell you, conservatives will not survive if this type of birth rate confronting us is not stopped.   If you have a computer we have a new website that reveals the extreme gravity of the problems, with solutions proposed.   Please see   If you do not have a computer and can go to a library, a librarian can help locate the website.

The San Diego Tribune wrote in its welfare article that California has 12% of the U.S. population, but 34% of nation's welfare recipients, and 30% of all single mothers; also 36% of the children - 3.3 million live with a parent who does not have full time employment.   Our response letter was printed Aug. 1, 2012: There are some important points unmentioned in "Welfare Capital of the U.S.?" (July 29). Half of mothers on welfare gave birth as teenagers.   Two-thirds of all teenagers giving birth live in poverty.   Ninety percent of women leave poverty through marriage, but 79% of teen mothers never marry.   The children of teenagers have lower educational achievement, with higher poverty and crime rates.   A major solution to these problems is a new state law that pays benefits for only the number of children with which one first applies for welfare.   If one first applies for welfare with two children, that is the maximum number of children that can receive benefits.   The taxpayers are clearly out of money to pay for additional births from parents who cannot afford to support these children.   It is time for the families, churches, and charities to care for additional children as was the case in the beginning of our nation before the current welfare system.   Ted Hilton, S.D.

Representative Duncan Hunter has introduced a bill to withhold federal funding to states if driver's licenses are issued to the illegal aliens granted Obama's work visas.   This would cut off $23 million to California.   There are websites now explaining how to fraudulently answer questions to qualify for a work visa!   Illegal aliens need a high school diploma [to obtain a work visa], but a study by Professor Frank Bean, U.C. Irvine, found that the majority of illegals and their kids have not graduated from High School.

Illegal aliens overcrowd and impact our schools.   In twelve years, California will have ONE MILLION fewer college graduates than needed to fill the jobs requiring a college education.   Illegal aliens and their U.S. born children are 9.4 percent of all U.S. persons in poverty - and that percentage is fueled by a birthrate twice the national average.   We are facing a modern fall of Rome and we can only work against it will all of us helping.

The Taxpayer Revolution Committee is the only committee actively moving legislation and other projects forward in the state most devastated by illegal aliens.   Food stamp recipients have increased 47% since 2008, from 32 to 47 million.   Illegal aliens qualify for food stamps once they have an anchor baby.   With a $16 trillion national debt, the nation is out of money for food stamp increases.   It is the births to parents dependent upon government assistance that are creating a Third World within the U.S.

Thumbing their nose at our laws, the Democratic National Committee allowed the first illegal alien ever to speak at its convention.   Bill Clinton gave a Presidential Medal of Freedom award to Marco Obledo, the Latino movement founder who said: "...if people don't like it that Hispanics will take over all the political institutions in California they should go back to Europe."  [We should bear in mind that the Democrats are not the same today as they were decades ago.   Their party was bought by psychopath George Soros and peopled, for the most part, by communists who call themselves "progressives".   Obama is doing all he can to bring in more illegal aliens who can illegally vote for him and other candidates who call themselves democrats.]


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