British Petroleum's oil drilling platform explodes
causing a catastrophic oil leak from the ocean
bottom one mile below the surface.

(Added to this website on 6/15/10.)

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The communist administration headed by B.O. was quick to take advantage of the catastrophy whether the left was involved or not in creating the explosion.   This is an opportunity to stop all drilling off the coast even though it was government intervention preventing drilling in shallow waters that caused BP to attempt to take oil from a point where the ocean was a mile deep.   B.O. and his minions can now use another crisis to their advantage.

B.O. was careful to wait to take any action whatsoever and to deny help from outside the U.S. or from private U.S. companies or experts in oil containment.   He was quick to condemn BP and set the stage for bankrupting the company that is best qualified to stop the leak.   If he can make the crisis even greater by his delaying and controlling tactics, his ends will be more easily met - and, in reality, he has no conscience as we know it.   Psychopaths depend upon charm and deception to attain their goals because they are lacking any true capacity for empathy - which means that they are not truly human even though they attempt to fool us into believing that they are.

There is now an excuse to stop all oil drilling off the coast of the U.S.   The advantages for the communists in their take-over of the U.S. follow.

1.   Cap & trade legislation can be more easily passed.

2.   The oil moratorium for a minimum of six months will ruin the companies and the economies in the states which depend upon oil for their income.   It will also cause thousands to be unemployed initially and more to be unemployed as the moratorium continues.

3.   The price of gasoline will increase due to the oil moratorium which will cause more inflation and more dependency on oil from abroad.

4.   B.O. can insist upon nationalizing the oil industry in the U.S.

5.   All of the preceding will adversely affect the U.S. economy and aid in sinking free-enterprise in America.

B.O. has been using his usual methods of misdirection and deception to bring along the part of the public that is still sound asleep and snoring.   It is amazing what a communist press coupled with readers' mental paralysis can do to further the communist ends.

But there is more to it than meets the eye.   On his television show of June 17, 2010, Glenn Beck exposed the inner workings of the plot.   I do not always agree with Beck, but his staff and his outside sources are an intelligence network that rivals that of the the CIA.   He backs up most of what he says with concrete facts gathered by this network.   In this case, there is no doubt about what has been discovered.

1.   In 2009, Soros' Management Fund invested $900 million in Petrobras, the Oil Company of Brazil.

2.   Regarding the oil "leak" and perhaps many other things, the Obama administration seems to have been acting as directed by the George Soros' Center for American Progress, as guided by John Podesta.   In many instances, two days after the Center publishes what should be done, B.O. and his minions have done it.   This is no surprise because B.O.'s campaign was largely financed by Soros.   John Podesta selected the Obama transition team and set the Obama policy following - which included cap & trade legislation.

3.   The Obama administration has seen to it that $2 billion of taxpayer money was given as a loan to Brazil to be used for deep offshore drilling for oil (deeper than BP's oil leak - BP's was at 5,000 feet and Petrobras' is going to be as deep as 14,000 feet).

4.   Brazil is launching a $220 billion five year plan for off-shore drilling.   It needs specialized oil drilling equipment.

5.   Obama's 6 month moratorium would bankrupt the oil companies if their equipment were to lie here unused.   Their answer to avoid being ruined is to move their equipment (which includes 35 oil rigs) to Brazil.   At this time bids for the rigs are already being placed.

Tony Podesta along with his brother John Podesta started a lobbying business and Tony lobbied for BP, working with the Obama administration.   Having seen all this and noting the slim chances for it all being coincidental, is it coincidental that the oil "accident" - occurring at precisely the correct time - is also coincidental?   Remember that communists have killed millions of people to gain an end and, in their philosophy, any means may be used to gain an end.

So our tax dollars go to a nefarious scheme that enriches Soros (and those in the White House because Soros funds them), causes the American dollar to inflate drastically due to increased oil prices here (if not causing us to go off oil altogether), and causes the many in the U.S. who are employed in the oil industry to lose their jobs.   The ultimate goal being to ruin the U.S. economy completely.   But the worst of it is the damage to the ocean and the surrounding land areas - a true ecological disaster - that was probably the deliberate result of gaining at end.

Once again we see Soros playing the role of the Devil and Obama playing the role of the AntiChrist.   Of course, this is only the way that right-wing Christians perceive these two entities from Hell.   Others who are awake see them as psychopaths who should be tried in court, found guilty, and incarcerated or executed - but that won't happen until enough people take their heads out of the sand and see the reality of communist corruption in the U.S.   In fact, at this point, it is best to let them continue to play their game until they step on enough toes to awaken those who are still asleep.

On his show of June 20, 2010, Glenn Beck stated that Obama is blocking ten Republicans from visiting and touring the spill damages of the "accident".   On July 1, we find out that only 31 oil skimmers are at work in the Gulf while Obama has been telling us that 140 are at work.   Chances are the Republicans would have noticed the discrepancy and B.O. would be caught in another lie.

Beck also stated that BP has a terrible safety record: in the last five years 26 people died and 700 were injured working for BP.   BP had 760 safety violations with $373 million in fines.   Two other major oil companies, Conoco Phillips and Sunoco, had 8 safety violations each in the same period and Exon Mobile had one.   Before the spill, BP wanted to reduce carbon emissions and advertised against carbon.   The human "carbon footprint" was too great worldwide according to BP, and BP supported cap & trade.   One wonders what alternative energy schemes BP has as investments.   Before the spill, BP was working with John Kerry who was planning to announce his Cap and Trade bill called the American Power Act.

Also according to Beck, there is an oil skimmer docked now in Virginia that can clean up 500,000 barrels of oil in one hour.   It has been rejected because it does not meet current standards.   Since the leak began 71 days ago, only 600,000 barrels of oil have been cleaned up.

BP is the largest supplier of fuel to the Departmen of Defense with a contract worth $2.2 billion per year.

Hugo Chavez is now nationalizing 11 oil rigs owned by the United States.

Obama's six-month moratorium against drilling was stopped by court action.   This did not stop Obama.   Even the shallow-water drillers were stopped at the time of the "accident" which was April 20, 2010.   The Department of the Interior refused to give them permits with the excuse that they had not complied with new safety regulations which were not even in place until June 8 (so how could they comply?).   Lay-offs have already begun as a result of the stopping of drilling, and in a couple of weeks many of the drillers will likely go out of business.

One person who will benefit immensely from all of this is George Soros - and we wonder - how much of this did he make happen?

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