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Site created by Marcelo Moreira Jr. with Portuguese translation.

Lew Paxton Price - Home Page
Twenty-first century physics and more.
How to purchase books, flutes, & computer design programs
with other pertinent information.


This site is very well researched and documented.   It is a must read
for those who want to know the truth about the communist takeover of our nation.

G. Edward Griffin has written a large book that is still the most concise
example of everything pertinent to the Federal Reserve and its subversive nature.

It is called The Creature from Jekyll Island and can be purchased
by going to www.realityzone.com.

Website explaining why it is vital to have English
as the national language - especially during elections
to prevent massive voter fraud by illegal aliens.
www.proenglish.org .

Another website with data on survival as a free nation is

Included in the www.thrivemovement.com DVD
with the title "Thrive" is much of what is in Griffin's book above,
The Creature from Jekyll Island, and much more.   This DVD is a
must read that is at least 99 percent correct and easily available
on Amazon if one is not able to access the thrive website (it appears
to be set up only for those with newer browsers).   The DVD itself tells
the truth, exposing most of what the elite are doing to enslave the rest
of us and showing what we can do to remove power from them.

John G. Howe has written a small book that is a most concise
example of everything pertinent to the energy crisis that is already
upon us (even though many have their heads in the sand).

The Book: The End of Fossil Energy and a Plan for Sustainability
howe@megalink.net   or   ghowe@mcintirepublishing.com

David Horowitz is responsible for unmasking the communist left that
has been and is attempting to destroy America.   If we are to survive
as a free nation more of us must be aware the uncomfortable truth.

David Horowitz' Writing

Discover the Networks is a "Who's Who of America Haters and Useful Idiots"
and gives names, backgrounds, and details of progressives (communists) -
and traces all of their connections with other foreign and domestic enemies.
It provides

(1)   a useful guide to radical Muslim groups working to destroy America,
(2)   a comprehensive guide to radical leftist groups working in concert
with America's enemies,
(3)   the most detailed account of the American lawyers who have "donated"
their time to defend terrorists at Guantanamo, and the most prominent
law firms who are willing to defend the Gitmo prisoners,
(4)   a clear and disturbing picture of Eric Holder and his deputies who were
actually defending Gitmo terrorists,
(5)   a complete report on the leftist's battle generals - Saul Alinsky,
Richard Cloward, and Frances Fox Piven who laid out the guidelines for
radically transforming America,
(6)   exposure of the socialists and communists in the Obama administration,
(7)   exposure of those who fund the leftists.


Wayne Peterson
for information about things affecting the economy and how to deal with them.

Mark Alexander

Moms who want a better world for their children.
Mary M. Baker
As a Mom

Mass murders by governments in the 20th century.
the website of R.J. Rummel.

Global warming challenged on Glenn Beck.
Monckton on Beck

Obama's true nature.
The Communist
Member of New Party

Communist take-over.

Birth of socialism in America.

Stanley Kurtz - National Review online.

Judicial Watch

Gun Owners of America

The Heritage Foundation

The CATO Institute

National Right to Work Foundation
(No website listed) (703)321-8510 ext. 3318

Senate Conservatives Fund

Young America's Foundation

Reagan Ranch

Freedom First Foundation
Tom Palma, President
(No website listed)

Faith and Freedom Coalition

The Foundation for Educational Choice

Cascade Policy Institute

Parents for Educational Freedom

The Lucy Burns Institute www.lucyburns.org Is responsible for

Ballotpedia.org www.ballotpedia.org (the internet's best resources on
state and local ballot measures, recall elections, and school board elections,
as well as congressional, legislative, and executive elections from the federal to municipal level),

Judgepedia.org www.judgepedia.org , an encyclopedia of America's courts and judges
with detailed coverage on federal and state courts, and special attention to judicial selections and elections,

Policypedia.org www.policypedia.org , a comprehensive collection of online articles
about important policy topics like energy and education that can be easily understood.

The Leadership Institute organizes conservative students
and exposes leftist abuses on college campuses.

The Leadership Institute
Congressman Mike Pence
(703) 247 - 2000

Would you like to know who is planning to turn us into slaves?


One of my hobbies is translating and decoding the ancient Hebrew and Greek
of what most people call the Holy Bible.   The Bible is a series of books taken
from these older languages and translated incorrectly into many other languages
over a period of time until we have today a diluted and adulterated version that
insults both the spirit and the intent of the original version of each book.  
For instance, the first five books of the Old Testament in Hebrew are time capsules
containing both scientific and theological secrets of the ancient Judeans.   These
books were called the Torah meaning law - and alluding to natural law.

Generally speaking, the type of decoding that I have done has nothing to do with the
popular attempts to place one's expectations in a framework of "prophecy".   People can
find patterns that will illustrate almost anything that they choose to believe.

There are other websites that might be of interest to those who would like to know
more about the original versions of the books of the Holy Bible as well as the means
used to translate and decode them.

There are other subjects of interest on these sites as well.   The reader should beware
of extreme claims of prophecy on such sites as well as political views couched within
emotional propaganda and a tendency to create scapegoats upon which to attribute blame.



Natural Heritage Enterprises

Providing excellent natural herbal health aid for
those who are not entirely satisfied with medicine
as provided by drug comnpanies and the AMA today.
Website: http://remedies.net/


The International Native American Flute Association

310 Ash Wood Drive
Suffolk, VA 23434

Phone: (757)923-1978
Website: www.worldflutes.org
Publication:Voice of the Wind
Founder: Dr. Kathleen Joyce-Grendahl

This is a reasonably good source of current information
regarding flute circles, flutemakers, flute players,
current flute-related activities, members, addresses, etc.
These are not being displayed here because they are too
numerous, and may change from time to time.
A web search will usually disclose current websites very quickly
should one wish to contact someone or some organization.

The NoNahme Clan of the Northern California Flute Circle

Website: NoNahmes

Mary Youngblood
Website: www.maryyoungblood.com

Mary is an award-winning Native American flute player,
currently the only one to have been awarded two Grammies for her work.


This a flute circle in Oregon with a very helpful website.

Heart of the Wood

Zadjik Productions
Tacoma, WA 98498

Website: www.zadjik.com
Producer: Ronnie Payne

This is a CD which is the best source of graphic
information regarding Native American flute
history & myths, flutemakers, flute players,
flute-related activities, etc.

Xtreme Music
Website: www.xtrememusic.org
Producer: Justin St. Vincent
Email: Editor@xtrememusic.org
New book from Justin www.musicandspirituality.com

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