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According to a CD that I received recently from the State Water Resources Control Board, AB885 was passed by the California legislature and signed into law by Gray Davis in September 2000. It seemed to me that it was passed much later, but the point is that it was signed into law. California Assemblycomrade Hannah Beth Davis introduced AB885 in February 1999. It is a document designed to "regulate" septic systems. The excuse for creating AB885 was that some bacteria usually found in raw sewage had been discovered near the California coast. There was no proof that anyone's septic system had created the problem, but septic systems were the targets presented. Since that time, many of us have been wishing that Comrade Davis had never been born.

According to the "On-site Wastewater Treatment System Repair of Failure Malfunction Survey" prepared for the California State Water Resources Control Board, the on-site waste water treatment systems (septic systems) have achieved a success rate of 99 percent (less than 1 percent of failure annually). This rate is the highest possible and was achieved by local control without meddling from an incompetent or malevolent state government.

In the September 10, 2011, issue of Science News we see that "new studies in California" reveal that "many urban sewer pipes are failing, allowing germ-ridden filth to bleed into storm drains" where they flow into streams and coastal waters. In Santa Barbara, Patricial Holden of the University of California and her colleagues added flourescing dye to sewage and then looked for the dye in storm drains. In one system the dye showed up in half an hour. In another system, the dye took somewhat longer to show itself. Indicators of bacteria from human feces accompanied the dye in both systems.

The decay of water infrastructures in California cities is the real reason for pollution in coastal waters. Efforts and funding should be directed at replacing urban sewage systems rather than over-regulation of time-tested septic systems.

The notice that accompanied the CD was regarding "workshops" to set up a state bureaucracy for septic system regulation. It states that the "workshops" are to be given in four cities, San Luis Obispo, Redding, Santa Rosa, and Riverside. This is a clever ploy. The city people do not know that septic systems are the most reliable means of handling sewage and that such systems never fail unless they are abused - and their owners do not abuse them. Nor do the city people know that their own systems are failing. So the comrades use fear to motivate them to accept the dictates of AB885 - telling them that they will suffer from water-born bacteria in their water due to unregulated septic systems. By setting the "workshops" in cities, those in most rural areas are either prevented from attending or severely inconvienced by attending - so most of the people who are actually being abused by the dictates of AB885 are essentially prevented from being present. Furthermore, the CD with most of the information on the workshops is too long to be easily sent by landline to one's computer, and many of us do not have computers. It is doubtful that any unwanted letters and e-mail will be read with any degree of sincerity since most bureaucracies are headed by those who want to expand their departments. There is a provision in AB885 that, regardless what is agreed upon during the "workshops", the state agencies involved can alter the rules at a later date by bureaucratic edict. Saul Alinsky would be proud of all the underhanded means aforementioned.

These are some of the many other reasons why the comrades should not be allowed to perpetrate this piece of fascism.

1. The state is broke and we don't need another large bureaucracy to take our tax dollars. The plan is for a central authority and nine regional water boards with all their trappings.

2. The local regulatory bodies (like our county) already have ways that have evolved over time to deal with septic systems. Since every area is different, no state regulation is needed or wanted. The system we have now works very well and the comrades want to break it (probably because it works).

3. The elite comrades have decided to give us proletariat dogs a bone by allowing us five "alternatives", but every one of the five is bad for us. The only alternative that makes real sense is to repeal AB885 in its entirety. Ted Gaines introduced legislation to do just that but the comrades refused to pass it.

4. Once set in place, this bureaucracy is designed to be eternal and able to alter the rules at will. The rules will get even worse. We are being mugged by a mugger who can legally use a bigger knife or club.

5. The real reason for pollution is the leaking sewers in the urban infrastructure.

6. The people who will suffer most from AB885 are those who have the least money. Presently, there are no plans in writing for inspecting your existing septic system unless you are polluting or are near a body of water (estimates show only 5 percent will be inspected and perhaps forced to comply with new regulations), but once the bureaucratic foot is in the door, there will likely be a gradual move toward inspections even if you have a good, non-polluting septic system. Such inspections of your septic system will cost money from your pocket, and upgrading is expensive. The regulations on new systems will cause our construction costs to rise without good reason and our permits to cost more. Some sites may be arbitrarily exempt from use because of fascist rules.

The real reasons for the creation and passage of AB885:

1. Control by the state of every facet of our existence.

2. Using our money to create more ways to control us.

3. Forcing people to move from the rural areas into the cities where they can be more easily controlled.

4. Using "pure democracy" (mob rule - a lynch mob is a pure democracy), which is a typical communist/fascist tactic, to have septic system users pay for the expense of replacing the urban sewage systems where the real problem is.

5. Deliberate irritation of us to the point of a revolt during which they can eliminate the "troublemakers" one way or another.

Even though AB885 is the result of communist/progressive agents, there are still people in the bureaucracies and some in the legislature who might be honest Americans. It would be wise to send your comments to Senator Ted Gaines in the State Senate and his wife in the Assembly. Letters or e-mails to the addresses listed might do some good. Those who want to start petitions should do so. Chances are that our petitions won't have any effect on the "elites" now, but the petitions might have an effect once we vote the elites out of office.

If any of this sounds like something from a raving lunatic, go to the Water Board website or obtain a copy of the CD and see how bad AB885 really is. Those who have computers should be willing to show the contents of AB885 to those who don't have computers. Those without computers should ask those who have them to allow others to see the contents of AB885. We cannot allow the leftist fascists to continue their work in this state.


State SenatorTed Gaines
1700 Eureka Road, Suite 120
Roseville, CA 95661

(916) 783 - 8232


Beth Gaines
1700 Eureka Road, Suite 160
Roseville, CA 95661

(916) 774 - 4430


Some of the details found in the notice may be seen below.

(The notice was sent along with a CD of 5 megabytes.)

The notice from the State Water Resources Control Board states that it has completed a draft policy for siting, design, and management of septic systems and the substitute environmental document (SED) for public review. Staff workshops are planned at the following locations, times, and dates. Their purpose is to seek input and answer questions from public agencies and members of the public on septic system policy and SED. Times for all are from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM and from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Information on parking is on the CD as is much more.

Monday, Oct 24, 2011.
San Luis Obispo Performing Art Center
Harmann Hall
1 Grand Avenue
San Luis Obispo, CA

Friday, Oct 28, 2011
David Marr Theater at the Shasta Learning Center
2200 Eureka Way #B
Redding, CA

Wednesday, Nov 2, 2011
Wells Fargo Center
Ruth Finley Person Theater
50 Mark West Springs Road
Santa Rosa, CA

Monday, Nov 7, 2011
University Theater
University of California, Riverside
400 Humanities
Riverside, CA

A State Waterboard Board adoption hearing will be scheduled in the future, probably in the spring of 2012.

Paper copies or copies of a compact disc of the septic system treatment (on-site water treatment systems or OWTS) are available upon request by writing to:

OWTS Policy
Division of Water Quality
State Water Resources Control Board
P O Box 2231
Sacramento, CA 95812

or by calling (916) 445 - 9187

These documents are being made available for a 45-day public review and comment period. Emails of 15 megabytes or less are preferred to paper letters. Send them to: owts
Use subject of: "Comment Letter - DRAFT OWTS Policy Documents" Please identify contact person who will be available to answer any questions regarding your comments. Comments may also be submitted by mail or hand delivery to:

OWTS Policy
State Water Resources Control Board
P O Box 2231
Sacramento, CA 95812

If hand delivered, use: 1001 I Street, 15th Floor, Sacramento, CA 95814

Comment letters must be received by 12:00 noon on Monday, Nov 14, 2011. [We were supposed to have 45 days to respond, but I did not receive the notice until Oct 6, and those in this area that I called never received the notice.]

More details are available on the CD or by going to the Water Board website: issues/programs/owts/

Beware of a propaganda page called "Fact Sheet" which is designed to mislead and keep people asleep. According to it, the new policy is designed to save us from the contamination caused by septic systems [but there is no appreciable contamination to protect us from, and tampering with our septic systems is a means to create contamination]. The septic systems are not the problem and the "Fact Sheet" implies that it they are the problem. Actually, this is a smoke screen to keep us from understanding that the whole idea of AB885 is scam.

The "Fact Sheet" says that only certain people will be affected, but the "workshops" have not even started and no one knows what the final plan will be.

The "Fact Sheet" says comments from local agencies and individuals have been part of the new policy, but it is still a centralized, unnecessary, and unwanted intrusion.

There is a part of the "Fact Sheet" showing why the policy is needed when it is NOT needed. This part merely implies that the septic systems are a problem.

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