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Some facts from a paper by Tom DeWeese

From UN policy document Agenda 21

Sustainable Development (SD) calls for changing the infrastructure of the U.S. from private ownership and control of property to central planning of the entire economy.   [This has been happening more and more in California where the legislature is dominated by "democrats" who are actually communists or their useful idiots.   This has come so far that water and even excretion is dominated by state planning which is politically motivated to eliminate more independent people (independent thinkers) and put the herd-mentality in charge of everything.]

The communists and their useful idiots have been succeeding in their goals through indoctrination of the youg and infiltration of churches, environmental organizations, government bureaucracies, legislatures, etc. - while we have been asleep.   They have altered our language, our families, and our history.   "We now have a new language invading our government at all levels.   The typical city council meeting discusses community development, historic preservation, and partnerships between the city and private business."

Civic leaders organize community meetings run by "facilitators" as they outline a "vision" for the town, enforced by "consensus".   ["Facilitator" is another name for "community organizer" which is another name for "communist activist".   "Vision" is another name for what the communist wants.   "Consensus" is another name for "mob rule" in which there is no debate before implementation and no Bill of Rights - in fact, the Constitution is made null and void.]

The communist purpose is the denial of resources from individuals so that the government can have a monopoly on all of them, and can choose who gets them and who does not.   So SD is a means of transforming the U.S. into a feudal society with the government in charge of every aspect of existence as opposed to the Founding Fathers' dream of a government by the people, for the people, and of the people.

Evidence of the shift caused by those who want SD is the number of take-overs of private property by local, state, or federal government, which is excused by "imminent domain" (taking private property for use or enrichment of the government), "saving the environment" (Cap and Trade, the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act), and "social justice" (taking from the sucessful and giving to the unsuccessful or lazy).

There are three Es under SD: Social Equity (sucessful, job creating individuals must give up there wealth for the "common good" - Marxism), Economic Prosperity (wealth was made at the expense of the poor, so wealth must be taken from the successful - Marxism again), and Ecological Integrity (humans are one strand in Nature's web of life and all living creatures are equal, so the communist-dominated UN should dictate what is best for all creatures).

The UN's Commission of Global Governance said in its 1995 report: "Human activity... combined with unprecedented increases in human numbers... are impinging on the planet's life support system.   Action [by the UN] must be taken now to control the human activities that produce these risks."   [We must bear in mind that the UN is controlled by the worst countries to violate human rights and the worst to create the factors that are environmentally unsound.   The UN is a nest of corruption and espionage, and should be kicked out of New York after we withdraw our support from it.]

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