What is needed to correct our political system.

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The most important part of our national security is prevention of cheating during elections.   Any form of voter fraud, false registration, tampering with votes, miscounting votes, or cheating in any form must be discovered and punished severely.   According to the Constitution in Article III, Section 3, treason consists of "levying war against the United States, or in adhering to their enemies giving them aid and comfort."   Today, in a war that is being fought within our boundaries between communists and loyal citizens, cheating in an election is levying war against us, and aiding the enemy.   It is an insidious form of treason and must be punished as such.  


Earmarks are a means cheating during an election.   They are stipulations added to a bill that direct funds or aid to a politician's state or to one of his paying supporters so that the people benefitted by the earmark will fund or aid the politician in the next election.   In due course, the earmark becomes a campaign donation funded by all taxpayers from which the politician and his supporters are enriched.   Earmarks are possible through deals made by politicians (you scratch my back and I will scratch yours), and by the fact that congressmen must pass the major legislation upon which the earmark is riding.   To be a proper piece of legislation, the earmark should be voted upon as its own particular bill.   Using an earmark is a form of treason and those pushing it should be punished accordingly.  

The Low Score Method

At this time, we have a situation in the Florida Republican primary which is typical of a major problem in our political system.   We have a "moderate" (Mitt Romney) who is the favorite of George Soros and the Shadow Party (the super-rich behind the Federal Reserve) running against Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, and Rick Santorum.   Ron Paul wants to eliminate the Federal Reserve and is exposing the Shadow Party for what it is.   Gingrich and Santorum have real conservative principles which also tend to undermine the control of Soros and the Shadow Party.   Real conservatives certainly do not want Romney to win.   However, their votes are being split among the three conservative candidates - the unwanted Romney will win - and by the time this is on the web, he will have won.

Obviously, those who voted for one of the conservative candidates would want any one of the conservatives over Mitt Romney, and together the numbers of voters for the conservative candidates far outweigh the numbers of voters that are communists/socialists/progressives/liberals.   So this is a problem in our voting system that those who want to destroy or weaken us are exploiting.

Apparently, the Founding Fathers did foresee this problem or failed to cure it in advance.   Consequently, it is up to us to cure the problem - and we can if we implement the cure either by means of our state governments or by an amendment to the Constitution.   The cure is relatively simple.   Rather than simply voting for a candidate of one's choice, the voter places a "one" in front of the name of the candidate he prefers most, a "two" in front of the name of his second choice, a "three" in front of the name of the name of his third choice, and so on until there is number in front of every name on the list.   The votes are counted according to the numbers in front of the names, and candidate with the lowest score wins.

This method has been used for generations when scoring cross-country races and it works perfectly.   If it is used, primaries are no longer necessary because the candidates of every persuasion can be displayed on the same ballot.


Lying about an opponent is a form of cheating.   Whenever one lies about a candidate, and the candidate's record or other facts can be shown to be otherwise, the perpetrators of the lie should be considered traitors and punished accordingly.   Likewise, a candidate lying about himself to look better than he is (like Kerry when he claimed a medal he never won) is a form of treason.

The definition of a lie in this case is "anything which does not tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth".

Geographic Area

Hillary Clinton received campaign donations from China.   Soros and his allies have strongly influenced every election by donating money from outside the area of the election.   Obama has never disclosed from who or where most of his campaign donations came.   These things and others like them are like having a stranger enter your home and order your daily life.   People outside the voting area should not be allowed to influence the vote in any way.

Only those who reside in the geographic area where an election is being held should be allowed to participate in that election.   Any money, physical aid, or aid in any form must not be allowed from persons, foundations, corporations, unions, organizations, or other sources outside the election area.   Any aid from outside is a form of treason and should be punished accordingly.

Advertising Agencies

Any campaign advertising must be paid for by those who reside in the area of the election.   Media organizations or agencies may not provide free services to a candidate.   News, comments, or coverage designed to benefit any candidate must be considered aid to a candidate by an organization.   Special discounts for advertising or special price increases to any particular candidate cannot be tolerated as it prevents a level playing field.   Advertising must be the same price for all candidate ads.

Individuals Only

Within a geographic area, only individuals may provide funding and aid of any kind to a candidate.   Any money, physical aid, or aid in any form must not be allowed from foundations, corporations, unions, organizations, or other such sources.   The amount of funds provided by each individual must be limited to a prescribed amount.

Showing Sources

Each candidate must show the sources of his income.   Failure to do so disqualifies him as a candidate and, in some cases, may show him to be a traitor and be so punished.

Political Parties

Political parties tend to create loyalty to the party rather than the people in the area of an election.   George Washington did want us to have political parties and he knew what he was talking about.   All political parties must be abolished.   Each candidate must run with only the support of those who want him to be elected during the current election.

Voter Identification

Every voter must have a photo ID of some kind to be allowed to vote.   Anyone who furnishes false voter IDs or presents false voter IDs is a traitor and must be punished accordingly.

Counting Votes

Votes must be counted by those who are backing each candidate, this will mean that at least two counts will be conducted.   If the counts do not agree within certain limits, the votes must be counted again until the counts begin to agree with one another.   Electronic voting or counting can altered too easily, so only manual systems should be allowed.

Election Dates, Polls, Election Results

One date must be used for all election areas for any particular type of election.   This will prevent election results from one area to influence elections in other areas.   Furthermore, All polls and election results during an actual election must not be shown until the election is closed in all affected areas.


Other Needed Corrections

The Constitution

The U.S. Constitution is the law of the land above all other manmade laws.   Those who attempt to circumvent, ignore, oppose, or otherwise avoid that law must be considered traitors and punished accordingly.   Up to this time, there have been no penalties meted out to those who have fraudulently forced income tax upon us, those who who criminally forced the so-called Federal Reserve upon us, those who forced the Ponzi scheme known as social security upon us, or those who have forced the vast number of other unconstitutional laws upon us.   The perpetrators of the Federal Reserve Act have succeeded by means of their extreme wealth to influence national and world affairs to their own benefit.   Such people must be stopped.   There must be extreme penalties, including the death penalty, for those who influence or attempt to influence legislation that is not in accord with the Constitution.   This will include people like George Soros, the big bankers who are part of the private cartel known as the Federal Reserve, other like types, and their pawns in our government.

There is an old trick used by those who wish to take away our freedom.   They change the names of things.   We see it when riders were supplanted by by earmarks (which are essentially the same).   A variation of the same trick is when something is re-defined.   We see this when communists are suddenly called progressives, liberals, or other less inflammatory terms.   The language is being manipulated, so we need to have the terms defined in each case so that we can see what is really there,  

Particularly the Bill of Rights

The Bill of Rights in the Constitution are our guarantees of freedom from tyrants.   When these are attacked, the attackers must be shown to be traitors and punished accordingly.   They are aiding the enemies of this country.   When police unions decided to have legislation created to prevent the public from taking pictures of police in action (showing the unconstitutional and sometimes brutal actions taken by police), the union leaders should have been prosecuted and punished.   When the communists in the California legislature go against the Supreme Court ruling on the Second Amendment as they have done many times and still do, they should be punished as traitors.   When our so-called President issues an unconstitutional executive order or creates a czar, he should be taken from the White House, tried in a court of law, and executed for extreme treason.

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