A DVD that explains almost all of our problems and how to fix them.

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Included in the DVD with the title Thrive is much of what is in Griffin's book, The Creature from Jekyll Island, and much more.   This DVD is a must read that is at least 99 percent correct and easily available on Amazon if one is not able to access the thrive website (it appears to be set up only for those with newer browsers).   The DVD itself tells the truth, exposing most of what the "elite" are doing to enslave the rest of us and showing what we can do to remove power from them.

For those with the ability to watch movies online and want to spend over two hours watching Thrive while seated at their computers, the movie is free.

Some of the subjects covered that we endorse completely are:
(1) how life is composed of species that work together and thrive,
(2) the American Medical Association often deliberately obstructs cures,
(3) the "elite" controls many corporations,
(4) the "elite" is composed of four major families and their allies,
(5) the "elite" are behind the so-called Federal Reserve system and have illegally taken over our monetary and banking systems so that they can create money from nothing and prosper while enslaving the rest of us,
(6) the "elite" have taken over our political system,
(7) the "elite" caused the crash of 1929 so that they could gain more control.
(8) the "elite" caused the latest economic disaster and those before it so that they could gain more power,
(9) the "elite" want the world population reduced and have been making this happen in obvious and less obvious ways,
(10) the "elite" use either natural disasters or manmade disasters (much or whom they create) to gain more control over us (power for themselves),
(11) the "elite" want us to be ignorant and stupid so that they can better manipulate us,
(12) the "elite" are the prime movers for organizations such as the European Union, the World Trade Organization, the the World Health Organization, the African Union, the Pacific Union, and they are working on a North American Union (these organizations make it easier for them to control us and take over worldwide),
(13) the "elite" believe that freedom is dangerous and wish to remove it,
(14) the "elite" want a "new world order" and the United States is an obstacle that must be removed,
(15) so far the "elite" are controlling most of the world's money, energy, food, water, sources of indoctrination (schools), banking, military, businesses, politics, media, intelligence agencies, religions, medicine and drugs, organized crime, and more,
(16) this insidious process was greatly enhanced when the Bauer family (now called the Rothchilds) came up with the blueprint for what we know as the Federal Reserve system,
(17) and since that time about 200 years ago, the "elite" have been stealing, murdering, and lying to gain great wealth at our expense.

There is much more on the DVD, and back-up material for the assertions made.   Although not everyone with the family names of the "elite" given here are guilty, the families that started all this are the Rothchilds, Morgans, Rockefellers, and Carnegies.   Later, we have the Warburgs, Schifts, and others.   There are methods for us to use in ridding the world of the "elite" (sometimes called the "illuminati"), but we must first awaken to what is happening to us, and this DVD explains the process.

The latest Thrive movie is on line.   See .

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