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Added to this website on June 12, 2017.

The left has changed its name in the United States of America to things like "liberals", "progressives", and lately "Democrats" as they gradually took over the Democrat Party. Over 40 years ago a friend was invited to join the Communist Party, and she attended one of their meetings. Their goals were shown during the meeting. She declined the invitation and has since seen the same goals again on the link which follows. Unfortunately, the sleeping public did not wake up enough to stop the communists from attaining most of those goals.


The communists have an agenda of world domination. The Russian communists were not stopped by Ronald Reagan. Their revolution of 1991 was overcome when those in power merely changed their names and took over again. The KGB has changed its name many times and its members merely became members of the same organization with a new name.

After the last revolution, the KGB altered its emphasis from military to subversion in the United States.

See: The Perestroika Deception

Today, we have the Communist Party, the Socialist Party, and the Democrat Party in the United States that are all essentially the same. Furthermore, there are moles and "useful idiots" almost everywhere. Some of them form letter writing brigades to take over any newspapers or magazines that have not been taken over already. They also use intimidating telephone calls to editors and any other means necessary to attain a take-over of a talk radio station, a TV network, or any other means to distribute communist or anti-American propaganda. There are many techniques used in propaganda, which is one reason for this webpage. Most of the mainstream media has already been taken over.

The letters to the editor which follow are in the public domain and have no means of preventing the name of each author from being shown at the bottom of his or her work. In fact, the authors should be proud of their expertise and most willing to share their leftist views. However, I am adding comments of my own in brackets to expose the techniques the authors use. The letters are typical examples of the work of brigade members. The number of lies in the following letters are too great to counter in another letter to the editor. So this page is necessary to counter the lies and to show the world what many of us in California and other communist-infested areas are experiencing.

On Thursday, June 8, 2017, in the Georgetown Gazette in Georgetown, California:

Tweeting the Future


Like George W. Bush, Donald Trump was elected by a minority of American voters. Bush will be remembered for inheriting a balanced budget, squandering billions on an unnecessary war and leaving both our foreign policy and our economy in shambles.

[These are examples of lies which can be repeated over and over again until they sink in to those who do not remember what really happened. Near the end of his term, during the economic crisis, many Democrats converged upon Bush in a conference room and frightened him into economic measures that he stupidly agreed to after they told him that the Republicans had agreed to them. This was a blatant lie. The Republicans had not agreed to them. Actually, it was the Federal Reserve (Big Bankers Cartel) that created the problem that the Democrats could use to take down America. See The Federal Reserve System. Bush was rather naive and gullible at times. He could not understand how the Democrats could be so evil.

One of Saul Alinsky's tactics is to never miss the opportunity to take advantage of a good crisis. Alinsky's book, Rules for Radicals, is the bible for the communists/socialists/democrats. Everyone should read it to discover more about the enemies of our nation. See: Saul D. Alinsky. Alinsky was the architect for Obama's rise to power, and Obama taught Alinsky's strategy and tactics in Alinsky's school for radicals (communist agitators labeled "community organizers"). Hillary Clinton did a paper on Alinsky when she was in college, and has been using his methods ever since.

The "unnecessary war" was agreed to by both major parties because Hussein actually did have weapons of mass destruction which he quickly sold and moved to Syria after he realized that the United States was going to move into Iraq and look for them. Hussein had trucks ready to take the weapons out, as well as a Boeing 747. These became the same weapons (mostly deadly gas) that have been used against civilians in Syria by their dictator, killing many innocent children as well as adults. Also, just before the Iraq War, Hussein had a deal with Communist China to obtain material for nuclear weapons. It was time to take out Hussein, and we did. Today, the Democrats have revised history to claim that "Bush lied, people died". They like to use slogans like that because they know people will remember a simple slogan even if it is dead wrong.

Our foreign policy was fine until Obama ruined it by insulting our allies and catering to Communist nations like Cuba. But most people could not and did not pay attention because the mainstream media had not been following what happened.]

Trump will be remembered for inheriting an improving economy, global support for addressing climate change, and American leadership in world affairs, then repeating the Bush mistakes.

[These are simply outright lies, the number one tactic of Alinskyites. The opposite is true in all three things. Our economy was improving at such a slow rate that many people had lost their homes. When they moved to apartments they could not keep their animals, and many pets or domestic animals were either killed or left on the roadside to find homes for themselves. The slow rate of improvement was continuing to ruin businesses, prevent sufficient job creation, and increase homelessness. The climate change hoax was pushed by Al Gore and others who were either too stupid or too gullible to discover the truth. The global support was a way to redistribute American wealth (as small as it had become) to other nations. See: Climate Change. As already mentioned, American leadership was a joke under Obama and Clinton. We were considered too weak to be effective, too willing to have other nations take advantage of us, and in many cases too stupid and vulgar to be a world leader.]

He is restoring the Republican prescription of environmental degradation in the name of profit, racial and religious intolerance, hostility toward human rights and women's rights and tax cuts that redirect governmental support from the poor to the rich.

[These are such blatant lies that they do not deserve a rebuke. One of the Alinsky methods is to put forth so many lies at one time that the opposition cannot spend the time to the correct them. Another is to lie about things that have not even happened yet. In fact, many of these lies were ready to be published long before there was anyone to use them against. Anyone who may have been elected that was not a Democrat would have been the target. Trump just happened to have been the one.]

As he struts the international stage, American leadership has been replaced with American bullying accompanied by more money for weapons and less for diplomacy. Russia is ascending in Europe and China in Asia. It is not a prescription for success either at home or abroad.

This man is a good propagandist, using words to raise emotions and fears when he cannot back up what he says. We should be thankful that he is illustrating so perfectly his art of deception. I might ask "What American leadership?" Under Obama there was none. As Teddy Roosevelt said "Speak softly and carry a big stick." Wars begin when the bad guys discover how weak the good guys are. Obama was deliberately weakening our military so that it would succumb to the communist-dominated United Nations. Russia had moved into Ukraine under Obama, and China was catching up with military secrets that Obama'a people gave them. The fact is, Trump has not had time to create much in the way of change in international relations. Yet, his stance has already created a change because the other nations are realizing that he is neither a weak sister nor a strong communist agent like Obama.]

In 2018, we will have an opportunity to vote out of office the Trump Republicans supporting his agenda and in 2020 Trump himself. In the meantime, it appears his Tweets will continue to determine our nation's future.

Jerry Scribner Greenwood

This is a good close for the propaganda. In my view, by 2018 we may have removed some of the moles in the government, and especially those in the intelligence agencies, and started putting the traitors in prison or executing them.]

On Thursday, June 8, 2017, in the Georgetown Gazette in Georgetown, Callfornia:

An open letter to the man in the White House

OK, can I wake up now? Please tell me that this train wreck has only been a horrible, apocalyptic nightmare. Do you know that a whining, self-absorbed, and indulgent brat has hijacked my government and is destroying our trust! He plays golf when should be diligently doing his homework. He is carelessly careening us toward war.

[Later in the letter, it is apparent that she is talking about Trump even though her comments sound like she is referring to Obama. Another Alinsky tactic is to accuse the opposition of what you are doing so that it detracts and sets the minds of those receiving the propaganda. Anyone paying attention to news sources other than the communist mainstream media might pay attention to her. Perhaps she would have done better to choose some comments that do not so perfectly describe Obama's antics when he was in office. For this reason, I give her a failing grade for propaganda even though her sentences are grammatically correct. Most often socialists and communists are not very bright. Otherwise, they would not have followed Marxist philosophy. See Marxism]

This pretender thinks the reckless promises he made during his uninformed campaign are ones he must keep, even though they were made with without benefit of knowledge or historical context, and he had no experience in government or even community service. This paranoid demagogue, slave to special interests and denier of reality has committed the ultimate abdication of his duty to us: he has destroyed our standing as a leader of the free world. Excusing his actions to gut the EPA, to roll back regulations that would reduce greenhouse gases, and to insult our allies, he claims they all were "a bad deal" for the U.S. He gave the 196 nations signatory to the carefully negotiated Paris Climate Agreement (a voluntary consensus of cooperating nations acknowledging the data-driven common threat we all face in climate change) the middle finger. Somebody slap me. I must be hallucinating.

[It is interesting how many of us elected Trump because he was the only one of all the candidates who could see the truths and act upon them. He convinced us that he would do his best to keep those "reckless" promises. He may have known that the communist democrats would do their best to obstruct him, and there are so many of them that have been put in place by Russia and China. They are still doing all they can to prevent Trump from keeping his promises.

No experience in government? Thank God! We don't want another career politician as a president. If I had my way, every politician would be required to have at leaast ten years of actual creative work behind him as a blue collar worker, a pink collar worker, a professional, or a military person before he or she could be allowed to run for political office, and there would be term limits. Community service? You mean like Obama who was a community organizer (another name for a communist agitator).

Trump was slow to realize the real nature of the climate change hoax, and he is still slightly on the fence, but the facts will most likely win him over once he has time to read what true scientists have to say about the hoax. At least Trump realized immediately that we were being victimized by the Paris fiasco. As for the EPA under Obama, it really needs to go. See Climate Change]

I mean WHO among us believes that reversing the damage we are doing to one planet is unimportant? Who wants to retreat from our position of global leadership? Who thinks we should sabotage our relationship with our closest allies, piss off the trade partners we depend on, and hand over the leadership for developing green technologies to China?

[The climate change hoax is a hoax. However, the pollution of the planet like plastic bags in the ocean is not a hoax. We need to clean up our messes. As for the need to have our allies honor their commitments, or for the trade partners to be fair to us, consider that a friend is not a friend when he is busy taking unfair advantage of us. Bribing him does not make him a friend either.]

Not that you are listening, Mr. Trump, but I, for one, do NOT want to go backward. I want cars that run on clean energy. I want heating that is carbon-free and attainable. I want my family to continue to have affordable health care that includes mental health. I want my public schools to thrive again, and I want the complex business with immigration addressed, not just band aided with a senseless but expensive wall. I do NOT want my taxes to pay for a wall. In fact, I object to paying taxes while you weasel away from paying yours, and refuse to release them to the public.

[Why should Trump listen to a ridiculous tirade from a person who cannot understand that people are becoming more and more fed up with useful idiots who do not realize that we had an election? If this person would read something about common chemistry and biochemistry, she would know that the climate hoax has been exposed. Carbon dioxide is what we breathe out by exhaling. Plants must have it so that they can replace oxygen for us to breath. Without carbon dioxide we would die. If you want to elminate it, then just quit breathing. Water vapor is the primary thing that makes our planet like a green house. And ocean warming causes carbon dioxide to increase in the atmosphere. Ocean cooling causes more carbon dioxide to to be absorbed into the water. The food plants make for us and other animals to eat comes from the plants absorbing carbon dioxide. When more carbon dioxide is in the air, we have more plant growth to compensate. But if you want to eliminate carbon dioxide. perhaps you do not want to breathe or eat? These are things that were once taught in grade school, but that was before the communist teachers in our public schools began to dumb down our children. This tirade was produced by a teacher who spent years "teaching" children in public schools. That is why we need to have charter schools, school vouchers, and other means of eliminating public schools as they are today.

For our needs, sufficient clean energy is not yet attainable. Electric cars must run on electricity furnished by energy from carbon (fossil) fuels like coal and oil. The batteries in these cars cause more energy to be created from fossil fuels just to create the batteries. When the fossil fuel energy is converted to electrical energy, there is approximately a 30 percent loss in efficiency. All this means we must manufacture more generators to produce the electricity for the plug-in cars. That energy also comes from fossil fuels. So when all is said and done, electric cars make us use well over 50 percent more fossil fuels than do gasoline powered cars. The commies here don't want you to see the truth, so they act like electric cars get free electricity. They also tell us that using our headlights does not use gasoline. Where do they think the energy from the headlights comes from?

Immigration reform must start with the equivalent of a wall. This person would fix a hole in the bottom of her sinking boat with another hole in the boat bottom to let the water coming in through the first hole run out through the second hole. Perhaps she should try out her theory in a lake while in her boat

Affordable health care? This cannot mean Obamacare which was never anything but a communist final straw to break our ecnomy. And the dems (or should I say dims since they are not very bright) are preventing decent health care from being provided as they spend all their time obstructing.

The reason public schools are not thriving is because people don't want their kids in public schools where communist teachers can indoctrinate them. The only cure is to have private schools and home schooling. This will put the teacher's unions out of business, and this ex-teacher propagandist does not want that to happen.

Why should Trump show his tax returns? It is his own business, and why did crooked Hillary destroy her emails and her illegal servers? Did Russia and China take our secrets because Hillary set up a system where they could do so? Yes, more people awakened, we had an election, and the communists lost.]

Not that you would care, but I believe all Americans put clean air, clean, safe drinking water, and uncontaminated food as a priority. So your defunding of the EPA, and removal of the scientists from its review board is irresponsible, and does not put the health of our country first. What do you put first Mr. Trump? It seems you place industry and corporate interests above public health and safety.

[The EPA has been a bureaucratic disaster for as long as it has existed, as I know personally from dealing with it. It is a one-size-fits-all nightmare designed to make life miserable for anyone creating whatever it claims to require its attention. This makes the cost for its efforts that are paid for the by Americans just another form of taxation, and its useless bureaucrats' salaries another form of taxation. Under Obama, it went berserk because it was another means to make us crazy, just like the income tax rules. Bureaucracies grow according to the desires of their heads to gain power. Its funds should be reduced and its people reduced or eliminated entirely. Perhaps the best place for such nonsense is at the local level where the people can more easily deal with keeping it under control.]

I despair to think of the damage being done by your chaotic, inept lapse in leadership. Will it get worse as the noose tightens, and facts of treason and collusion emerge? What more heinous distractions will you toss or tweet to the media you so vilify, in your desperation to con the American public from seeing the evil sham you really amount to? The truth is the elephant in the room, and its getting hard not to notice that you are becoming a global embarrassment. You are indeed a global and domestic threat.

[This is more useless grandstanding and sounds about like our parasitical Senator Feinstein as she takes too many hours of rhetoric to say nothing. It belongs in the 19th century where political orators swayed crowds by using obnoxious rhetoric that was all based upon lies.]

I invite you to do the right thing, and step aside. You work for us. And from where I sit, you are fired!

Lynn Schardt
Garden Valley

[Fortunately, a lot of Americans have awakened from the Obama nightmare, and we have had an election. No communist can fire President Trump. All the "Progressives" (American Communists) can do is make themselves look worse than ever to the public. Chuckie Schumer is probably the best example of a slavering moron who is busy making the Democrats irrevelant.]

On Thursday, June 22, 2017, in the Georgetown Gazette in Georgetown, Callfornia:

Doing the Math

If the Republicans can get their way and "repeal and replace" the Affordable Care Act, 23-26 million Americans will lose their coverages. A friend of mine is a math tutor, and here's how he makes it easiest to wrap one's head around these numbers.

"...23-26 million people will be removed from the medical rolls. Can you imagine that number? Few can. Imagine 20 people standing side to side, blocking the southbound 101. Now imagine 20 more people in front of them (southbound) exactly one foot further along. Now imagine 20 more people exactly one foot in front of them (not much leg room on this airline), and so on downt the road.

"Now, taking 240 miles as the distance from Eureka to San Francisco, that is about one and a quarter million feet. And at 20 people per foot, that makes 25 million people, a solid column of human flesh completely filling the southbound 101 from Old Town Eureka to the Golden Gate. Right on the money, numbers-wise!

"See how math helps to make visible the staggering cruelty of the latest Republican outrage?"

Cathy Rohm


[This is a perfect example of its kind, short and sweet. First, there is a "fact" introduced that numbers of people are definitely going to lose their health care. Next, it uses numbers for possible difficulties that are the Democrat estimates (there are other estimates that are much less). Then the propagandist takes you into an emotional side trip that sucks you into a final conclusion that is capped with a Republican plan is a "cruel outrage". No real facts are mentioned in this letter except the math exercise, and no attempt is made to mention that many more will definitely lose health care from Obamacare failing - as it is doing.]

As more anti-American propaganda surfaces, they may be more examples on this page.

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