They ignore the Supreme Court and continue to spend money we do not have.

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Much of the following was taken from California Gun Owners newsletter, Summer of 2009.

The Facts

1.   Our Founding Fathers understood the dangers of a government unchecked, and thus provided us with Constitutional protections, one of which is in the form of the Second Amendment.

2.   The Supreme Court of the United States has been forced to rule on the constitutionality of our guaranteed rights [even though these rights are evident to anyone with true integrity and the ability to read].

3.   The United States Supreme Court ruled that the Second Amendment is an individual right and that there must be no infringement upon this individual right to keep and bear arms.

4.   The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in Nordyke vs. King held that even state and local governments must abide by the Supreme Court's ruling with regard to their own gun control laws.

5.   The communist Democrats of the California State Legislature have chosen to continue to pursue more anti-firearm legislation, igoring the decision of the U. S. Supreme Court.

6.   At a time when this legislation is adding to the huge debt owed by California, the new bills against firearm ownership are costing dollars and time that are not good for the State.

7.   It is a fact that the communists would like to (1) get rid of firearms just to make it easier to take over the country, and (2) threaten us with legislation that causes us to go bankrupt.

8.   Today, the communists call themselves by other names or fail to use any name for their particular "philosophy".   They can be distinguished and removed by looking at their actions.   Generally speaking, the communists and their "useful idiots" in the California Assembly and State Senate are those who introduce, sponsor, support, or vote for items on the communist agenda - such as those bills mentioned below.   The Democrats were the logical targets for a party take-over by communists and very few of the patriotic Democrats remain in the party today.

AB 962 (De Leon - claims to be a Democrat)
Bill requires handgun ammo dealers to be licensed.   Employees who handle handgun ammo must have background checks, handgun ammo must not be accessible to the purchaser, buyer must give thumbprint in order to purchase, and mail-order purchasing of ammo is prohibited.   Obviously, this is just another way to force the registration of handguns - and forced registration is not legal under federal law.
Was passed by the Senate and send to the Assembly.

SB 41 (Arthur Lowenthal - claims to be a Democrat)
Bill requires purchasers of handguns to fill out more paperwork reporting when they actually pick up their newly purchased handguns.   This is another harrassing bill to inconvenience the law-abiding gun owner and gun store owner, and serves no law enforcement purpose.   Also, creates more state bureaucracy.
Was passed by the Senate and sent to the Assembly.

SB 585 (Mark Leno - From San Francisco - Claims to be a Democrat)
Bill prohibits the sale of firearms and ammunition at the Cow Palace, a state-owned facility.   This is one more example of infringement and harrassment.
Was passed by the Senate and sent to Assembly.

SB 697 (DeSaulnier - Claims to be a Democrat)
Bill requires that a handgun recognize its owner and not fire for anyone else.   The technology to manufacture such "smart guns" does not exist.   It is obviously a ploy to increase the cost of firearms.   Was put forth by this same "Democrat" when in the Assembly and was defeated.   Its passage was being attempted again - but is dead for the year 2009.

SB 746 (DeSaulnier - Claims to be a Democrat)
This bill creates another level of bureaucracy within the State Department of Public Health, called the "Gun Safety Board", which would supposedly have duties related to reducing gun violence.   Since bureaucracies introduce rules that can be in place without a vote, this is probably another attempt by a communist or a "useful idiot" to put unconstitutional measures in place without having to be inconvenienced by those who oppose them.
Bill is dead for 2009.

SB 776 (Hancock - Claims to be a Democrat)
This bill prohibits the possession of unregistered large-capacity magazines, starting in January of 2011, and creates a new crime for law-abiding gun-owning citizens to stumble into by requiring registration with the Department of Justice - registration of what you already own, and registration of what you buy after January 2011.   And you pay for the registration with the DOJ.
Bill will not be heard this year.

Needless to say, and most apparent from the events that have happened since Obama was mistakenly and fraudulently elected, the two California U.S. Senators, Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein, have been dancing to the communist agenda for years and may be considered some of the most successful communist moles in the world.   However, this is much more easily accomplished in a state where the Hollywood idiots strongly influence the vote in one way or another - and where the undereducation of each generation by the communists has been most successful.   California has long been noted for its poorly educated children (always one of the last states in the union in academic terms) and now there is a chance that the teacher-union-dominated schools will be even less effective in true education - having opted for communist brainwashing instead.

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