by Gwen Friesen - staff writer for Gunowners of California
(Added to this website on 9/23/08.)

This is not Gwen's entire article and includes bracketed comments
by me.   However, it is Gwen's work for the most part and
is being presented here as a public service.
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Typical Legislation from Socialist-Dominated Legislatures

Why California is Broke

The Pacific Research Institute

Communism as we know from history seeks the overthrow of existing governments and in our recent history has enslaved millions of people who perished under its unjust and totalitarian rule.

Today, California law makes an effort to protect its students from the assault of Communism by requiring that persons, as well as nonprofit organizations, clubs and associations who wish to use school facilities for meetings or events, sign statements that assures that the person or organization is not a Communist or a Communist action or front organization.

Tomorrow there may not be any such protection.

[At this point I would like to interject that Communism has had many names in its history such as socialism (accompanied by various adjectives), Bolshevism, Marxism, progressivism, and lately liberalism.   Whenever the public discovers that a certain name is being used by communists or their "useful idiots", the communists change their name.   Liberal once meant something different - today it implies that communists are found therein.   International Communism is found in almost every country today under various names, and the only way to recognize it is by its actions.   Furthermore, Communists are expected to lie, cheat, and steal to further their objectives - so when a Communist signs a statement that signature means nothing.   Nevertheless, should it ever be proven that someone signed a statement under penalty of perjury (according to California law), that person can be prosecuted.   Consequently, the existing law is better than nothing even though it should be better worded to counter Communism in its present form in California.]

As soon as the [California] legislature returned from their summer break, they moved quickly to pass and send SB 1322 (Lowenthal-D) to the Governor.

SB 1322 removes the protections out of the law that require school employees to be dismissed from employment if they are members of the Communist Party.   SB 1322 will nullify findings and declarations by the state legislature on Communism and the Communist Party.   SB 1322 permits applicants for public employment to refuse to take an oath of office due to personal reservations.   SB1322 opens the door to our school rooms and students' minds for indoctrination in Communist thinking.

[The governor vetoed SB 1322 as he should have, but unfortunately, the California schools have already been infested with Communists (under different names) and their unwitting dupes (known by the communists as "useful idiots").   They have been poisoning the students' minds with political correctness, outright lies, and one-sided arguments.   SB 1322 simply makes it easier for our children to be manipulated.   The school system has been denied the dollars needed for proper education (the state lottery was supposed to provide those dollars), and certain key courses have been removed from the curriculum.   This is a nationwide trend to subvert our youth and it is so prevalent that the only solution seems to be allowing private schools to take over.   See The School Problem and A Solution to the School Problem.   This would remove the influence of school administrators who encourage more Communists to become members of the school system.   Communists love monopolies such as our public school system because it can be taken over easily - and public schools are the only geographically located entities that provide free education (or indoctrination) for our children.]

The California State Legislature, controlled by radically liberal Democrats, has allowed this dangerous bill to pass through the entire process and to land on the Governor's desk.

[California has a state Senate and an Assembly of state Representatives which was once set up like our federal government - the Senate was chosen for geographic representation while the larger body of Representatives were chosen by population.   This allowed for checks and balances to protect the areas with lesser populations.   However, many years ago a certain woman in the state supreme court ruled that both houses must be chosen according to population.   This destroyed the balance and the protection afforded by geographic representation.   Consequently, California is governed essentially by the lower few counties in which the illegal alien and communist Mexican Americans are dominant (not to mention Hollywood communists) while the other counties are carried along (taxation without proper representation).   California should be divided into two states; Northern California and Southern California.   However, this is nearly impossible when the lower eight counties are dominated by communists and their "useful idiots" who want to keep the huge number of electoral votes in California under their control.   Furthermore, the large number illegal immigrants and their descendants in southern California, as well as those who are constantly moving in, manage to outvote the rest of the population in most elections - so the Democrats (communists) can dominate the whole state.   Yes, ACORN or its equivalent is active in California too, but since the state is so socialist-dominated already, its members are not really needed to turn the balance of power.]

The following was sent to the Governor by Senator H. I. Richardson (ret.) on August 8, 2008.

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger:

The Democratic leadership of both the Assembly and Senate have shown either abysmal ignorance or misguided sympathy toward Communism by their support of SB 1322.   Either choice is dangerous to the present and potentially fatal to the future of California.

In excess of fifty years, I have been a serious student of Marxist/Leninist doctrine and tactics.   Because of my knowledge, Democratic Senator Hugh Burns, former Pro-Tem of the Senate, and Chairman of the Senate Un-American Activities Committee, appointed me as one of the five members of this important function.   I served in that important and respected committee until the leftist Democrats took over the Senate leadership and shut the committee down.   The Senate Democrats have moved far to the left since the days of Hugh Burns.   Senator Burns was a great American.

As you are aware, there is no Communist political party per-se.   It is not a political party that one joins.   It is however, an international movement which adheres to and implements Marxist/Leninist dogma.   One doesn't "join" the Communist movement.   Many try but only a few are accepted.   Lenin wisely wanted a dedicated minority, believing that two or three percent was more than enough.   He desired to put together the political activists and shape them into a dictatorship of the Proletariat.   As one Communist leader told FBI undercover agent Herb Philbrick, "One comrade in the right place is all we need."

All Communists swear fidelity to the international movement, which existed before Lenin subverted Russia in 1913, and still exists as a world power today.

To call a Communist a liar is a redundancy - all [of them] lie.   Any tactic that ultimately leads to Communist conquest is not only acceptable to them but is deemed moral as well.   To them the end, victory, justifies the means.

Deceit therefore, is a basic tenet of Marxist/Leninist "scientific dialectical materialism" the atheistic religion to which every member tightly adheres.   Today, in every Communist school, from China to Cuba, scientific dialectical materialism is being taught as the ultimate truth.

Should Communists be allowed to teach in California public schools?   Only those who Lenin called "useful idiots", or a Communist agent would agree.

SB 1322 has national significance and impact.   I've rarely seen legislation that raises such eye-opening disbelief, followed by anger when they find out it's true - regardless of party.   It will be a telling issue this coming fall.

Please veto this monstrosity.

Senator H. L. "Bill" Richardson (ret.)


[This article shows how far communism has progressed in California and in the nation.   The communist/socialist/democrats are showing their true colors more and more as they gain positions of power.   One TV commentator stated that California is socialist experiment.   This experiment has not proven to be a good one.   The state welfare system has bled off too many dollars.   The ignorance of the legislature has done the rest.   Budgets are never completed on time, there has been too much government and too many subsidies as opposed to business practices and competition.   The state has been in the red for decades.   This is typical of all socialist endeavors where too many want to be recipients of government assistance and too few actually provide the necessary funds for this to happen.   It is vital to the survival of the nation for people educate themselves and awaken to the danger we are facing.   Obviously, there are numerous legislators in Washington who adhere to communism as well as a larger percentage in the California legislature.]

From article by Sam Paredes in newsletter from Gunowners of California:

Recently, Assemblywoman Lois Wolk (D-Davis), the former Vice Chair of the Legislature Outdoor Sporting Caucus, voted for and spoke in strong support of AB 2062, the ammunition registration bill on the floor of the Assembly.   Later on, when given the opportunity to vote against a bill that furthers the cause of Communism in California, Wolk chose to abstain, but only after voting against amendments offered by the Republicans to thwart the measure.   She chose to walk the tightrope making it appear that she was against it when in reality she did nothing to defeat the measure...

The Legislative Outdoor Sporting Caucus was established "as a bipartisan group from both houses of the legislature, with a caucus goal to protect and enhance California's wildlife habitats, and to further the understanding and acceptance of outdoor activities throughout the state..."

Wolk has proven to be the antithesis of this and maybe that is why she dropped out of the leadership role...   By voting for AB2062, Wolk showed that she really didn't care for the honest law-abiding gun owner, hunter or sportsman...

[The communists have been attempting to take guns from the citizens of the United States for decades.   They have been using any means possible and lately in California attempted to pass a bill creating forced registration for anyone buying ammunition.   This was to include a background check paid for by the customer buying the ammunition.   Once forced registration is complete, the firearms can be taken from the citizens.   This pattern happened in numerous countries before a communist/socialist dictatorship took over.   A complete communist take-over of the United States is made more difficult by citizens who are armed.   Wolk is another example of communism and communists feeling that they can come out of the closet again.]



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California Threatened by Communism

Why California is Broke

The Pacific Research Institute

Often, the environmental movement is used to promote communist objectives.   The movement was infiltrated long ago and many of its members became what the communists call "useful idiots".   Recently in the name of environmentalism, a bill introduced in the California Assembly (roughly equivalent to the House in the federal government) known as AB885.   The excuse for this legislation was provided by an incidence of water contamination on a coastal county.   There was supposedly a 5% chance that this single instance was caused by a bad septic system - there was no proof that the septic system had anything to do with the contamination - just a five percent chance that it may have been caused by a bad septic system.

The communists and their "useful idiots" took this excuse to create a bill that makes it mandatory for all septic systems be inspected by the state every five years at a cost paid by the owner of the septic system.   There is more to the bill.   Typical response to the bill is shown below.   The bill passed largely due to the fact that nothing was published about it and the legislators apparently did not want input from the people - which is typical of the type of people we have in the California legislature.   Overlegislation is the norm in societies who have "Big Brother" looking over their shoulders and taking their money for any excuse whatsoever.

The following is the unedited story written by reporter Claudette Langley from the Calaveras Enterprise Dec. 12, 2008.

Appeared in Dec 12, 2008.

State rules for septic systems stink, says the critics

By Claudette Langley
Proposed changes in septic system regulations would impose undue hardship in rural areas representatives from the state’s water board heard Tuesday in San Andreas.

Art Baggett, a member of the State Water Resources Control Board and James Giannopoulous, chief of the Groundwater Quality Branch, were in town gathering feedback on stringent new requirements resulting from the passage of AB885, Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems.   If approved, the new regulations would require that septic systems and domestic wells be inspected every five years and that there be a 3-foot minimum depth of topsoil.   [It should be noted that many areas in California have almost no soil as such.]

“We are providing forums to hear comments on the draft EIR (environmental health report),” Baggett said.   “We have requirements to develop statewide regulations as a result of AB885.”

AB885 was passed by the legislature in 2000 and was authored by former state Assemblywoman Hannah Beth Jackson, who represented Ventura and Santa Barbara counties.   The bill was co-sponsored by the environmental group Heal the Bay, whose primary concern was cleaning up Santa Monica Bay.

Tuesday, Baggett told the crowd that included three Calaveras County supervisors, a supervisor-elect and Tuolumne County supervisor and residents that he and Giannopolous decided to take the EIR process on the road to get out to the rural areas.   Their stop in San Andreas was the second of 12 forums scheduled throughout the state.

“We felt it was critical to get out to the rural areas,” Baggett said.   “We could not expect everybody to come to Sacramento.”

Feeling the sting of an apparently less than friendly meeting in Mariposa Monday, Giannopoulos used a little humor to kick things off.   He stepped up to the podium took off his tie, slipped on a UC Berkeley baseball cap and addressed Baggett as a Clements homeowner who had concerns about his property.

“I built a house 25 years ago and my wife and I spend half our time in Sacramento,” Giannopoulos said.   “We built a fairly large septic system and there’s no way we could have filled it up in five years.”

His alter ego fairly summed up some of the concerns he apparently knew were coming from the crowd.

Supervisor Merita Callaway made the case for her district, which is heavily populated by vacation homes.

“We have a lot second homeowners so doing something every five years is inappropriate,” Callaway said.   “Their systems don’t even have to be pumped at five year intervals.”   [Actually, a septic system is designed to be used almost indefinitely without the tank having to be pumped out.   It uses microorganisms to eat the raw sewage and turn the sewage into water that can be safely flushed into the soil.   Only when the septic system is contaminated by chemicals that kill the microorganisms - or when it is overused from excessive numbers of people - does the tank ever need to be pumped out.   There are already requirements for inspection of the septic system when it is created and requirements that it be created large enough to handle the number of inhabitants of the home area of which it is a part.]

She urged Baggett and Giannopoulos to consider building in some flexibility to the legislation.

“We would like some of the courtesies of local control concerning protocols extended to counties,” she said.

The legislation’s “one-size fits all” approach garnered concerns from many at the forum.

Supervisor Russ Thomas questioned how anyone trying to build in Calaveras could adhere to the 3-foot topsoil requirement.

“I live in a subdivision in Copperopolis and I think that as a general rule we 12 to 18 inches of topsoil,” he said. “Your requirements are going to make a lot of lots in the county unbuildable.   If we don’t get some relief from that requirement it’s going to be catastrophic.”

The financial obligations attached to the new requirements spurred concern from participants at the forum, who reminded Baggett and Giannopoulos that incomes and home values in rural areas are much lower than the urban areas of the state.

“In the areas that I come from there is not the economic wherewithal to do these repairs,” Supervisor Steve Wilensky said. “This one-size fits all arrangement in a neighborhood like mine won’t work.   It will only result in individual acts of rebellion that won’t be helpful to a resolution of the water quality problem.

Jim Hemminger , a consultant with the Regional Council of Rural Counties, told the water resource board representatives that the statewide application of regulations was problematic for the 31 rural counties his organization represents.

“We do not feel that the regulations are commensurate with improving water quality,” he said.

He added that trying to apply one standard across California wasn’t workable.

“Your legislation doesn’t recognize the disproportionate financial impact on rural counties, where incomes are lower, where housing values are lower,” Hemminger said.   “And new system supplemental system that costs $60,000 is about 8 to10 percent of the value of a home in the Bay Area but would be a third or quarter of value of a home in a rural area.”

The general consensus at the Tuesday’s forum was that ensuring water quality as it relates to septic systems would be much better served through education, identification of problematic systems and financial assistance from the state to correct those problems.”

However, Baggett said that any financial support for the regulations was removed from bill.

The comment period for the EIR closes Feb. 9, 2009, and according to Giannopoulos the regulations would not be ready to go in to effect until sometime in 2010.

To see the full text of the proposed regulations visit and to make comments on the EIR submit them to

Contact Claudette Langley at

August, 2012.

Criminal Tax on Rural Residents

The legislative bodies of the State of California are dominated by "American" communists currently known as progressives or democrats.   The Governor is also a communist.   No, these people do not necessarily know that they are communists, but that is only because they are too ignorant to know what they actually are.   Their philosophy and their methods are communist/fascist.

These people are elected by city people who outnumber the rural folk and those who are in small towns.   As a rule no votes from the counties composed largely of rural or small town people ever go toward electing the communists.   The communists are elected by those who are more sheep-like in their behavior.   Consequently, it is to the benefit of the communist legislators and administrators to have those in rural areas or small towns (rather than their supporters) pay more of the taxes.   They wish to (1) obtain money for their nefarious purposes, (2) allow their base to avoid taxes, (3) make life more miserable for their opposition, (4) and create a situation where rural and small town people either die or become unable to exist in the rural or small towns of California.

Having rural people move into a city simplifies control of them.   This will eventually go a step farther with those in the Big Bankers' Cartel (the so-called Federal Reserve) taking over.   The anti-gun laws of California are another means to wrest control from the people.   These laws have been proven illegal under the Constitution according to the Supreme Court, but communists do not believe in either the Constitution or the Supreme Court.

The latest move by the communist legislators of California is to force a "fee" upon those rural or small-community people.   This is known as Assembly Bill x129, signed into law July 7, 2011, but not fully prepared for collection until August, 2012.   This fee is being extorted by saying that those who live in such places are more likely to need fire protection from the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (those who fight forest fires), the implication being that without this "fee" there will be no fire protection.   Note that there is no fee for flood, earthquake, or expenses for other catastrophes which affect most of the California cities.

The people are told that the fee is not a tax even though the State Board of Equalization is collecting the money.   The State Board of Equalization is the state version of the IRS and was so named because it was designed to redistribute the wealth and thus make everyone equally poor and dependent upon the State.   The people are told this is a "fee" because (1) a tax would be unfair, and (2) a tax would be illegal under current California law.   The truth is that tax money that was set aside for fire protection has been stolen for other purposes, and same will happen for this "fee".

The notices to pay were preceded by a flyer with the following paragraph.   "If the fee is not paid within 30 days of the billing date, the Board of Equalization (BOE) will mail a late notice, which may include interest and penalties.   The BOE may take other actions to collect any unpaid fees.   The bill itself stated: "Interest will accrue in accordance with Revenue and Taxation Code section 55061 on the unpaid FEE at the rate of 0.50% per month.   Interest of 0.57% will accrue if the FEE is not paid on or before 10/01/12.   Penalty of [10%] is due if not paid by 10/01/12."

Failure to pay can result in a lien on one's property.   Bear in mind that this is a time when an additional tax of about 17% on one's property is a heavy burden.   Many people have no jobs, or have jobs that produce income well below the norm.   Many are barely able to pay their mortgages.

A "Petition for Redetermination" was enclosed and might be honored by the state provided a copy is sent with documentation to three separate locations within 30 days from the billing date.   The forms must be either acquired on line (when many do not have computers or are not computer-literate).   Documentation requires a copy machine.   The state sent a copy of the bill for the taxpayer while requiring that a copy of the bill be sent back to the state (this was NOT sent by the state and requires that one have a means of copying the bill).   When a petition addresses the illegality of a bill, the state will not honor the petition until a favorable court decision on certain suits are concluded - which could take up to three years.

At this time, there is no criminal penalty for criminally and blatantly breaking the law through illegal legislation.   Until a stiff penalty is created and the elected state attorney has the guts to act, the abuse of legislative power will not cease.

The reason most people will be sending a petition is encapsulated as follows.   Article 13A, section 3(a) of the California Constitution, as amended by Proposition 26, reads: Any change in state statute which results in any taxpayer paying a higher tax must be... passed by not less than two-thirds of all members elected to each of the two houses of the Legislature.   Section 3(b) then defines "tax" to mean "any levy, charge, or exaction of any kind imposed by the State," unless in fits one of five listed exceptions.

Public Resources Code section 4214(d) specifies the activities to be funded with revenue from the fire prevention fee.   Other than item 4 ("inspections by the department for compliance with defensible space requirements around structures"), none of the activities listed qualifies as an exception to the two-thirds legislative vote requirement for a "tax" in section 3(b).   (Even as to item 4, many parcels subject to the fee will not be inspected.)   Therefore the bill imposing this levy (ABx1-29) needed two-thirds legislative approval to become law.   It received only majority approval.   The entirety of this bill, and thus the entirety of the fire protection fee levied thereby, is unenforceable.

Public Resources Code section 4214(d) and (e) require the Department of Forestry and Fire Protection to use fire prevention fee revenue to make local assistance grants to counties and special districts to fund local fire prevention activities.   Yet article 13, section 24 provides: "The Legislature may not impose taxes for local purposes but may authorize local governments to impose them."   For this additional reason, the fire prevention fee is invalid.

It should be noted that according to those who set up this fiasco, the money can be spent for other purposes than those for which the money was intended - they have already raided the fire prevention money and used it.   According to the Public Resources Code, this raiding and use of the money is also illegal - but communist/fascists do not care about the law.   Going on line and using search on google with the words "California Public Resources Code" will get you to that code.   Clicking on the appropriate numbers on the right will get you to sections 4211-4214 where you can read the legal requirements that the communist/fascists are ignoring.

The communist-dominated legislature in California has succeeded in driving businesses out of the state, creating more government agencies (see list below) which soak up money, and have shown beyond any doubt that a government will fail when enough people vote to have free dollars given to them.

February 8, 2013

As a follow-up on the above, the funds for the illegal tax were supposed to go to the fighting of forest fires by Cal Fire (the Caliornia Department of Forestry and Fire Protection), although everyone expected the money to be hijacked into the General Fund.   Instead, $3.6 million was "hidden" with the California District Attorneys Association, which is illegal to say the least.   Along with this, the Department of Parks and Recreation concealed $20 million in a hidden account in 2012.   Auditors have found more than $200 million that other state agencies secretly had stashed away.   As State Senator Ted Gaines stated, "How can the state get away with charging Californians a $150 illegal fire fee specifically to support Cal Fire operations and at the same time Cal Fire is hiding millions in a secret fund?   It's no wonder there is such a high level of distrust between the government and its citizens.   We deserve to know the truth behind what took place and why."   It is still necessary to have state senate committee hearings to discover how many other state agencies are hiding funds.

California has suffered at the county level with the same problem, and in the past in El Dorado County money seemed to disappear while the County Board of Supervisors told the County Auditor to stop his investigation.   This was a few years ago and may be better now, but I doubt it.

Unconstitutional practices (unconstitutional as regards the state constitution as well as the federal) are rampant in California with the communists in charge.

Sanctuary Cities

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The communists in California rely upon the illegal alien vote to stay in office.   Of course, illegal aliens cannot legally vote, but legalities have never stopped the communists before.   Consequently, there are sanctuary cities in California which allow illegal aliens to remain - with certain privileges and without being sent back to Mexico.   San Francisco and Los Angeles are such cities.   There is a state law that law enforcement officers who arrest those whom they suspect of being in the United States illegally, notify federal authorities.   The police departments of both San Francisco and Los Angeles have not been obeying this state law.   To go one step farther, the Los Angeles Police Department's "Special Order 40" forbids police officers from from cooperating with federal immigration authorities.

The California Appeals Court finally told the San Francisco Police Department that they must comply with the law.   However, Los Angeles is still operating illegally and Judicial Watch has an ongoing lawsuit against the city.

The illegal alien problem in California is one of the key contributors to budgetary problems.   Welfare and other entitlements for illegal aliens bloat the state budget beyond anything possible - and it is no wonder that California is way beyond simple indebtedness.   California has not been allowed bail-out money from the federal government and it should not be allowed bail-out money in the future either.

Also see Warnings for the Nation via California.

Nationalizing California

June 2009 - A paragraph from National Review
California, its budget a sinkhole, has proposed the most modest of trims - $74 million from a program that subsidizes the wages of (unionized of course) health-care workers who tend the sick in their homes.   The Obama administration has responded in characteristically masterful fashion, threatening to withhold 92 times that amount, or $6.8 billion, in federal stimulus funds.   Which is to say, every dollar's worth of self-imposed fiscal responsibility will buy Californians a C-note in punishment from Obama.   Why?   The home-health workers in question are Service Employees International Union members, who flooded the Obama campaign with money, manpower, and votes.   California currently kicks in $12.10 an hour to boost their wages (that's only part of their pay) and proposes to reduce its contribution to $10.10 an hour.   As George Will points out, SEIU gathers $5 million a month from union dues paid by these employees, some of which is sure to end up in Obama's campaign coffers.   If California cannot reform its spending, it will be a federal dependency forever.   Which may be Obama's plan.

[Note that approximately 30 states have been considering or have actually created bills within their own legislatures to re-establish their rights as sovereign states according to the 10th Amendment to the Constitution.   Obama needs to nationalize as many states as possible by making them dependent upon the federal government - if he is to gain as much power as he needs to make us a fascist communist nation.]

For more on California's communists go to:

Recognizing the California Communists


August 2, 2009 - This may be an old tactic, but one that we were not familiar with until now.   After the State Senate voted for a bill to allow drilling for oil off a part of the California coast, the ball was passed to the State Assembly (analogous to the House in the Federal Government).   The Assembly voted against drilling, an action which most of the representatives did not want the people to know about lest the perpetrators be either recalled or shut out in the next election.   Consequently, this same Assembly voted to have the vote "expunged", meaning to prevent the public from knowing who voted for or against it.   Apparently, the communists in the state legislature are beginning to run scared.   In any case, the truth was copied by a Republican before it could be erased forever and those legislators responsible will lose more support than ever before.


According to a report by the Young America's Foundation, dated Jan 4, 2012, California "liberal" justices recently handed down a judgement allowing high schools to ban the U.S. flag from schools.   The justices explained that waving a U.S. flag on Mexican holiday Cinco de Mayo would be "racist" and "insensitive".   "It is truly a sad day when in America when students cannot stand proudly beneath the stars and stripes - the flag carried into battle against the Nazis, dictators, and terrorists - because of liberal censorship."


Please bear in mind that many communists in California do not know that they are communists.   They have been indoctrinated in California schools to believe a certain way without knowing what that way has been called since the Marxists in Russia decided to change the name of their political philosophy to "Communism".   The communists in the U.S. have changed the name of their political philosophy many times, but currently prefer the term "progressive".   The California Assembly is where most of the communist-type legislation originates.   Usually, the communist-dominated California Senate passes it, and the communist governor (Brown) signs it into law.   These communists refer to themselves as democrats.   They are also fascists because they believe in forcing their will upon others when their "logic" and persuasion are not enough.

Our communists do not believe in the U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights.   By law, one must be first harmed by a legislation before one can take legal action against it.   This means that legislation can be implemented and be used to weaken those whom it harms before any legal action can be brought against it.   During the years necessary for legal action to work, one can lose all he has due to legal fees.   The communists know this and use it to take away our freedom.

A Few of the Bills

Assembly Bill 2189 (Cedillo-D) – Allows hundreds of thousands of young illegal immigrants to obtain California driver’s licenses.   [This will be a great way for illegals to vote if a law is passed requiring voters to have photo IDs.   Communists think ahead.]

Assembly Bill 828 (Swanson-D) – Soft on crime bill that allows convicted drug felons to receive food stamps.   [This is another way to break the state budget.]

Assembly Bill 1081 (Ammiano-D) – Pro-illegal immigrant bill that forbids state and local law enforcement from holding a person for an immigration violation unless they have been convicted of or charged with a serious or violent felony.   [More illegal votes for the democrat/communists to retain their offices.]

Assembly Bill 568 (Lowenthal-D) – Job-killer bill to ban Styrofoam containers for food products in California.   [This will make the food prices throughout the nation soar.   If such containers are a problem, there are others to address that problem.]

Assembly Bill 2109 (Pan-D) – A bill putting the state directly between parents and their children by forcing parents to get a doctor’s permission if they choose to not give their children certain immunizations.   [Communists do not believe in the family, and want the children removed from parental control so that they can become wards of the state.   Hitler did this very successfully before he started World War II.   Legislation like this bill is a step in that direction.]

Assembly Bill 1500 (Perez-D) – During one of the worst economic downturns in memory, a bill to raise taxes on business by roughly $1 billion per year.   [This is typical communism in action.   It prevents free-enterprise from functioning properly and thus undermines our economic system.   More businesses are now moving out of California.   Large parts of Campbell's Soup, Comcast, VSP (Insurance Provider) are now leaving (3,000 jobs in all lost just in the last few weeks).   So who will pay for welfare when the working people leave the state?]

Assembly Bill 2346 (Butler-D) – Exposes farmers to new and expensive litigation and burdens them with additional, unnecessary regulatory compliance.   [Causes food prices to go up nation-wide.]

Senate Bill 249 (Yee-D) – Further encroaches on Second Amendment rights by banning common-use firearms.

Assembly Bill 1436 (Feuer-D) – Undermines the critical integrity of the voting process by allowing same-day voter registration.   [Makes for more illegal votes for the communist legilators.]

Assembly Bill 1532 (Perez-D) – Paves the way for billions in new illegal taxes by creating the framework for spending the proceeds of California’s greenhouse gas reduction “Cap and Trade” auction.

Assembly Bill 2405 (Blumenfeld-D) – Exempts partial zero-emission vehicles from paying bridge tolls. If you are crossing the bridge you should pay the toll, just like everybody else.

by Marian in El Toro.

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California Threatened by Communism

Typical Legislation from Socialist-Dominated Legislatures

The Pacific Research Institute


These are all California State Agencies:

California Academic Performance Index (API)
California Access for Infants and Mothers
California Acupuncture Board
California Administrative Office of the Courts
California Adoptions Branch
California African American Museum
California Agricultural Export Program
California Agricultural Labor Relations Board
California Agricultural Statistics Service
10 California Air Resources Board (CARB)
California Allocation Board
California Alternative Energy and Advanced Transportation Financing Authority
California Animal Health and Food Safety Services
California Anti-Terrorism Information Center
California Apprenticeship Council
California Arbitration Certification Program
California Architects Board
California Area VI Developmental Disabilities Board
California Arts Council
20 California Asian Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus
California Assembly Democratic Caucus
California Assembly Republican Caucus
California Athletic Commission
California Attorney General
California Bay Conservation and Development Commission
California Bay-Delta Authority
California Bay-Delta Office
California Bio Diversity Council
California Board for Geologists and Geophysicists
30 California Board for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors
California Board of Accountancy
California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology
California Board of Behavioral Sciences
California Board of Chiropractic Examiners
California Board of Equalization (BOE)
California Board of Forestry and Fire Protection
California Board of Guide Dogs for the Blind
California Board of Occupational Therapy
California Board of Optometry
40 California Board of Pharmacy
California Board of Podiatric Medicine
California Board of Prison Terms
California Board of Psychology
California Board of Registered Nursing
California Board of Trustees
California Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians
California Braille and Talking Book Library
California Building Standards Commission
California Bureau for Private Post Secondary and Vocational Education
50 California Bureau of Automotive Repair
California Bureau of Electronic and Appliance Repair
California Bureau of Home Furnishings and Thermal Insulation
California Bureau of Naturopathic Medicine
California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services
California Bureau of State Audits
California Business Agency
California Business Investment Services (CalBIS)
California Business Permit Information (CalGOLD)
California Business Portal
60 California Business, Transportation and Housing Agency
California Cal Grants
California CalJOBS
California Cal-Learn Program
California CalVet Home Loan Program
California Career Resource Network
California Cemetery and Funeral Bureau
California Center for Analytical Chemistry
California Center for Distributed Learning
California Center for Teaching Careers (Teach California)
70 California Chancellors Office
California Charter Schools
California Children and Families Commission
California Children and Family Services Division
California Citizens Compensation Commission
California Civil Rights Bureau
California Coastal Commission
California Coastal Conservancy
California Code of Regulations
California Collaborative Projects with UC Davis
80 California Commission for Jobs and Economic Growth
California Commission on Aging
California Commission on Health and Safety and Workers Compensation
California Commission on Judicial Performance
California Commission on State Mandates
California Commission on Status of Women
California Commission on Teacher Credentialing
California Commission on the Status of Women
California Committee on Dental Auxiliaries
California Community Colleges Chancellors Office, Junior Colleges
90 California Community Colleges Chancellors Office
California Complaint Mediation Program
California Conservation Corps
California Constitution Revision Commission
California Consumer Hotline
California Consumer Information Center
California Consumer Information
California Consumer Services Division
California Consumers and Families Agency
California Contractors State License Board
100 California Corrections Standards Authority
California Council for the Humanities
California Council on Criminal Justice
California Council on Developmental Disabilities
California Court Reporters Board
California Courts of Appeal
California Crime and Violence Prevention Center
California Criminal Justice Statistics Center
California Criminalist Institute Forensic Library
California CSGnet Network Management
110 California Cultural and Historical Endowment
California Cultural Resources Division
California Curriculum and Instructional Leadership Branch
California Data Exchange Center
California Data Management Division
California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission
California Delta Protection Commission
California Democratic Caucus
California Demographic Research Unit
California Dental Auxiliaries
120 California Department of Aging
California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs
California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control Appeals Board
California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control
California Department of Boating and Waterways (Cal Boating)
California Department of Child Support Services (CDCSS)
California Department of Community Services and Development
California Department of Conservation
California Department of Consumer Affairs
California Department of Corporations
130 California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
California Department of Developmental Services
California Department of Education
California Department of Fair Employment and Housing
California Department of Finance
California Department of Financial Institutions
California Department of Fish and Game
California Department of Food and Agriculture
California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CDF)
California Department of General Services
140 California Department of General Services, Office of State Publishing
California Department of Health Care Services
California Department of Housing and Community Development
California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR)
California Department of Insurance
California Department of Justice Firearms Division
California Department of Justice Opinion Unit
California Department of Justice, Consumer Information, Public Inquiry Unit
California Department of Justice
California Department of Managed Health Care
150 California Department of Mental Health
California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)
California Department of Personnel Administration
California Department of Pesticide Regulation
California Department of Public Health
California Department of Real Estate
California Department of Rehabilitation
California Department of Social Services Adoptions Branch
California Department of Social Services
California Department of Technology Services Training Center (DTSTC)
160 California Department of Technology Services (DTS)
California Department of Toxic Substances Control
California Department of Transportation (Caltrans)
California Department of Veterans Affairs (CalVets)
California Department of Water Resources
California Departmento de Vehiculos Motorizados
California Digital Library
California Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Certification Program
California Division of Apprenticeship Standards
California Division of Codes and Standards
170 California Division of Communicable Disease Control
California Division of Engineering
California Division of Environmental and Occupational Disease Control
California Division of Gambling Control
California Division of Housing Policy Development
California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement
California Division of Labor Statistics and Research
California Division of Land and Right of Way
California Division of Land Resource Protection
California Division of Law Enforcement General Library
180 California Division of Measurement Standards
California Division of Mines and Geology
California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA)
California Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources
California Division of Planning and Local Assistance
California Division of Recycling
California Division of Safety of Dams
California Division of the State Architect
California Division of Tourism
California Division of Workers Compensation Medical Unit
190 California Division of Workers Compensation
California Economic Assistance, Business and Community Resources
California Economic Strategy Panel
California Education and Training Agency
California Education Audit Appeals Panel
California Educational Facilities Authority
California Elections Division
California Electricity Oversight Board
California Emergency Management Agency
California Emergency Medical Services Authority
200 California Employment Development Department (EDD)
California Employment Information State Jobs
California Employment Training Panel
California Energy Commission
California Environment and Natural Resources Agency
California Environmental Protection Agency (Cal/EPA)
California Environmental Resources Evaluation System (CERES)
California Executive Office
California Export Laboratory Services
California Exposition and State Fair (Cal Expo)
210 California Fair Political Practices Commission
California Fairs and Expositions Division
California Film Commission
California Fire and Resource Assessment Program
California Firearms Division
California Fiscal Services
California Fish and Game Commission
California Fisheries Program Branch
California Floodplain Management
California Foster Youth Help
220 California Franchise Tax Board (FTB)
California Fraud Division
California Gambling Control Commission
California Geographic Information Systems Council (GIS)
California Geological Survey
California Government Claims and Victim Compensation Board
California Governors Committee for Employment of Disabled Persons
California Governors Mentoring Partnership
California Governors Office of Emergency Services
California Governors Office of Homeland Security
230 California Governors Office of Planning and Research
California Governors Office
California Grant and Enterprise Zone Programs HCD Loan
California Health and Human Services Agency
California Health and Safety Agency
California Healthy Families Program
California Hearing Aid Dispensers Bureau
California High-Speed Rail Authority
California Highway Patrol (CHP)
California History and Culture Agency
240 California Horse Racing Board
California Housing Finance Agency
California Indoor Air Quality Program
California Industrial Development Financing Advisory Commission
California Industrial Welfare Commission
California InFoPeople
California Information Center for the Environment
California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank (I-Bank)
California Inspection Services
California Institute for County Government
250 California Institute for Education Reform
California Integrated Waste Management Board
California Interagency Ecological Program
California Job Service
California Junta Estatal de Personal
California Labor and Employment Agency
California Labor and Workforce Development Agency
California Labor Market Information Division
California Land Use Planning Information Network (LUPIN)
California Lands Commission
260 California Landscape Architects Technical Committee
California Latino Legislative Caucus
California Law Enforcement Branch
California Law Enforcement General Library
California Law Revision Commission
California Legislative Analyst's Office
California Legislative Black Caucus
California Legislative Counsel
California Legislative Division
California Legislative Information
270 California Legislative Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Caucus
California Legislature Internet Caucus
California Library De velopment Services
California License and Revenue Branch
California Major Risk Medical Insurance Program
California Managed Risk Medical Insurance Board
California Maritime Academy
California Marketing Services
California Measurement Standards
California Medical Assistance Commission
280 California Medical Care Services
California Military Department
California Mining and Geology Board California Museum for History, Women, and the Arts
California Museum Resource Center
California National Guard
California Native American Heritage Commission
California Natural Community Conservation Planning Program
California New Motor Vehicle Board
California Nursing Home Administrator Program
290 California Occupational Safety and Health Appeals Board
California Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board
California Ocean Resources Management Program
California Office of Administrative Hearings
California Office of Administrative Law
California Office of AIDS
California Office of Binational Border Health
California Office of Child Abuse Prevention
California Office of Deaf Access
California Office of Emergency Services (OES)
300 California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment
California Office of Fiscal Services
California Office of Fleet Administration
California Office of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Implementation
(CalOHI) California Office of Historic Preservation
California Office of Homeland Security
California Office of Human Resources
California Office of Legal Services
California Office of Legislation
California Office of Lieutenant Governor
310 California Office of Military and Aerospace Support
California Office of Mine Reclamation
California Office of Natural Resource Education
California Office of Privacy Protection
California Office of Public School Construction
California Office of Real Estate Appraisers
California Office of Risk and Insurance Management
California Office of Services to the Blind
California Office of Spill Prevention and Response
California Office of State Publishing (OSP)
320 California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development
California Office of Systems Integration
California Office of the Inspector General
California Office of the Ombudsman
California Office of the Patient Advocate
California Office of the President
California Office of the Secretary for Education
California Office of the State Fire Marshal
California Office of the State Public Defender
California Office of Traffic Safety
330 California Office of Vital Records
California Online Directory
California Operations Control Office
California Opinion Unit
California Outreach and Technical Assistance Network (OTAN)
California Park and Recreation Commission
California Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST)
California Performance Review (CPR)
California Permit Information for Business (CalGOLD)
California Physical Therapy Board
340 California Physician Assistant Committee
California Plant Health and Pest Prevention Services
California Policy and Evaluation Division
California Political Reform Division
California Pollution Control Financing Authority
California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
California Postsecondary Education Commission
California Prevention Services
California Primary Care and Family Health
California Prison Industry Authority
350 California Procurement Division
California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS)
California Public Employment Relations Board (PERB)
California Public Utilities Commission (PUC)
California Real Estate Services Division
California Refugee Programs Branch
California Regional Water Quality Control Boards
California Registered Veterinary Technician Committee
California Registrar of Charitable Trusts
California Republican Caucus
360 California Research and Development Division
California Research Bureau
California Resources Agency
California Respiratory Care Board
California Rivers Assessment
California Rural Health Policy Council
California Safe Schools
California San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission
California San Gabriel and Lower Los Angeles Rivers and Mountains Conservancy
California San Joaquin River Conservancy
370 California School to Career
California Science Center
California Scripps Institution of Oceanography
California Secretary of State Business Portal
California Secretary of State
California Seismic Safety Commission
California Self Insurance Plans (SIP)
California Senate Office of Research
California Small Business and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Certification Program
California Small Business Development Center Program
380 California Smart Growth Caucus
California Smog Check Information Center
California Spatial Information Library
California Special Education Division
California Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Board
California Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR)
California Standards and Assessment Division
California State Administrative Manual (SAM)
California State Allocation Board
California State and Consumer Services Agency
390 California State Architect
California State Archives
California State Assembly
California State Association of Counties (CSAC)
California State Board of Education
California State Board of Food and Agriculture
California Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO)
California State Children's Trust Fund
California State Compensation Insurance Fund
California State Contracts Register Program
400 California State Contracts Register
California State Controller
California State Council on Developmental Disabilities (SCDD)
California State Disability Insurance (SDI)
California State Fair (Cal Expo)
California State Jobs Employment Information
California State Lands Commission
California State Legislative Portal
California State Legislature
California State Library Catalog
410 California State Library Services Bureau
California State Library
California State Lottery
California State Mediation and Conciliation Service
California State Mining and Geology Board
California State Park and Recreation Commission
California State Parks
California State Personnel Board
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
California State Railroad Museum
420 California State Science Fair
California State Senate
California State Summer School for Mathematics and Science (COSMOS)
California State Summer School for the Arts
California State Superintendent of Public Instruction
California State Teachers Retirement System (CalSTRS)
California State Treasurer
California State University Center for Distributed Learning
California State University, Bakersfield
California State University, Channel Islands
430 California State University, Chico
California State University, Dominguez Hills
California State University, East Bay
California State University, Fresno
California State University, Fullerton
California State University, Long Beach
California State University, Los Angeles
California State University, Monterey Bay
California State University, Northridge
California State University, Sacramento
440 California State University, San Bernardino
California State University, San Marcos
California State University, Stanislaus
California State University (CSU)
California State Water Project Analysis Office
California State Water Project
California State Water Resources Control Board
California Structural Pest Control Board
California Student Aid Commission
California Superintendent of Public Instruction
450 California Superior Courts
California Tahoe Conservancy
California Task Force on Culturally and Linguistically Competent Physicians and Dentists
California Tax Information Center
California Technology and Administration Branch Finance
California Telecommunications Division
California Telephone Medical Advice Services (TAMS)
California Transportation Commission
California Travel and Transportation Agency
California Unclaimed Property Program
460 California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board
California Unemployment Insurance Program
California Uniform Construction Cost Accounting Commission
California Veterans Board
California Veterans Memorial
California Veterinary Medical Board and Registered Veterinary Technician Examining Committee
California Veterinary Medical Board
California Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board
California Volunteers
California Voter Registration
470 California Water Commission
California Water Environment Association (COWPEA)
California Water Resources Control Board
California Welfare to Work Division
California Wetlands Information System
California Wildlife and Habitat Data Analysis Branch
California Wildlife Conservation Board
California Wildlife Programs Branch
California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKs)
California Workers Compensation Appeals Board
480 California Workforce and Labor Development Agency
California Workforce Investment Board
California Youth Authority (CYA)
Central Valley Flood Protection Board
Center for California Studies
Colorado River Board of California
Counting California
Dental Board of California
Health Insurance Plan of California (PacAdvantage)
Humboldt State University
490 Jobs with the State of California
Judicial Council of California
Learn California
Library of California
Lieutenant Governors Commission for One California
Little Hoover Commission (on California State Government Organization and Economy)
Medical Board of California
Osteopathic Medical Board of California
Physical Therapy Board of California
500 Regents of the University of California
San Diego State University
San Francisco State University
San Jose State University
Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy
State Bar of California
Supreme Court of California
Teach California
University of California
University of California, Berkeley
510 University of California, Davis
University of California, Hastings College of the Law
University of California, Irvine
University of California, Los Angeles
University of California, Merced
University of California, Riverside
University of California, San Diego
University of California, San Francisco
University of California, Santa Barbara
University of California, Santa Cruz
520 Veterans Home of California

Of course, the only places they can cut are . . . Education, Police and Fire. [And the Library!]
Whether you’re a Democrat, a Republican or Independent, this list has to shock you.
Over the years, our politicians have created this enormous pork barrel of agencies
that employ about as many people as the entire State of Alaska .

All of these people get salaries, medical coverage and pensions at our expense.
Pretty unbelievable, isn't it?
Every agency and most laws should have a ‘Sunset Clause’ attached. When the purpose has been completed the agency closes – forever!

The above was being passed via the internet. It left out one thing. The California communist legislators and their useful idiots are still legislating new California bureaucracies into existence so that the central government can control the entire population of California. One of their latest endeavors is to control all the septic systems. Californians will not even be able to excrete without state government interference.

On April 16, 2013, gun control bills began to gain passage in the initial hearings of both houses of the California legislature.   The houses are both dominated by over 2/3 democrats (communists now), as California is the state that the communists have succeeded in targeting the most.   The anti-gun bills are blatantly unconstitutional and will undoubtably be the objects of legal actions once they are passed and signed by the communist governor of California.

The bills were opposed for some time in testimonies from two county sheriffs who stated that they would not enforce unconstitutional laws, one victim of a school shooting who wanted more people to have guns available to stop such heinous acts, a wounded veteran, and others.   Points were repeatedly presented explaining that criminals do not care about laws, that it is the honest citizens who are being targeted, and that the statistics show incontrovertibly that where there is less gun control there is less crime.

Several alarmed citizens told the committees that they were shocked that compelling testimony made no difference in the outcome of each vote cast for another unconstitutional measure and begged them to reconsider.   One gentleman stated: "You people scare the hell out of me!"   "It's like you will stop at nothing to take away our rights to defend ourselves and our property in our own homes!"

The committees were stacked with 5 demcrats to every 2 republicans.   Citizens who had never been to committee hearings before, said they were aghast at the ease in which false statements (lies) were made by anti-gun enthusiasts in order to present their case.   It was painfully clear to everyone that gun-rights activists were the experts on firearms, bullets, and firearm manufacturing.   The anti-gunners made it clear that their aim was to take as many guns as possible off the market for "public safety".   They also made it clear that they want to know who owns every "assault" weapon (bear in mind that they are the only ones allowed to define what is an assault weapon).

A recent survey of over 15,000 police professionals conducted by found the overall attitude of law enforcement is strongly against anti-gun legislation and strongly in favor of pro-gun rights.   Ninety-one percent support concealed carry by civilians who have not been convicted of a felony or deemed psychologically unfit.   Eighty percent feel that legally-armed citizens would likely have reduced the number of casualties in recent mass shootings.

Sam Paredes, Executive Director of Gunowners of California, made it clear, "Every unconstitutional measure that you put forth, we will take to court and win!   We've done it before and we will do it again.   The Constitution and the will of the law-abiding are on our side."

For current information, go to

[Communist infiltrators in California government want first to discover who owns firearms, and second to take those firearms away.   Once the guns are gone, they will have a free path to killing or enslaving the rest of us.   Marxism is evil to the core.]


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California Threatened by Communism

Typical Legislation from Socialist-Dominated Legislatures

Why California is Broke


Many Californians are very much against the progressive left (another name for communists).   They have started the Pacific Research Institute (PRI) with Sally Pipes as their president.   Some of the problems caused by the leftists in California as listed by the PRI [comments in brackets are mine] are:

1.   Between 2001 and 2011, California lost 33% its factory jobs, and between 1990 and 2007, lost 35% of its high-tech manufacturing jobs.

2.   Unemployment at this time (August 2014) in California is 7.6% - the 5th largest in America.

3.   When adjusted for inflation, prison spending has been increased 436% in its share of general fund money in the last 30 years.   [In California, there is no real tracking of money supposedly to be used for any particular purpose.   The Communist-dominated legislature forces taxes often disguised as "fees" upon the population.   These fees and the taxes go into the general fund and are doled out to other recipients that had nothing to do with reason the fees and taxes were supposedly collected.]   In the same period, higher education saw a 13% decrease.   Prison costs increased about 50% in less than a decade and now claim about 6.3% of state spending - almost as much as higher education.

4.   California has had the nation's eighth worst legal migration rate.   In a state once reknowned for growth, the state population has dropped by one million.   [Bear in mind that the communists and their useful idiots want conservative voters out and illegal alien voters in.]

5.   California's schools are now ranked 36th out of 50 in the nation in spending per pupil, but its teachers are the third highest paid in the country.   Its 4th graders placed 47th in the nation in reading and 46th in math.   [Communists have infiltrated the teachers' unions and teaching is designed to indoctrinate the children rather than actually teach them.]

6.   California has 12% of the nation's population, but is home to 33% of the nation's welfare recipients.   These redistributive policies have been largely ineffective, as California has the highest poverty rate in America, with 23.5% of its population living below the poverty line.

7.   For the 9th year in a row, California continues its reputation for a toxic business environment.   The 2014 survey of 736 CEOs found that California is the worst state in in the nation to do business.

The labor unions are one of the worst problems in California, and the worst of them are those of government workers.   The American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees is one reason that California's government employees are the most highly compensated in the nation - and the number of unnecessary state bureaucracies is extremely excessive.   One pundit called California a "unionocracy".   See Why California is Broke.

- California now 336,000 full-time employees.   When part-time employees are included, the state has over 491,120 workers.

- California state employees are the highest paid in the nation, earning an average annual wage of $70,777 in 2011.   California also has the highest average annual salary for state and local government combined - $67,524 compared to the national average of $51,627.

- The state's unfunded pension liability is more than $500 billion - eight times greater than officially reported.   [Communists lie a lot - it is their forte'.]

- California leads the nation in union membership growth.   Between 2011 and 2012, the number of union workers grew by 109,500 (68,800 of them were in the public sector).   In other states in the nation, overall union membership has been dropping.

- California government workers have vastly superior benefits, including pension plans that often allow them to retire at age 50 with pensions up to $100,000 a year, cost of living adjustments, and free medical care.

The money for the foregoing comes from the taxpayers.   This plundering of the state treasury would not be possible except for aggressive union tactics, spineless politicians, and a vast majority of communists and their useful idiots in the state legislature.   To pay for the foregoing, the communist-dominated legislature enacted $8.5 billion in new taxes.   California has the highest sales tax rate - and the personal income tax and corporate taxes are among the highest in the nation.

PRI says that these problems are caused by arrogant people with bad ideas.   I do not believe that these arrogant people are that benign.   They are either communist moles or followers of the moles.   California is one of the major breadbaskets of the nation.   If California is crippled, the nation is crippled.   A weak nation can be taken over by strong world government using the communist-dominated United Nations forces.   Nevertheless, the PRI plans to take steps which are much needed to offset the problems.

PRI plans to be tracking exactly how and where money is being spent.   They plan to "follow the money".   This would expose the raiding of the general fund and the misuse of public funds. [The crooked legislators have a good thing going for them now.   They accept campaign funds from the unions and then provide a lot of taxpayer money for the unions - part of which is used for campaign financing for the crooked politicians again.   So the money follows a circle except for the surplus that goes to the unions.]

Between the unions and simple wasteful stupidity, cities are going broke in California.   Stockton owes over $900 million in pensions to its public employees, a burden that taxpayers cannot stand for any longer.   San Bernardino isn't faring much better, with $143 million in pension debts.   When a city can no longer provide even basic services for its people, how is it that retired government employees still are allowed to reap the benefits of positions they vacated long ago?

The Laffer Center at PRI is embarking on a definitive book on state economic policy.   The PRI is putting together a book summarizing its existing research through years of study, as well as breaking new ground.   It will include a 50-state, 50-year time series, and cross-sectional analysis of the results of state policy on state economic performance.   [The trouble with books in a communist-dominated state is getting the right people to read the books - but a good book or two will help.]

PRI is also funding   [This might get more readers than just a book or two.] has the mission of uncovering waste, fraud, and the abuse in California's government.   It will be staffed by journalists committed to ensuring that taxpayer dollars are spent in effective ways, free from corruption and mismanagement.   It will be exposing the antics of statewide officials, state senators, and state representatives; inefficient or intrusive statewide and local laws, and ballot measures; abuses made by state courts and judges; and corrupt and inept county, city, and public school district officials.

PRI plans to put California's students back to the top by defending the parents' right to choose schools.   [The public schools have been taken over by teachers' unions and leftist federal and state governments.   They are now geographic monopolies used as indoctrination centers for a future communist-dominated world government.   If private schools and teaching at home can be encouraged sufficiently, the competition will force the public schools to begin to teach again.]   Common Core comes from the corrupt United Nations through Washington DC.   It tends to dumb down the child.   PRI will see to it that a real education is provided to each child.

Needless to say, PRI can use donations.   For those who wish to help them, their address for donations is:

Sally Pipes
Pacific Research Institute
One Embarcadero Center, Suite 350
San Francisco, CA 94111

Tel (415) 989 - 0833
Fax (415) 989 - 2411
Checks should be made payable to PRI.

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California Threatened by Communism

Typical Legislation from Socialist-Dominated Legislatures

Why California is Broke

The Pacific Research Institute