Fight for the senate seat occupied by Barbara Boxer.

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There is a rather dirty tactic that the communists in the United States employ during an election.   The communists use their vast amounts of money from foreign nations, Soros-type foundations, Unions, and other sources to fund a communist candidate against a non-communist candidate in the primary.   Communist candidates never disclose where it all comes from even though non-disclosure is illegal.   This exhausts most of the monetary resources of the non-communist during the primary so that he or she hasn't enough money to fight well against the communist in the other party during the election.   Remember that a communist seldom admits that he or she is a communist.   Such people use names like "progressive", "liberal", "radical", or whatever.   They can only be detected by their actions.

If the communist wins during the primary, the voters must choose between two communists during the election that follows.   If the communist loses in the primary, the non-communist will usually lose to the communist in the other party during the election.   For example, Carly Fiorina appears to be a communist agent who did what she could as the CEO of Hewlitt Packard to cause it to fold.   She worked with Senator McCain, another communist pawn, to be sure that Obama would win the Presidency.   Now she is going against an actual conservative, Tom Campbell, in attempt to win in the Republican primary for the California senate seat now held by Barbara Boxer (another communist agent).

Carly Fiorina is using the usual tactics recommended by Saul Alinsky to exhaust the resources of Tom Campbell.   If Fiorina loses in the primary, Campbell may be too weak financially to win against Boxer in the election that follows.   If Fiorina wins in the primary, the voters have a choice between either Fiorina (a new version of Boxer) or Boxer herself.   Both ways, the communists hope to win.   They used this tactic against Tom McClintock, but McClintock managed to win - just barely - anyway.   So the communist tactic does not always work.

The communists commonly use the following tactics of Saul Alinsky.

1.   Accuse the other candidate of being or doing the nastiness that you are being or doing - and accuse him first because that sets the voters minds against him and makes him take a defensive posture.

2.   Lie as necessary to smear the opponent, but stay away from specifics about the issues because logic is usually against a communist candidate.

3.   Find out what the voters want to hear and then tell them what they want to hear.   Above all, stay away from the truth because it will get you in trouble.

4.   Employ the best of Hollywood-type propagandists for your ads and don't mind the expense because you have a lot of illegal funding and your opponent does not.

5.   Remember that any means justifies the end, and keep your eyes open to find the means necessary to win.   Lying, cheating, stealing, bribery, and intimidation work fine for you and it is your duty to employ such means as needed.

6.   The threat of action is often more potent than the act itself.   This is nice to know when using intimidation.

Read Alinsky's Rules for Radicals or look at the book review of that book on this website for more information.   It is easy to find copies of this book because it is still being used in courses for communists in our colleges and universities.

Short Synopsis of Alinsky's Books


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