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These were researched to discover their true reason for existing and are listed because of their nefarious activities rather than just their affiliation with Soros.

Note that most of the names listed are designed to sound very patriotic and as American as mother and apple pie.   This is misleading and it is meant to make real patriots comfortable, to keep them asleep, and to elicit donations from everyone.   If you are truly American, you should not aid any of these organizations.   If you want a Communist dictatorship for America, you should aid these organizations.

Soros' Directly Funded Organizations

Alliance for Justice

America Coming Together (ACT)

America Vote

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

American Constitution Society for Law and Policy

American Family Voices

American Friends Service Committee

American Immigration Law Foundation

American Library Association

American Prospect, Inc.

Amnesty International

Arab American Institute Foundation

Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN)

Bill of Rights Defense Committee

Brennan Center for Justice

Brookings Institution

Campaign for America's Future

Campus Progress

Catholics for a Free Choice

Center for American Progress

Center for Community Change

Center for Constitutional Rights

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington

Coalition for an International Criminal Court

Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund

Democracy Alliance

Democracy 21

Democratic Party



Feminist Majority

Free Exchange on Campus

Free Press

Funding Exchange

Gamaliel Foundation

Human Rights First

Human Rights Watch

Immigrant Legal Resource Center

Independent Media Center

Institute for Policy Studies

Institute for Women's Policy Research

International Crisis Group

Joint Victory Campaign 2004

Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law

League of United Latin American Citizens

League of Women Voters Education Fund

Lynne Stewart Defense Committee


Malcolm X Grassroots Movement

Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition

Media Fund

Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund

Meyer, Suozzi, English and Klein, PC

Midwest Academy

Migration Policy Institute

Military Families Speak Out

Ms. Foundation for Women

NARAL Pro-Choice America

NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund

The Nation Institute

National Abortion Federation

National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy

National Council for Research on Women

National Council of La Raza

National Council of Women's Organizations

National Immigration Forum

National Immigration Law Center

National Lawyers Guild

National Organization for Women

National Priorities Project

National Security Archive Fund

National Women's Law Center

Natural Resources Defense Council

Pacifica Foundation

Peace and Security Funders Group

People for the American Way

Physicians for Human Rights

Physicians for Social Responsibility

Planned Parenthood

Ploughshares Fund

Prison Moratorium Project

Project Vote

Proteus Fund

Public Citizen Foundation

Rebuild and Renew America Now

Sentencing Project


Thunder Road Group

Tides Foundation and Tides Center

Urban Institute

USAction Education Fund

YWCA World Office, Switzerland

Soros' Secondary or Indirectly Funded Organizations

Air America Radio


Center for Progressive Leadership

J Street

Media Matters for America

Moving Ideas Network

New Organizing Institute

Schumann Center for Media and Democracy

Service Employees International Union (SEIU)

Sierra Club

Think Progress

Vote for Change

Working Families Party


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