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As long as capitalism and socialism exist we cannot live in peace;
in the end one or the other will triumph - a funeral dirge will be sung
over either the Soviet Republics or over world capitalism.
                                                                                                                                V. I. Lenin

Fighting war on the battlefield is the most stupid and primitive way of fighting a war.
The highest art of warfare is not to fight at all but to subvert anything of value in
your enemy's country - be it moral tradition, religion, respect to your authority and leaders,
cultural tradition - anything.   Put white against black, old against young, wealth against poor,
and so on - doesn't matter - as long as it disturbs society - as long as it cuts the moral fiber
of the nation it's good.   And you just take the country - when everything is subverted, when the
country is disoriented and confused, when it is demoralized and de-stabilized - the crisis will come.

                                                                              Former KGB agent explaining the wisdom of Sun Tzu Wu

In war the end justifies almost any means.
                                                                                        Saul D. Alinsky (Obama's Mentor)

We are at war against an enemy that changes its name and infiltrates like water falling on a leaky roof.   However, the actions of the enemy, for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, cause him to be visible - within the fog of his lying rhetoric.   One particular department of the KGB (or whatever it calls itself currently) has taught communists throughout the U.S. and left them as autonomous agencies to infiltrate our schools, our media, our political parties, our labor unions, our teacher's unions, our government, and various other organizations.   According at least one researcher and author, the late Joe McCarthy was right in most ways but was silenced through various political means.   McCarthy was ridiculed for his supposed overreaching exposure of the threat of communist infiltration and activity in the U.S.   In light of recent events, it is very likely that he was absolutely correct.   As Saul Alinsky's teachings begin to come the attention of the public, it seems quite evident that Alinsky's followers and certain agencies within the KGB and its various clones have been using Alinsky's advanced methods for some time.   Yet, the public has not yet awakened and even the leftmost of the Democratic Party are not yet fully recognized by the public in general as being communist agents.

Communism became a "dirty" word in the 1950s and 1960s.   Most communists in the United States do not like to be called "communist" - in fact, they take great pains to disguise who they are.   However, even though they have different names, their actions speak louder than words.   A communist is one with the philosophy of a communist and who acts like a communist.

Look at the means which a man employs; consider his motives;
observe his pleasures.   A man simply cannot conceal himself.

Written by Jamie GLazov, Sunday, 21 June, 2009,

Frontpage Interview's guest today is Konstantin Preobrazhenskiy, a former KGB agent who became one of the KGB's harshest critics.   He is the author of seven books about the KGB and Japan.   His new book is KGB/FSB's New Trojan Horse:Americans of Russian Descent.

FP:   Konstantin Preobrazhenskiy, welcome to the Frontpage Magazine.

Preobrazhenskiy:   Thank you for giving me a chance to address the realistically minded people.

FP:   Tell us about your background and the circumstances under which you came to the KGB.

Preobrazhenskiy:   I graduated from the Institute of Asia and Africa of the Moscow University in 1976.   Before that, I was an intern at the Tokai University in Japan.   I am a specialist in Japan, a fluent Japanese speaker.   I love Japan very much.   And this love has brought me to the KGB.

FP:   What do you love about Japan?

Preobrazhenskiy:   Because it is a fairyland.   In its ultra-modern society you can see the medieval society of "samurai" like through a magic telescope.   This unbelievable combination makes Japan a magic fascination which cannot be expressed in words.

FP:   OK, so tell us how you ended up in Japan.

Preobrazhenskiy:   Well, if you are a specialist in Japan, you had to travel to the country that you were studying.   And that was possible only if you were working for KGB.   By the way, Soviet specialists in the U.S.A. were in the same situation.   They were all connected to the KGB and most of them were its officers.   There was only one chance to avoid working for KGB: becoming an officer of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, the member of the highest elite.   But it was very hard to do that.   So I only had one choice: either become a KGB collaborator, whose position is very dependent, or its staff officer with shoulder-stripes and high military salary.   The second variant was much better.   But it was very hard to do.   In the end, my father, the Deputy Commander of the KGB Frontier Troops, "pushed" me into KGB intelligence, the most privileged and well-paid job in the USSR.
      My work in Tokyo as a spy from 1980-85, was very successful.   I was covered as a correspondent of the Soviet TASS [news] Agency.   But it was not a cover for me.   It was my actual job, because I am a born author.   My KGB colleagues in Tokyo called me, with a grin, "An author covered as a spy."   And they were right.   While in KGB, I published a couple of books on Japan: The Sports Dressed in Kimono (1985) and The Bamboo Sword (1982).   Both were a success.   And two of my short novels, Karate Begins with Bows and Very New and Old Pagoda were published by the Soviet Academy of Science in 1987, in the Academic Anthology, Soviet Authors on Japan, in 1917-87.
      In Tokyo, I was spying on China.   I recruited a Chinese scholar there.   But Japanese counter-intelligence learned about it somehow and caught me in 1985 on my way to contact this new Soviet agent.   It became a spy scandal.   The KGB forcibly returned me to Russia and accused me solely of this scandal, though nobody knew the real reason.   It tragically interrupted my career as a Japanologist.

FP:   So when did you turn on the KGB?

Preobrazhenskiy:   My interviewers always ask me when I got disappointed in the KGB.   Never.   Because I came there disappointed.   Contrary to most young officers, I knew about its criminal and inhumane activities from my father's colleagues.   That is why I began to write a book of revelations about the KGB from my first day of serving there.   It was first published in Tokyo in 1994, soon after I left the KGB in 1991.   It was entitled, The Spy Who Loved Japan.   It became a best seller.   When I left the KGB in 1991, it was dissolving at that time, although under Putin it has resurged.   Immediately I went to the Japanese media in Moscow and began to publish interviews, articles, and even books disclosing the KGB.   I became a security columnist at Moscow Times newspaper which made me world known.   The Spy Who Loved Japan irritated the KGB greatly, but they could not do anything against me in 1994 - it was a short period of Russian democracy.   But finally my anti-KGB activities forced me to run away from Russia.

FP:   So under what circumstances did you come to the U.S.?

Preobrazhenskiy:   After Putin came to power in 2000, he began the persecution of all the KGB dissidents.   In 2002, Oleg Kalugin was sentenced in absentia to 15 years, being accused of disclosing the KGB secrets.   I knew I was next.   Unfortunately, I was not "in absentia", but in Moscow.   As a professional, I got a feeling that they were going to arrest me very soon.   I urgently went to the U.S. on a private visit and asked for political asylum.   Now I am permanent resident in the U.S.   This dramatic story has been described in my new book, KGB/FSB's New Trojan Horse: Americans of Russian Descent.

FP:   The American media and literary culture ignored your book.   How come?

Preobrazhenskiy:   My book was ignored.   Only a few religious writers have reviewed it as it is devoted to the KGB penetration of America through the Russian Orthodox Church.   It tells how the KGB managed to put Russian Americans under its control by merging the Russian Orthodox Church abroad with the Kremlin-controlled Moscow Patriarchate.   That is why laymen journalists probably did not want to cover such a delicate topic.   How is it possible to speak about a church as a tool of espionage?   It would not be "politically correct".   So political correctness has helped Putin to keep his espionage in America secret.   Moreover, it is helping him facilitate it.   Putin knows very well about American political correctness and about the fact that American counter-intelligence is not eligible to monitor clergymen.   The KGB is doing it in Russia very aggressively in spite of the fact that Church and State are separate there too.   So we have a situation that Putin is openly spying in the U.S. and Americans are afraid of writing about it.   This idiotic paradox is a symbol of current American-Russian relations.   They bring profit only to Russia.   Just recently, the wall of silence about my book was finally broken.   My book was reviewed by Professor Clare Lopez, published by Gerard Group International.   Professor Clare Lopez has come to a conclusion which is very important for me: "For those who think the Cold War ended in 1991, this book will have you thinking again."   Konstantin Preobrazhensky wants Americans to wake up to the ongoing agenda of the Russian regime, which he says "under the rule of Vladimir Putin and the KGB has reverted to the intelligence-dominated repressive state of the 20th century."

FP:   Can you talk a bit about the growth of leftism in America and the KGB influence on it?

Preobrazhensky:   Well, the KGB has no special need to influence American leftists any more.   Their ancestors in Stalin's time have done it for them.   They have seeded leftism among the American intellectuals, and today's KGB is only gathering their crop.   On the other hand, a lot of American leftists were recruited by the KGB in the Soviet period.   They are still working for the Russians.   There are many KGB collaborators in this country.   Also, a lot of Americans have been educated as leftists at the leftist universities in America.   Their professors were contacting the KGB in the 1930s, or were "useful idiots," as Lenin has cynically called the Western intellectuals devotedly working for Russia.   Their successors are teaching there now.   The graduates of such universities are joining the most important governmental offices, and it might very well affect the American political course.   But there is one more reason for the growth of leftism.   Many people get disappointed in capitalism.   A lot of Americans are still sure that socialism is better.   When I tell them that socialism inevitably brings the GULAG they do not believe me.   Russian intellectuals of 19th century made the same mistake, but they were severely punished for it by the 70-years of horrible Communist rule.   Americans have not suffered such a disappointment yet.   Leftism brings a specific damage to America.   Let's not forget that Julius and Ethel Rosenberg delivered American atomic bomb secrets to Russia not for money, but because of being leftists.   And the wide spread of leftism in the U.S. alleviates Russian influence here as Russia is a leftist country.

FP: What is the extent of Russia influence in the U.S.?

Preobrazhensky:   It is very strong.   The Russian mechanism of misinformation and manipulation includes the utilization of some American think-tanks and political scientists.   Democratic states are much more vulnerable than authoritarian ones.   That is why Putin's machine of lies not only deceives America, but creates an inadequate and adorned image of Russia, provoking America to make wrong decisions about this country.   One example is provided by the decision to close Russian Service of the Voice of America in 2007.   Maybe Americans consider Russian Service to be a mere relic of the Cold War, unnecessary in free Russia, but in fact it has been one of the last sources of independent information for Russians.   It has irritated Russian authorities.   Putin has managed to close it with the Americans' hands.   But the Russian propagandist TV channel, "Russia Today," is very active in America.   Nobody is going to close it or transfer to Internet!
      The clear one-sidedness of American-Russian relations is also exposed by the Russian lobbyism here.   There are the open Russian lobbyists in America like Ketchum Company and others.   But are there any American lobbyists in Russia?   Oh, no.   Any Russian that agrees to become an American lobbyist would be declared a national traitor.   Putin calls such people "the jackals at foreign embassies".   Mikhail Khodorkovsky, a Russian tycoon and the former President of the YUKOS Company, was said to be a sort of American lobbyist.   Where is he now?   In prison, from where he will hardly ever get out.   In Russia, it is considered non-patriotic to be an American lobbyist.   "Do not criticize Russia because it will strengthen the position of the opponents of its pro-Western course there."
      Such a phrase is very much used by both Russian and American authors.   It is a very sophisticated piece of misinformation.   It postulates that still not all the people in the Russian elite are anti-American and they all have a freedom of arguing against Russian anti-Americanism.   Such a notion is very well understood by Americans.   But in fact, there are no pro-American people in the Kremlin.   Hatred of America is symbol of loyalty there.   If you love America, you cannot work in the Russian government.   Sometimes this myth is pronounced in another version: "Oh, do not criticize Russia or they will make friends with China."   But they are friends already. It is too late to caution about it.   This is the misinformation thesis invented by Directorate "A" of SVR, that the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service Directorate "A" is tasked to misinform American and Western public opinion about.   Many journalists are reproducing this false thesis, not knowing where it was invented.   But recently some American politicians began to pronounce a far more dangerous thesis: "Let's yield Georgia and Ukraine to Russia, and Russians will help us in Iran."

FP: The chance of Putin helping the U.S. in Iran?

Preobrazhensky:   Zero. The Russians will never do so.   They will never help the U.S. in any Islamic country.   They have developed their own, very special relations with the Islamic World, based on anti-Americanism.   Russia has a four-centuries experience of tolerating Islam and does not want to share it with America.   Moreover, Russia's strategic goal is to display the U.S. to militant Islam as a scapegoat instead of itself.

FP:   What are the methods of Russian influence?

Preobrazhensky:   In 2004, Putin revived Stalin's practice of inviting Western writers directly to Moscow and charming them personally.   He has founded the "Valdai Discussion Club" for them.   The club meetings are held at Golitsyno, one of Putin's residences in Moscow suburbs, and also in other places of Russia.   There Putin is hosting luxurious receptions at which he is fascinates American intellectuals.   Putin is a good actor.   He presents himself as a sole liberal captured by the conservative KGB surrounding.   He portrays this picture: "they are urging him to deviate from democracy, so the West should not criticize him too much or he will yield to the KGB completely."   Dr. Andrei Piontkovsky of the Hudson Institute has called members of Valdai Club "a collective Feuchtwanger".   Leon Feuchtwanger was a famous German writer of the 1930s who admired Stalin's regime.   Today, the "collective Feuchtwanger" is propagating an adorned image of Russia, which affects American policy towards Russia.   All this mechanism of Russian influence in America will be disclosed in my forthcoming book, "How Russian Federation is Ruling United States".

FP:   What can Americans do to protect themselves from these Russian threats on their own territory?   And what U.S. policy do you recommend toward Putin?

Preobrazhensky:   America should stop the current abnormal situation which finds Russian intelligence working here manifestly, being sure that Americans now cannot afford a spy scandal against its supposed "ally" in fighting terrorism.   America should stop tolerating Russia by concessions and apologies which cause nothing but laughter from Russians.   Americans should understand that Putin and other Russian leaders have a criminal psychology as they are building criminal capitalism.   From the point of view of the mafia, those who make concessions are losers and fools.   They deserve only further pressing, which Russia is demonstrating.   America should be hard with Russians.   Only after that Russians will respect America.   America should get rid of false expectations about Russia, the most dangerous of which is the following: "We need each other to oppose China and militant Islam".   Russia does not need America at all in this. Russia tolerates both China and Islam in a way of betrothal, behind the back of America and in spite of it.   America should finally comprehend that Russia does not share American values.   That it is not a democracy.   America should treat it like it is treating China and other non-democratic countries.

FP:   Konstantin Preobrazhenskiy, thank you for joining Frontpage Magazine.

[This part was taken from an Article published Monday, November 03, 2008, at Fox News.
Obama a Uniter? Actions Speak Louder Than Words by John R. Lott, Jr.]

Absolute Control of the Media

Is Barack Obama a uniter?   Since the beginning of the Democratic primaries, unity has been one of his major themes.   It proved a strong lure compared to the polarizing Hillary Clinton.   That theme has also helped Obama blunt the undeniably bipartisan record of John McCain.   But being a uniter takes some effort.   It isn't just about words.   Republicans have pointed to Obama's lack of bipartisan accomplishments in either state or federal government.   And even Obama's presidential campaign indicates that he has a tin ear when it comes to dealing with those he disagrees with.   One of the surest ways to anger others is not giving them a chance to air their views.   Obama's list of heavy-handed actions is growing.

Obama campaign kicked reporters from the Dallas Morning News, the New York Post and the Washington Times off the campaign plane — making it difficult for their papers to cover Obama's final campaign appearances.   The reporters were replaced with writers from magazines such as Glamour.   The editorial pages of all three papers had endorsed McCain.   The Obama campaign explained the decision as simply occurring from an excess demand for seats.   But Washington Times Executive Editor John Solomon told radio show host Mark Levin on Friday evening that they had been covering the Obama campaign from the beginning of his run for the presidency, and that those endorsements were "the only one common thread among [the three newspapers]."   Kirsten Powers notes how times have changed — not even Richard Nixon kicked disagreeable reporters off campaign planes, not even his archenemies at the Washington Post.

Democrats seems determined to cut back on the few conservative voices in the mainstream media.   Obama supports media-ownership caps, which will primarily affect News Corp, the company that owns Fox News and conservative newspapers such as the New York Post.   His proposals to increase minority ownership of broadcasting are also designed to change content, no longer leaving it up to customers to decide what it is they want to listen to.   [This is reminescent of the way the Soviet Union and Russia today have nationalized the media so that only communist or socialist propaganda can be seen and heard by the citizenry.]

Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid promise more direct regulations on content.   They want to re-impose the "Fairness Doctrine," mandating that private radio stations provide what the government determines to be "balanced" coverage and guaranteeing that conservative talk radio will be over.   There is a reason why talk radio only really began after the "Fairness Doctrine" ended in the 1980s.   Congressman Mike Pence couldn't get even one single Democratic member of Congress to oppose these regulations last year, and Obama hasn't yet said whether he would veto a bill regulating radio show content.

[The so-called Fairness Doctrine is another example of deliberately misnamed legislation, typical of communist tactics, as it is actually an "Unfairness Doctrine" designed to prevent freedom of speech.   Feinstein of California, famous for her efforts to take away our rights under the second amendment is also pushing the "Unfairness Doctrine" - which shows what she actually is under her grandmotherly exterior.   There are reports that other means may be taken to silence conservatives if the "Unfairness Doctrine" fails to do so - and with a neo-communist as president, any means to silence the conservatives would NOT be vetoed.]

There has been what can only be described as thuggish activity.   In late August, Milt Rosenberg — a Chicago institution, broadcasting on WGN radio since 1973 — interviewed Stanley Kurtz about the extremely extensive relationship between Obama and William Ayers.   Milt, a mild mannered, middle-of-the-road person, tried to have both sides represented and had invited a representative of the Obama campaign.   No one from the campaign agreed to appear.   Instead, the campaign organized an immediate, massive call-in campaign to force WGN to cancel Kurtz's appearance.   When that failed, the campaign organized supporters to call in to the station and simply tie up the telephone lines so that other listeners couldn't ask questions.   Others threatened Federal Communication Commission action to revoke WGN's license.   Rosenberg said that he had never seen anything similar to silence discussion during his years on radio.

Obama has also gone to the extreme of threatening opponents and television stations with legal action for running ads.   For example, when ads were run discussing Obama's relationship to Ayers, Obama's campaign demanded that the Department of Justice criminally investigate the group behind the ads. (What criminal charges that were justified by running an ad were never explained.) It is bad enough that a senator demands criminal charges against a political opponent, but Justice Department officials might take this seriously if the president of the United States asks them to press charges.

When the National Rifle Association started running ads warning that Obama had previously supported bans on handguns and massive taxes on bullets, the Obama campaign likewise used intimidation and sent cease-and-desist letters to television stations threatening legal action.

From The Assault on the West by Ian Greig (1968):Letters to the Press are also frequently used as a means of getting the Communist line across or counteracting criticism of Communism.   Communist Parties organise letter brigades, consisting of members and sympathisers whose function it is to write to any paper which attacks Communist policies or policies supported by Communists.   The result being that any paper which prints an article which is either anti-Communist or not in sympathy with Communist aims may get dozens of letters from people most of whom the Editor will not know to be Communists.   The effect of which may be to make him think his paper is losing the support of its readers and that a more unprincipled editorial line should be adopted.

Here are some words by Lenin from the same book: A paper is not merely a collective propagandist and collective agitator, it is also a collective organiser... around a paper, there will automatically develop an organisation that will be concerned not only with local activities, but also with regular work.   It will teach its members to watch political events carefully, to estimate their importance and their influence on the various sections of the population, and to devise suitable methods to influence these events throughout the revolutionary party.   The mere technical problems of procuring a regular supply of material for the newspaper and its regular distribution will make it necessary to create a network of agents of a united party, who will be in close contact with each other, will be acquainted with the general situations, will be accustomed to fulfill the detailed functions of the national work, and who will test their strength in the organisation of various kinds of revolutionary activities.

In the United Kingdom, communists and their useful idiots were enlisted to write pro-communist letters to the editor and make telephone calls to the editor.   These were called letter-writing brigades.   If the newspaper being targeted was already leftist, no threats were used against the editor or the owner.   If the newspaper was not leftist, threats were issued from people unknown to the editor.   The threats on the telephone ranged from canceling subscriptions to physical violence.   The letters to the editor were leftist in nature and sent from many people at one time.   This usually frightened the editor into submission because he or she was afraid of being fired or worse.   The result was the taking over of the press by the left.

In the United States, most of the major newspaper owners were on board with leftist world government shortly after the Council on Foreign Relations was formed.   Communist letter brigades were used to turn other newspapers and magazines to the left.   Today, the few newspapers, magazines, radio, and TV networks that are still anti-left are being threatened whenever possible.

However, this can be overcome by organizing and using pro-American, anti-marxist, anti-radical-Islam letter brigades.   The tactic that has worked for so long against Americans can be used by Americans to bring the media back around.   If you choose to do this (and I hope you will), do not use empty threats when it comes to reducing newspaper circulation.   If an editor continues to be leftist with his newspaper - writing editorials favoring the left, accepting only letters to the editor favoring the left, printing only the news that favors the left, or slanting news in a way that favors the left - then begin a campaign to expose and boycott that newspaper.   But do it in a way that is factual and does make you the target of a lawsuit.   Bear in mind that a leftist editor only loses from publicity of any kind that adversely affects his newspaper.

The same tactics work against leftist television networks or radio shows.   Without adequate ratings, they soon run low on funding and must either take money from George Soros, his organizations, Russia, China, or other such sources (which reduces their savings), or go out of business.   This may seem to be either impossible or too long-term a solution, but it will work.


Re-Writing the Laws

The list is long, but the media isn't the only place that Obama promises to eliminate dissent.   Campaign finance laws will surely be rewritten in ways that make it particularly difficult for Republicans to win races.   Limits on total expenditures and public financing entrench incumbents, which in this case would be Democrats.   For example, when an incumbent president doesn't face a serious challenge during the primaries, he can sit on the public funds obtained during the primaries until the nominee from the other party has been determined, and then use those primary funds to attack his general election opponent.   The non-incumbent party's nominee must usually battle for the nomination and typically has reached the spending limit imposed by the taxpayer funding system by March.   These challengers are then severely limited in their ability to campaign until their nominating conventions in August.   Challengers Walter Mondale in 1984 and Bob Dole in 1996 were pummeled for months with little financial means to respond.

Or take unions, where secret ballots will be eliminated for union certification elections.   What is next?   Eliminating secret ballots for other elections?   Presumably not, but if we care about preventing voter intimidation generally, why don't we also care about that for workers?   Don't Democrats trust workers enough to make judgments on their own?   Stronger unions do mean one thing: more money for Democrats' campaigns in future elections.

It is hard to put up with those who disagree.   But will Democrats put up with criticism when they have the presidency and Congress and enough votes in the Senate to avoid a filibuster?   This will be more power than any party has had for a long time, because even when the Democrats had over 60 votes in the Senate, many of those were conservative Southern Democrats, who no longer exist.   Some Republicans think that this election doesn't matter.   That in two years they will come back stronger than ever.   Indeed, Republicans might be quite angry and inspired to take things back. But 2012 won't be like 1980.   The Democrats plan to tilt the playing field in their favor to ensure a long-term domination in politics.

[John Lott is the author of Freedomnomics and a senior research scientist at the University of Maryland.]

Some of the material below is quoted from None Dare Call It Treason by John A. Stormer.

Millions of Dollars

The communist left can raise millions of dollars from sources such as socialist billionaires, socialist nations, communist-controlled unions, and duped citizens.   This money can be used to fund organizations like ACORN to cheat in elections, influence bankers, etc.   It can also be used to overpower the opposition with advertising in a media that is already communist-controlled.   Bribes to certain congressmen, bureaucrats, and other criminals also come out of this fund.   The information under the headings below have more detail on some of sources of these dollars and the uses to which the dollars are put.

Boiling the Frog

When a frog is put into a pan of water and the pan is placed over a small fire that allows the water to grow warmer very slowly, the frog will not notice as the water reaches the boiling point - and the frog dies.   Long ago, the communists learned that they could alter various parts within a nation very slowly without the citizens becoming alarmed.   When enough altering had been accomplished, the communists could take over without a bloody revolution.

Yes, we did produce a near perfect Republic.   But will they keep it,
or will they, in the enjoyment of plenty, lose the memory of freedom.
Material abundance without character is the surest way to destruction.
                                                                                                                        Thomas Jefferson

Using the Controlled Media

With communist media to cover his actions, B.O. was able to see that only the good side of his communist connections could be shown to the voting public.   If something did slip out regarding his checkered past, the press could twist it around if necessary.   This technique is as old as humanity itself and was used extensively by Mussolini in Italy, Hitler in Germany, and Stalin in the Soviet Union.   Today it is being used in all the communist nations because they have nationalized the media so that it can speak only communist propaganda.

In the U.S., there are still a few examples of the media which are not communist controlled, but it seems that even they are being attacked and may founder in the future.   If that should happen, the United States will also have what amounts to a nationalized media.

Here are some words by Lenin from The Assault on the West by Ian Greig (1968): "A paper is not merely a collective propagandist and collective agitator, it is also a collective organiser... around a paper, there will automatically develop an organisation that will be concerned not only with local activities, but also with regular general work.   It will teach its members to watch political events carefully, to estimate their importance and their influence on the various sections of the population, and to devise suitable methods to influence these events throughout the revolutionary party.   The mere technical problems of procuring a regular supply of material for the newspaper and its regular distribution will make it necessary to create a network of agents of a united party, who will be in close contact with each other, will be acquainted with the general situations, will be accustomed to fulfill the detailed functions of the national work, and who will test their strength in the organisation of various kinds of revolutionary activities."

Our republic and its press will rise and fall together.
                                                                                                                        Joseph Pulitzer


When Joe the plumber asked a question of B.O. prior to the election, and B.O. shot himself in the foot with his answer, the socialist media, and Ohio Democrat Bureaucrats using state funds and facilities, attacked Joe.   Intimidation was also used in the suppression of freedom of speech (control of the media) shown above.

It has been discovered that 18 illegal attacks upon Joe's privacy were initiated - some from a former state employee who was not legally allowed to access Joe's records, and some from a woman who has now had her hands slapped for her acts but has not been fired from her job with the state of Ohio.   This is to be expected since the Ohio Secretary of State is a "democrat" who was obviously in league with ACORN to influence the vote in B.O.'s favor.   It appears that the government in Ohio has been taken over by the communist left.

From The Assault on the West by Ian Greig (1968): "Letters to the Press are also frequently used as a means of getting the Communist line across or counteracting criticism of Communism, Communist Parties organise letter brigades, consisting of members and sympathisers whose function it is to write to any paper which attacks Communist policies or policies supported by Communists.   The result being that any paper which prints an article which is either anti-Communist or not in sympathy with Communist aims may get dozens of letters from people most of whom the Editor will not know to be Communists.   The effect of which may be to make him think that his paper is losing the support of its readers and that a more unprincipled editorial line should be adopted."


Have you ever noticed that when children wish to bully one another, they sometimes take on an air of arrogance and superiority, and then ridicule their target.   This technique is used especially when the target has a logical argument and those who resort to ridicule do not.   Bear in mind that communists have a history of killing millions of people to attain power - and those that were killed were the ones who were the most intelligent and the most educated.   This left each communist nation with an inferior gene pool and a marked inability to use logic successfully except as a means of rationalization.   Consequently, the communists used (and still use) subterfuge, intimidation, ridicule, and force to attain their ends.

Marx is a perfect example of a man who was unable to cope in the world, a markedly inferior individual who talked and wrote about theories others propounded and that he managed to synthesize into his own incorrect theories.   Marx did nothing with his life other than create something that could be used as an excuse for those who were likewise inadequate.   He was expelled from several universities and never obtained even a modest education, he would not work to support his family, three of his children died of starvation, two others committed suicide, and his poor wife was evicted along with their children when Marx went on drunken sprees with his friends.   Marx can best be described as a ne'er-do-well who drank too much, was socially irresponsible, extremely self-centered, selfish, and a wart on the nose of humanity.   Yet communists are so ill-informed and illogical as to follow a man like Marx who could not even take the trouble to be a decent human being.

When you see ridicule used as Obama did during his campaign on numerous occasions, it was usually done because he had no way to counter a logical argument and wished to be sure that the subject was not mentioned again except as an object of ridicule.   Alinsky taught this technique to his pupils and Obama was recognized as an excellent student of Alinsky's techniques.

Removing Freedom of Speech

Obama's tactics have been to use every means available to prevent any opposition through speech.   Since he has been elected, the communists in power in the House and the Senate - Pelosi, Feinstein, Reid, and others - are planning to reinstate the so-called "Fairness Doctrine", which is a means of muzzling talk radio which is the last refuge for conservative views with the possible exception of Fox News (which seems to be turning more to the left every day).   In communist nations, the media is owned by the communist government and only communist propaganda is allowed to be aired.   Since almost all of the U.S. media is now owned by communist billionaires, their foundations, or their subsidiaries, the effect is essentially the same as government ownership.

In the United States today (the year 2008), most of the population uses three television networks which broadcast through the ether.   These are owned by the leftists.   The general population in the United States are not wealthy enough to afford cable or satellite television where the Fox News channel can be accessed - and even if they did have cable or satellite TV, there are a multiplicity of other channels which are leftist on cable and satellite TV as well as Fox News.   This means that the majority of the people in the U.S. are getting leftist propaganda whenever they turn on their TV sets.   Some listen to talk radio and are able to obtain information that the communists leave out of their broadcasts.   If the "Fairness Doctrine" is established and enforced, only a few newspapers and magazines will be left before the communist takeover is complete.

More the details can be seen in the back-up material below.


We all knew that foundation aid can increase measurably
the pace of any social tendency, but we don't seem to know
when this artificial acceleration ceases to be desirable.
                                                                          F. P. Keppel, President of the Carnegie Corporation

Foundations such as Bill Clinton's are not required to publicize where money donated to them comes from - while donations from sources donated directly to a political campaign supposedly must be listed and the donor's name and address given.   Donations from foreign countries are supposedly illegal, but the law is not enforced and Obama had many non-listed donations during his campaign for President.   Therefore, foundations can accept money from any source such as organized crime, a communist nation, whatever, and then donate that money either to another foundation or directly to a political campaign.   This is money-laundering through foundations or like organizations and was used by the Clintons to obtain campaign donations from China - among other donors.

James Riady pleaded guilty in 2001 to a "conspiracy to defraud the United States" through illegal campaign contributions to the campaigns of Bill Clinton and other Democrats.   Riady was also connected to a campaign by the Clintons to sell out our nation's security to Chinese government officials and their front men in exchange for millions of dollars in campaign contributions for the Clintons and other Democrats.   Johnny Chung, a former Clinton donor who was working with a Chinese general to give contributions to the Clinton's, put it this way: "The [Clinton] White House is like a subway.   You have to put in coins to open the gates."   Now, Hillary apparently has seen to it that Riady could re-enter the United States after having been banished for his crimes.

When Hillary was asked to be the new Secretary of State, Bill Clinton was asked to tell us what money was being donated to his foundation lest Hillary have a conflict of interest.   Under pressure, Bill was willing to disclose some of his donors.   The government of Saudi Arabia gave between $10 million and $25 million, government agencies in Australia and the Dominican Republic gave similar amounts, the government of Norway gave between $5 million and $10 million, and the governments of Kuwait, Qatar, Brunei, and Oman each gave $1 million and $5 million.   In addition, there were large donations from a businessman close to the one-time ruler of Nigeria, a Ukrainian tycoon who was the son-in-law of Ukraine's president, and a Canadian mining executive who was wooing Clinton for a some possible contracts involving uranium.   Also, the Dutch national lottery gave between $5 million and $10 million.   This shows just what a foundation can do as a money-laundering firm for political donations.   It also shows that Hillary does have a conflict of interest if she takes the job.

Another good example of this is found in the November 17, 2008, issue of National Review in an article written by John J. Miller titled Giving Liberally.   Much of what follows comes from that article.   It may be an explanation of how communist moles work as well.   There are many more details in the article and we highly recommend National Review as a source of excellent information.

In 1961, Herbert and Marion Sandler were married.   Herb was a real-estate lawyer and Marion analyzed securities.   In 1963, they bought a savings and loan company that had two branches, twenty-five employees, and assets worth about $34 million.   Herb administered the company while Marion was the marketer.

For a long time they were very conservative in making residential loans and managing the company's assets.   The company grew rapidly and, in 1991, they established the Sandler Family Support Foundation (recently re-named the Sandler Foundation).

The conservatism of the Sandlers changed as they grew in wealth.   They began to specialize in adjustable rate mortgages, lending to people with weak credit scores in places where housing prices were in decline.   The company became a "ticking time bomb".

In 2006, the Sandlers sold the company (Golden West Financial) to Wachovia.   At that time, Golden West was supposedly worth $25 billion.   The Sandlers received $2.4 billion from the sale, most of which went into their foundation.   The house of cards the Sandlers had sold to Wachovia contributed greatly to the economic crisis in September of 2008.   The Sandlers did well from the suffering they created for others.

The Sandler Foundation has give millions to Democrats' campaigns and organizations which, among other things, aid in electing people like Obama, provide legal aid to terrorists, promote abortion services, loan to those who are poor credit risks, attempt to prevent discipline from being administered to children in schools, etc.

In 1997, the foundation was giving away $5.5 million annually.   Today, the Sandler Foundation is one of the leading sponsors of left-wing activism in the United States, spending millions upon millions of dollars on groups whose activities undermine the economic system that made the foundation's existence possible.

The question remains in the minds of some (not so much in mine) - "Are the Sandlers conscious agents of international communism or merely do-gooders who are no wiser than a bull in china shop?"

George Soros is possibly the wealthiest man in the world.   He and his minions have created numerous organizations to launder dollars and promote socialism through undermining the economies of nations who are capitalistic.   While Saul Alinsky is considered the architect of the most successful form of radicalism, Soros is considered its major source of power.   However, Soros does not stop at undermining capitalism and even uses capitalism to undermine communist nations - provided that Soros can gain either more power, more money, or both.

One must remember that international communism - or whatever its people call themselves - is devoted to an eventual communistic world government, a government monopoly on everything that is administered through government committees and dictated by one or a few individuals.   It is believed that Soros would like to be the dictator of the world government as would Putin.

List of Soros funded organizations


The Organized Labor Movement

It is necessary to withstand all of this, to agree to any and every sacrifice, and
even - if need be - to resort to all sorts of devices, maneuvers and illegal methods,
to evasion and subterfuge, in order to penetrate into the trade unions,
to remain in them, and to carry on Communist work in them at all costs.
                                                                                                                                    Nikolai Lenin

The above quote is over half a century old and explains what has happened since in both trade unions and teachers' unions.   No more need be said.   Today, the unions use dollars from all of their members - not just those who agree to have their money spent that way - to back the communist (Democratic Party) candidates in elections.

Bogus Charities and Causes

Going hand-in-glove with the use of foundations is the use of causes to obtain money from the public.   When a possible cause is discovered, one communist operative chooses one side while another chooses the other side.   Literature is sent to likely prospects requesting donations.   The donations, when they arrive, are either added in major part or completely to the communist cause.   Certain buzz words are found to be most useful - for instance, the use of "Christian" in the name of the organization or the supposed cause makes more people donate.   Often, the organization soliciting donations is only a post office box which is opened periodically to take out the donations.   However, some organizations are more thorough in gaining legal status and actually do send from one to ten percent of the take to the place the donor expects it to go.

Legal Bullying

The U.S. legal system is designed to allow both sides of a case to appeal to a higher court when a lower court's decision is deemed insufficient.   This was originally conceived as a means to obtain justice.   However, due to the expense of continuing a case, as a rule, only the wealthiest side can afford to continue funding a case as it is appealed through the various levels.   Most of the manufacturers of private aircraft were sued by greedy people in the last few decades - and even though most of the lawsuits should never have begun, the costs eventually drove the innocent manufacturers out of business.   The same tactics were used by the leftists against firearms manufacturers in an effort to get rid of guns in the United States.   The motive for these lawsuits was in clear violation of the second amendment of the U.S. Constitution, the right to keep and bear arms - yet the communist left succeeded in some cases and crippled even those who were able survive.

Again, the back-up material below gets into more of this kind of thing in detail.   If you play poker, you know that you should never get into a poker game without a limit on raising.   The U.S. legal system in most states is like a poker game without a limit on raising.   The wealthiest side usually wins because sooner or later the raise is too high for anyone to call.   The socialist/communist billionaires with their foundations can provide plenty of cash for raises (legal appeals) while the defending individual or company cannot.   Class action lawsuits fueled by leftist propaganda follow in the same mold.

In all such cases, legal means are used to exhaust the funds of the opposition and the greed of most trial lawyers strongly aids the communists - who exploit human weaknesses whenever possible.

Bogus Candidates

In the primaries, the leftists have spent huge amounts to fund the campaigns of leftists running against real Republicans.   By the time the primaries are finished, either the leftist candidate has won, or the real Republican is almost out of funds for the November election campaign.   Since the leftists have plenty of funding through money laundered and given to them illegally, they can often win this way.   A perfect example of this has been the McClintock campaign in California where he has had to fight against Charlie Brown (a leftist) after becoming exhausted while fighting against another leftist in the Republican primary.

Twisting the Truth

Perhaps the most important part of deciding for whom to vote is knowing the nature of the candidates.   This most assuredly includes their past record of friends, acquaintances, business associates, and actions.   Without that knowledge of the candidates, one knows nothing except the candidate's appearance and what he claims for the future if he wins.   This like buying a used car without checking the brakes, the engine, and the tires.

Obama agreed early on to go with public financing - and he broke his word after McCain had committed himself to use public financing.   Obama and McCain also agreed that they would not use personal attacks against one another.   McCain kept his word even to the ridiculous point of not confronting Obama (except superficially) about his past.   When Obama's past is reviewed it is obviously one of communist associations and actions, a past that indicates B.O. is far more dangerous than any serial killer.   Much of the detail is given in the back-up material below.   More is given in the report of the contents of Saul Alinsky's two books and Alinsky's associations.

When a youth is first investigated before he can be considered a candidate for a service academy, the FBI checks out everything they can about him and his parents.   If something is suspicious in the youth's background, he is not allowed to continue as a candidate - because he will be exposed to top secret material.   The same is true of an officer in service or an enlisted man who must deal with secret information.   Obama could never pass a security check by the FBI - yet he will now be trusted with all of our secrets.

Yet, when this was mentioned during the election, he turned it aside as a "personal attack" with no relevance to the issues.   Nothing could be further from the truth.   But the hypnotized B.O. worshippers bought it - which shows just how ignorant and gullible a majority of our youth has become - since it was the youth votes that did the most for B.O.

The Bald-Faced Lie

The American public will accept a lie if it is told often enough and by enough people.   Seeing the lie in print helps, but the best way is to place the lie on a medium where it can be shown like a movie.   This is not new, but has been used very effectively against Palin especially.   See some of the details in the back-up material below.   The object is to make the opposition spend all of the their time and money in defending against the lie.

Michael Moore, perhaps the greatest example of a bald-faced liar with his leftist films, has publicly admitted that he hates capitalism and hope the economic crisis will herald the end of it.   He and the Castro brothers get along so well that there is little doubt what Michael is.

Although "torture" at Guantanamo has been discussed in many places and at many times, perhaps the most concise treatment of the bald-faced lie presented by the communists/Democrats is found in a single, long paragraph in National Review which follows.

Democrats are intent on cultivating a mythology of torture to discredit George W. Bush's administration, and the latest epistle of their faith is Senator Carl Levin's misleading and relentlessly partisan report, Inquiry into the Treatment of Detainees in U.S. Custody.   Contrary to the report, the Bush administration did not "redefine" detainee-treatment law; it undertook to determine precisely what the law says and whom it covers.   Neither did the Bush administration negate the Geneva Convention's Common Article 3, which requires that the prisoners it covers be "treated humanely".   By definition, al-Qaeda is not qualified for Geneva protections because it is a terrorist organization.   Nonetheless, the Bush administration made humane treatment of Qaeda prisoners a matter of policy.   Three al-Qaeda captives have been waterboarded during interrogations, a practice that Congress has declined to criminalize.   The abuse of prisoners is not to be tolerated - and under the Bush administration it has not been: Dozens of U.S. military personnel have been disciplined and a number tried in courts-martial.   There is a world of difference between freelance wrongdoing at the hands of a miniscule proportion of soldiers at Abu Ghraib and a government policy of torture.   The Democrats' attempt to conflate the two is a shameless elevation of politics over the sometimes unpleasant necessities of national defense.   [Of course, most of the current Democrats are either communists or "useful idiots" of the communists - and have a goal of allowing al-Qaeda operatives to operate freely in the U.S. to help bring about its downfall.   Another objective of the communists in our legislature is to demonize the President so that the less mentally capable in our nation will begin to hate America - and this lie aids in accomplishing that objective.]

Demonizing a Symbolic Figure

This tactic is a long-term type that Alinsky explains in detail in his book, Rules for Radicals.   Since it is nearly impossible to destroy or defeat an opponent when it is a large organization (it has too many parts), one chooses a public figure who is symbolic of the organization.   When the Republican Party was the target, President Bush was the logical choice.   The communist left in the United States took great pains to demonize President Bush with bald-faced lies repeated over and over again until one wonders if Bush did not believe them himself.   Once Bush was sufficiently unpopular, B.O. was able to link McCain to Bush and claim it was a Bush surrogate that was his opponent.

Michael Moore's film is an excellent example of this technique as is the plot to blame Bush for the 9-11 attack.

See Weapons of Mass Destruction - Iraq for a part of the truth behind the big lie "Bush lied, people died".

Attacking Traditions

When communist agents in the Republican Part altered the Pledge of Allegiance it 1954 by inserting the phrase "under God", they were setting the stage for a future effort to undermine Judeo-Christian tradition in the United States.   The Pledge had been written by a Baptist minister who knew better than to set one American against another by inserting something that was (1) unnecessary since the Pledge was for ALL AMERICANS and had nothing to do with religious preference or non-preference, (2) would indicate the same egotistical conceit as praying for victory in a football game, and (3) would eventually be perceived as setting up a state religion (which the founding fathers did not want).   The original Pledge, without the offending phrase in it, had been very effective for 57 years and tampering with it was liking "fixing" the Mona Lisa.

Needless to say, the Pledge was eventually ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court as it should have been - on the grounds that the phrase "under God" shows a religious preference in a nation that is supposed keep state and religion separate.

Subsequent to the Supreme Court ruling and the result of our not having a Pledge of Allegiance any longer, the communist agents and their dupes in both major political parties did nothing to remove the unconstitutional phrase.   Had they done so, the original Pledge would have once again been allowed in our schools and in other public places.   The communists had triumphed - especially because our children could now be better indoctrinated with communism.

Going a step too far, the traditional symbols were attacked.   The ten commandments have much to do with our traditional justice system and their presence in courthouses was presented by the communists as religious bigotry.   Pagan Yule trees which Christians call Christmas trees are a tradition in the United States that may be an expression of Christianity if one chooses to call it that, but regardless it is a form of expression that is allowed under the Constitution - as is all religious expression that does not use public funds in areas where much of the populace does not want it.   For most of the public, Yule trees are traditional for the winter solstice holiday season.   The celebration of Christmas itself is now under attack as well.   In a nation where the Bill of Rights allows people to have freedom of religion, and religious tolerance is a must, people have the right to celebrate their religion or lack thereof as they choose so long as their celebration does not cause harm to others.

Attacking national traditions of any kind is a way to remove the fabric of nationality so that the communists can better train our youth to accept a communist world government (the United Nations) in which the United States must play a subservient role.   It is communist "tradition" to eliminate nationalism wherever it is found so that a their world government, inferior though it may be, can dominate.

A world government, as opposed to various nations with their own traditions, is a means of making us all the same without various preferences and choices.   Such a world would be boring and mentally stifling.   The old Soviet Union was such a world insofar as it was possible for the Russians to enforce their will upon others.   The result was that those within the Soviet Union wanted to escape (they were not allowed to do so).   The greatest overriding argument between socialism and capitalism is what one person calls the "gate test".   When one opens the gate on a fence surrounding a nation, which way do people go - in or out?   The socialist-communist gates are there to keep their populations in - and when the gates are open, the people rush out.   The capitalist free-enterprise gates are there to keep people from other nations out - and when the gates are open, people rush in.

Destruction or Manipulation of the Voting System

The purpose of voter registration fraud and voter fraud is to either elect a candidate that will completely change the nature of our economic/political system or destroy that system altogether.   Saul Alinsky, B.O.'s mentor, stated that an organization must be disorganized (destroyed as an organization) before it can be organized.   If destruction of the validity of the voting system can destroy the current organization of the U.S. political system, that political system can be supplanted by communism.   Destroying the validity of our voting system is one of the purposes of ACORN - which has been caught instigating both registration fraud and voter fraud.   ACORN is a brainchild of the far left which includes George Soros.   Its agents have been trained by B.O.

Early voting is a means of preventing the voters from learning everything about the candidates and the issues before they vote.   Only when someone cannot vote in person on election day should early voting be allowed.   B.O. found that by entreating his followers to vote early, he could be sure that they would not change their minds when the full extent of his communist connections and teachings were discovered.

ACORN is the most well-organized example of devotion to voting manipulation seen in the United States today.   LBJ padded his elections in Texas by having winos vote for him when they were paid off with a bottle of wine for one vote each - some of them may have voted more than once if they were sober enough to do so after drinking one bottle of wine.   This was also common practice by local politicians in New Jersey in the 1960s when I was there.   Although despicable, these instances were nothing compared to what ACORN has been doing.   We suspect that the inspiration for ACORN came from Alinsky in his Rules for Radicals where he states: A large shadow over organizing efforts, in the beginning, is, then, rationalization.   Everyone has a reason or rationalization for what he does or does not do.   No matter what, every action carries its rationalization.   One of Chicago's political ward bosses nationally notorious for his use of the chain ballot and multiple voting once unleashed a tirade well seasoned with alcohol on my being a disloyal American.   He climaxed with, "And you, Alinsky!   When that great day of America, election day, comes around - that day of the right to vote for which our ancestors fought and died - when that great day comes around you care so little for your country that you never even bother to vote more than once!"

Alinsky was an idealist - though pragmatic enough that he would stoop to unethical means when necessary to win.   He has repeatedly stated that the proper question regarding means is Does this particular end justify this particular means?   He has also stated In war the end justifies almost any means.

Politically, B.O. was raised in the atmosphere of the political machine in Chicago which was the descendant of the Mafia tradition.   B.O. has no conscience when it comes to politics because he was taught that a conscience is a weakness.   To B.O. politics is like war and most likely when he or another communist first came upon the multiple vote idea from Alinsky's writings or from one of the other Chicago politicians, he had the germ of a idea that blossomed into ACORN, a nation-wide organization that would have people of all kinds voting for him many times each.   Dead people, felons, illegal aliens, children, mental incompetents, Disney characters - all could be registered - and one live, adult person could vote for many of those who were registered illegally.   This would all be under the guise of helping the poor to vote.   Furthermore, the voters could be bussed from one precinct to another after having voted, so that they might vote again and not be recognized by anyone who had seen them vote before.   Without the requirement for photo voter ID, this was easy to do in most states.

To aid in the voting fraud was the secretary of the particular state - when the secretary of that state was a democrat.   When the circuit court justice was also a far leftist as was the case with the Ohio voting fraud, the democratic take-over was a fait accompli even though there were more registered voters than residents.

Added 12/23/12

South Carolina has passed an ID law for voters.   The Obama administration through its "Justice Department" attempted to block the law, claiming that it is discriminatory (actually, it is discriminating against those who are not eligible to vote - like dead people and Walt Disney characters).   Carolina filed a lawsuit against the Justice Department and it went to a federal court.   South Carolina won and the law will be implemented in 2013 - too late for the 2012 elections.

Partnering with the Obama administration in blocking the ID law was the NAACP, the ACLU, ACORN, and other communist-dominated groups.   Judicial Watch (JW) has been leading an investigation into the corrupt ties between the Obama Justice Department and the leftist/communist groups.   JW is suing the Obama Justice Department for records relating to illegal bullying of the State of South Carolina.

Pennsylvania has its own ID law now that is ready for implementation.   The communist/progressives/liberals claimed that voter fraud was does not exist.   An editorial by Glenn Harlan Reynolds says it all: "Current voter registration systems are flawed, with huge numbers of dead or disqualified voters still on the rolls.   And since voter ID enforcement is poor, in many places a person can simply claim to be one of those people and vote in their name with no one the wiser."

A Pennsylvania court ruled in favor of its new ID law, but an apparently liberal judge, Robert Simpson, has effectively blocked part of it.   Voters will be asked for a valid voter ID at the poll, but if they don't have one, they will be able to cast their vote in the usual manner.   This may have an effect if those without a voter ID can be listed as suspicious and investigated later.   Otherwise, the new law is meaningless until it is augmented with some teeth in it.

Judicial Watch' 2012 Election Integrity Project has "paid dividends" in Florida, Tennessee, West Virrginia, Maryland, and "elsewhere".   See

Judicial Watch has begun to discover the illegal campaign money that Obama has been receiving.   Obama has refused to tell where he obtains his campaign donations.   At least one lady from Canada has been providing donations for his re-election and states that she will continue to do so (donations from outside the U.S. are illegal).   In September alone, the Obama campaign received $1.8 dollars from small contributors who did not break the threshold dollar-wise that would cause them to declare who they were.   There was no effort to ensure the legitimacy of the donations - most came from credit cards on line.   This is just one more means of acquiring illegal funds that cannot be discovered until changes in the system are created.

The so-called Department of Justice is supposed to be enforcing the law to clean up voter rolls, but instead it is pressuring states to maximize voter registration numbers through welfare and food stamp offices... and improperly throwing out safeguards or trying to strike down safeguards against voter registration fraud.   They are working with ACORN (which is responsible for massive voter registration fraud).   As judicial watch states, it is like having the Mafia help the FBI in anti-racketeering enforcement.

The Internet site is not owned by the Obama campaign.   It is owned by Chinese-based American businessman Robert Roche, CEO of Acorn International, a large media company that is essentially another part of ACORN reincarnated.   According to Judicial Watch, at the height of the presidential campaign, 68 percent of some 2,000 visitors each day on were foreign in origin.

Representative Maxine Waters

She is a Democrat (communist) in the House who has been featured as one of Judicial Watch' most wanted corrupt politicians.   The House Ethics Committee has allowed her to escape unscathed.   Her husband held mucho stock (in excess of $350,000) in OneUnited Bank which collapsed in 2008.   Waters requested federal bailout money for that bank in which her husband served on the board of directors.   The Ethics Committee's report listed such things as "chronicle of mistakes, partisan and intraparty squabbles, allegations of racism, and bitter personal rivalries".   Waters is typical of California Democrats (communists who call themselves progressives).   First her trial was delayed, then she was tried for three counts of violating House ethics regulations with her use of power and influence on behalf of her husband's bank.   At the time of the bailout for OneUnited Bank, it was in deplorable financial condition, receiving a less than satisfactory rating.   In addition to the dollars on the bank bailout, Waters' cost the taxpayers millions in legal fees.

According to Judicial Watch, California Representative Zoe Lofgren's attempts to throw monkey wrenches into the proceedings were a problem.   Lofgren failed to issue subpoenas for records related to the issue, delayed the Ethics Committee's hearing after doing everything in her power to undermine the professional committee staff leading the investigation, and then improperly fired two attorneys working on the investigation.   Ultimately, outside counsel had to be hired to pull the investigation out of chaos.   The final result was that everyone involved got off the hook (more corrupt government action), except for a minor infraction from one of Waters aides.

The report details how she knew that her personal investment would make it unethical for her to push for the bailout.   So Barney Frank told her personally to stay out of it and that he would handle it - and he did.  

Preventing Military Personnel from Voting

Another technique - that was used in the Gore vs. Bush campaign in Florida - was to prevent the military people from voting by making certain that their absentee ballots could not be used.   It was used again during the past election.   Military people are the ones most likely to vote with their country in mind rather than for personal reasons.   Since the military people take an oath to defend the Constitution - and are usually very cognizant of what the Constitution says and why it was created - they usually vote Republican.   Therefore, it is best for the communist Democrats to have the military absentee ballots sidetracked, stalled in arriving, thrown out, or otherwise prevented from being counted.   This is an especially insidious technique because it is our military people who put their lives on the line to protect us.

In January/February Uniformed Services Journal, the legislative goals for the military include Guaranteeing the Voting Rights for Members of the Uniformed Services.   Goal: Fortify the process of military absentee ballots to make sure every vote is counted.   Objective: Gain legislation protecting members of the Armed Forces and their families from challenges to their voting rights based on spurious grounds.   Schedule a hearing on the issue.   Unfortunately, with Pelosi (female version of Lenin) in charge of the House, it is doubtful that a hearing will be scheduled there.   With Reid in charge of the Senate, the same is true.

Rewarding Illegal Aliens

B.O.'s immigration reform is a means to gain the vote of illegals so that communists (progressives, democrats, whatever) can win in the coming elections.

Rigging Our Electoral System

By manipulating the census, B.O. and his minions plan to "adjust" the electoral seats to their benefit.

Destroying the Economic System

In Stormer's later book, finished in 1989 and published in 1990, we see that Stormer is a prophet in the paragraphs he devotes to The Coming Economic Crisis.   The following words are his except for those in brackets (which are mine).

The Communist Party USA (CPUSA) is implementing the Sobolev blueprint step-by-step - "The coming national crisis" - Sobolev's first prerequisite is a recurring theme in the literature of the CPUSA.   The Reds [this is the old name for communists - in order to confuse people, the communist democrats changed the coloring of the political map] plan to exploit a coming economic crisis to produce a poitical crisis.   Following the October 1987 stock market crash, Communist Party chief, Gus Hall, opened the Party's next Central Committee saying, There is no question the stock market crash will move the date of the cyclical economic crisis up...   Monopoly capital created the crisis.   Let them pay the cost.

The Central Committee's report on the meeting amplified the theme, The crash will shake people's already shaky confidence in capitalism even more.   People will be open to new and more radical solutions.   There will be political fallout from the crisis.

The report emphasized the importance of communists being ready for a quick and determined response to the coming economic crisis.   Historically, Communist and working class revolutionary parties become mass parties on the basis of how they react in periods of crisis.   It is always the parties that respond fastest, with the clearest most popular explanations and best working class solutions that become mass parties.

The statement was drawing upon the Czechoslavakian experience.   The Czech Communist Party gained 237,384 new members in the first ten months of 1947 as the Czech crisis intensified.

The importance of using a national crisis is restated regularly in communist literature.   In the June 1989 Political Affairs, for example, Jack Kurzweil in discussing "Crises and Mass Struggle" wrote A fundamental proposition of Leninism, as I understand it, is that a cumulative crisis of the system generates divisions in the ruling class which, together with intensified mass struggle, create the opening for fundamental social change.

[Crises can have other uses too, such as that which occurred in Syria just before the U.S. forces moved into Iraq.   Saddam Hussein used it as a means to disguise his movement of weapons of mass destruction into Syria after making a lucrative business deal for them.   The details are given in Saddam's Secrets by Georges Sada.   In the case of the economic crisis of 2007, neo-communists had set the stage, and George Soros triggered the crisis at an appropriate time - so that an Alinsky-trained neo-communist could win the Presidency and neo-communists could win a huge majority of seats in Congress.]

Kurzweil added another significant facet to the concept of the coming crisis.   He anticipated that struggles over AIDS, drugs, and abortion will produce a "social crisis".   Kurzweil, a professor of electrical engineering at California's San Jose State University, was a key leader of the 1987 Marxist Scholars Conference at the University of California at Berkeley.   Kurzweil anticipates that the "social crisis" will intensify the economic and political crisis the communists are preparing to manipulate.

[The neo-communist triumverate (Obama, Pelosi, and Reid) have been using the crisis to manipulate the problem so that it will become much worse.   Most of the nation is still asleep and believes either that they are doing well to cure the problem or that they are simply too stupid to do the right thing - the fact that they know perfectly well what they are doing is not realized by the public in general.   The public has no idea that the triumverate means to destroy the economic system of America.]

The use of the crisis, as proposed by Sobolev and continually emphasized by the CPUSA, follows the clear teachings of Lenin, who said A revolution is simply not possible without an overall national crisis.

The crisis is the key.   The CPUSA anticipates using the next "cyclical economic crisis" to precipitate conditions favorable for the "peaceful transition to socialism". [This ends the words of Stormer that we have room for here.   Much was left out and we advise that people read his book for a more complete explanation.]

The communists have used credit card companies to see to it that the less mentally-capable Americans overextend their credit, pay huge amounts of interest, and become credit card "junkies".   By being heavily in debt, people can be recruited as either the "exploited poor" or "victims of the system".   People are more likely to do the bidding of the communists who pay them - and most of the time, these people do not even know that they are doing the bidding of communists.   Advertising is major means to cause people to buy things they do not need - and this is another communist tool that is fueled by greed.

ACORN was instrumental, as was B.O. and other moles in the Democratic Party, in causing the economic crisis which was followed by a socialistic "solution" to the problem (the bail-out).   The leftists (socialists, communists, whatever) generally have an insuffient grasp of capitalism and how it works.   Consequently, I do not believe that they had a clue as to how the U.S. economy is tied in with the world economy (even though they know how to destroy it).   I believe that their little trick is backfiring now - and that they will be held responsible by the public when all is said and done - they are in charge now and it is their incompetent minions that must present the excuses for their failures.

Brunner, the Democrat who is the Ohio Secretary of State, showed her true colors when she essentially refused to correct a problem with voting that should have been corrected long ago.   She saw no problem in accepting approximately 200,000 potentially illegal votes.   Had those votes been tendered by those perceived as conservatives, she would have acted in an appropriate manner according to the Constitution - but she did act in an appropriate manner for a communist who wants our government to change.   A similar problem existed in Minnesota where the executive branch of government was composed of "Democrats" (leftwing radicals).

However, the chief reason for economic chaos is found with George Soros.

Higher Taxes

When taxes are too high they cause less income for the government because businesses fail and individuals give up.   B.O. and his minions have already created a huge national debt.   Now he plans to raise taxes on the middle class as another means to destroy our economy.


By using "czars" appointed by B.O. himself, B.O. avoids Congressional oversight and obtains greater power for himself and executive branch of our government.

"Peace" Movements

There are a number of peace movements throughout the U.S. which have the goals of taking us away from areas such as Afghanistan and Iraq, weakening our military, and teaching our youth to be afraid of conflict.

For the era of the cold war, America used Strategic Air Command and nuclear-armed submarines to keep the Soviet Union at bay.   The philosophy was simple - the same philosophy needed to keep a school-yard bully at bay - an attack will not occur if the would-be attacker knows that he will be painfully repulsed.   This philosophy works well - provided people like Clinton do not hand our secrets over the Chinese or the Russians.

Peace without preparedness for war does not work and neither does appeasement.   However, the "peace" philosophers do not want us consider the alternative to certain wars.   These alternatives cause a nation to become subservient to the bully with terrible consequences for its citizens.   Wars happen because a peaceful nation is considerably weaker than an aggressor nation.

Peace itself is a consequence rather than an end.   We should ask any nation that wants us to sign a peace treaty just what they are planning to do to us that makes them fearful of our retaliation.   Peace is the consequence of mutual respect between nations.   Yet, the peaceniks are still here because we fight to preserve their right to attempt to weaken us.   The "spam blockers" in many schools are now set to stop anything going in via e-mail that mentions the word "war".   Most the people who read the incoming mail are adults in the school faculty or the school administration, and they are being carefully left out of the loop.   Reading material in the school libraries is chosen to prevent children from ever wanting to join the military.

The socialist-communists know and use the peaceniks to bring our nation down.   They always exploit our freedoms as weaknesses whenever they can.

Weakening the Military

Along with the so-called peace movement is the denigration of our military.   The communists use tactics that have been promoted and are still promoted by Bill Ayres and Bernardine Dohrn, the one-time (and perhaps still) leaders of the Weathermen (often called today the "weather underground").   Perhaps this is most concisely explained in the introduction (which follows) to a new publication by The Presidential Coalition called True and Heroic Stories from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Today, there is a war being waged in the United States on heroism.   This war isn't about the wisdom of any particular strategy or decision about Iraq - for that would be dissent, which is protected by the Constitution.   Rather, a few people in the United States, with very little, or in some cases no scrutiny from the media, are waging a war on the idea of military virtue.

More people have become aware of the war against military virtue after they heard the news of how the Berkeley City Council passed a resolution declaring that Marine recruiters who worked in a downtown office were "uninvited and unwelcome intruders".   Not content with the unethical use of their positions, they also granted parking permits to the radical anti-military group Code Pink so they could harass the soldiers and obstruct their work.   They included a noise permit and allowed Code Pink to have these privileges without paying the usual fees that the city requires.   For more detail, see Letter.

The individuals from Code Pink will claim that they merely differ with the Administration's military decisions, and that somehow throwing feces at Marines shows a broader purpose.   Protesters in Berkeley have also vandalized property by painting "Recruiters are traitors" across the front doors.   That kind of behavior, along with signs proclaiming, "Marines - the few, and the proud, are insane!" show the world that the radicals are protesting the American soldier himself - not simply President Bush's military policy.   They are opposing the soldier with a fanatical hatred.

And Berkeley is not an isolated incident.   Shortly after the controversy started, a bomb exploded at a jointly operated Armed Forces recruiting station in New York City.   At 3:45 in the morning of March 6, 2008, its detonation cracked the glass door, warped the door frame, and shattered the large-front glass window.   There have been other attacks as well, including Molotov cocktail throwing, tire slashing, and vandalism with crowbars at recruiting centers across the United States.   Columnist Michelle Malkin, after arranging an impressive timeline of violent attacks going back to 2003 and escalating in 2005, asks, "When will this escalating war end?"   She answers, "There will be no end in sight until lawmakers, law enforcement, the media, and the public open their eyes to the hate, connect the dots, and stop coddling the increasingly crazed and emboldened anti-military militants before more bombs go off - and innocents get harmed - in the name of "peace".

It is always important to honor our troops - just for the simple fact that they stand in the gap and serve.   And honor them we must - even more in the face of such dishonor and even violence - by doing all we can to protect them from outrages such as these.   But it is also important that, in addition to opposing the anti-hero forces in our culture, we inculcate in ourselves and those who are close to us a culture that acknowledges and honors real heroism.   We need to celebrate the service of our soldiers and broadcast for all to hear the acts of heroism that happen every day.

In other words, we need to learn and tell true stories of real heroism.

There are laws against obstructing traffic, spitting upon people, throwing feces at them, pushing elderly ladies down (as happened recently), vandalism, bombing buildings and people, and singling out certain groups for special anti-American privileges.   If local law enforcement will not enforce those laws, perhaps the FBI can.   "Peace" groups in times like these are not heroes.   In many cases, they are cowards who wish to act as if they are better than those who were brave enough to volunteer for military service.   They are often criminals and traitors when they act against the rights of others.   Those of us who are against the anti-American movement should understand that most of these are either communists or what communists call "useful idiots".   Such people should be treated according to their rights as citizens when they behave - but otherwise treated with the contempt that they deserve.

Subversion of "Good" Organizations

The environmentalists and those in favor of at least slowing global warming have been infiltrated by communists and used to destroy our resources and upset our economy.   By using the force of emotion, communist organizers are able to create unwise legislation which is bad for us.   Remember that the communist movement is worldwide.   An example follows.

From National Review -
Fire has been a recurring part of Australia's natural history for millions of years.   The Aborigines understood this and preemptively burned off vegetation around villages to protect themselves.   White settlers learned to take similar precautions in Australia's desert climate, but recently green activists in many areas have mandated the planting of trees and banned their removal, or even the clearing of brush.   These restrictions made the horrific wildfire in Victoria even worse and, by hastening the already rapid spread of the flames, denied residents a chance to escape.   Nobody blames greens for starting the fire, which by one estimate put as much [carbon dioxide] into the atmosphere as all of Australia's industry does in a year (it was arson, possibly related to terrorism).   But the added deaths and damage caused by reflexive tree-hugging show the harm that can result when sentiment replaces science.

[As a rule, trees are good and brush is bad.   But even the trees must be spaced far enough apart to prevent fire from spreading easily.   If the legislation that was fostered by the greens had been more specific about tree spacing and had insisted upon brush being removed, the result would have been much better.]

The National Rifle Association (NRA) has beem a staunch advocate of gun ownership in the past and has taken a stand against aggression by anti-gunners of all types.   This has made them a prime target for communist penetration within their ranks.   Now it appears that the penetration has succeeded.   For several years, the NRA has failed to move aggressively against communism in the United States.   It appears doubtful that the higher administrators in what has become a very bureaucratic organization even know that communists exist in this country.   Recently, the NRA put out some "soft" propaganda DVDs with portrayals of the Founding Fathers decidedly slanted toward the negative by leaving out certain truths.   Subsequently, the NRA leadership decided not to oppose the anti-freedom DISCLOSE Act (HR 5175) which is designed to overturn major parts of the recent Supreme Court decision which restored the ability of groups to freely criticize elected officials during a campaign.   In return, the NRA would be exempt from the negative parts of the bill, while leaving smaller groups with the same basic agenda to weather the storm.   The communists are doing what they can to gag us and the NRA seems to be in tune with their attempts to separate the opposition.

Though I have been a member since early youth, I have begun to drop my support of the NRA and send my dollars to other pro-gun organizations.   When The NRA begins to take their headman off his ivory tower long enough to see what is really going on, I might help them again.   The First and Second Amendments must be upheld if we are to be free.   Even those who do not own a firearm should be aware of this fact.


The DGI is the KGB clone that is found in Cuba.   During the 1970s, young Americans went to Cuba by circumventing the travel regulations.   They wanted to harvest sugar cane and experience the Cuban revolution first-hand.   Their Cuban hosts, tour organizers, and tour guides were all DGI officers who used this occasion as cover for training young Americans as radicals who would become members of the Weathermen.   These Americans were known as the Venceremos Brigade.   After each new group arrived, the DGI would drop everything else to do background investigations on the new arrivals to see who could be recruited - and also to gain intelligence from them.   Those recruited came back to the United States to work for the DGI in America.

Criticism by the Cubans after the first group came back to the U.S. was that they were useless - did not help with the sugar cane.   This was justified by the DGI as a means to train and politicize weathermen contacts and weathermen.   To the Americans, the Cubans had more appeal than the Soviets, so the KGB wanted the Cubans to handle the Americans.   The American revolutionaries were told that the Cubans were the vanguard of the international communist revolution, that the Russians were being used by the Cubans, and that the KGB was subservient to the DGI.   This was as the KGB wanted it to appear.

Bil Ayers and his wife Bernardine Dohrn, who headed the Weathermen (violent political activists - terrorists), constantly had new recruits from the Venceremos Brigade.   Ayers and Alinsky were polar opposites in the means to be used to overthrow the U.S. government.   Ayers wanted (and still seems to want) more violence.   Alinsky wanted (and B.O. wants) to use subterfuge rather than violence.   So today we have two sides of the same coin: those who wish to use violence and those who wish to use subterfuge to overthrow the U.S. government and economic system.

Subliminal Messages

The use of red and blue on the political maps is a subliminal message.   Red is a code word for communist.   Red was chosen for the Republican majority states rather than for the Democratic majority states so that people would not associate red with the democrats - who have become the real reds in the sense that the communists have taken over the Democratic Party.

Obama (B.O.) used a tactic identical to Adolf Hitler's in his rallies with a line of flags in the background to show B.O.'s support for America.   Look at the staging in those Obama rallies (see the pictures) and compare it to what Hitler's staging was in his rallies.   Tie this in with B.O.'s strategy and tactics and the similarities are enough to make one wonder if Hitler has be reincarnated.

Emotion must be used to cloud judgement.   It has been repeatedly shown that when emotion is invoked in some manner, the propaganda message is usually taken without analysis.   In B.O.'s half-hour presentation a few days before the election, he invoked emotion from his targets by using stories of people who needed his help and backing up the stories with music which was designed to make him seem honest and sincere.   The presentation was both visual and audial - if B.O. could have found a way, it would have been tactile as well, with flower scents.   Yet, it had no real substance insofar as addressing the issues in detail.

Candidate Gender and Color

In this last election, two democratic candidates were chosen for voter appeal: Hillary Clinton to appeal to the women and because many wanted us to have a woman for President for the first time, and Obama to appeal to the black community and because many of us wanted a black for President for the first time.   These were great choices for the communist left - because either way they could have their President in the White House.   If Obama was the one to win in the primary, and failed to be elected in November, there might be race riots - and probably some form of retaliation from some of the other nations.  

Subversion of American Youth

America is reaping the consequences of the destruction of traditional education by the
Dewey-Kilpatrick experimentalist philosophy... Dewey's ideas have led to elimination
of many academic subjects on the ground that they would not be useful in life...
The student thus receives neither intellectual training nor the factual knowledge
which will help him understand the world he lives in, or to make well-reasoned
decisions in his private life or as a responsible citizen.
                                                                        Admiral Hyman Rickover (sometime in the mid-twentieth century)

The above quote and some of what follows is from None Dare Call It Treason by John A. Stormer.   Dewey was an "educational philosopher" whose experimental philosphies in education were first tried in a model school at the University of Chicago before 1900.   The children learned nothing, but Dewey left to go to Teachers College, Columbia University (note that Columbia is perhaps the foremost communist university in the United States today) where he became the dominant figure and the most influential man in American education.

Dewey was a communist who managed to influence the do-gooders who wanted their children to succeed with as little effort as possible.   It was wrong to have children compete for grades, so the grading system should be ruled out.   It was wrong to fail a child.   Having a lower grade than another or failing to pass could hurt the child's feelings and even destroy the child's confidence.   The child should stay with his or her social group regardless of whether the child learned or not.   The purpose of education was to mold the child into a desired social model, devoid of individual characteristics.   The child would then be able to get along well with the group.   Dewey said: Education, therefore, is a process for living and not a preparation for future living.

The result of Dewey's teachings - at least in California where the children were promoted from grade even if they did not learn anything - was an adult that had no study habits, no decent attention span, no real sense of responsibility, did not know the alphabet sufficiently to look up information in an encyclopedia or dictionary, could not do simple math except with extreme effort, knew nothing of history or geography, etc.   However, the child did learn how to party, smoke, and take drugs.   Granted, there were some children who escaped this purgatory because their parents taught them what they needed to know.

For a greater understanding of how the communists have ruined our children, see Education.

The neo-communists have succeeded in taking over most of our colleges and universities.   First, one of their agents would become a faculty member or administrator of the targeted educational institution.   From this vantage point, the agent could cause friction to develop between others until at least one more resigned or was fired.   This left an opening for another leftist agent.   The process was continued until most of the faculty and administration were communists.   The youths who were naturally rebellious were cultivated and used as a political force (see Alinsky's methods) to affect the whole student body.   One can see the result when the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) is no longer allowed on campus, military men who have come back for a college degree are shunned, there are protests against recruiting centers outside of the college grounds, etc.

It is the professors who write the textbooks and the communist professors proceeded to write textbooks that were pro-socialist, anti-American, and devoid of real educational value.   This trend progressed using political correctness as a ploy until the text for K-12 were also affected.

In the meantime, the K-12 teachers' unions were infiltrated and taken over the communists and their dupes.   There were places where the state interfered and would not allow teachers to espouse political views, but this was not enough.   Furthermore, the state legislatures would eventually succumb - as was the case recently in California - and create legislation that allowed communists to teach openly in schools.

Many of the so-called spam filters for e-mail in school systems have been altered - so that any reference to something that could upset the faculty or administrators by giving them a truth - cannot pass through.   The things that are allowed to pass through the filters must be politically innocuous, mundane messages - or messages that promote communist objectives and use communist language.   It would be wrong to have a faculty member or administrator swayed by e-mails.   For instance, one of the communist objectives is to promote "peace".   The communist understanding of "peace" is the peace that comes from complete elimination of free-enterprise as would happen after a communist take-over whether violent or otherwise.   Therefore, even historical references to war cannot be allowed through the spam filters lest they say something that favors resistance to communism.

Perhaps the most shocking examply of how American youth is being affected was found when people were being asked questions after they had voted.   Voters often did not know what party currently controlled congress.   Their knowledge did not include how our federal government operates or our history.   However, they did know that Palin's clothes were expensive.

A poll was taken of Obama voters and according to that poll (Zogby's poll):
57% thought the Republicans still control Congress (note that there are only two possible answers to the question),
only 12% could identify Obama as the candidate who said that his energy policies would cause the price of electricity to skyrocket,
94% knew that Palin was the candidate with a pregnant teen-age daughter, the highest correct score recorded by the Obama voters,
86% knew that Palin was the candidate whose party bought her a $150,000 wardrobe, and
87% said that Palin was the candidate who said she could see Russia from her house - actually, it was Tina Fey who said that.

Shockingly, 97% of the voters in the sample were high school graduates - and 55% were college graduates.

When McCain voters were interviewed, there was a marked improvement.   They were at least three times more knowledgeable about the issues, government, etc.   Yet they were still less informed than they should have been.

This lack of knowledge could have been due, in part, to the fact that the media would not publish certain things and the fact that many people do not have any means of watching cable or satellite channels which have more complete information.   However, the neither the high school graduates nor the college graduates could not distinguish between important issues and fluff, and neither had kept up with the most fundamental knowledge that any voter should know (like who was the majority party in Congress).

For more see Authorizing, Brainwashing, and Using the New Gestapo and Slave Labor Force.

Public schools are essentially local monopolies on education or brainwashing that are dominated by teachers in teachers' unions.   Most Americans cannot send their children to private educational institutions where there are no teachers' unions, but some Americans are moving toward home schooling, charter schools, or schools funded by religious organizations.   This is beginning to he helpful because the lack of students in public schools (due to the drain from those going to other schools) causes lack of funds for public schools.

Other ways to take control of your childrens' education follow.

1.   Eliminate the Federal Department of Education.   Local control of education is needed to prevent the monopoly on education by this department (which has been taken over by the radical left).   Its existence is unconstitutional and it uses taxpayer dollars to brainwash your child.   Education must be controlled a local level.   Keep asking Congress to eliminate the Federal controlling body.

2.   Join your PTA and be active at school board meetings.   If you can, try becoming a member of the school board.   You can influence many people in this manner.

3.   Force teachers and school administrators to let you read the textbooks given to your children.   Most of today's textbooks are full of things that (a) blame corporations rather than socialist interference for our troubles, (b) teach children that it is best to be dependent upon an all-powerful government (preferable a world government), (c) promote the Muslim religion, (d) promote atheism, (e) alter history so that the United States can be blamed for things it did not do or did for reasons that are not shown (f) or misrepresent free-enterprise as an obsolete and evil economic system.

4.   Prevent the defunding libraries and the destruction of older books.   The United Nations and those who are its useful idiots want to dumb down our children.   The newer books have been "adjusted" by The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (*UNESCO).   Older books have either been adjusted less or not adjusted at all - which means they are usually more truthful.   There have been many new books written by authors who have political agendas - either right or left.   Some of these are very truthful and other are not.   They should be examined for their back-up data and logic before accepting their supposed veracity.

[*Since World War II, propaganda for world government under the United Nations has been added to textbook agitation for the collectivist society envisioned by Counts and Rugg.   This drive was again spearheaded by The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).   It received the official blessing of President Truman's Commission on Higher Education.   The Commission's recommendations included the following: ...Higher education must play a very important part in carrying out in this country the program developed by UNESCO... The United States Office of Education must be prepared to work with the State Department and with UNESCO.
UNESCO's program, found within a nine-volume study, included the blueprint for conditioning American children for the day when their first loyalty would be to socialistic one-world government under the United Nations.   The work of Counts and Rugg included two first steps - (1) the destruction of the United States Constitution and the free enterprise economy and (2) the merging of the United States into a socialistic world federation.   See Education, the systematic subversion of our youth.]

One should always have three mental files.   The first is for things you know to be true because you have checked them out thoroughly.   The second is for things you know to be false because you have checked them out thoroughly (this one is kept so that you know not to spend time checking them out again).   The third and largest file is for things you are not sure about, and you keep things in this file until you know enough to place them in one of the first two files.

To aid your children in their education, you should also (a) learn how to think rather than what to think (books on critical thinking can be helpful - it was once taught in most of our colleges and universities), (b) read older books on our history that have not been "adjusted" by those averse to our nation, and (c) listen to your childrens' accounts of what they are learning in school (you might discover that the teacher is teaching them the wrong things).   Since the "progressives" have been taking over education gradually, each currently-living generation has been brainwashed to some degree, including yours and mine.   I am still in the process of being de-programmed.   You should start being de-programmed as soon as possible.

When you discover that any type of school is teaching things to your children that you do not want taught, you can take steps which include removing your children from that school, exposing the school for what it is, and teaching your children yourself.   The left has been using legislation to prevent home schooling by parents.   This has been done by claiming that neither parent is not qualified as are the teachers with credentials.   In a communist-dominated state like California, this tactic is difficult to counter, but one might find someone who is "qualified" and let he or she teach the children.   Anything that works for you is worth trying.

In the case of leftist-dominated institutions of higher learning (most of our colleges and universities) where attendance is optional, one can simply prevent his children from attending, and expose the institution for what it is.   When enough funds are available, one can always send children to real American schools like Hillsdale College in Michigan.

When a college or university is exposed as dominated by administrators and faculty who are enemies of the America, it will lose students and dollars that it needs to survive.

Destroying the Elderly

The communists and those that they term "useful idiots" (idealistic converts who have been thoroughly brainwashed) have invaded and are occupying in varying degrees many of our schools - starting with kindergarten.   In these schools, assisted by textbooks which teach communism, the children are being brainwashed.   However, there is some resistance from older Americans who either know, or are beginning to discover, what is happening.   In any case, the older members of the family cause difficulties for the communists because the brainwashing of the young takes longer and requires more effort than it would be if the older people - especially the grandparents - were removed from contact with the children.   Consequently, the communists have various means to accomplish this removal of the older and wiser Americans.

1.   Social security has become a joke because either communists in the legislature, stupid legislators, or greedy legislators have stolen the money from the social security trust fund to use for other purposes.   Social security was originally a socialist invention that had some value.   However, it was altered over time and now it appears that it is completely untenable unless changed drastically.   The communists today want the social security payments to older Americans to become less and less able to keep up with inflation - and they use various means to be certain that these payments do not keep up with inflation.   By cutting off this means of support for the elderly, they prevent older Americans from surviving.

2.   Older people may also have stock in corporations as part of their savings, and have what is called "capital gains" which must be reported as income to the IRS each year.   By taxing capital gains heavily, the communists in the legislature can prevent investors from investing in American corporations and thus prevent Americans from having more jobs, prevent progress in various industries, and possibly cause enough loss in value of corporate stock to make corporations fail completely.   If the corporation has reduced earnings, the stockholders suffer from lower dividends.   If the corporation fails, the stockholders lose everything they have invested in the corporation.   The stock in corporations is often diversified in the form of mutual funds which invest in multiple corporations and sell this pre-diversified stock to the older people.   In this case, the same rules apply.   Taxation of capital gains causes older people to lose.

3.   One technique we have seen recently is to cut interest rates on savings.   The older people usually have saved money for their old age - and they survive by using interest from their savings.   In 2007, the interest rates from savings was reasonably high.   The communist-caused economic crisis and the subsequent reduction of interest on savings now (January 2009) has taken its toll so that older Americans must tap into their savings rather than live on interest from their savings.   Eventually, their savings will run out and they will either become the recipients of insufficient dollars from a socialist government or die.   This technique has another advantage for the communists in that it causes people to spend their money rather than save any of it - and to overextend their credit - ultimately causing them to lose all of their financial independence and to thus favor having a government subsidy (welfare) from a socialistic government.

4.   When the communist triumverate (Obama, Pelosi, and Reid) get around to giving us health care on a socialistic basis, we will see this technique for killing the elderly.   Socialized medicine in other countries has caused long waiting lists for health care.   By the time a person can receive care, it is often too late and the person has died.   Because the elderly usually have more health problems, this is a way for the communists to eliminate the older part of the population while keeping most of the communist-indoctrinated youth.

Controlling the Health Care System

This a means to destroy the elderly and to gain more absolute control over our lives.   It allows the government to decide who may live and who may die.   It also provides a stepping stone to knowing more about each individual.   The recently passed health care bill creates another bureaucracy that is being paid for through higher taxes and forced subscribing to health care insurance.   Aside from privacy and control issues, it bankrupts the economy and accustoms people to unconstitutional laws.

Removal of the Religious Heritage

By removing the belief in God, an afterlife, and any type of divine justice, the communists remove the ethics of our nation without giving us any in return except communist ethics which are godless and without morality except to say that anything leading to communism is good and anything else is bad.   This leads to disrespect for our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and our laws.

The United Nations was established as a precursor to world government with the United States as a subservient power.   Ultimately, the communists expect the U.N. to be socialist (communist) in nature - and people like Gyorgy Soros each expect to be the de facto dictator.

The World Federation of Mental Health has a title that sounds great.   It is part of the communist effort to undermine religion and ethics.   The following is a quote from Dr. G. Brock Chisholm, the first head of this "World Federation".   The pretense is made that to do away with right and wrong would produce uncivilized people, immorality, lawlessness, and social chaos.   The fact is that most psychiatrists and psychologists and other respected people have escaped from moral chains and are able to think freely.

Chisholm has been obsessed for years with the idea that instilling concepts of right and wrong, love of country, and morality in children by their parents is the paramount evil.   In another speech he said: The people who have been taught to believe whatever they were told by their parents or their teachers are the people who are the menace to the world.

It may be true that a some point the individual should objectively assess the values he or she was taught as a child.   Some may be without merit while others should be kept as valid concepts.   However, as a rule, certain fundamental concepts of right and wrong should be considered absolutes if we are to live in harmony together - and most religions teach these concepts - things like the Ten Commandments, the Golden Rule, or even obeying traffic laws to avoid killing or maiming others or yourself.

There are individuals like Marx, Chisholm, or other communists, who should be considered subhuman because each lacks a conscience or any means of obtaining a conscience.   Since such a person has no conscience, that person cannot understand what a conscience is, why it is needed, and why he or she is out of step with those who are complete humans.   Much of this problem is related to the fact that such people lack the ability to empathize with others.   In any case, they are subhuman and are called either psychopaths or sociopaths (those who have mental disorders typified by emotional immaturity and instability).   There are some who are harmless and others like Saul Alinsky, William Ayres, and Barack Obama, who are extremely dangerous even though they should be pitied for their lack of mental/emotional completeness.   These people have shown by their own writings and actions that they are lacking a conscience other than that provided by communist propaganda.   See Marxism for more detail.

In valid psychological studies performed on every creature from rats to humans, those without a sense of right and wrong have a greater feeling of insecurity than those who have that sense.   Children raised without lines drawn beyond which they must not go, are very insecure, while those who are punished for wrongful behavior feel very secure.   However, the most insecure are those who are punished for certain behavior one time, and rewarded for that same behavior the next time.   Those children usually grow up to be schizoid.

The Brand of "Mental Illness"

The threat of discrediting a political leader by branding him "mentally ill" was used to discredit Whittaker Chambers' testimony when it was used to unmask a high state department official, Alger Hiss, as a communist agent.   A psychiatrist who had never examined Chambers took the stand and branded him under oath as a psychopath.

The communists in our government created the 1968 Gun Control Act in which a person "adjudicated mentally defective" is prohibited from owning a firearm.   The definition of "mentally defective" was then changed to include veterans with stress from combat such a nightmares or other symptoms of a temporary nature which are not harmful to others.   Although many combat veterans have such symptoms, they are among those who perhaps know best how to safely handle a firearm.   Yet, in 1999 the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) submitted to the National Instant Check System (NICS) of the FBI the names of 90,000 veterans who were law-abiding citizens as "mentally defective".   In 2006, President Bush signed the "NICS Improvement Act", requiring the illegitimate actions of the VA to be continued.   This has had two effects.   First, it takes Second Amendment rights away from veterans who are or were reportedly suffering from combat-related mental/emotional problems, including any who decided that they needed counselling.   Second, those who know that they will be denied their rights are refusing to seek treatment.

Veterans are those who swore to uphold the Constitution against enemies both foreign and domestic.   They are more courageous and patriotic than those who fled to Canada to avoid military service or those who joined the Weathermen to agitate, riot, bomb, or kill policemen.   Therefore veterans are the natural enemies of the communists in the United States.   So it is quite apparent why the communists in our government - whether bureaucrats, legislators, judges, or members of the current administration - want to take away the veterans' firearms.

On June 4, 1989, university students in Communist China realized the consequences when the only ones to have firearms are those in the government.   Student protesters in the Tiananmen Square were attacked with guns and tanks.   Thousands of defenseless people were killed.   Justice Sonia Sotomayor has rejected the idea of peoples' rights coming from God.   She believes that peoples' rights come from the government.   In United States v. Sanchez-Villar (2004) she stated that "the right to possess a gun is clearly not a fundamental right."   This is typical of communists who want us to be slaves of the federal government rather than the federal government being composed of our elected employees working for us.

The Trojan Horse

The legislation for healthcare is a trojan horse that, according to the communists in our government, will save us money on healthcare and give us better care.   Actually, it is a way for the government to have more control over the people, to systematically eliminate the elderly (they are wiser and more difficult to control than the young folks), and to take away guns from the populace.

For many years, certain doctors offices and clinics have been forcing people to sign statements before they are accepted for treatment.   One of the questions asked is whether there are firearms in the patient's home.   The patient must sign truthfully under penalty of perjury.   This, combined with the proposed healthcare bill will let the government know who has firearms - which is almost the same as firearm registration.   In every country where fascism, nazism, or communism has taken over, the people were first told that they must register their firearms.   This was followed by firearm confiscation - and then it was too late for the people to resist.


Drug traffic, including the use of alcohol, is encouraged by the communist left in the United States and attempts to curb it have been blocked whenever possible.   The use of drugs by American youth cripples them and gives communist agents a means of controlling them when deemed appropriate.   Older people can become addicts as well, but they are usually not as easily influenced to become addicted.   Even so, during the youthful years, many were addicted and could be used later as moles, espionage agents, etc.   See Higlights and Comments on KGB Connections or read The Sword and the Shield for more detail.

The greatest influx of drugs pushed in the U.S. today comes from Cuba either directly or indirectly.   The Castro brothers have been a cancer in the Western Hemisphere that has been spreading throughout Central and South America, and is threatening the U.S.

Cigarettes (nicotine addiction) was used recently to buy more signatures for voter registration by ACORN.

Removal of Older Books and Public Libraries

The newer books that have been written or published by either the communists or their "useful idiots" have altered facts or simply left out facts that can be discovered in the older books.   This is especially true of reference texts like encyclopediae or dictionaries.   Consequently, there is an effort by communists to eliminate libraries' funds.   This causes the libraries to throw out their older books because they lack storage facilities.   Better yet, the libraries can sometimes be eliminated altogether which denies knowledge.   This means that knowledge of the sciences and math - as well as other subjects - are denied Americans.

Demonizing Classic Literature and Authors

The following is an example of how some of our best essays and books can be eliminated from our society while promoting socialism and communism.

This was a review from the Library Journal above the product details.   It was not part of the customer reviews where one might expect weird opinions. The review was on The Virtue of Selfishness by Ayn Rand who has written books that were part of mandatory reading for many college courses before the colleges were taken over by communists and radical Moslems.   The review refers to the audio cassette version.

"The problem with Rand is easily detectable by careful listeners of this production: a good essayist with a flair for the dramatic turn of a phrase, she wasted her obvious writing skills in an effort to support outlandish personal opinions cloaked in the guise of logic.   An absolutist thinker, she devotes one whole essay to an effort to persuade us that we really should see things as black and white, with no shades of gray.   Born in Soviet Russia, Rand so despised socialism and collectivist thinking that she leapt to the furthest extreme possible to become the champion of unbridled capitalism, the rights of the individual at the expense of the community, and the dimunition of all regulation by the state, with the exception of a judicial system and the control of crime.   Among the sadly dated ideas she conveys are the attitude that homosexuals are mutant symptoms of a sick society and the belief that anyone with an interest in internationalism is a "one world" proponent.   To use one of her own favored words, Rand's political and social philosophy is critically "muddled".   C.M. Herbert's voice is efficient and cold, making it a perfect choice for narration of this author's work.   Recommended only as a documentation of an anomaly in the history of ideas."

The product description of the Kindle Edition states: "Ayn Rand here sets forth the moral principles of Objectivism, the philosophy that holds man's life - the life proper to a rational being - as the standard of moral values and regards altruism as incompatible with man's nature, with the creative requirements of his survival, and with a free society."

Anyone who is familiar with the writings of Ayn Rand will realize the nature of the those who are writing the review and product description.   For the rest, it would be wise for you to read firsthand what she writes.

Using America's Other Enemies

In the last few years, radical Islamists have been acting as allies to the communists.   If the free nations are finally crushed, the communists will be fighting against Islam in the United States just as they are in Russia today.   However in the meantime, the radical Islamists can be used as pawns of the communists.

The black community is often the target for conversion to radical Islam.   The blacks are told that they were exploited by the whites who invented slavery.   Historically, black slavery began with one black African tribe enslaving those of another black African tribe.   The Arabs moved in and began buying slaves from the blacks - and selling those slaves at a profit to anyone interested in having slaves.   Sometimes, those interested were American white people.   But it was American whites at the time of the Civil War that freed the slaves in America so that America became one of the first nations to help the blacks upward.   However, the history texts today will not tell the truth because they have been altered by communists or those the communists call "useful idiots".

It is interesting to note that one Arab ruler, after Obama's election as President, referred to Obama as a black houseboy.   This was explained as happening because the Arabs have no other words for blacks - whom they bought, sold, and kept as slaves.

The blacks have had a long and difficult road upward - and they still have a problems in some areas.   However, their plight in America is not as bad as the communist propaganda would have us believe - and their conversion to radical Islam will only obstruct their overall rise in a country that is willing to help them.   Eventually, more of the blacks will realize that they have been duped by the communists in the United States.   Many of them know this already.   When the disillusionment reaches critical mass, the communists in America will be very sorry they ever attempted to exploit the American blacks.


Alinsky taught his students to "feint" before committing themselves.   He used different words, but essentially he taught a three-step method that could be extended to more steps if necessary.

1.   Mention a particular subject or issue in an ambiguous manner.

2.   Watch for the reaction from those who are against your actual (but not disclosed) inner agenda.

3.   Use your opponent's reaction to dictate how to proceed - and proceed in a way that does not disclose your agenda and still lets you gain your ends.

If necessary, repeat the above until you have gained your ends.   This goes hand-in-glove with an Alinsky requirement for his students: the organizer (student) must be "A well-integrated political schizoid".   This means that the student must be able to further goals, policies, and supposed truths, while not believing in any of them.

In B.O.'s campaign, he first put forth subjects in an ambiguous manner that allowed people to believe that he might be in favor of what they wanted.   Next, B.O. assessed the reaction of the different groups.   He repeated this procedure until he was certain of how to address each group in a way that would get him elected.   Finally, he told each group what they wanted to hear (usually without very much detail).   And, of course he did this with sufficient emotional content to prevent them from thinking clearly.

First Socialism

Socialism is the road to Communism.   By taking over our industries and our banking system as has happened with our auto industry and our banks, two important areas have become socialistic (government controlled).   When the government has taken over all areas, we will have communism (government control of everything).

The communists in the U.S. are trying (and succeeding in many instances) to end the principle of equal justice under the law.   Instead, we will have "social justice" which is redistribution of the wealth.   The appointment of Supreme Court justices like Sonia Sotomayor is another example of "adjusting" the Constitution until it is no longer that of a free-enterprise nation.

Taking Over the Justice System

Infiltration of the FBI (especially the ATF) and the CIA began long ago with communist agents and radical muslims having a measurable influence.   The appointment of Eric Holder as our Attorney General by Obama is one of the latest examples of the anti-American take-over.   Holder, under Obama's orders, started operation "Fast and Furious" which forced gun dealer to give at least 2,000 guns to drug lords in Mexico and blamed the gun dealers for the ensuing murders.   Before that, there was Janet Reno - with Holder as her deputy - who was responsible for the murders of boy and his dog, and his mother with a baby in her arms while enforcing an unconstitutional law (this was the Ruby Ridge incident).   There was the Waco massacre by the BATF in which a tank was used to kill women and children also under Reno and Holder.

Currently, the ploy is to bribe police chiefs and take over the local local police forces so that Obama and Holder or their future agents can have their own private army.   This is being opposed by honest policemen.

The FBI has always been plagued with stupidity to some degree (which does not help).   Perhaps the best example was when the "Confederate Air Force" was investigated as a revolutionary organization bent upon the destruction of the union.   Any fool with half a brain could see that it was merely a patriotic organization headquartered in the South and dedicated to preserving old military aircraft for historical purposes.   It was forced to change its name to the "Commemorative Air Force" (which irritated myself and many others) just to be sure that the FBI would not continue to harass its members.

The CIA and possibly the FBI as well have been using interpreters who are muslims.   The interpreters cannot be understood by those who speak only English, so they can say what ever they want and their translations will be accepted.

Holder has seen to it that the Justice Department has a higher administration that will agree with his anti-American agenda.   He has defied Congress regarding operation "Fast and Furious" until he was cited with "contempt of congress".   Obama used executive privilege to prevent further incriminating disclosures.   Holder has refused to prosecute any black thugs who forcibly prevent or intimidate right wing people from voting.   The New Black Panthers and the SEIU have a free rein to do whatever they wish, knowing Holder will drop all charges against them.

We need a new President who is not a communist or muslim agent, and who will appoint a new attorney general able to fire and prosecute the agents who have infiltrated the Justice Department and the U.S. government at all levels.

As of 12/23/12 - The FBI

A meeting between FBI Director, Robert Mueller, and Muslim organizations (at least some of whom have ties to terrorist organizations) took place just prior to the FBI's decision to purge the FBI training curricula of material deemed "offensive" to Muslims.   According to Judicial Watch (JW), the decision by the FBI to bow down to Muslim whims is irresponsible at best and flagrantly dangerous at worst.

This just another example of "political correctness" that is being pushed by those who want to destroy America.   It is blatantly evident in a cultural sensitivity program held for the United States Departmend of Agriculture (USDA).   Souder, Berances & Associates (principal owner is Samuel Berances) is a Chicago-based company that offers this "diversity training".   The USDA secretary, Tom Vilsack, wishes to "culturally transform" the USDA.   A whistleblower notified JW about this compulsory national USDA training program that allegedly requires staffers to bang on tables while chanting in unison that America's Founding Fathers were illegal immigrants.

12/23/12 - The USDA

Under the Freedom of Information Act, JW received 46 pages from one division of the USDA, the Food & Nutrition Service (FNS).   This division alone spent $2,350.97 of taxpayer money to send Vincent Loran, the division's Training Administrator, to Skokie, Illinois, for the three-day diversity training course.

On Oct 10, 2011, USDA Training Administrator, Vincent Loran, emailed Berances for a copy of a video documenting a training session on USDA premises.   Loran promised to keep the video secret (it is still secret).   On Jan 17, 2012, Loran begins his message "Bendicion Papa" ("Blessings Father") and closes the letter "Se te quiere mucho" ("I love you").   This is a strange way to begin and end a business letter - reminescent of the Mafia.   Berances is a Harvard grad who describes himself as a "biracial, bicultural, and bilingual citizen of the world" (translated, this usually means he is in favor of world government with the U.S. kowtowing to it).   Betances' biography states that "he is a great motivator who rose out of the bowels of inner city poverty, stigma of minority group status, violence, and illiteracy in two languages".

In April, 2009, USDA Secretary, Tom Vilsack, sent a memo to all agency employees announcing a "new era of Civil Rights" at the USDA, as seen at its website: "Our efforts to tackle our history of civil rights are part of a broader effort towards cultural transformation at the USDA".

According to JW, in addition to diversity training, the USDA diversity initiative includes public education campaigns; the settlement of class action lawsuits for minority populations such as Native American and Hispanic farmers, gay; lesbian, and bisexual diversity programs; and streamlined systems for processing of civil rights complaints and "special events".

In the USDA's Cultural Transformation Newsletter of April, 2011, is an FNS event called a "Taste of Culture" where 300 USDA employees were treated to a "tasty celebration" of dishes from around the world, dancing lessons from Vincent Loran, and rap music by another USDA employee about his feelings on human differences.   This is just one more example of taxpayer dollars wasted or worse.

Blacklisting, Boycotting, and Killing

The Effect of Enemy Agents in the U.S. Defense Department and the World

CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations is targeting American heros in an effort to prevent American youth from knowing historical truths about the U.S. and being inspired by patriotic Americans.   One example was the prevention of General Jerry Boykin, a highly decorated special operations professional and counter-terrorism expert, from speaking at West Point.

CAIR does not like General Boykin because "he is a devoted Christian who has publicly expressed deep concerns about the threat America faces here at home and around the world from radical Islam."

According to Oliver North and his Freedom Alliance, Boykin is a founding member of the elite DELTA Force, a former commander of the Joint Special Operations Command, and a former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence.   But bureaucrats in the Defense Department who are willing to go along with - or may be - radical muslims have prevented Boykin from educating our future military leaders.

Other examples follow (most from Free Alliance literature).

1.   In 2010, the Pentagon issued - and subsequently withdrew - an invitation for Franklin Graham (Billy Graham's son) to speak at the Department of Defense National Day of Prayer.

2.   In 2010, Tony Perkins, a former marine and head of the Family Research Council, was invited to speak at a prayer luncheon at Andrews Air Force Base.   But when Obama subjected out military to open homosexuals, Mr. Perkins pro-family message was deemed too controversial - and his invitation was rescinded.

3.   Just recently, the United States Air Force ordered removal of a reference to God in the patch logo for the Air Force Rapid Capabilities Office.   The patch logo was changed after a military atheist group, the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers, protested the reference to God on the patch.   The patch has a Latin saying on it, which is common for military patches, that translates to Doing God's Work with Other People's Money.

4.   Major Nidal Malik Hasan, in an obvious terrorist attack, killed 14 soldiers and civilians, and wounded 43 others at Fort Hood.   Hasan was tutored by a radical Muslim cleric, Anwar al-Awlaki, who helped guide the attack.

5.   In February, author Salman Rushdie withdrew from a "virtual" appearance at India's Jaipur Literature Festival because Muslim organizations threatened bloodshed.   Since publishing "Satanic Verses" in 1988, Rushdie has received numerous death threats.   Since then, Rushdie rarely appears in public.

6.   Dutch politician Geert Wilders lives under constant threats against his life because of his outspoken views on Islam and his cautions about "Islamification in the Netherlands".

7.   Ayaan Hirsi Ali, another Dutch political figure who grew up in Somalia, once practiced Islam before renouncing it.   Now in the United States, she authored the screen play for Theo van Gogh's film, Submission, a documentary about the abuses women suffer in Islamic societies.   The movie brought death threats against Ali.   Theo van Gogh was murdered in Amsterdam in 2004 by "a young man of Moroccan origin bent on jihad."

8.   Recently, four Americans (including the U.S. ambassor to Libya) were murdered by radical Muslims.   At the same time, over 400 U.S. embassies and like establishments were threatened by radical Muslims.   This happened on 9/11 in 2012 and was anticipated by those in jeopardy.   Yet the U.S. State Department, under Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration, did nothing to prepare for such an eventuality and nothing to interrupt it when it was happening.   Obama was a Muslim at birth (they are not allowed to leave that "religion") and Clinton was active in radical Muslim organizations when in college.   It is obvious that the U.S. State Department has been badly infected.   Both Obama and Clinton are responsible for the murders and carnage even though al Qaeda operatives physically did the deeds for them.   But Obama can't admit that the terrorists are still at war with us because he had supposedly stopped the terrorists and stated that there was no war on terror.

It has now been revealed that those who were protecting the ambassador were under seige for over 7 hours, had asked numerous times for help, and were using laser beams to target enemy mortar positions in hopes that an AC-130 would eliminate those positions.   An AC-130, attack helicopters, and fighter jets were available that could have saved those who were murdered.   However, the military was told to stand down because this was "not a terrorist act".   There have been other instances where Obama could be tried for murder, but these were indirect and less obvious.

9.   A fifteen-year-old Muslim girl was shot in the head not long ago for speaking out against those who would not allow women to be educated.   The details are too disgusting to be shown here.   Suffice to say, the law in Muslim nations is such that one would be stretching the truth to call Islam a religion - real religions, regardless of their other teachings, have their own equivalents of the Golden Rule.

Yet it is politically correct to never mention a war on terror against radical Muslims.   "Political correctness" is a license to lie.   It should be called simply "political lying".

Jailing His Enemies
The National Defense Preparedness Order

Bear in mind that Obama now has the power to use the military to arrest and jail his enemies (and use them for slave labor) - and to keep them forever under lock and key.   He is just waiting until the election of 2012 is over to begin to be more obnoxious - assuming that he wins.   He may even decide to use this power to a greater degree if he loses the election (he is already using it to a lesser degree now).   All he needs is something he can call an emergency.

On March 16, Obama signed an executive order (EO) that his press secretary said was routine business.   However, this one differs from similar EOs signed by past presidents.   Brandon Turbeville explains correctly most of what it does in an article he wrote (see

This EO allows Obama to seize our infrastructure and our citizens for "military preparedness" whenever Obama wishes to do so - not just in times of war or national emergencies.   Obama and his cabinet secretaries now have the authority to confiscate and control, at any time, all our domestic resources - every means of human survival - and to forcibly draft Americans into the military or in government civilian roles (to fulfill "labor requirements" for purposes of national defense).   This control applies to every area under U.S. jurisdiction and includes all agriculture, food resources, food resource facilities, livestock and veterinary resources, plant health resources, domestic distribution of farm equipment and commercial fertilizer, all forms of energy, all forms of civil transportation, all water resources, and all other materials, services, and facilities, including construction material.   There is no mention of Congress beyond a minor role of keeping it informed on essentially meaningless developments.

Upon reading the EO, I found that Turbeville is absolutely correct as far as he goes, but he should have mentioned the powers of a GA ("Guaranteeing Agency" - Ombama's delegate - secretary director, whatever).   The GA is empowered to force a loan upon any business or individual that has insufficient wealth to comply with the dictates of Obama. Furthermore, the GA may dictate the terms of the loan without the consent of the "borrower".   The Federal Reserve (Fed) or one of its banks may issue the loan and further enrich.   If subsequent production is too high as a result of the "loan", the surplus goes into the Defense Stockpile, thus the amount of the loan may be higher than necessary - providing more interest to the Fed for its counterfeit dollars (see fedres.htm).

Apparently, Obama wishes to either control all of our industries or take them over outright.   In other words, the EO is a way to nationalize our industries - precisely like the government of the Soviet Union did, and what Putin is doing in Russia today.   Obama can use the EO to declare martial law in case he is about to lose the presidency in this 2012 election.   On the other hand, if he wins the election he can do anything he wants without consequences to himself.   Hitler could not have been more thorough when he took over Germany before he began to use the "ovens" to eliminate his opposition and the German Jews (his scapegoats).

Bear in mind that before, under the Patriot Act, the time the government could hold one of us without charges or trial. was six months - now one can be kept for six years.   In fact, it is possible to keep one indefinitely without trial due to legal loopholes.   This recent development dovetails with the EO should anyone object to the way Obama is running things.   There was no age specified for the draft, so even the very young or the aged may be placed in an American version of Siberia.   Obama is putting everything in place for us just like Lenin did in Russia.

See to read the EO.

See triumvirate.htm#dictator for my comments in more detail.

Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch has discovered new evidence that Obama is a Muslim in addition to his communist leanings.   Klayman is in the process of setting up a grand jury of U.S. citizens to try Obama for treason.   His crimes include among other things: releasing national security information about U.S. war plans should Iran continue its current course.   Klayman feels that this is the only way we can get the full account of Obama's anti-American actions.

Obama has refused to hand over documents that prove he conspired with mullahs in Iran to grant sanction waivers to a dozen countries, allowing them to conduct business as usual with the neo-Nazi Islamic dictators of terrorist Iran.

A list of Obama's treasonous actions follow.

1.   Releasing national security information that disclose the U.S. and Israel's sources and methods of their intelligence agents and military capabilities.

2.   Filing a complaint before the Human Rights Commission of the U.N. against the state of Arizona over its law to curb illegal immigration.

3.   Actions to undermine and overthrow the pro-American and pro-Israel governments in the Middle East, and sending U.S. foreign aid to Islamic terrorist groups like Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

4.   Release of classified documents concerning the Navy Seal raid that killed bin Laden, leading to the death of 22 Seals whose helicopter was shot down by Islamic extremists if Afghanistan.

5.   Use of U.S. taxpayer money to finance support for a Ground Zero mosque in New York City.

6.   Taking campaign and other money from foreign interests adverse to the U.S.

7.   Falsifying birth records to fraudulently have Obama's name printed on state presidential ballots, when Obama is not even eligible to run for the office of President.

8.   Numerous other high crimes and misdemeanors.

Those who wish to donate to Freedom Watch, can send money to:

Freedom Watch
2020 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW - Suite 345
Washington, DC 20006

The Solutions

Obama cheated to become elected by using ACORN and other Communists or useful idiots to influence the voting and by not using funds from sources not legally allowed to be used.   Donors to his campaign were "Good Will", "Doodad Pro", "Daffy Duck", " Bart Simpson", "King Kong", and other names that were equally absurd - when the law states that the donors true names must be provided.   The Obama campaign turned off basic credit card web security procedures, paving the way for fraudulent donations.   There were 16,500 contributions totaling more than $5.25 million listed on a Federal Election Commission (FEC) watch list of questionable contributions.   These seem to have disappeared.   It appears that a lot of contributions came from other nations.   There are more discrepancies or outright criminal actions that can only be uncovered by auditing Obama's campaign.

According to the American Conservative Union (ACU), every presidential campaign since Watergate has been audited - except for Obama's - and his campaign raised and spent more money than any other presidential campaign in history.   George Bush and John McCain in 2008 posted information on the internet about every donation they received.   Yet the source or sources of about $250 million in Obama's campaign donations has never been identified.

This is not particularly surprising because the FEC is riddled with Communist Democrats and will not easily agree to an audit of Obama's campaign.   However, pressure should be applied through petitions or otherwise to have the FEC audit Obama's campaign.   We know that the FEC will probably shrug these off, but the fact that their lack of action will be publicized widely, will help to bring B.O. down.   David Keene, Chairman of the ACU, is sending out petitions to be signed.   He can be contacted at The American Conservative Union, P O Box 96090, Washington, DC 20090-6090.

The background of every candidate for public office should be thoroughly investigated by the FBI - just as military officers were checked in the 1960s before they could receive secret information.   The results of this investigation should be made public and published through all major newspapers, radio stations, and television stations.   Those candidates who failed to pass the minimums for receiving secret information, should not be allowed to run for office - and B.O. could never have passed those minimums.

Detection and punishment of wrong-doing is vital if we are remain a free nation.   Judicial Watch is needed and should be supported in their efforts to do this.   Deliberate efforts to cheat in an election should be considered treason (a capital offense) and punished accordingly.   Deliberately lying to the public by candidates or those who publish political advertising during an election should be considered treason and punished accordingly.   Completely honest elections are the backbone of the American system of government.   Yet, Americans have tolerated some of most insidious lies and cheating during elections.   This toleration must stop if America is to survive as a free nation.

When intimidation is used, it must be exposed and punished.   Freedom of speech is vital for a nation to remain free.

Voter registration fraud and fraudulent voting should be discovered and punished severely.   Photo IDs and thoroughly checking the voters' credentials are essential.   Early voting should be stopped altogether except in extreme cases where the individual cannot be present at the polls.   Too much information can be provided between an early vote and the voting at the polls - and the voter should not vote until that information has been provided to him or her.   People should not be allowed to vote unless they have lived for at least six months in the place where they are voting.   If they have moved, they can vote in the place from which they have moved by using an absentee ballot.

When it is discovered that a state has not conformed to federal law regarding voting, as was the case in Ohio, the political party of those who are in office in that state should be penalized with huge fines taken from their campaign funds.   Campaign finance laws should be enforced and severe penalties should be meted out to those who break these laws.   Ballots should always be secret and labor unions must be forced to see that they are.

The economics and methods of how capitalism is supposed to work must be taught so that its advantages can be understood.   True capitalism has never failed in any way, but it has been hurt through adulteration by socialistic methods such as income tax, a poor system of social security, allowing various monopolies and near-monopolies to exist, the bribing of our legislators, and more.   Unfortunately, even many of our legislators do not understand the economic principles of capitalism and why they work automatically as opposed the constant manipulation than is the trademark of socialism.   Capitalism is a free-market system that is based upon incentives and tradition.   Socialism is a government monopoly that is administered by committees and dictators.   Capitalism, when unimpeded, creates a free and prosperous nation which must defend its borders against the excess numbers of people who want live within it.   Socialism creates a nation which must defend its borders from those excess numbers of people who wish to escape from it.   This is historical fact and it speaks for itself.

The only way a free democratic republic can survive is through education that is factual.   It would appear that public schools are no longer the answer because they have been taken over by the communists and their unions.   Furthermore, they are monopolies which do not allow freedom of choice in education for the majority of the public.   The answer appears to be private schools, vouchers for those who wish to send their children to those schools, and home schooling - all of which the teachers' unions strongly oppose.   As for the colleges, several states have now passed legislation that is designed to force faculty members to teach their subjects as they were supposedly hired to do and as the parents of the students expect them to do - and to refrain from any attempt to exert political influence on the students.   This is at least a part of the solution.

For the primaries, the Republicans should choose a candidate that they have thoroughly investigated - for instance, one who has never taken money from George Soros or his minions.   Although McCain may have been a legitimate candidate, he acted more like a straight man for Obama during his campaign.

For the general election, (1) the Republican candidate should have his staff discover everything about his opponents.   During the election, the media would not publish anything about Saul Alinsky or Obama being a member of socialist party.   It was McCain's duty to discover that his opponent is a neo-communist (Alinskyite) and tell people - so that we would not have a President who's first duty is to change the U.S. Constitution and take away our first and second amendments.   (2) The Republican candidate should not make agreements with the opposition.   McCain and Obama made an agreement to take only public financing.   Obama failed to keep his promise as any Alinskyite would do (they are taught that being honorable and keeping promises are weaknesses).   There was also an agreement not to use "personal attacks", and Obama labeled any references to his past pattern of anti-American friends as "personal attacks" that were "irrelevant".   McCain stupidly accepted this "logic" and failed to do his duty to the citizens of the United States.   There can be no compromises with communists - they will never keep their word any more than Hitler kept his.

The lies of the neo-communist media must be exposed over and over again until the neo-communist media lose all credibility.   This is slowly happening now.   The result will be either a trend toward truth from each news organization or its bankruptcy.

Perhaps the most important step is exposure worldwide of Alinsky's methods.   This should allow those in the United States and other nations to see that they have been duped.   The communists and their sympathizers can be recognized by their actions.   Having been recognized, they can be dealt with effectively.   Alinsky used subterfuge and concealment to succeed.   Once his methods and his minions have been exposed, they will stand naked in front of the world.   Because B.O. has used Alinsky's tactics to make the black community, other minorities, the young people, and the middle class, pawns in his attempt to take over America for the neo-communists, there may eventually be a backlash against B.O. and others of the communist left.   As has been mentioned before, the actions of the neo-communists give them away regardless what they call themselves - and people dislike being used so ruthlessly.   This is especially true for the blacks who wanted an outstanding black president and, instead, have been betrayed by a half-black neo-communist who lied and cheated during the election.   [The term neo-communist is used because Alinsky was a genius who developed communist theory more in keeping with the modern world than is Marxism - and Alinsky is the mentor of the communists in America.]

For more, go to Remedies.

Events up to October 4, 2009

Saul Alinsky has become a common word for those who are now awake and reading his books.   ACORN and its hundreds of affiliated organizations have been exposed due to the efforts of Fox News and especially Glenn Beck and two "amateur" journalists who went undercover and did a very professional job when the "fringe" (Communist) media would not do so.   "Tea parties" and a "mom movement" are waking up the part of the populace who are still sleeping.

B.O. has lost his appeal to most of us and is still losing due to his mouth and his ego.   He tried to make Chicago host the next Olympics and went to Copenhagen to argue the case.   He was the usual big ego with a mouth and the people there knew it when he spoke.   They gave the honors to Rio in Brazil and Chicago came in last.

Harry Reid is not likely to win in the coming election due to efforts that have exposed him.   Nancy Pelosi has managed to embarrass herself to the point of uselessness - and this has to do largely with town hall meetings, tea parties, and her charges against the CIA.

The tea party in Washington had an estimated 75,000 in attendance from all over the United States.   They chanted "Freedom! Freedom! No more Czars!"   Some the words on their signs follow.

No ACORN, No Czars, No Cap & Trade, No Obama

Blowing Mad Money - Yes We Can't

Obama Lied, Freedom Died

Ask what you can do for your [President has been crossed out] COUNTRY


Next time, read the bill.


I don't belong to the party of NO - I'm with the party of HELL NO!

Obama Lied and Capitalism Died.

Term Limits is my Hope and Change.

America not Russia

Politicians are like diapers - They both need changing regularly.


Don't you wish your neighbor's piggy bank looked like this? [Picture of a starved piggy with ribs showing.] REDISTRIBUTE WEALTH

Congress enslaves America

Audit the Fed








WALNUTS [Workers Against Lazy Non-Producers United Together
The conservative answer to ACORN.   These had their own T shirts.]

I am a member of the ANGRY MOB - and I vote.

LIAR LIAR COUNTRY ON FIRE [With Obama's picture.]

Your Wallet - the only place Democrats are willing to drill.


RIGHT WING EXTREMIST [armed with the Constitution]


Jews from former USSR say no to socialism.



Obama's Plan: never mind the cost and don't read it!



Stop Making Profit
Report all Capitalist Activities to Flag@WhiteHouse.Gov

World's #1 Crypto-Marxist [under Obama's picture]
Endorsed by Fidel Castro
"The most progressive candidate to the U.S. Presidency." GRANMA, Havana, May 26, 2008

COMMUNIST [under Obama's picture]

Photos follow of part of the "angry mob".

An interesting statistic surfaced that stated the average government worker has an annual salary of $119,000 while an average worker from the private sector has an annual salary of $59,000.   I had no way of checking this, but if it is true we have another reason to avoid more big government.

Back-up article shown here as a public service.   This type of thing is and was common in fascist and communist nations as the thugocracy takes over all media and uses it for state propaganda purposes.

October 11, 2008, 12:00 AM

Attempts to shut down political speech have become routine for liberals.

By Michael Barone

Copyright 2008 Creators Syndicate Inc.

‘I need you to go out and talk to your friends and talk to your neighbors,” Barack Obama told a crowd in Elko, Nev. “I want you to talk to them whether they are independent or whether they are Republican.   I want you to argue with them and get in their face.”   Actually, Obama supporters are doing a lot more than getting into people’s faces.   They seem determined to shut people up.

That’s what Obama supporters, alerted by campaign emails, did when conservative Stanley Kurtz appeared on Milt Rosenberg’s WGN radio program in Chicago.   Kurtz had been researching Obama's relationship with unrepentant Weather Underground terrorist William Ayers in Chicago Annenberg Challenge papers in the Richard J. Daley Library in Chicago — papers that were closed off to him for some days, apparently at the behest of Obama supporters.

Obama fans jammed WGN’s phone lines and sent in hundreds of protest emails.   The message was clear to anyone who would follow Rosenberg’s example.   We will make trouble for you if you let anyone make the case against The One.

Other Obama supporters have threatened critics with criminal prosecution.   In September, St. Louis County Circuit Attorney Bob McCulloch and St. Louis City Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce warned citizens that they would bring criminal libel prosecutions against anyone who made statements against Obama that were “false.”   I had been under the impression that the Alien and Sedition Acts had gone out of existence in 1801-02.   Not so, apparently, in metropolitan St. Louis.   Similarly, the Obama campaign called for a criminal investigation of the American Issues Project when it ran ads highlighting Obama's ties to Ayers.

These attempts to shut down political speech have become routine for liberals.   Congressional Democrats sought to reimpose the “fairness doctrine” on broadcasters, which until it was repealed in the 1980s required equal time for different points of view.   The motive was plain: to shut down the one conservative-leaning communications medium, talk radio.   Liberal talk-show hosts have mostly failed to draw audiences, and many liberals can’t abide having citizens hear contrary views.

To their credit, some liberal old-timers — like House Appropriations Chairman David Obey — voted against the “fairness doctrine,” in line with their longstanding support of free speech.   But you can expect the “fairness doctrine” to get another vote if Barack Obama wins and Democrats increase their congressional majorities.

Corporate liberals have done their share in shutting down anti-liberal speech, too.   Saturday Night Live ran a spoof of the financial crisis that skewered Democrats like House Financial Services Chairman Barney Frank and liberal contributors Herbert and Marion Sandler, who sold toxic-waste-filled Golden West to Wachovia Bank for $24 billion.   Kind of surprising, but not for long.   The tape of the broadcast disappeared from NBC’s Website and was replaced with another that omitted the references to Frank and the Sandlers.   Evidently NBC and its parent, General Electric, don't want people to hear speech that attacks liberals.

Then there’s the Democrats’ “card check” legislation, which would abolish secret ballot elections in determining whether employees are represented by unions.   The unions’ strategy is obvious: Send a few thugs over to employees’ homes — we know where you live — and get them to sign cards that will trigger a union victory without giving employers a chance to be heard.

Once upon a time, liberals prided themselves, with considerable reason, as the staunchest defenders of free speech.   Union organizers in the 1930s and 1940s made the case that they should have access to employees to speak freely to them, and union leaders like George Meany and Walter Reuther were ardent defenders of the First Amendment.

Today’s liberals seem to be taking their marching orders from other quarters.   Specifically, from the college and university campuses where administrators, armed with speech codes, have for years been disciplining and subjecting to sensitivity training any students who dare to utter thoughts that liberals find offensive.   The campuses that used to pride themselves as zones of free expression are now the least free part of our society.

Obama supporters who found the campuses congenial and Obama himself, who has chosen to live all his adult life in university communities, seem to find it entirely natural to suppress speech that they don't like and seem utterly oblivious to claims that this violates the letter and spirit of the First Amendment.   In this campaign, we have seen the coming of the Obama thugocracy, suppressing free speech, and we may see its flourishing in the four or eight years ahead.

Actually, in the essay which follows, Horowitz is incorrect about B.O. being a Machiavelian liar.   B.O. studied Saul Alinsky's philosophy, strategy, and tactics which are much more sophisticated that those Machiavelli.   Alinsky's books Reveille for Radicals and Rules for Radicals are still available and should be studied for us to understand the workings of B.O. diabolical mind.   B.O. is an Alinskyan liar which is far more dangerous.   Indeed, if there is an anti-Christ, and you want to see what he does, just watch B.O.

Excerpts from another source - on B.O.'s tactics.

By David Horowitz - Friday, October 31, 2008

A candidate may well change his... position on, say, universal health care or Bosnia.
But he... cannot change the fact – if it happens to be a fact –
that he ... is a pathological liar.
– Christopher Hitchens

“This idiot woman, this blind, short-sighted ignoramus, this pretentious clod, mocks basic research and the international research community.”   Is this a description of Rosie O’Donnell explaining that metals don’t melt and 9/11 was an inside job?   A swipe at Green Party presidential aspirant Cynthia McKinney explaining how the Jews were responsible?   A shot at Gloria Steinem for defending partial birth abortion under the delusion that a living child is actually a disposable “fetus”?   No, this is a psychotic attack on Governor Sarah Palin by an Obama supporter.   Palin’s sin?   Her opposition to earmarks, in particular an earmark for olive fruit fly research.   The same earmark recently provided my good friend Christopher Hitchens to express his contempt for Palin and justify his endorsement of her opponents.

While not as vitriolic as his attacks on Mother Teresa and Princess Di, Hitchens’ assault on Palin is characteristically extreme.   In a display of liberal snobbery in Slate – "Sarah Palin’s War On Science: The GOP Ticket’s Appalling Contempt For Knowledge And Learning" – Hitchens explains to readers the benefits of fruit fly research (as though anyone – even a small town bumpkin like Alaska’s governor – wouldn’t have learned about fruit flies in high school biology).   Fruit fly research allows us to study the DNA of living organisms, “which makes it useful in studying disease.”   This ranks Palin as a hypocrite in Hitchens' eyes since her “signature issue” is disability and special needs: “She might even have had some researcher tell her that there is a Drosophila-based center for research into autism at the University of North Carolina.”   Thanks for the tip Hitch.

But when Palin attacked the earmark, she wasn’t campaigning against fruit fly research.   She was campaigning against earmarks – the $18-billion-a- year scam under which forces taxpayers to underwrite personal favors that congressmen perform for their “constituents,” like giant agribusiness corporations.   Such earmarks are transparent bribes since they are bound to encourage constituents who receive them to fund congressional campaigns.   The fruit fly earmark was the project of a California congressman named Mike Thompson; the service provided was to the California agribusiness community, which was looking for taxpayer help with a fruit fly problem that threatened their designs to turn olive trees into a profit.   The earmark was not about autistic kids.   It was about a corrupt patronage system used to benefit one congressman and the olive oil industry.

Of course, Hitchens is smart enough to smell the rat in his own argument.   Without exactly explaining what the earmark was for, he writes: “The fruit fly can also be a menace to American agriculture, so any financing of research into its habits and mutations is money well-spent.”   Christopher!   This isn’t about DNA, and not all research is fundable.   This is a welfare handout to giant corporations.   Instead of going to funding sources where projects are peer-reviewed, they can appeal to one pliable congressman, likely to appreciate their ability to help his re-election.

In an earlier Slate column (“Vote for Obama”), Hitchens described McCain’s selection of Palin as “the most insulting thing a politician” could do and therefore, apparently, a cause to throw the Iraqis and his country under the bus.   Of course, the author of the religion-bashing book, God Is Not Great, is not really enraged at Palin because of her concern about earmarks.   His contempt is for the fact that she believes in a Deity, and a moral law higher than a California congressman.   Even this contempt coming from Hitchens is puzzling, since the chief sin Hitchens ascribes to the religious in his polemical book is presuming to speak in the name of God.   Since Palin readily concedes her inability to read the Creator’s mind, she should get a pass.

But she doesn’t.

Instead, Hitchens suggests that with Palin “the contempt for science may be something a little more sinister…   She is known to favor the teaching of creationism in schools….”   Well, not exactly.   As Hitchens himself explains, she has not advocated imposing Creationism on the schools.   She merely wants to “smuggle” the doctrine through the door in “the innocent disguise of ‘teaching the argument.’”   Oh.   She wants students to be made aware of the discussion over evolution, whereas Hitchens wants the fact that some members of the scientific community believe in Intelligent Design to be suppressed – and this in the name of “knowledge and learning”!

Hitchens is normally able to make the sharpest distinctions, but this ability is strikingly absent from these electoral ruminations.   Perhaps his instincts have been blunted by the new company he is keeping among the bigoted hysterics of the political left, to whom distinctions appear as mere distractions from the righteous Path of Truth.   “The Republican Party has placed within reach of the Oval Office a woman who is a religious fanatic, and a proud boastful ignoramus,” writes Hitchens, adding that on November 4, those who care for the Constitution and reason will “repudiate this wickedness and stupidity.”   The wickedness and stupidity are more aptly reflected in baseless, mean-spirited remarks like this.

Anti-God is not great either, Christopher.   While you refuse to cut Governor Palin slack in an election season, look at the gaping latitude you provide to her opponents.   Obama’s election (should it come to pass) will not put him a heartbeat away from the presidency but anoint him commander-in-chief.   This makes your burden of responsibility that much greater, particularly since as a man of the left you understand exactly who Obama is.

Some years ago, you wrote a memorable book about Bill Clinton called No One Left To Lie To.   When you wrote it, you shared many of Clinton’s political agendas but parted ways with him over his moral corruption.   Your defection turned on the issue of presidential character.   You were repelled by Clinton’s easy ways with the truth.   But Obama’s lies make Clinton’s pale by comparison.

Consider that Obama’s closest counselor and spiritual guide over a twenty year period is a racist kook, a Jew-hating, terrorist-loving acolyte of Farrakhan.   When confronted with this fact, Obama responded he had no idea who Jeremiah Wright really was.   What Clinton lie comes close to that in brazen coolness?   Or this one: My name is Barack Hussein Obama; I grew up the son of a Muslim father and went to a Muslim school in an Islamic state, but I wasn’t raised as a Muslim – I’ve always been a Christian.   I do not believe being raised as a Muslim should matter.   But I believe the lie should.

For his entire adult life, Obama’s closest political allies have been pro-Soviet progressives like state senator Alice Palmer who chose Obama as the politically appropriate figure whom she chose to inherit her state senate seat; or anti-American radicals like Bill Ayers, who organized a terrorist army in the 1970s with the intention of launching a race war in America, and bringing down the “empire.”   Others may be under the illusion that the Weather Underground was organized to protest the Vietnam War.   But you know better.   Ayers and his comrades were still bombing during the year of America’s bicentennial, 1976, and into the Jimmy Carter administration.   They were still in the trenches four years after our withdrawal from Vietnam, because their agenda was a war to destroy the imperial beast, America.

“I was eight years old when Ayers set his bombs.” (More likely 16.)   But Ayers’ reputation was legend in the Hyde Park “liberal” community, where Obama met him and embraced him as a political comrade and ally.   It was in Ayers’ living room that Obama launched his campaign for Alice Palmer’s left-wing seat.   It was Ayers’ father who got Obama his job at the law firm of Sidley Austin, and it was Ayers himself who hired Obama to spend the $50 million Ayers had raised to finance an army of anti-American radicals drawn from ACORN and other nihilistic groups to recruit Chicago school children to their political causes.

When confronted by his association with Ayers, Obama had another characteristic memory lapse.   Ayers was just a “guy in the neighborhood” whose children went to school with his.   What other crucial facts about his life and what other essential clues to his character has Obama lied about?   Or perhaps more appropriately: What has he not lied about?   Syrian criminal Tony Reszko, who gave him his house (and received what political favors in return)?   If you ask Obama, he never read all those front page stories about Rezsko’s indictments.

And of course, nobody ever bothered to ask Obama why a pro-Soviet trooper like Alice Palmer would want to give her senate seat to him rather than some other worthy.   But we can pretty well guess Obama’s answer if they had.

When you peel away the subterfuges and get down to the facts, what you are left with is a life-long radical posing as a political liberal to win the trust of a larger constituency.   Schizophrenic disjunctions make up his political character.   He is a ruthless machine politician, who chose the Daley mafia over inner city school kids and crushed an incipient reform movement he himself had been part of.   When the chips were down his loyalty was to the machine; but when he runs for office it is as a political progressive.   In his heart, he is an economic radical distressed that the Constitution presents obstacles to socialist theft; but when he runs for office he inhabits the persona of an economic centrist.   The balancing act is superb.   His chief economic adviser this presidential run is Austan Goolsbee, an economic centrist, while Paul Volcker a much admired conservative has joined his campaign.   Both men would do a Republican administration proud.   But once in power will he follow their advice?

The economy is probably not where your heart is.   Consider, then, the global war against Islamic fanatics, which is far from over.   These are not people who want to “teach the argument” in public schools, like Sarah Palin.   Their remedy for disagreement is not discussion but decapitation.   Where is Obama on the war between barbarism and civilization?   He was for keeping Saddam Hussein in power, when the entire Clinton national security team was against it.   He was for capitulation on the battlefield once the war started, which would have left the Iraqis to the tender mercies of al-Zarqawi and crew.

In foreign policy, generally, his deceptions are world class.   In practice he has spent his political life in league with anti-American, “anti-war” radicals who make no secrets among their friends as to the nature of their agendas.   As a sitting U.S. Senator, he was a white flag appeaser.   But as a candidate poseur he is able to pull off the credible impression that he is a foreign policy realist.

And maybe he is.   Or maybe he’s not any of these things, because all that anyone knows for certain about Barack Obama – the only thing anyone knows for certain – is that he is not what he seems.   What we do know, because we have the performances on tape is that he is the most seamless liar since Bill himself – smoother by far.   Who is the real Barack Obama?   Who can tell?   We don’t really know anything about this man’s intentions, and what we do know about his deeds is bad.

We know that he is a man without loyalty.   Wright, Ayers, Grandma – throw them under the bus (although perhaps only temporarily, while expedience requires it).   When his benefactor Alice Palmer changed her mind about passing him her senate seat, he refused to give it back.   When she and two other black candidates attempted to challenge him in the primaries, he went to court to prevent them from running at all.   He preferred to disenfranchise their supporters than win in an election.   When TV anchors posed uncomfortable questions to him and his running mate, he had his campaign threaten their stations with reprisals.   Michael Barone has written eloquently about the emerging “Obama thugocracy.”   What counter-evidence could you possibly produce against this concern?     You have embraced a Machiavellian liar and world class charmer, remarkably disciplined as a political actor, breathtakingly able to put on many faces.   Should he become president, will you or anyone else be able to call him to account?

Here is another thing to think about.   Consider what those who have known him best and longest think of all these bobbings, weavings, and deceptions on the issues – issues fundamental to America’s future.   Despite his tacks to the center, his brave words about standing up to Iran and his claims to be ready to defend Israel’s democracy, every anti-Israel, anti-American, pro-Iranian Communist in America is supporting Barack Obama; every pro-Palestinian leftist, every former Weatherman terrorist – many of whom are active in his campaign (some even on his official website); every Sixties leftist and all their disciples whose hope all their lives has been that America would lose its wars, because in their perverse view America is the Great Satan, the imperial master of global capitalism; every black racist follower of Louis Farrakhan, who said recently that when Obama speaks you are “hearing the voice of the messiah”; every “anti-war” activist who wanted us to leave Saddam in power and then lose the war in Iraq; everyone who believes that America is the bad guy and that our enemies are justly aggrieved; every member of ACORN, the chief product of the anti-American Sixties left, which thinks nothing of conducting massive electoral fraud because it has massive contempt for the American way.   Every one of these radical forces without exception and without defection is pulling for Barack Obama, along with al-Jazeera and Vladimir Putin and the religious fanatics of Hamas and the PLO.   Have you asked yourself what it is that you think you know, that they don’t?

Of course all these leftists with their hostile agendas may be mistaken about Barack Obama.   His distinctive talent, after all, is to appear all things to all men and women.   In the end, Obama may be so faithless, and disloyal, and unprincipled, as to turn his back on everything he has ever stood for and everyone who has ever supported him for the last twenty years.   He may throw them all under the bus along with Reverend Wright, radical Ayers, and racist Grandma.   But how certain can you be of counting on that?   Can you even be sure that Wright and Ayers will not be invited back into the fold once the prize is achieved?   What is it that you know that the anti-American, anti-Israel left in this country (and abroad), who are also supporting Obama, do not?

I am stunned that you would give all these facts a pass in casting your vote for the mysterious stranger, and use Sarah Palin’s mild, mainstream religious faith as an excuse to condemn her and endorse him.   Unlike Obama’s political commitments, Palin’s faith has been a consistently private aspect of her life.   (Is there an act of her governorship you can point to that was dictated by the “religious fanaticism” you ascribe to her on the basis of a single appearance she made in a church she has long since left?   There is none.)   I am not so much surprised as dispirited by your thoughtless attacks on the religious faith of this woman, who has the support of Democrats and Republicans in her state, and who is seeking high office in a nation whose core principle, as you know better than most, is religious tolerance.

Perhaps it is precisely a misapplication of America’s tolerance that is the problem here.   Perhaps it is this misuse of a good thing that itself has given rise to the passionate hatreds that are directed unfairly at Palin and McCain.   These hatreds are justified by their protagonists as a defense in behalf of the first presidential candidate who is black.   Perhaps in the rush to elect a black president, there is too much tolerance for lies, too much willingness to give a pass to Obama on matters on which he should not get a pass – to ignore so many obviously troubling facts.

I am dispirited that you who wrote so movingly about your own post-9/11 love for this country would attack in such an unrestrained and incoherent manner a woman whose candor in expressing similar love has earned her the contempt of the left.   Leftists of course refuse to consider themselves nationalists, or patriotic defenders of a tolerant country.   They think of themselves as “international citizens” whose allegiances are to international courts, and organizations, and to a United Nations dominated by dictators and racists, by women-hating, gay-hating, Jew-hating, Christian-hating and, yes, atheist-hating regimes.   All of this doesn’t matter to them when they are faced with truly dangerous individuals like Sarah Palin.

Think again, Christopher.   Vote for Obama if you want to, but don’t debase yourself by thinking (and hating) in lockstep like the left.   Since your adoption of this country, you have written thoughtful appreciations of several of its Founders.   You know, more than most, that religious freedom – and respect – is the foundation of all the freedoms we enjoy in this country, including the freedom of people to hate it.   One thing you can count on from John McCain and Sarah Palin is that they will defend their country and its Constitution against enemies global and domestic who despise it, and seek its demise.   What can you count on from Barack Obama?


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