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The Goal of Socialism is Communism
                                                Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

B.O. (Obama) has been in office at the time this being written (Feb. 13, 2009) for 24 days.   In that time, he has succeeded, with the help of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, to do a number of unconscionable things.   These were deliberate acts of sabotage of the United States.   There was once a time when they would have been tried and convicted for treason, but today cheating, swindling, and treason are condoned by the media, many of our brainwashed younger generation, and some of the supposedly wiser older generation.

Chess is an ancient game which depicted political battle more than actual war on the battlefield.   To win, must have a strategy meant to work at more than one level.   Each move, to be more efficient, should have a short-term goal and a long-term goal, with more than one avenue to be used for success.   Each move, ideally, should have a motive that is not easily divined by the opposition while the apparent motive acts as a distraction.   The communist triumvirate attempts to play their political game in this manner with all the principles and rules of political warfare that were recommended by Saul Alinsky.   They succeed it fooling the less wary, less educated, and less intelligent of our population.   They also make every attempt to make certain that more of us are less wary, less educated, and less intelligent.

George Soros once stated that it is much easier to destroy than to create - and often creation or saving a good system can be boring.   The communist triumvirate is like a bull in China shop.   They need have no understanding of our economy or our nation in excess of what it takes to encumber and, if possible, to destroy it.   They need not be very mentally capable - and they are not.   But they can be just as destructive with their lack of wisdom as they would have been with more mental capacity.


Cabinet Appointees and Czars

There are no morals in politics; there is only experience.
A scoundrel may be of use to us just because he is a scoundrel.

                                                                                    Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

It was no accident that most of the people appointed to B.O.'s cabinet are those who should have been jailed long ago for tax evasion or, in the case of Eric Holder, removed.   Eric Holder has always acted as if he were a friend of the Castro brothers in Cuba and now he is our new Attorney General.   According to National Review, as Deputy Attorney General under Clinton, Holder was involved in the pardon of Marc Rich, one of the FBI's most wanted fugitives, who evaded arrest for racketeering, tax evasion, and trading with the enemy.   Holder tried to pressure prosecutors into negotiating with the fugitive's representatives, and then ran roughshod over his department's protocols and shielded Clinton from prosecutors' objections to a pardon - which Holder recommended.   He also pushed through Clinton's 1999 commutations for several terrorists whose Puerto Rican organizations had carried out over 130 bombings in the U.S.   Since B.O. was so friendly with other terrorists (Bill Ayres and his wife Bernardine Dohrn), it is logical that he would choose Holder.

Holder recently has mentioned that he wants to eliminate "assault weapons" in the hands of citizens.   In the past, any bill that appears to have the intention of removing "assault weapons" from the hands of citizens has been misnamed because it actually removes many firearms that do not fit that category.   Furthermore, the purpose of the second amendment is to allow citizens to have firearms capable of removing a tyrannical government, whether home grown or from outside the U.S.   Therefore, even guns that might be considered true assault weapons should not be kept from the citizens.   The second amendment states that our right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.   Of course, the neo-communists - which have the goal of ruining the United States, and are now the major part of our government - do not want the citizens to have any firearms whatsoever.   The neo-communist triumvirate and the neo-communists in the House and Senate are afraid that the citizens may be awakening soon from their long slumber.   The citizens might actually discover the danger posed by the neo-communists.   Consequently, Holder will be a major player in attempts to register and remove firearms, little by little, with pieces of legislation that are named as if they are a noble means to protect us.   Bear in mind that Holder was the Deputy Attorney General when the shooting of the woman and baby by the FBI occurred at Ruby Ridge.   Ruby Ridge was without a doubt the biggest government fiasco against the second amendment that has happened here to date.   It was not the fault of the U.S. Marshals, the BATF, or the FBI so much as the fault of those who were in charge (Bill Clinton, Janet Reno, and Eric Holder).

Since B.O. was threatening to be elected, firearm and ammunition sales have been increasing.   Now such sales have become so numerous that firearm and ammunition manufacturers cannot keep up with the demand.   Judging from some of the comments from buyers, any laws that attempt to infringe upon the right to bear arms will probably be ignored, and attempted enforcement of such laws may lead to violence.   At last count, over twenty states have started attempts to pass resolutions which tell the federal government that no more attempts to usurp states' rights will be tolerated - including infringements of the second amendment.

Leon Panetta, Obama's new CIA chief, has about $700,000 worth of conflicts of interest from firms involved in national security who have paid him for his words and who will benefit from his expertise as the CIA director.   It would appear that he has been bought.

Of course, there is Hillary Clinton, who when still a senator, voted to raise her salary as Secretary of State.   Hillary has conflicts of interest due to her husband's foundation, which has many foreign donors, some of which he has not divulged.

Timothy Geithner was confirmed as Secretary of the Treasury when he had not paid all of his income tax for the last eight years ($42,700).   He said he had overlooked what he owed even though he was told to pay.   He had not paid his self-employment taxes during his time at the International Monetary Fund (IMF).   The IMF had repeatedly informed him of his obligation to pay - and he had signed documents saying that he would pay the tax.   He had accepted IMF reimbursement for Social Security and Medicare taxes that he had not actually paid.

Tom Daschle owed the IRS $128,000.   At least Daschle had the good grace to withdraw after his debt was disclosed to the public.   It appears that he has at least a small part of a conscience.

Bill Richardson, Governor of New Mexico, withdrew his nomination to become Secretary of Commerce after it became public that he was under investigation for exchanging state contracts for campaign contributions.

Namcy Killefer withdrew from her intended role of Chief Performance Officer because of alleged tax evasion.

Ron Kirk, former Dallas mayor, chosen by Obama for U.S. Trade Representative had to pay almost $10,000 in back taxes after he was nominated.

See Czars for detailed list as of September 2009.


The Census

Politics begin where the masses are, not where there are thousands,
but where there are millions, that is where serious politics begin.

                                                                                    Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

The census is authorized in U.S. Constitution in Section 2 of Amendment XIV which states: Representatives shall be appointed among the several states according to their respective numbers, counting the whole number of persons in each state, excluding Indians not taxed.   Note that the word "counting" means "counting" rather than estimating in any form.

The census is used to determine the voting population and the people to whom any federal benefits might be given.   The number of voters in a state determine the number of representatives that a state has in the House.   The number of electoral votes for each state is equal to the sum of the number of the state's representatives and its two senators.   Thus, the census determines the voting power in the House and during a Presidential election.

Because U.S. elections are supposed be conducted according to Constitutional law, it is vital that the census be taken (1) in a manner that is visible to the public, (2) taken by actual counting, and (3) conducted by a non-partisan group.   In the past, the Department of Commerce has been responsible for conducting the census - and the census has been taken according to the three rules listed.

B.O. invited Republican Senator Judd Gregg to accept the post of Secretary of Commerce, overseeing the taking of the census among other things.   Gregg was a well entrenched incumbent.   Were he to accept, there would not likely be enough Republicans in the Senate to prevent a complete, filibuster-proof take-over by the communist Democrats.   So Gregg agreed provided that his Senate seat would be taken by a Republican (even though the new Senator would not be a well-entrenched incumbent).   This request was met and Gregg accepted.

One of the communist Democrats, per a well-orchestrated scenario, complained loudly that Gregg might be able to turn the census into a political aid to the Republicans.   B.O. promptly took away from Gregg the oversight of the census, placing it instead in the hands of Rahm Emanuel (the White House) where it could be secretly adjusted, using methods such as estimating, and perhaps be set up to obtain information from each individual that should be private information.   Since then, Gregg has declined to be part of the Obama machine stating that he had "irreconcilable conflicts with Obama".

Article V of the Constitution states: The Congress, whenever two thirds of both Houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose Amendments to this Constitution, or, on the Application of the legislatures of two thirds of the several States, shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments, which, in either Case, shall be valid to all Intents and Purposes, as Part of this Constitution, when ratified by the Legislatures of three fourths of the several States, or by Conventions in three fourths thereof, as one or the other Mode of Ratification may be proposed by the Congress...

As his term in office progresses and B.O. can continue to act with other two major communists in the triumvirate, there will be a need for Constitutional Amendments.  : The amendments may take various forms, but the object will be to allow more people in the United States who will vote for the communist Democrats - especially B.O.   One of the amendments will be to remove the amendment that an individual can have only two terms as President.

Note that the census-taking has a weak point.   There are too many people to check all of them to see who is in the United States illegally.   Consequently, in certain areas such as along the Mexican border or in places where illegal aliens congregate, they can claim to be citizens and bolster the number of House seats and state electoral votes for the state in which they live.   They can also cause that state to become a communist-controlled state so that its House seats and electoral votes will counted accordingly.   It is a foregone conclusion that the communist triumvirate will not allow an amendment which states that individuals must have a valid photo ID to vote.

The point was made that the census takers are professionals who would not stand for any tampering with the census.   However, they only take the census - the tampering can occur at the White House or in subservient centers before arriving at the White House.

Amendment XV of the Constitution prevents any male to be denied the right to vote due to color or race.   Amendment XIX prevents anyone to be denied the right to vote due to his or her sex.   There is nothing in the Constitution that says the census needs to do anything except count the people.   Because age is necessary to vote (must be over 21 years of age), an individual's age is a valid part of the census.   However, the census can be a means for a government to have power over the people if too much information is in the census.   Consequently, any information other than the number of people and their ages is more than the government needs to know.   An individual's race, color, sex, and any other personal information may be denied the census-taker.

B.O. had no business placing the oversight of the census in his neo-communist hands and he should not be allowed to keep it.


The U.S. Census Bureau finally put out the census forms.   ACORN was first presented as the ones to take the census, but their exposure killed that idea.   The census forms were created along with the website for the Census Bureau.   Apparently there are plenty of communists in the Census Bureau because the result is a model of communist tactics.

First there is the "carrot" which states that the census is the key to areas obtaining federal funds for things like hospitals, job training centers, schools, senior centers, bridges, tunnels, other public works, and emergency services.   These are things that the government (according to the Constitution) is not supposed to get into.   However, the communists know that the $400 billion allocated for such things will be printed by the Federal Reserve and provided at interest which is paid for by the public by means of the income tax.   The creation of the money will cause more inflation, making the dollar worth less and putting everyone into higher income tax brackets while helping to break the U.S. economy.

Then there is the "stick" which says that information on the criminal charges for not cooperating are not being shown and instead all the advantages of cooperation are being shown instead.   Section 221 of Title 13 of the U.S. Code is the authority cited for the census as it is - not the Constitution.   The Constitution requires only the enumeration and location of the people for purposes of representation in Congress.   But we are being intimidated into giving name, address, phone number, date of birth, sex, household relationship, race, ownership of home or not, etc.   It is stated that these things will not be disclosed and are only for statistical purposes.   This is a tried and true communist tactic to obtain information which will be used to manipulate us.   Anyone who believes that the information will be tossed out after being recorded statistically is a real useful idiot.   Anything that the government puts into a computer will never be truly erased.

The race portion has a separate section focused upon hispanics.   It breaks down Hispanics according to their place of origin.   The purpose of the race part is to discover just how far the millions of illegal aliens - Hispanics, Iraqis, Afghans, Rumanians, Russians, Chinese, and many others who are constantly crossing our border with Mexico and who are agents of communism - have penetrated into our country.   It is also a means of allowing illegal aliens to have voting privileges and be represented in Congress according to their numbers.   There is nothing in the census differentiating whether they are here illegally or not - which allows them all the privileges of welfare, schools for the children, drivers' licenses, and other benefits from the $400 billion being counterfeited by the Federal Reserve for such purposes.   This is coupled with the communist efforts to prevent us from making it mandatory for an ID to be presented if one is to legally vote in elections.

The Census' greatest benefit to the communists in power now in the United States is the tilting of the board in their favor.   The illegal aliens and the legal immigrants who might be related to them will swing the votes in favor of the communists in the ensuing elections unless enough Americans awaken and take adequate steps to prevent it.

Then there is the American Community Survey (ACS) which is handed out to some unlucky people.   It is fourteen pages long and is forced upon the recipients by the same intimidation that accompanies the census.   The ACS is much more invasive and unconstitutional even than the census.   As a friend stated: "The Gestapo has arrived!"


Broken Promises

A lie told often enough becomes the truth.
                                                Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Actually, no one should be surprised that a disciple of Saul Alinsky should break a campaign promise.   Alinsky's people are taught lie as a matter of course and to break promises routinely.   In fact, they must break promises, as community organizers, to prevent their source of power (the organized community) from becoming complacent.   Nevertheless, by acting as he was taught to act, B.O. tips off the world to the dishonesty inherent in neo-communist community organizers.

The first promise that was broken was the promise for transparency.   There were to be no closed meetings where the public or the press was not invited.   However, the bills passed since B.O. took office were discussed in secret meetings and then passed very quickly - before anyone could look at them.   In fact, they were largely illegible.   The second promise that was broken was for everyone to have five days to look at legislation before he signed it.   He has never allowed time for anyone to look at the bills before he signed them.   This, of course, was to prevent anyone from discovering what the communist triumverate actually are before they could overpower us with legislation designed to keep them in power.

Obama boasted that he would "stop the revolving door that lets onetime lobbyists go to work for the federal government".   He has appointed more than 20 federal registered lobbyists who have made careers as Washington insiders to his administration.


The "Stimulus" Bill

It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes.
A principle which if acted on would save one-half the wars of the world.

                                                                                        Thomas Jefferson

This bill first was proposed and passed in the House of Representatives.   It was filled with items that did not belong in a stimulus bill, but instead, should have been placed in separate bills.   Many of the these items were pork.   The bill itself was impossible for the public to read.   In the Senate, the bill was modified by a committee of communist Democrats that did everything behind closed doors, but did allow three Republicans (Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe, and Alan Specter) to be either bribed or coerced into becoming traitors.   Thus, the bill was passed by the Senate with enough votes (60 were needed).

Following the approval of the Senate, on a bill that was slightly different from the one passed by the House, a committee of communist Democrats was formed from both houses of Congress to come forth with a compromise bill.   Some of the items that had been removed from the Senate version were added back into the bill, and the bill was re-written.

The bill, in any of its various forms is essentially incomprehensible to the public.   It has not been made available to the Republicans in Congress.   In the bill is a most obnoxious "Universal Healthcare" portion that socializes healthcare as a blatant means to virtually enslave the populace, the doctors, the hospitals, and anyone else involved in healthcare.   The healthcare portion was added after the bill had been seen and just prior to the vote of the Senate.   It was not discovered until later.

The bill was composed of 784 pages at this point and was (still is) a series of broken sentences and references often unavailable to the public, and requiring many hours for staffers to decipher.   It was deliberately placed on paper for review rather computer so that it would take much longer to review by staffers.   Yet the bill was hurriedly re-written for voting by 11:00 PM EST on Feb. 12 and put up for the new House vote by 9:00 AM on Feb. 13.   Apparently, things had been added because the number of pages was now 1107.   A college-level reader would need to take 12 hours to read this bill and much more to comprehend it since it is written in a form that includes many references to things that are not easily obtainable.   Yet, it was passed in the House by noon that day.   B.O. made a campaign promise that all bills would put in a language suitable for the public to read and understand, and that there were be five days after a bill was written for the public to review the bill and make comments.   Pelosi stated that the final version would be shown for two days prior to passing it on to B.O. for signature.   Of course, these promises were broken.   As one man stated, if you hear B.O. promising something at one end of the spectrum, look at the other end of the spectrum to see what he will actually do.   In other words, psychopath B.O. is an accomplished liar and an accomplished cheat.   He, like the rest of the communist Democrats, has no sense of honor or ethics.


Contents of the Bill

When we hang the capitalists they will sell us the rope we use.
                                                                                      Joseph Stalin

No one was given a copy of the "stimulus" bill in time to decode it before it was passed.   It was written in a manner that was virtually incomprehensible.   No one read it prior to its being passed - and it will be weeks before we can see all that was in it.   Only in the communist countries and other dictatorships is this the way bills are passed.

The so-called stimulus package put forth mostly by Nancy Pelosi in the House has some very interesting things in it like:
dollars for two parks for dogs
dollars for a shelter for prostitutes
dollars for coupons the digital TV changeover
dollars for a national park
dollars for a frisbee golf course
dollars for a railroad for a high-speed train between Los Angeles and Los Vegas
dollars for science (no specified type of science)
dollars for contraception
dollars for ACORN
dollars for the Salt Marsh Mouse
dollars for school construction
and many, many more such wonderful things for the taxpayers to pay for.

The intent of the communist Democrats is also apparent from what has been left out of the bill.   Defense spending has always been a sure way to increase the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) which provides jobs and brings the economy back to normal.   But rather than update our military, provide it with money for repairs and supplies, and with money for improved equipment, the communist Democrats have cut the defense budget by ten percent.

Some of us wonder how the communist Democrats manage their budgets at home - what priorities they have.   But the spending package is just that - a way to break our economy.   The communist Democrats wanted the bill passed very quickly before more people discover what is really in it.   Alinsky, the guru for the communist Democrats, stated that to change to socialism, our free-enterprise society must be ruined.   This is what Pelosi, Reid, and Obama are trying to do.   If the spending package is approved, our grandchildren will probably be slaves under communism.   Communists, socialists, progressives, whatever they call themselves, believe in the dictatorship of the state rather than the freedom of individuals.


Creating Excessive Inflation

The surest way to destroy a nation is to debauch its currency.
                                                                        Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Some of the things in the bill may be worth having, but they have no business in a stimulus bill.   The head of China's banking system has complained bitterly to us because we owe China money which will be devalued (inflated) due to the triumverate's large spending on pork and unnecessary items.   Since, China will suffer a severe monetary loss for her investment in lending money to us, she is rightfully angry at us (says she hates us).   The same sentiments will be coming from a number of other countries to which we owe money and which will be paid with dollars worth only a fraction of their former value.   Conquently, our national honor has been severely tarnished and no one wishes to loan money to us.   We must print money and tax our citizens to pay the debt - our grandchildren and great grandchildren will be debt-poor as a consequence of our spendthrift reputation.   Older citizens will be badly hurt from inflation - their social security will be worth only a fraction of what it has been worth.   Banks and lending organizations will be hurt because inflation makes the long-term dollars paid as mortgage payments worth far less than ever expected.

From China's viewpoint, we are like a teen-ager who maxes out all ten of his parents' credit cards on wild parties, takes all the money from the family savings account for booze, and then has the guts to ask for more money so that cocaine can be purchased.   As far as China and the other lending countries go, we are a spoiled brat of a nation and a definitely decadent - all as a result of the "Stimulus" (spending) bill.   Can we blame them for feeling that way?   Will they ever trust us again?

On the heels of the "Stimulus Bill", comes a budget bill that is filled with about 8,700 earmarks.   This comes right after B.O.'s speech to the nation on February 24, in which he states that there were no earmarks in the "Stimulus Bill" and the he would not allow earmarks in the future.   An earmark is a part of a bill that provides money for a specific area and is sponsored by the congressman for that area (to ingratiate his or her constituents).   This new $4.1 billion bill is all earmarks.   The neo-communists claim that 44 percent of the bill was Republican earmarks and that they are old business from last year.   This is simply a blatant excuse to pass the bill as only 16 Republicans voted for the bill's passage in the House while the others voted against its passage.   To their credit, twenty Democrats voted against its passage.   It is true that the bill was old business because a lot of the earmarks in it were from congress persons who were no longer in Congress.   The true purposes of the bill were (1) to keep on spending so the economy cannot recover, and (2) to keep our attention in one more area so that there is more diversification of ill deeds from the neo-communists, preventing any particular one from being easily discovered and stopped.

The economy of a free-enterprise nation is difficult to hold down for very long periods unless there is a conscious effort on the part of the government to do so.   B.O. states that next year the old business (earmarks) will be finished and we can move ahead with economic recovery.   However, next year he will have other bogus reasons for keeping us down economically - or simply killing the economy altogether as is his intent.

Some the purposes given for the earmarks follow.   It takes too long to get into more detail.   The causes given may be admirable, should they be funded federally now - when they should be funded by the state that wants it, and when the federal budget is beyond belief?   If all the names given for the earmarks are not precisely correct, I apologize.

Canoe Trips in Hawaii
Nature Education
Study of Catfish Genetics
Promotion of Astronomy in Hawaii
Honeybee Labs
Sheep Institute
Swine Odor & Manure Management
Blueberry Research
Shellfish Technologies
Sugarbeet Research
Rodent Control in Hawaii
Tattoo Removal
Grape Genetics
Bullying in School
Cricket Research
Upkeep of the Buffalo Bill Historical Center

Currently (April 2010), B.O.'s first two budgets average spending over a quarter of the nation's Gross Domestic Product.   The stimulus bill alone cost $787 billion and the interest on the debt will cost us $340 billion.   In B.O.'s first year in office the federal deficit went up by over 300 percent from $340 billion to $1.4 trillion.


Causing Loss of AAA Rating

May 23, 2009, the United States has had a triple A credit rating since 1917.   Until now only 18 countries have had triple A credit ratings.   The excessive spending to kill the U.S. economy coupled with the threat of future excess spending and inflation is causing the U.S. to lose its triple A rating.   When we lose our triple A rating, any loans we should manage to acquire from other countries will only be acquired at an increased interest rate that will cause each payment to triple in dollar value over what it would have been otherwise.   This is true even if we do not include the increased inflation of American dollars.   This is only one more means Obama is using to make certain that our descendants will be slaves of the government.


Raising Taxes

You never let a serious crisis go to waste.   What I mean
by that is it's an opportunity to do things you couldn't do before.

                                                                Rahm Emmanuel, White House Chief of Staff

B.O. is now saying that he will raise taxes to cut the $1.3 trillion over-budget debt to only $500 billion in four years.   Raising taxes in this economic climate is a means to increase inflation and reduce the number of jobs available.   He is now proposing to raise taxes for those who make over $250,000 annually.   This is the level that will impact small business owners.   If B.O. follows his usual pattern, he will drop the level until he arrives at $100,000 or below - which will be even worse.   Remember that he uses economic advisers to discover the most effective means of ruining the U.S. economy.

He will not be able to accomplish the goal he has stated without hurting the nation more than he already has.   There will be more spending regardless and he will have an excuse for it.   He is attempting to assuage the fears of the nation with this latest statement - and to make things more difficult for everyone so that the public will become disenchanted with the free-market system.


Dollars for School Construction

Give me four years to teach the children and
the seed I have sown will never be uprooted...
Give us the child for eight years
and it will be a Bolshevik forever...
  When you destroy the family, you destroy the country.

                                                                        Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Education is a weapon whose effects depend
on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed.

                                                                        Joseph Stalin

The big thrust upon the west to brainwash children began before 1900 with the communist "educational philosopher", John Dewey.   The family and patriotism was still strong in America at that time and Dewey's efforts as well as subsequent efforts had their ups and downs.   However, by the end of World War II, propaganda under the United Nations had been added to textbook agitation for a "collectivist society".   The drive was spearheaded by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

UNESCO's program included the blueprint for conditioning American children for the day when their first loyalty would be to socialistic one-world government under the United Nations.   The first two steps would be (1) the destruction of the United States Constitution and the free-enterprise economy, and (2) the merging of the United States into a socialist world federation.   The plan was prepared under Julian Huxley, an atheistic philosopher who was UNESCO's Director General.

UNESCO envisioned that destruction of the children's love of country and patriotism was the first step toward education for world citizenship.   This had succeeded very well when Russia was building the Soviet Union - and in Germany under Hitler.   However, brainwashing children is more difficult when the family is intact because the parents tend to teach contrary things (like American history and patriotism) to the children.   Therefore, the credibility of the parents must be destroyed and the family unit crippled.   According to UNESCO, the family has "injurious influence" upon the child.

UNESCO has succeeded in creating textbooks that teach propaganda as opposed to truth - and these texts as well as communist-controlled teachers' unions have succeeded in their tasks in the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States, and many other countries.   However, the communists want more.   Until we are able to remove the communists from the teachers' unions and give our children truthful and complete textbooks, any increase in school spending is merely way a to help the communists in America.

The money designated by the triumvirate for saving failing universities appears to be a great favor to education.   Actually, it is a way to save the machines that are indoctrinating our youth.   The short-term goal is to cripple our youth, and the long-term goal is to cripple our nation so that it will be subservient to communist world government.

The move to draft our young people for service to our country sounds like a means of benefitting the nation and providing each young person with skills and self-confidence.   Once again, it is a means to continue to indoctrinate our young people so that they will favor communist world government.

Our only decent option to allow parents to choose a school for their children is to give them the vouchers they need to send their children to privately-funded schools.   Otherwise, their children must go communist-infested public schools.   Obama has killed the school voucher programs.

For more information see Education - The Systematic Subversion of Our Youth.


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Authorizing, Brainwashing, and Using the New Gestapo and Slave Labor Force

As usual, the communists have given a name to their new act that is opposite to the intent of the act.   This act reauthorizes and reforms the national service laws.   The Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act known for short as the GIVE act amends the Community Service Act of 1990 and the Domestic Volunteer Service Act or 1973.

Provides for:
(1) the School-Based and Community-Based Service-Learning programs and Higher Education Innovative Programs
(2) National Service Trust programs, also known as AmeriCorps
(3) the Civilian Community Corps Demonstration program
(4) the Investment for Quality and Innovation program.

Adds the following purposes.
1.   Providing year-round opportunities in-service learning.
2.   Involving citizens in emergency and disaster preparedness, relief, and recovery.
3.   Increasing service opportunities for retiring professionals.
4.   Encouraging service by baby boomers and continued service by national service alumnni.

This sounds great doesn't it? Bob Unruh (March 19, 2009) had the following to say about it.

The U.S. House of Representatives has approved a plan to set up a new "volunteer corps" and consider whether "a workable, fair, and reasonable mandatory service requirement for all able young people" should be developed.

The legislation also refers to "uniforms" that would be worn by the "volunteers" and the "need" for a "public service academy, a 4-year institution" to "focus on training" future "public sector leaders."   The training, apparently, would occur at "campuses."

The vote yesterday came on H.R. 1388, which reauthorizes through 2014 the National and Community Service Act of 1990 and the Domestic Volunteer Service Act of 1973, acts that originally, among other programs, funded the AmeriCorps and National Senior Service Corps.

It not only reauthorizes the programs, but also includes "new programs and studies" and is expected to be funded with an allocation of $6 billion over the next five years, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

Many, however, are raising concerns that the program, which is intended to include 250,000 "volunteers" is the beginning of what President Obama called his "National Civilian Security Force" in a speech last year in which he urged creating an organization as big and well-funded as the U.S. military.   He has declined since then to elaborate.

WND reported when a copy of the speech provided online apparently was edited to exclude Obama's specific references to the new force.

The new bill specifically references the possibilities "if all individuals in the United States were expected to perform national service or were required to perform a certain amount of national service".   Such requirements perhaps, the legislation notes, "would strengthen the social fabric of the Nation and overcome civic challenges by bringing together people from diverse economic, ethnic, and educational backgrounds.

No one, apparently with the exception of infants, would be excluded [from]: "The means to develop awareness of national service and volunteer opportunities at a young age by creating, expanding, and promoting service options for elementary and secondary school students, through service learning or other means, and by raising awareness of existing incentives."

According to a report by Canada Free Press, " 'volunteerism' that kept America running since the days of its founding" would be "wiped out with the stroke of a pen."   It becomes forced labor and like the practice of another era, presses American citizens of all ages and creeds, unknowingly into military service."   "On paper H.R. 1388 is the 'Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act'; the more innocuous sounding 'Give Act'... puts the finishing touches to Public Allies New Leadership for New Times, modeled after Saul Alinsky's 'Peoples Organizations'..."

Someone else was concerned about another possible problem.
"I am very curious as to how this HR 1388... will affect home schoolers?"

And another comment:
"Sounds like the reincarnation of the Hitler youth programs in Germany..."

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Destroying a Democratic Republic in Iraq

World dictatorship can be established only when the victory of socialism
has been achieved in certain countries or groups of countries...

                                                                                                    Joseph Stalin

All change means disorganization of the old and organization of the new.
                                                                                                    Saul D. Alinsky

It is in the best interests of the U.S. communist triumvirate that Iraq's new government be destroyed so that (1) the idea of creating a successful democratic republic in Iraq can be discredited, and (2) a chance for socialist dictatorship in Iraq will be created from what remains after that destruction.   The best way to assure that the new Iraqi government fails is to prematurely withdraw our forces from Iraq.   But there is another reason that B.O. would force a premature withdrawal.   He would like to create a rift between himself and the communist Congress on one side, and the military commanders on the other side.   Thus, he might be able to have the current military commanders resign.

When B.O. took office, he stated that he would withdraw U.S. forces from Iraq within sixteen months.   Generals David Petreaus and Ray Odierno (now top commander in Iraq) as well as the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Defense Secretary Robert Gates apparently disagree.   B.O. "laid down the law" and the rift between B.O. and the military widened.  

Obama is ignoring the advice of his generals in Iraq as well as military minds at the Pentagon and is going ahead with his withdrawal plans.   There have been very few generals who have stepped down over policy differences with a so-called Commander in Chief.   There is a code followed by military leaders that would prevent them from exposing Obama's inadequacies unless they were absolutely convinced that his actions would endanger their men.   Nevertheless, resignations are a possibility for other reasons.   General Petreaus, a genuine American hero, is the key.   If he resigns there might be a real crisis in the military.   That would be extremely bad in a time of war.

Our military leaders have taken an oath:

I,       name       , having been appointed       position         in the       branch of service       , do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter.   SO HELP ME GOD.

Please take notice that the oath is to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. There is nothing in that oath that says one must have allegiance to a Fuehrer, a communist President and Congress, a dictator, or any other ruler bent upon destruction of the nation.   B.O. may wish to goad the military opposition into resigning.   But if they were to resign, B.O. and Congress must appoint communist moles in the military to take their places.   Otherwise, B.O. will have more generals who may disagree with him.   I have reason to believe that such moles may exist.   It is best that our present generals do not resign.

Some quotes from The Christian Science Monitor, an article by Jane Arraf, Can Iraq go it alone?.

"The question is can the Iraqis keep it down without us being here, and we would assess right now that they cannot," says a U.S. military official who asked to remain anonymous to be able to speak more freely.   Iraq's security forces "are clearly better than they were, but they still do not have the capability to be their own self-sufficient counterinsurgency force."

"I think the Iraqis know there are some things that have to occur before we leave; they know there are some capabilities they have to develop," says another senior commander, speaking on background.   "I think they'll be up to task when we do leave 2011 but... whether or not they'll come here and ask us for other help of training is left to be seen."

A budget crunch sparked by a steep drop in oil prices could also slow efforts by Iraqi security forces to fully operate on their own and fight the insurgency, says the latest Pentagon report.

Already the hiring freeze by the Iraqi government has stalled plans to increase the size of its security forces from 615,000 to about 646,000.

Iraqi security forces still rely on the U.S. for combat and logistical help, including close air support, communications, intelligence, and surveillance, as well as clearance of roadside bombs and medical support.


More Steps Against the Military and Patriotic Americans

Rosa Brooks has been appointed as the adviser to the Under Secretary of Defense.   Rosa worked for George Soros and makes an excellent spy for him to use in the Pentagon.

Our new Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, is focusing on wire taps on American Citizens and certain memos to law enforcement.   She apparently believes that veterans, talk show hosts like Limbaugh, Fox News commentators, anti-communist bloggers, those who practice their religion, Republicans, and other such are dangers to the nation and should be monitored closely (at this point).   But little is being done to work against the real threats to the nation.

The actual "torture" that the communists and radical Moslems have been claiming were used in Guantanamo have been published and include such horrendous things as the "caterpillar threat" and 40 seconds of waterboarding under the supervision of a doctor.   Overall the various techniques, having been exposed as virtually nothing, will cause would-be terrorists to join their ranks - after all, they have nothing to fear now if they are caught except imprisonment.   We can thank our communists for making the CIA impotent in this matter.

BO has decided to continue with the wire-tapping begun with the Bush administration.   However, BO's wire-tapping is for Americans who might oppose his policies rather than terrorists who might attack us (according to those who have supposedly monitored BO's wire-tapping).

BO has cancelled the orders for more F-22s.   This action serves two purposes.   First, it weakens us militarily - we needed those F-22s.   Second, it weakens the company that produces them.   The company that creates such planes has a budget based upon a bulk sale - and the research and development costs are supposed to be offset by the bulk sales.   If there is no bulk sale, the company is weakened financially.   This is fine for the communists because their objective will have been met.

As of 7/17/09, the F-22 controversy is continuing.   Those who do not want it say that it was not used in the last two wars - and that is supposed to be an argument against the F-22.   Actually, it was not used in any previous war.   So what?   We almost lost to Japan early on in WWII because the peaceniks and the old cavalry generals did not want us to have more advanced aircraft and we were left with the P-39 and P-40 against the Zero.   It was the same story in the Korean War.   There is the argument that it takes 30 hours of maintenance on the F-22 for every hour of flight.   One F-22 is worth about 10 or more non-stealth fighters - so how many hours of maintenance is required for ten non-stealth aircraft?   Lastly, it is argued that we have a new all-around fighter that will eventually get off the drawing board and be used.   Does anyone really believe that B.O. will let us use that new fighter?   And when will it be off the drawing board?   The F-22 is a proven, stable, excellent aircraft.   How can we be sure about the new fighter, and what will we have while it is being perfected?   There is something to be said for honesty from the government when dealing with defense contractors.

Anther point in favor of the F-22 is that through bitter experience we have found that it is necessary to have redundance in aircraft types.   If a problem develops in one model, another will still be there to shoulder the load.   For instance, the C-133 began to fail for unknown reasons in the 1960s.   All of them were grounded numerous times and then allowed to fly again because no one knew what was wrong.   The aircraft was eventually taken off the inventory.   Fortunately, the C-130 fleet was there to take on the burden produced from the loss of the C-133s.

Last point is that we have a mechanism in place to keep people employed making parts for and assembling the F-22.   When we stop its production, these jobs are lost - right now.   But then the real reason for the stimulus had nothing to do with employment.   It had to do with weakening the nation and gaining more power for Obama.

John McCain is against having more F-22s.   Ever since we watched him throw the election and discovered that Soros was supposed to have paid him some time back, we have not trusted the man.   Now that his stance on government failing to honor contracts whether verbal or written, and his promotion of a military agenda of failure, we trust him even less.   It is possible that McCain is another "Manchurian Candidate", perhaps with Ted Kennedy as his operator - that is speculation - but muzzling Palin during the campaign was not speculation.   Palin had, and still has, more intellect than McCain, Obama, and Biden combined.

Early in 2010, word came out that Russia had succeeded in creating their own stealth fighter to counter the F-22.   If we cannot outnumber the Russian version, we may in trouble in the future.   Since B.O. will insist upon delays before we can have the new F-36, we will have been seriously weakened.   There is always a furor from the communists here that we are spending too much on defense.   Defense is one of the very few things upon which the federal government is supposed to spend money - NOT the unconstitutional things that Pelosi, Reid, and B.O. are using to sop up all our tax dollars. [Now (March of 2012) we see that only 12 F-36s will be manufactured each year and that the total order for them has been severely reduced.   It is not ready yet and may never be ready.   Obama and Reid can see that it is never given to us.   The House can work with the purse strings of the nation and is doing so with a Republican majority in the House, but we need more than that to prevent the reduction of our already underpaid, underfunded, and undermanned military.   The way our communists/progressives/whatever are treating healthcare for the military is shameful.   Proper healthcare was promised to those who enlisted.   It is a contractual obligation.   When a government continues to break its word, incentives to attract volunteers are regarded as more lies, and more good people either leave the military or decide to find work elsewhere.   The Obama/Progressive/Communist goal is to weaken us so that the communist-dominated U.N. can dominate the U.S.]

The dollars for LORAN C are no longer available, supposedly because our legislators and B.O. think that our satellites with the global positioning system is all that we need.   Actually, the satellites can be knocked out or jammed in the event an enemy chooses to do so.   The sun with its solar flares can do so and has done so in the past.   We need LORAN C as the primary means of navigation when the satellite system is not working - for whatever reason.   Civilian craft of all types use LORAN C as does the U.S. armed forces - especially the Navy and the Air Force.   Taking dollars away from LORAN C is just as stupid as removing the safety from a firearm because it is unlikely that the trigger can be pulled accidentally.   However, this weakening of our navigation systems is what the communists want.

May 23, 2009, the military academies are the last bastion of defense against communist brainwashing of our youth.   Obama just gave a speech at the graduation of the Naval Midshipmen who are our junior naval officers now.   He lied to them and charmed them as he always does even though he has already done a number things to weaken the military.   He wants the military on his side in case of a violent revolution.   He knows that cadets and midshipmen have already had many years of indoctrination from UNESCO-type textbooks before entering their respective academies - so he is trying to finish their indoctrination in his favor even though the academy training should have made them immune to him (in my time, cadets were given a course in critical thinking).



I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government
from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.

                                                                                                    Thomas Jefferson

For over 100 years, the minority party has been allowed to offer alternatives and amendments to bills.   In all instances since the communist triumvirate has taken over, the Republicans have not been allowed to offer alternatives or amendments, and have not been allowed in committee meetings - which have been secret, closed sessions - except that the. traitors in the Republican Party (Collins, Snowe, and Specter) were allowed to participate in the later meetings.

Traditionally, a bill is read to the assembled representatives or senators just before it is to be voted upon.   The bills from the communist Democrats have not been read to anyone.


Summary of Actual Purposes

The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them
between the millstones of taxation and inflation.

                                                Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

It obvious to those who have bothered to pay attention to the books written by Saul Alinsky, the guru of modern communist tactics and strategy, that the communist Democrats and also the communist Republicans (yes, the communists are in both of our major parties) want America to fail - at least until after their take-over is complete.   The actual purposes of the communists as regards the spending bill are (1) to create rampant inflation, (2) to discredit the United States in the eyes of other nations, (3) to weaken our military due to lack of funds, (4) to enslave us under a huge tax load which will ultimately go to a communist world government, and lastly in the short term (5) to provide dollars for liberal projects which belong on separate bills.   Granted, there may be other purposes which are not mentioned here - and there may be many others which will be discovered once the whole bill has been deciphered.   The fact is that no one read the bill before it was passed - not even the communist Democrats.


The Role of the Communist Media

The press should be not only a collective propagandist
and a collective agitator, but also a collective organizer of the masses.

                                                                                    Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

The American media has been taken over by the communists.   Fox News is an exception as are some of the radio talk shows and a very few of the newspapers and magazines.   However, even the few conservative parts of the media have been somewhat naive as to the true nature of the problem, and until now have been wishfully believing that the communist triumverate is something less than three psychopathic neo-communists.   The role of the communist media has been to lull the public by praising the communist Democrats so that the public will fail to awaken before it is completely enslaved under communist rule.

The communists and their stooges form brigades which write "letters to the editor", make telephone calls to the editor, and send e-mails to the editor.   The object of all this activity is fool the editor into thinking that most of those who read the paper will cancel their subscriptions or take other action against any editor who publishes and anti-communist letters or editorials, or who fails to publish any pro-communist letters or editorials.   Over a period of time, the newpaper under attack succumbs.   the solution is to form brigades which are anti-communist.   The problem that the communists have is their method of attack.   The anti-communists can tell the truth and explain why it is the truth.   But the communists can only make attacks against the anti-communist and ask or tell the editor not to print any letters from that person.   Censoring is not an adequate means of stopping the truth if the editor has a even a grain of common sense.   So the anti-communist brigade can win the battle.

The communist means of taking control of conservative talk radio was the so-called "Fairness Doctrine" which was anything but fair.   Legislation was passed in the Senate (Feb 26) to prevent the "Fairness Doctrine" from being implemented.   Even the Democrats voted to eliminate it.   The vote was 87 to 11 against the "Fairness Doctrine".   The intent of the "Fairness Doctrine" was too visible and opposition too great - so it is expected that a new bill with an equally misleading title will be sponsored by the communists in an attempt to muzzle the conservatives.

Recently (in December 2010), the Free Press (a communist organization with a bogus patriotic name) and communist agents in the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) put out an edict for "Internet Neutrality".   This is a means for the Triumvirate to triumph and Obama was pushing it.   Internet Neutrality forces those who have conservative websites to place an equal amount of communist propaganda on their websites.   The communist-dominated FCC decides how much is equal and can shut down websites which they do not wish to tolerate.   The truth is that we already have internet neutrality because anyone is allowed to place a blog on the internet.   What we actually have with this Net Neutrality Act is a theft of our right to free speech guaranteed by the the First Amendment - something that is anti-constitutional and criminal.

On May 23, 2009, Obama went one step farther by creating his own camera crew and editors so that he is now putting out his propaganda without pesky reporters bothering him.   The reporters can pick up his material or see it on line - they needn't bother with going to press conferences any longer.   This is another tactic that was borrowed from the communist nations as each communist dictator was intent upon becoming a god to his slaves.   This is typical what a communist narcissistic psychopath would do and, according to at least one news commentator, we now have the "Oprah Winfrey Whitehouse".


Sanctuary Cities

The communists in various states rely upon the illegal alien vote to stay in office.   Of course, illegal aliens cannot legally vote, but legalities have never stopped the communists before.   Consequently, there are sanctuary cities in Arizona and California which allow illegal aliens to remain - with certain privileges and without being sent back to Mexico.   Phoenix, San Francisco, and Los Angeles are such cities.   There is a state law in California that law enforcement officers who arrest those whom they suspect of being in the United States illegally, notify federal authorities.   The police departments of both San Francisco and Los Angeles have not been obeying this state law.   To go one step farther, the Los Angeles Police Department's "Special Order 40" forbids police officers from from cooperating with federal immigration authorities.

The California Appeals Court finally told the San Francisco Police Department that they must comply with the law.   However, Los Angeles is still operating illegally and Judicial Watch has an ongoing lawsuit against the city.

The illegal alien problem in California is one of the key contributors to budgetary problems.   Welfare and other entitlements for illegal aliens bloat the state budget beyond anything possible - and it is no wonder that California is way beyond simple indebtedness.   California has not been allowed bail-out money from the federal government and it should not be allowed bail-out money in the future either.

The mayor of Phoenix, after being threatened by Judical Watch, decided that he would stop supporting "Operation Order 1.4" which prevents police from asking about a person's immigration status and from cooperating with federal authorities.

In New York, former Governor Spitzer announced that he would let illegal aliens obtain drivers' licenses, but he changed his mind within 14 days when he was threatened with a lawsuit - in Maryland, the governor was watching what had happened in New York, and reversed his support of a scheme to give illegal aliens drivers' licenses.


Only One Party and a Dictator for the United States

In the January 28, 2009, issue of National Review we see that in Russia there was a raid on the offices of Memorial in St. Petersburg.   Memorial is a private organization that for 20 years has been collecting data on the victims of Stalin's dictatorship.   The raid was carried out by nine policemen, two of them wearing black facemasks.   They spent six hours combing through Memorial's office, finally taking away twelve computer disks containing data which includes thousands of hours of audio histories, digital versions of faded photos, and video evidence of mass graves.   Using Memorial's database, one can easily retrieve images of written denunciations by a son against his father, or hear torture-weakened voices reciting forced "confessions" that implicate family members or colleagues.   Putin is still in charge regardless of who may appear to be.   Putin was head of the KGB at one time and the KGB went to great lengths to keep information from the public that might place the Kremlin in a bad light.   Now that Putin is turning Russia back into a totalitarian state and doing his best to reconstruct the old Soviet Union, the information in Memorial's records is considered at problem.

B.O.'s methods at this point are somewhat more subtle.   He has effectively taken away the traditional right of the Senate to review and question his cabinet appointees.   He has stated that he wants transparency in government while hiding everything he can - including is own connections with subversive elements such as Alinsky, Ayres, the Marxist "New Party" in Chicago (of which he was a member).   B.O. has moved the supervision of the Census to the White House.   He has been dragging his feet on adequate border control because he wants more illegal aliens who can be shown how to vote by ACORN.   B.O. wants power so that he can become even more of a dictator than he is now - and his actions show that he is bent upon destroying the United States economically and politically.

In 1995, B.O. first sought the endorsement of the Marxist "New Party" in Chicago.   According to New Ground, the newsletter of the Chicago Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), B.O. appeared at the New Party's summer 1995 meeting to seek their endorsement in his state Senate race.   The New Party, the newsletter states, contained a heavy contingent of DSA members and also members of Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism, a splinter group that broke away from the Communist Party USA after the fall of its financial and ideological patron, the Soviet Union.   B.O. obtained the New Party endorsement which required that he sign a contract with the New Party that he have a visible and active relationship with the New Party.

Constitutionally, Washington DC is not allowed to become a state and to have two senators to vote in the Senate.   However, Washington DC is largely filled with Democrats.   So the Democrats are pushing through legislation to make Washington DC a state so that they can be better assured of having a fillibuster-proof Senate.   Again, we see that the communists in the legislature are changing the rules even when it means ignoring or amending the Constitution.

Adolf Hitler, who used the National Socialist Party (Nazi Party), as a vehicle to complete his domination of Germany, is one of B.O.'s "mentors" - and B.O. is doing just what Hitler did to maintain control - changing the rules to increase his power base so that he will be able to remain in power indefinitely in the role of a dictator.

On March 16, 2012, B.O. signed an executive order that his press secretary said was routine business and not worth any concern from the media or the people.   Every President for many past administrations has issued a similar executive order, so why is this one different?   The following article by Brandon Turbeville says most of it.  

New Obama Executive Order Seizes U.S. Infrastructure and Citizens for Military Preparedness

In a stunning move, on March 16, 2012, Barack Obama signed an Executive Order stating that the President and his specifically designated Secretaries now have the authority to commandeer all domestic U.S. resources including food and water. The EO also states that the President and his Secretaries have the authority to seize all transportation, energy, and infrastructure inside the United States as well as forcibly induct/draft American citizens into the military. The EO also contains a vague reference in regards to harnessing American citizens to fulfill “labor requirements” for the purposes of national defense.

Not only that, but the authority claimed inside the EO does not only apply to National Emergencies and times of war. It also applies in peacetime.

The National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order exploits the “authority” granted to the President in the Defense Production Act of 1950 in order to assert that virtually every means of human survival is now available for confiscation and control by the President via his and his Secretaries’ whim.

The unconstitutionality of the overwhelming majority of Executive Orders is well established, as well as the illegality of denying citizens their basic Constitutional and human rights, even in the event of a legitimate national emergency. Likewise, it should also be pointed out that, like Obama’s recent Libyan adventure and the foregone conclusion of a Syrian intervention, there is no mention of Congress beyond a minor role of keeping the allegedly co-equal branch of government informed on contextually meaningless developments.

As was mentioned above, the scope of the EO is virtually all-encompassing. For instance, in “Section 201 – Priorities and Allocations Authorities,” the EO explains that the authority for the actions described in the opening paragraph rests with the President but is now delegated to the various Secretaries of the U.S. Federal Government. The list of delegations and the responsibility of the Secretaries as provided in this section are as follows:

(1) the Secretary of Agriculture with respect to food resources, food resource facilities, livestock resources, veterinary resources, plant health resources, and the domestic distribution of farm equipment and commercial fertilizer;

(2) the Secretary of Energy with respect to all forms of energy;

(3) the Secretary of Health and Human Services with respect to health resources;

(4) the Secretary of Transportation with respect to all forms of civil transportation;

(5) the Secretary of Defense with respect to water resources; and

(6) the Secretary of Commerce with respect to all other materials, services, and facilities, including construction material

Read the text of The National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order, from the white house blog.

Thanks to Brandon Turbeville and activist post for this article:

Upon reading the above article, I studied the EO itself.   The article is absolutely correct as to the EO content.   I don't know what past Presidents had in their similar EOs, but those orders are hereby revoked by B.O.'s EO.

One more thing that should be mentioned is the powers of the "guaranteeing agency" (B.O.'s delegate - secretary director, whatever).   The "guaranteeing agency" is empowered to force a loan upon any entity that has insufficient wealth to comply with the dictates of B.O. or his delegate.   Furthermore, the "guaranteeing agency" has the means to dictate the terms of the loan without the consent of the "borrower".   The Federal Reserve (Fed) or one of its banks can issue the loan and "make out" like the bandit that it is.   If too much is produced as the result of the "loan", the surplus goes into the Defense Stockpile.   So making the amount of the loan higher than is necessary appears to be expected - more interest going to the Fed for its fiat (counterfeit) dollars (see The Federal Reserve System).   All this is an attempt by B.O. to break the back of our industries and thus either control them or take them over outright.   In other words, it is a way to nationalize our industries - precisely like the government of the Soviet Union did and what Putin is doing in Russia today.

On March 26, in a meeting with the Russian President (Dmetry Medvedev) in South Korea, B.O. was unaware the the microphone was turned on when he said to Medvedev in confidence, "This my last election.   After the election, I have more flexibility."

It is my opinion that B.O. plans to use the above EO to declare martial law in the event the he feels he is about to lose the presidency in this 2012 election.   On the other hand, if he wins the election he can do anything he wants without being concerned about the consequences to himself.   Hitler could not have been more thorough when he took over Germany before he began to use the "ovens" to eliminate his opposition and the German Jews (his scapegoats).



A healthy free-enterprise nation has natural incentives which operate automatically to keep the economy healthy.   The free-enterprise system came about through evolution - not through human intervention.   However, unfair business practices and monopolies can ruin the system because these things prevent it from being a free-enterprise system.   Therefore, we have laws against such things - and these laws allow the players in the free-enterprise system to play fairly.

Socialism is the creation of a government monopoly.   Socialism in one area will often remain and the neo-communists will then create socialism in another area.   So socialism can be a creeping cancer in a democratic republic.   Ultimately, the creeping cancer leads to communism and victim can no longer struggle against the disease.

Nationalization is just a word that means taking something from the private sector and creating socialism in that area, complete with a government bureaucracy and government control - another nail in a free nation's coffin as communism takes over.   It is being said that Obama is bed with the large corporations.   This is true.   His plan is place such a burden upon small businesses, farms, etc. that they can no longer compete with big business.   Once there are only a few big businesses, there will be enough abuse of the customer that there will be an excuse to nationalize the various industries.

The government buying stock in our banking system is merely a way to begin what will become complete control over the banking system - a government monopoly and effective nationalization of our banks.   First, BO decided that preferred stock would be fine for the government. Preferred stock means that the government cannot vote as a stockholder.   Then, after the shock had been absorbed by the opposition, BO decided to go another step into nationalization by changing the government stock to common stock which allows the government to dominate the bank as the voter for a large block of stock.   The government can now control the banks.   This means no competition to keep things so they are for the customer's convenience.   Instead, we will have an even more invasive means for the government to monitor and control its citizens.   This is another step on the road to communism - the complete domination by Big Brother.

The history and realities of communism were once taught in our schools.   However, the neo-communists, hiding under names like "progressives", "liberals", and "democrats", managed to take such courses away from our students.   Furthermore, our children were not taught to look behind the mask and see what is there.   The only way to tell who is a communist and who is not is by watching his or her actions - because a communist is a natural liar who is taught to further the communist cause in any way possible.   In fact, communists consider our ethics to be a weakness that makes us more gullible and allows them to more easily manipulate us.   This is how B.O. can sway a crowd by speech.   Saul Alinsky has taught the modern communists well - and they are now beginning the nationalization of our banking system.


Chicago Politics and More

According to Judicial Watch, B.O. and key members of his team (including White House Senior Advisor David Axelrod, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, and Special Assistant to the President Valerie Jarrett) are all products of Chicago's corrupt political machine.   Furthermore, B.O. has surrounded himself with those from the Clinton era, many of whom seem to be guilty of serious ethical, tax, and potential criminal violations.   In his first two weeks in office, Judicial Watch filed four lawsuits against his administration.

Judicial Watch used the Freedom of Information Act and other open records laws to acquire and publicize documents that prove B.O. and key administration personnel actually did have contacts with indicted and impeached former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich despite B.O.'s lies to the contrary.

The Pentagon documents recently uncovered by Judicial Watch show that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, whose distorted sense of entitlement and privilege are astounding even by Washington's standards, has been treating the U.S. Air Force like her own personal airline.

The communists must change the voting majority in America to stay in power now (April 2010).   They are doing all they can to allow millions of illegal aliens to enter the U.S. via the Mexican border.   These people can spread out and ACORN with its new names can use them to vote against the legal majority.   They are also setting up a means of bringing in the progressives from Puerto Rico by making it a state rather than a commonwealth.   This would alter the balance in the House and the Senate. As of now, this is a four-step process, and the first step is called HR 2499 which asks the Puerto Ricans if they are satisfied with the status quo.   They are still working at getting Washington, DC, to become a state for the same reasons.


Union Bullying

There may have been a time in the history of the United States when unions were necessary.   However, that time is long past.   The unions today have been taken over by the communists.   For a long time, unions were able to stop traffic, disrupt meetings, use threats to gain their ends, and cause people to disappear.   It is time to eliminate the power of unions in the U.S.

On March 20, 2012, State Senator Pam Galloway resigned due to union intimidation and harrassment.   According to The Blaze, in emails recall leader John Speigelhoff called her a "pig" and suggested that she "stay at home", cautioning that they were "coming for her".   Senator Galloway stated publicly that the union harrassment was not her main reason for resigning.   However, it is obvious that such tactics played a part.

Pam Galloway is a respected doctor and esteemed surgeon, rather than a career politician.   She does not deserve to be treated in such a manner by fascist thugs or anyone else.   She was targeted as means to remove the Republican majority in the state senate, and this has been accomplished.   Democrats today are not the democrats of old.   They have been bought by Soros and the "Progressives" (facist communists).   The same variety of thugs have become the heads of the unions.

Unions should never have been given the latitude they have had in breaking the law.   When they are allowed to do so, they find a means of going in farther into lawlessness.   It is time for all of us to use any legal means possible to pull their fangs.   No more intimidation, occupying property when not invited, issuing threats, voter fraud, battery, murder, or even blocking the streets.   Mob rule is not a part of a free America.

Generally, the mob rule of unions has given them pay and benefits far in excess of what a competitive company or corporation can afford and still stay in business.   Unions of "public servants" especially should not be allowed collective bargaining rights, and in many cases, public servants should not be allowed to have unions.   In Wisconsin, union members were imported from other states to harass the legislators and the governor.   Crooked judges saw to it that ballots were not examined for evidence of voter fraud.   These judges were registered, voting "democrats" who should have recused themselves.   Illegal votes were discovered but allowed to be counted.

Without honest elections, honest judges, and honest legislators, our nation is doomed.   We must all strive to correct the inadequacies that allow tampering by those who are not in the same geographic area as an election.   Any form of intimidation or voter fraud must be dealth with by severe punishment.


Psychopathic Personalities

America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold:
its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life.
If we can undermine these areas America will collapse from within.

                                                                                    Joseph Stalin

There is a separate section of this site that explains psychopaths in detail.   Briefly, the psychopath has no conscience and is, therefore, less than human.   The psychopath relies upon charisma, charm, subterfuge, and lying to achieve his or her goals.   The psychopath has no really close friends because of the way he or she treats people.   In the long run, people realize that the psychopath has no empathy with them and is using them.   Psychopaths have a history of looking out only for themselves - they have never developed past the stage in childhood where they were centers of the universe.   They cannot truly empathize with others even though they have found ways to appear to be empathetic when such an appearance serves their purposes.   It usually takes time to discover the nature of a psychopath.   Once discovered, one should never place him or her in a position of responsibility or in any position which requires that he or she be trusted.   See Psychopathic Personalities.



February 2009 - Hugo Chavez and his minions have won a referendum giving him the possibility of remaining in power forever.   Chavez declared that he would speed "the construction of true socialism".   On the other hand, he moved Valentine's Day so that it would occur after the election - and he made it Valentine's Week.   He now wants no partying until after the vote, and "after achieving our great victory the week of love begins".

BO has a new buddy according to the way he and Chavez acted on camera when BO went to visit Chavez.   Chavez gave BO an anti-U.S. book he had written and BO gratefully accepted it even though a non-communist President would have considered such a gift an insult. Since the two of them see eye-to-eye as BO continues to destroy the U.S., the interaction between them made perfect sense.

June 2009 - A paragraph from National Review
Day after day, week after week, the lights go out in Venezuela.   A recent headline read, "Last anti-Chavez TV station faces probe, shutdown."   At the Summit of the Americas, President Obama called Hugo Chavez his friend ("mi amigo").   Chavez is not the friend of any [real] democrat.   We should not let the dying of the light in Venezuela go unnoticed.   [Bear in mind that although a true U.S. democrat would not consider Chavez to be a friend, a communist agent - who merely uses the cover of being a democrat - will consider Chavez to be a friend and comrade.]

Later in June 2009 - A paragraph from National Review
One by one, the lights have gone out in Hugo Chavez's Venezuela; there is almost none left.   Mario Vargas Llosa, the Peruvian writer and politician, has tried to provide some light.   He traveled to Venezuela to participate in a pro-democracy forum.   He was detained at the airport for over an hour, and told that, as a foreigner, he had no right to make political comments while in the country.   Vargas Llosa retorted that "nobody can put limits on free thinking."   Later, Chavez went so far as challenge Varga Llosa and other critics to a debate - and then backed down.   At the summit, in April, President Obama called Chavez his friend - "mi amigo."   But Chavez is no friend to democracy, freedom, or dignity.


Labor/Obama Corruption

June 2009 - A paragraph from National Review
One of Obama's few genuine non-defense budget cuts is a sharp reduction in funding for the agency that polices "embezzlement from labor organizations, extortionate picketing, deprivation of union members' rights by force or violence, and fraud in union officer elections".   During the Bush administration, the agency's budget increased by 50 percent, and it chalked up 929 convictions of corrupt union officials.   Yet Obama's Labor Department appointees say it does not have a big enough workload, so 9 percent of its $45 million budget should go to other agencies.   A primary beneficiary will be the bureaucracy that makes sure "that contractors doing business with the federal government do not discrimate, and take affirmative action".   In the age of Obama, quota enforcers are showered with money, while investigators of fraud, embezzlement, and strong-arming have to beg for spare change.   It goes to show, yet again, that the interests of "labor" and the interests of workers are often antithetical.


Double Jeopardy - Facist Justice

June 2009 - A paragraph from National Review
It is a good general rule that any congressional bill named after some victim of a crime or misfortune is a bad bill [uses wording designed to inflame emotion rather than intellect].   The Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act, which has just been introduced on the floor of the U. S. Senate, is worse than most.   It represents a triumph of politics over law, giving the federal government the power to appease powerful voting blocs by violating the ancient Anglo-Saxon legal antipathy to double jeopardy, an antipathy enshrined in the Fifth Amendment to our Constitution.   A person goes to trial in a state court on some charge that causes offense to some powerful voting bloc.   He is acquitted by a jury of his peers.   The powerful voting bloc is mad as hell and makes a fuss, so the feds step in to arrest and retry the accused.   Federal civil-rights laws are all too frequently used in this way - recall the case of the Rodney King police officers.   If this bill becomes law, the feds will have another weapon in their armory with which to enforce double jeopardy against crimes they particularly dislike.



Definition: The system of one-party government, developed by the Fascisti of Italy, which exercised a centralized autocratic control of the activities of all individuals, especially through the economic agency of state corporations (what the communistic triumvirate is in the process of creating in the United States).

June 2009 - From National Review
Career prosecutors of the Justice Department went after some Obama supporters in the New Black Panther Party following shocking allegations that those supporters had intimidated voters with threats, racial epithets, and a nightstick.   The Washington Times reported that Justice even secured an affidavit from poll watcher Bartle Bull, a former Bobby Kennedy aide and longtime civil-rights activist, who witnessed three uniformed NBPP members confronting and intimidating voters with that nightstick.   Bull related that one Panther told a white poll watcher, "You are about to be ruled by the black man, cracker,"   In all his experience, Bull added, he had never seen "another instance in the United States where armed and uniformed men blocked the entrance to a polling location."   Justice won the case because the defendants ignored the complaint.   Then Obama appointees stepped in.   Shortly after career prosecutors began seeking penalties based on default, Attorney General Eric Holder's subordinates directed that the cases against two of the defendants be dropped.   A third was merely ordered to refrain from displaying a weapon near a polling place for the next three years.   Where is Congress?   Can it be roused only by imaginary politicization of the Justice Department?   [Note that not too many years ago in California it was legal to carry a gun on your hip even in all the cities.   Then one day several Black Panthers started across the lawn of the State Capitol with several firearms.   They were intercepted but not held.   Thereafter a state law was enacted to prevent anyone from carrying a firearm in the California cities - more stealing of our gun rights, compliments of the Black Panthers.   It was disclosed at the time, that the Black Panthers were not really interested in civil rights.   Their agenda was and is to enslave the whites under the blacks.]

June 2009 - From National Review
"From behind a burning bus barricade Saturday night comes the gunfire of soldiers advancing toward Tiananmen Square."   So twenty years ago Claudia Rosett of the Wall Street Journal began her account of what is now remembered in China as "June 4".   "People snatch up bricks and bottles, their only weapons against the guns of their country's own army... Bullets ricochet of the stone walls that line the road."   Deng Xiaoping's economic reforms had been accompanied by a measure of free speech, but by the spring of 1989, students, workers, and ordinary people taken it to levels the regime could not tolerate.   "As the crowd falls back again, a man in thick spectacles stops a Western reporter... 'Terrible,' he says, 'Very terrible.'"   The final target of the crackdown was Tiananmen Square, in the heart of Beijing, with its makeshift statue of the Goddess of Democracy.   Perhaps 2,600 people died that night; hope for political reform died with them.   "If China's democratic uprising has achieved nothing else, it has at least flushed into view the naked shape of China's Communist Party."   It did; it still does.   Remember.   [The same may be said of the thuggery of BO and his thugs - If his actions in office do nothing else, they will at least have flushed into view the naked shape of his fascist communist aspirations.]


Life Under Communism - Possible Improvement

June 2009 - A paragraph from National Review
One of the most aggravating features of Communist life is the loudspeakers: the broadcasting of propaganda over loudspeakers in the streets [In the old Soviet Union, it was in the shopping centers.]   People from Communist countries all over the world have complained about this.   This propaganda is ear-splitting and soul-bruising.   In Vietnam, they blast the propaganda at dawn and at dusk, for 30 minutes a stretch.   And a local official in Hanoi is proposing to do something about this.   He has suggested that the government put the information - the propaganda - on the Internet.   People should be allowed to "choose to listen rather than be forced to listen", he says.   To choose rather than be forced: Were that principle to take hold, your country would cease to be Communist.

[Contrary to the opinion given above, there is still the need for truth to be told via the media rather than communist propaganda.   Where I live, the editor of the local paper has been forced to fear the printing of my letters to the editor.   Some of the "leftists" in the area have told her that they would cancel their subscriptions if more of my truths are printed.   The economy being what it is, this is a potent threat.   Even though the radical left is outvoted in this area, it uses Saul Alinsky's methods (usually ridicule and economic force) to prevent people from learning what is really going on in the United States.   Communists do not ever want freedom of speech.]


As of December 2010

The last election created a conservative majority in the House and increased the number of conservative senators.   Comrade Obama has begun to ask for compromise and transparency now that the communists can no longer be as obnoxiously exclusive as they have been for the last two years.   Comrade Pelosi is still one of the means of preventing constitutional legislation from passing even though she is only the minority leader now.   Comrade Reid was re-elected by Mexican Americans.   Some were coerced into voting for Reid and most were bused to the polls by anti-American interests (like the Mafia that is into gambling).   Since the election in 2010, the new governors are dominantly conservative.  

The plea for compromise by B.O. is a typical Alinsky tactic presented in his book, Rules for Radicals (remember, B.O. was a professor who taught Alinsky tactics and strategy to the young communists in college).   Compromise by communists is never a means of closure for an issue.   It is merely a means to halt the progress of the opposition until a new assault can be launched by the communists after they have rested for awhile.   If conservatives are smart, they will not compromise or halt their own progress in any way.


As of April 2011

Obama and the Democrat-dominated Senate are still blocking the House' attempts to stop the spending, Obama healthcare, and the other attempts by the communists in our government to destroy our economy.   There is now a half-hearted "war" in Libya that Obama created for us without consulting Congress (indeed Congress is irrelevant).

There is no point in continuing to place more on current events here because if someone is so stupid that he or she cannot tell the following by now, he or she will never be smart enough to comprehend reality.
1.   Communism is bad for the United States.
2.   We are in a war with the communists and their allies right here at home.
3.   The communists and their allies have taken over our government and are taking over our industries.
4.   If we do not stop them somehow, we are finished as a free nation.

We must pay attention and elect only those who are willing to get us back to government that is based upon the Constitution.   We dare not have earmarks, riders, or whatever the corrupt representatives and senators decide to call these things.   We must remove the government bureaucracies that are not authorized by the Constitution.   We must make every effort to remove communists in the Supreme Court and get back to having a Supreme Court that upholds the Constitution.



Dealing with the Problem

My Congressman, who seems to be well aware of the menace we are facing, suggested in a letter that we:
(1) STOP writing letters to the Communist Triumvirate at their offices,
(2) START writing letters to the editor,
(3) START posting blogs on the internet,
(4) START posting comments on articles,
(5) EXPOSE their policies for all to see,
(6) STOP calling their offices,
(7) START calling local talk shows,
(8) STOP visiting their offices,
(9) VISIT them during their public appearances and EXPOSE the votes they are casting and the policies they are imposing.
(10) SUPPORT efforts to impeach Obama (see Impeachment).

I agree with his suggestions and have been following them for quite some time.   Also, every time you receive a request for donations to a cause in the mail, bear in mind that many such requests are bogus and are being used to obtain donations for the communists.   What you can do is send their request back with NO money and a note that states that you will only donate to those who call the communists by their old original name (communists).   You may also state that you are donating only to a candidate of your choice as frequently the organs of the political parties will favor candidates based upon politics rather than statesmanship.

Why should we use these procedures?   FIrst, the communists in our government will only gloat when you send them petitions, call them, write to them, or otherwise attempt to get it touch with your message.   Your sentiments will make them feel that they are succeeding in killing the nation, and they will simply laugh at you, whether they claim to pay attention or not.   Second, the communists should be kept in the dark so that we can better pull the rug out from under them.   Third, many of the various causes you find in your mailbox are designed to elicit money from you to be used for their purposes - even when the supposed cause is diametrically opposed to the ideas that it claims to be for.   Fourth, your money is better given to your candidate directly than having someone else choose a candidate for your money. The various political funding organizations have bureaucracies that bleed off the the cash you give them.   If your candidate is honest and believes in your principles, his staff will see to it that the money you donate goes to the correct places.

Communist agents go by many names such as progressives, liberals, democrats, republicans, Christians, radicals, activists, European-style socialists, etc.   This does not mean that everyone who calls himself by a different name is a communist, but it does mean that you need to see what a person actually does in his life if you wish see what he really is.   Communists are taught to lie, cheat, steal, use aliases, and in essence to do anything to further the communist cause.   What they call themselves is designed to camouflage them.   In the case of a socialist, he is either a communist or a useful idiot because socialism of every type will eventually lead to a communist dictatorship or a communist-style monarchy.

For more, go to Remedies.


The Up Side

May 23, 2009, the communist triumvirate, like most communists, are rather stupid - cunning yes, but stupid when it comes to estimating honor in others (since they have none) and in estimating the "silent majority" and what can cause this majority to awaken to the danger of communism. This means that, just as Hitler was his own worst enemy (he actually aided us in winning WWII), the communists are their own worst enemy.   At this point, we can see this most in Nancy Pelosi who has stumbled over her own feet and stuck both of them (shoes and all) in her mouth - by insulting the CIA with a blatant lie.   Yes, she is an accomplished liar as are all communists (communists believe that anything that promotes communism is right and anything that obstructs communism is wrong - ergo they lie incessantly to attain their goals), but she failed to think ahead and lied so many times that she could not keep track of her own lies (the truth works best because there is only one version of it to remember).   We see it again in Harry Reid who said the surge was failing 60 days after the surge was announced and more than 100 days before it was fully implemented.   The number of lies that Obama has told would require several long books to relate.   He just signed another big-money bill without anyone having time to read it (it was 900 pages long) and was put through before a holiday weekend so that few people would attempt to read it.   He promised transparency and five days to read a bill of normal length, but that was before he was elected.

It is true that many times the public will not remember, and therefore a statement that can be proven to be a lie is often lost in the passage of time.   However, today we have recording devices of all kinds that allow certain ones of us to show what actually happened at any given moment.   The recordings can be shown to the public and the lies exposed as what they are.

The result of all this is that the American public is awakening to the danger.   Americans know that there are criminals, traitors, and enemy agents in both major political parties and Americans are leaving those parties.   On Fox News it was stated that according to a PEW Research Center Poll, 39% of the voters now consider themselves to be independents, 33% now consider themselves to be democrats, and 22% now consider themselves to be republicans.   This adds up to 94%, and nothing was said about the missing 6% - perhaps they are members of the minor parties.

Political parties have always been a problem.   George Washington had seen enough of parties in England.   Consequently, he did not want political parties in the America.   Parties have certain dogma to which party members must adhere - which means that to be a party member in good standing, one must be loyal to the party dogma even when parts of it are dead wrong.   Furthermore, major parties make rules that prevent other parties from ever being on an equal footing - much like a race car driver moves over to prevent a faster car from passing.   And there is always the danger like the one we have now that we will become a one-party nation (this leads to a dictatorship).   Americans should vote for the candidate rather than the party.   The candidate should have views that are not necessarily tied to party dogma.

Taliban Mistakes

June 2009 - A paragraph from National Review
The Pakistani army has driven the Taliban our of Swat Valley and recaptured Mingora, the one sizable town there.   Some Taliban leaders have been killed, and others have fled to the mountains of Waziristan, where they may still be pursued.   Critics like to maintain the the Pakistani army was trained only for warfare with India, but it evidently has adapted well to this insurgency, losing few men and killing some 1,200 Taliban fighters (out of an estimated 5,000).   The Taliban has made the same mistakes in Pakistan as it did in Afghanistan.   It murdered in the name of Sharia law, blew up schools, terrorized women and girls, and press-ganged young men and even boys.   Many hundreds of thousands of refugees - some say 2 million of more - took to the roads to escape, and are now in refugee camps.   Threatening to extend its campaign to the whole country, the Taliban has sent suicide bombers to Lahore, Peshawar, and Islamabad.   Public opinion has now set massively and even violently against it.   Pakistanis have had enough; just in time, too.

Some Events through October 15, 2009
Much of this comes from National Review.

China - The Chinese Communists have had a valid need to reduce their population and have been doing so for some time - at one time by sectioning off a large area and starving the people in that area to death - and by making it unlawful for a couple to have more than one child.   There is no means of surviving old age in China unless parents have a son to take care of them.   Because one child only is allowed each couple, only sons usually survive while female babies are aborted or otherwise disposed of.   This has led to a population that is primarily male.   This reduces the population because no children can be born by males alone.   Consequently, fathers are looking elsewhere (like in the United States) for women to marry their sons.   So much for the wisdom of the state.

Afghanistan - True to form, B.O. is living up to his initials when it comes to the U.S. military.   He appointed General Stanley McChrystal to see what must be done in Afghanistan to win the war.   McChrystal sent his report in to B.O. August and B.O. has ignored him except for one short meeting (about 30 minutes) two months later.   B.O. still refuses to address the problem, allowing more people to die unnecessarily and weakening the military even more.   Bear in mind that he U.S. military must be weakened to the point that it becomes unable to defend us against the new world government forces that Progressives (Communists) are working to create.

B.O. finally did send 30,000 troops to the war zone - half what McChrystal said he needed. Since most military estimates are based upon a timely response from the president, the expected results did not materialize.   It is obvious that B.O. delayed sending the troops so that we would fail.

Chicago for the Olympics - B.O. and Michelle spent more tax payer dollars to fly separately to Europe in an attempt to charm votes to make Chicago the host of the coming olympics.   B.O. did his usual rock star thing, showing how this would help him to win the next election.   It is difficult to believe that anyone would want to attend an event in Chicago when Rio was also in the running.   The charm failed and Rio won with Chicago coming in last place among all the entries.   Apparently, those who voted for Rio were not really interested in helping B.O.'s political ambitions.   Most folks in the U.S. were wondering why the Obamas were attempting to influence the voting rather than reading General McChrystal's report on Afghanistan.   After all, ACORN was not there to cheat for him and McChrystal's report had been languishing for weeks.

Iran - Along the same lines, B.O. is allowing Iran to continue with its atomic weapons manufacturing.   He supposedly had a meeting with heads of government in Russia to ask them for help against Iran.   The meeting did not bear fruit according to the supposed intention B.O. stated.   Since B.O. may be taking his orders from Moscow as well as from Soros, the real purpose of the meeting might have been no more than to have a friendly chat.

Oliver North has a solution to the Iran problem.   He wants us to tell the world that anyone who trades with Iran will not be able to Trade with the United States.   I believe this would work because Iran would soon be isolated and unable to function properly without the necessary imports and the dollars that come from her exports.   Of course, B.O. would never allow this to be implemented as it would cure the problem rather than causing it to escalate - communists are masters of destruction, but haven't the ability or the inclination to deliberately create anything good or to fix a bad situation.

Weakening Military Capabilities - The B.O. administration has canceled the deployment of a powerful radar in the Czech Republic and interceptors in Poland.   The excuse is "a matter of switching from long-range to short-range missile defense".   This is merely a way of using a meaningless phrase to justify another pro-Communist objective.   Both types of defense should be used.   The potential of Iran to build intercontinental ballist missiles was considered irrelevant.   The real reason for all this was to placate Russia and to doublecross the Czechs and the Poles after B.O. had implied he would stand with them.

B.O.'s latest traitorous act is to make an agreement with Putin to reduce nuclear armament.   He will have us cut a third of our nuclear arsenal, put strict limits on bombers and submarines that can launch nuclear weapons (but can also be used to deliver conventional weapons and supplies), and give away the U.S. missile defense technical advantage that past presidents have worked hard to protect. But B.O. is right about doing all this because as long as he is in the White House to disarm us, our military might is useless.

His treaty with Putin has not been ratified yet by Congress. Ratification requires a 2/3 vote in favor in the Senate.   But, needless to say, Putin loves B.O.

Healthcare - The two houses of Congress are still working on a healthcare bill that, in all its forms, is a means of breaking the United States financially (as if it had not already been done) and making sure that less-brainwashed seniors die more quickly in order to better aid the Communist take-over of the United States without a fight.

The healthcare bill was finally passed, but several states have decided to sue or to simply nullify it.   There seems little doubt that the issue will reach the Supreme Court since the bill is blatantly unconstitutional.

Nobel Peace Prize - B.O. has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.   Twelve days into his term of office, someone nominated him.   The Nobel prizes have long been known to be given primarily to adherents of world government and those who are anti-American.   So it is no surprise that B.O. was nominated.   However, it is a surprise that he was actually awarded the prize before he had completely succeeded in destroying the United States.   As B.O. himself stated, it was probably awarded for idealogical reasons and for what the committee expected him to do in the future to further their aims.

Brainwashing of Grade Schoolers - At least one grade school has been discovered brainwashing the children by having them chant praises to the annointed one.   In Hitler's Germany and in the Communist countries, it is always the leader who is given the privilege of being worshipped in lieu of God.   B.O. and the teachers' unions are merely following the age-old means of subjugation through indoctrination.

Encouraging Cheating - You may have seen the television ad that shows people who are thrilled by the fact that they settled with the IRS for a mere fraction of what they owed and are promoting the people who allowed them to settle their debt.   This shows that it is all right to cheat on one's income taxes and perhaps makes one more sympathetic with the tax cheats on the White House list of Czars and advisors.   But this is merely the result of an attitude of cheating that was taught in school earlier when the teacher set the example by teaching the test when federal testing was part of the evaluation of how well the kids were being taught.   Here in California this was the means of cheating on federal exams so that the progressive (Communist) educators could look good.

Cash for Clunkers - This program was truly impotent in long-term gains.   It moved car sales up in time and now sales have fallen accordingly.   People used the program to buy early rather than wait.   The end result is that it removed used cars from the poorer folk, confused dealers and buyers, and is still attempting to break dealers by not re-imbursing them as promised.

Dianne Feinstein - As head of the Senate Intelligence Committee (and a Communist agent) Feinstein has opened an investigation to assess whether CIA officials should be criminally charged for their role in preventing future terrorist attacks - and of course Eric Holder has named a special prosecutor to go after the same people.   This is necessary to be sure that only the Communist agents in the CIA remain after all is said and done.   Feinstein has also stated that B.O. is mishandling the war in Afghanistan by failing to address the problems by meeting with General McChrystal.   This seems to be a means of gaining favor with voters who would otherwise throw her out in the next election.   It is a good way for her to act to stay in office since it will have no effect whatsoever on B.O.'s actions.

Sarah Palin - Sarah is still doing her part to help the nation.   She the only real patriot and the only one with real wisdom during the election.   Either McCain or his campaign managers did what they could to stifle her.   This was probably because either (1) they were afraid of exposure of corruption in the Republican Party or (2) they wanted Obama to win.   She gave a paid speech on "commonsense conservatism".

As of April, 2010, she is working with the Tea Party people.

Communist Infiltration - The Tea Parties are being infiltrated by communist thugs and there is danger that SEIU members will start moving violently against the Tea Partiers.   So far comrade Eric Holder will not allow either violent SEIU or Black Panther members to be prosecuted for their actions, so he is encouraging violence.

In the past, the National Rifle Association (NRA) has been sponsoring truthful patriotic DVDs and books.   However, their latest set of DVDs called America Our Country is different.   The parts on the Founding Fathers portrays them as heavy drinkers with many personal failings and ulterior motives.   Perhaps truth there, but the correct balance between good deeds and failings appears to be somewhat lacking.

Furthermore, there is whitewashing, political correctness, and outright lies as is quite apparent when the Japanese, before Pearl Harbor, attacked the Chinese to "liberate them" with a secondary motive being to take their oil from them.   Near the end of the story, there is a big question of why we were so mean as to drop the bomb on Japan.   In between the beginning and the end are other examples of like variety and none of the real reasons for the conflict in any logical form.   As an academy graduate, veteran, and student of military history, I found the presentation appalling.

Wayne LaPierre, the de facto head of the NRA, has set up a large bureaucracy that prevents him from knowing what is really happening in his own organization (the ivory-tower effect), and I discovered long ago that it is nearly impossible to get his attention.   The communists among us have infiltrated almost every organization we have in the last hundred years, so it is logical that members of LaPierre's staff are either communists or useful idiots - and the NRA is prime target since it has been instrumental in preventing the demolishing of the Second Amendment.

Illegal Immigration - In April 2010, the governor of Arizona signed a law into existence that makes it legal for the police to arrest and detain illegal immigrants.   This was already a federal law, so the new law was making an unenforced federal law legal - legalizing a legal law.   But B.O. was very unhappy about this and is doing what he can to have the Arizona law considered illegal.   The Dems are pushing for their trial lawyers to become involved so that there can be lawsuits against the cops and the state of Arizona.   Hitler would be proud of B.O. and his minions.

Dollars to Our Enemies - Saif and Aisha Qaddafi are the progeny of the Libyan dictator.   They have followed the examples of people like Soros and have started some foundations.   They say the foundations are for "maintaining and protecting human rights".   So B.O.'s people are planning to send them $400,000 - which is not very much but will have an impact on the actual goals of the foundations.   Qaddafi and his children are not our friends.

Israel Attacked by the United Nations - The U.N. has resolved that Zionism is racism and has followed up with the Goldstone Report, about 600 pages of an "investigation" of the hostilities last winter between Israel and Hamas.   In the last eight years, Hamas and similar groups have fired over 8,000 rockets and mortars into Israel.   When Israel had enough they moved into Palestine and killed hundreds of members of Palestinian security forces, most of whom were identified as members of terrorist organizations.   The Goldstone Report holds that the attack by Israel constitutes a war crime.   This, of course, implies that a state has no right to defend itself against terrorist attacks.   But the U.N. is a Communist-dominated body and this is typical of what it produces.   The U.S. should pull out of the U.N. and stop donating to it.   This will never happen while we have a Communist-dominated Congress and Communist Administration.

Honduras - Manuel Zelaya, the ex-president of Honduras, went too far in taking power not authorized by the Honduran constitution - much like B.O. and our Communist-dominated Congress has been doing here.   The Honduran supreme court, with the authority to hear a case against the president, issued a warrant for Zelaya's arrest by the Honduran military.   Afterward, the Honduran national congress formally removed Zelaya from office.   It was then ruled unconstitutional to exile Zelaya to a foreign state.   Now the Hondurans must decide what to do with him.

The new Law Library of Congress issued a report that confirms that the Hondurans acted constitutionally in removing Zelaya from office.   B.O. has been against such an action and has refused to recognize anyone but Zelaya as the President of Honduras.   Is it possible that B.O. is concerned about what might happen in the U.S. if such actions are found to be legal?

The White House Attacks - The White House communications person publicly complained about Fox News and stated that it was saying untrue things about B.O.   Odds are this was not her idea so much as B.O.'s.   One comedian is now referring to B.O. as the the "Whiner and Chief".   This can't help B.O.'s failing image and seems to indicate a certain degree of consternation among the B.O. and his staff.

Attack on Free Speech? - The "Fairness Doctrine" was essentially abandoned as a means of silencing conservative views while another tactic was surreptitiously employed through the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).   For some time, (through Free Press and Free Press Action Fund) has been sending spam on the internet which asks for donations and signatures to save the internet, talk radio, and television from big corporations who want the FCC to regulate in their favor.

They are pushing "Internet Neutrality" and broadband for everyone.   They say: "Through education, organizing, and advocacy we promote diverse and independent ownership, strong public media, and universal access to communications."   Their words make one want to join their cause and save the day, but what do they mean when they want strong public media?   Apparently, they are asking the FCC to alter things in favor of local radio stations which will be used to break up the nationwide range of such people as Rush Limbaugh and other conservatives.   And there is more.   Best that you look carefully at the source before you sign anything or donate any money to those with a high sales pitch.   It would appear that the part of their agenda that they try to hide is a long-term goal of complete government control of the media (public broadcasting and controlling who can use the internet).

One of the Free Press spams states: "Net Neutrality is under attack from "astroturf" groups - phony grassroots organizations funded by powerful phone and cable companies to spread lies and misinformation.   These hired guns are painting Net Neutrality and the Internet Freedom Preservation Act (HR 3458) as an attempt to 'socialize the Internet.'   They call people like you and me 'extremists' for supporting free-flowing Web.   Their rhetoric is frozen in the Cold War era.   All Net Neutrality really does is protect market innovation, customer choice and free speech online....   Mighty phone and cable companies have controlled Internet policy in Washington for years.   They set up astroturf groups and launch deceptive 'consumer' Web sites to fool politicians and the media into thinking that everyday people support their harmful policy positions...   Free Press has pulled together the Coalition, which now represents more than 800 groups, from Christian Coalition to MoveOn.Org and SEIU to the American Library Association.   More than 1.5 million activists - from all walks of life and across the politican spectrum - have signed our petition."

Most of you may be familiar with MoveOn.Org and SEIU, Soros funded Communist organizations who support other Communist organizations - and the American Library Association sounds like a marvelous organization - but so does the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the National Education Association (NEA) - both of which are set up to brainwash the young in preparation for a Communist world government (Go to Education on this website).   Rhetoric from the Cold War?   You bet!   The Cold War never ended - but most of us went to sleep.   And NPR has been a government funded leftwing propaganda effort for years.   We don't need more it.

Another spam from Free Press states: "Internet music may soon fall silent.   An obscure regulatory agency recently buckled under pressure from giant music labels and passed a rule that could force most independent and noncommercial Internet radio stations, such as NPR, off the Web.   The ruling will go into effect on May 15 unless we urge Congress to Rescue Internet Radio...   After intense lobbying from the recording industry the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) ignored massive public outcry and ruled to dramatically increase the rates webcasters must pay every time they stream a song.   These draconian rules will shut down noncommercial and independent Internet radio outlets, leaving the Web with the same cookie-cutter formats that have destroyed commercial radio.   Independent musicians, webcasters, media reformers and Internet radio listeners have joined forces with members of Congress to reverse this bad decision.   Last week, Reps. Jay Inslee (D-Wash) and Donald Manzullo (R-Ill) introduced the bipartisan Internet Radio Equality Act (HR 2060), which will reverse the CRB decision in favor of a system that supports artists without putting webcasters out of business...   The Copyright Royalty Board passed these bad rules despite protest letters from tens of thousands of concerned music listeners.   They refused our call for a public hearing and rushed through their decision at the urging of music industry lobbyists from the Recording Industry of America.   Musicians must be compensated for their work.   But the new regulations would silence many outlets that play independent artists and musical genres you can't find on the radio dial.   And nonprofit NPR, Pacifica and community radio stations would be forced to take down most of their online musical programming.   Inslee and Manzullo's legislation would allow artists and musicians to thrive alongside a new generation of Internet radio webcasters."

Anti-copyright protection legislation kills free-enterprise and tends to ruin musicians and recording companies which can barely survive now.   What the Inslee and Manzullo bill does is make slaves of those who create music for listeners - and people buy into this socialist propaganda because they want their music for free.   Free Press wants to kill the goose that laid the golden egg.   But this is all part of the Communist effort to destroy us by destroying only a part of us at a time - and to eliminate our free-enterprise system.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) at 400 Washington Avenue in Montgomery, Alabama, claims to be dedicated to "fighting hate, teaching tolerance, and seeking justice."   Actually, it appears to be promoting hatred, creating intolerance, and lying about real justice.   The SPLC Report is a small newspaper that the SPCL publishes.   In its Fall 2009 issue are several articles typical of its views.   The headline states: Militia movement resurgent, infused with racism, New SPLC report details growth of far-right antigovernment groups.   The article goes on to allege or infer that state militia groups, grand juries, and state legislatures in three dozen states are all becoming anti-federal government because there is a black man in the White House.   They allege that grand juries have issued indictments against Obama for treason and fraud - and they infer that the indictments are untrue.   The article says that another factor in the rise of racism is the proliferation of cable TV hosts willing to use their platforms to spread and legitimize antigovernment propaganda.   Examples of the supposed propanda are mentioned which were not promoted by these hosts and the actual platforms are not mentioned.

In a second article, there is an attempt to link the same "rightwing extremism" to the Oklahoma bombing - more promotion of fear of rightwing violence.   A third article asks for a Congressional investigation for racism in the military (where none has existed for many years).   This is a propandist's attempt to create racism in the military by agitation - a typical trick of Alinsky.   Yet another article is about "exploited immigrants".

As with most of those who are on the far left, the SPLC attenpts to use emotionally-charged issues (usually nonexistent) to inflame passion as opposed to reason and truth.   The object is to divide Americans.   If the SPLC were ever what it claims to be, it appears to have since been taken over by the Communist movement in the United States.   Here is a case where the government attack on free speech for cable TV is being obliquely supported.

The communist Democrats are putting together another package to eliminate free speech.   The Supreme Court recently made the sixty-day-before-election ban on free speech illegal.   The new legislation from the commie-dems or dim-commies puts the ban back into effect except for unions which can do whatever they want.

Energy Dependency - April 29, 2010 - A few days ago there was an explosion on an offshore oil-drilling rig that has caused first a fire on the platform (eleven were killed), and is now leaking oil into the sea at a rate that threatens all life near the site.   This would appear to be a means for the U.S. communists to shut down all offshore drilling - which is what they have done until further bureaucratic constraints are in place.   the legislation was ready to go in record time and one wonders if it had not been pre-arranged.

After President Bush lifted an executive order banning offshore drilling in 2008, one of B.O.'s first acts as our elected communist agent was to reinstate that order.   This prevented soon-to-be offshore drilling near Alaska - B.O.'s excuse was that we could drill off the shores of the major part of the U.S. - but that would take a long time to arrange.   Apparently, it gave him enough time to see to it that someone could set a bomb or other means to create a fatal explosion that would start the ball rolling for legislation against offshore drilling.   The end may be obtained by any means - murder and mayhem included.

Russia as of March 2012 (A paragraph from National Review) - Vladimir Putin is holding an election to the Russian presidency solely to keep up appearances.   A Soviet mutant, he learnt from his time as a KGB officer that victory is best fixed in advance.   First comes the boasting.   He's been praising intelligence channels in the Cold War for stealing the nuclear secrets of the United States.   Spies acquired information, he exclaimed, "not on microfilm but literally in suitcases, Suitcases!"   Shades of Robert Openheimer and Klaus Fuchs and Bruno Pontecorvo.   They and others were helping Moscow, in a reporter's words, "out of concern for humanity."   Next come the threats.   Russia has been the counterweight to a United States that maintains and manages artificial but general chaos.   So by 2022, when his presidency will have expired, Russia will have spent $775 billion on a formidable arsenal of missiles, ships, aircraft, guns, and tanks.   And lastly a plot to whip up fear in the streets.   Chechen terrorists are alleged to have been planning to throw a bomb to kill Putin, but they were arrested some time ago in Ukraine, conveniently abroad.   This is an exemplary study in modern dictatorship.   [Putin has been doing all he can to make a new USSR a very potent world power.   Communism in Russia has changed its name as has the KGB - but they are still doing what they can to take over the world.]

China as of March 2012 (A paragraph from National Review) - Don't tell Ted Friedman, but the characteristic features of China's for-profit police state are: (1) It's a police state, and (2) it is wildly profitable for the police chiefs.   The 70 richest members of the China's national legislature, the so-called People's Congress, saw their wealth increase last year by an amount greater than the entire net wealth of every member of the U.S. Congress, Supreme Court, and cabinet, as well as the president, combined (and Obama earns serious book royalties), according to Bloomberg.   Representative Darell Issa (R.,Calif.) is the wealthiest member of Congress, with a net worth of around $700 million; if he were a Chinese congressman, he would be No. 40.   Representative Issa is a car-alarm magnate who made his money preventing thievery.   China's rulers make it the other way.

Smaller People - Someone was musing about what it would be like if it were possible to place something in a nation's drinking water that would alter the genes of the population so that each generation became physically smaller than its parent generation.   The people would eventually become so small that they would be inconsequential - and the nation's enemies could move in and take over without serious impediment.

This is an analogy of what has been happening in the United States.   The "Progressive" movement has made each generation - on average - mentally smaller (more ignorant and mentally incapable) than those that preceded it. (See Education.)   Our population is becoming inconsequential, charlatans and con men can be elected to office with ease, professional people are becoming less numerous (especially doctors, nurses, and engineers) with the exception of lawyers, morals are eroding badly, and our enemies are taking over.

Obama's "Gifts" to Us as of July 12, 2012

Missile Defense - Last March there was a conversation between B.O. and Russia's President Dmitry Medvedev.   B.O. did not know their microphones were on at the time.   The topic was reduction or removal of our missile defense systems.

B.O. said: On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this can be solved, but it's important for him (Vladimir Putin, the power behind Medvedev and former head of the KGB) to give me space...   This is my last election.   After my election, I have more flexibility.

Medvedev replied: I understand.   I will transmit this information to Vladimir.

Now B.O. has ordered the Defense Department to explore the possibility of reducing our nuclear arsenal down to as few as 300 warheads.   Considering the fact that the U.S. has a great advantage over Russia in this regard, B.O. is effectively disarming us just as he has been doing in other areas.   This came after the Democrat-dominated Senate ratified B.O.'s Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (Start III) with Russia in 2010.   This is part of B.O.'s plan to further the plan to reduce the U.S. to a slave nation too weak to prevent the new world order from taking over.

Calling for $500 Billion in defense cuts - This is in B.O.'s 2013 budget proposal.

Cuts to the Air Force - The purchase of more new U.S. stealth fighters (the F-22 Raptor) has been cancelled.   The excuse for this was that the F-35 fighter bomber now being developed would be more cost-effective.   Now, it appears that the development of the F-35 is being delayed while 280 aircraft and almost 10,000 airmen are being eliminated.

Cuts to the Navy - B.O. has asked the Navy to cancel plans for an updated ship fleet, to retire current ships early, to cut or delay the purchase of others, and to reduce the Navy's shipbuilding ability.

Cuts to the Army - B.O. plans to cut 72,000 soldiers.   This has a two-pronged effect.   It reduces our army to a point beyond what is needed for adequate defense, and it places more ex-service people on the street looking for civilian jobs when civilian jobs are scarce.

Cuts to the Marines - B.O. is ordering the elimination of six battalions, four tactical air squadrons, and up to 50,000 marines.   This is part of the two-pronged attack on our defense the civilian job market.

Missile Defense Shield - As one of his first acts in office, B.O. cancelled plans to place a missile defense shield in eastern Europe.

NASA - B.O. has essentially given outer space to China, Russia, India, Japan, and the European Union.   We now have no rockets capable of launching men into space, and we pay the Russians to send our astronauts up.

Other Cancellations - A new combat vehicle for the Army, a Global Hawk surveillance drone, a new defense weather satellite system, the C-27A transport plane, and other military weapons and weapons systems are all cancelled.   Again, this is a two-pronged attack that not only weakens the U.S. military, but causes more loss of jobs in the defense industry.

B.O. has also been active in reducing promised benefits to members of the armed forces.   When our people enlist or sign on as officers, they are promised certain benefits which help to prevent them from sinking farther into the poverty level.   A service man or woman receives only a fraction in pay and benefits of those of comparable civilians.   The pay and benefits of our self-serving politicians are even greater than those of normal civilians.   This extremely unfair imbalance, coupled with the fact that service people are often denied voting rights through nefarious means, causes less men and women to enter service - another way to weaken the U.S. military.   Yet, B.O. tries to woo the military through his lying speeches to them.

Enemies of the U.S. are Grateful to B.O.

Russia - Russia is happy for the treaty that gives them advantages over the U.S. in tactical and long-range nuclear weapons, and they have been updating their military again to cold-war levels.

Iran - Iran is able to speed up its development of a nuclear arsenal so that it can obliterate Israel.   B.O. has aided this process by failing to take adequate measures to prevent it and by essentially alienating Israel.   B.O.'s statements and stance have done much to encourage Iran.

The Muslim Brotherhood - Islamic extremists in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain, and Syria are gaining power either directly or surreptitiously with B.O. giving them our tax dollars, caving in to their wishes, or simply failing to stop their moving forward.   Rather than waging a war against terror, B.O. is aiding the terrorists.

Communist China - Although the top dogs in China claim that they no longer practice Communism, but rather "government capitalism", China's system has not really changed except in name.   China has unveiled a new stealth bomber and is rapidly building its military, including a huge navy.   B.O. has given them a green light with his policies and budget cuts.   China will soon have arms that exceed the capability of those of the U.S.   Although this may not be reported in the news, it is clear that the Chinese leaders are grateful to B.O. for his cooperation.

One place to go on the web is   Much the information above is from the Freedom Alliance via an outdated missive from Oliver North that we received in the mail.   The information is not very new, but is succinct.

Added October 15, 2012.

On 9/11/2012, there were anti-U.S. "demonstrations" in various Muslim countries and four Americans were killed.   The White House first denied that these were pre-planned, coordinated terrorist attacks and still refers to them as spontaneous uprisings caused by a video.   One wonders why the supposed Obama "blindspot" exists.   The Muslim Brotherhood is the mother (no, the father - Muslims are patriarchal) of most of the Muslim terrorist organizations. David Horowitz' newsletter of Sept 2012 has more information on the Muslim Brotherhood and its sympathizers who have infiltrated into key positions in our government.   Huma Abedin, the Deputy Chief of Staff to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has parents and a brother who are all connected to Muslim Brotherhood organizations.   When Hillary was a student at George Washington University, she was a involved in the Muslim Students Association, the original Brotherhood front in America.   She worked at a journal published by her parents called "The Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs" which was funded by Abdullah Omar Naseef, a financier of the Muslim Brotherhood and al Queda.   There is much more in Horowitz' new pamphlet, "The Muslim Brotherhood in the Obama Administration."   It can be ordered by calling David Horowitz Freedom Center at 800-870-6562.

Added October 17, 2012.

The Law Enforcement Alliance of America (LEAA) states that the Obama administration has been doing its best to seize control of the police forces in America so that Obama will have a federally controlled police force.   This is not a surprise considering that Eric Holder has attempted to covertly use Fast and Furious to make Americans believe that our rights under the Second Amendment should be taken away.   This backfired as has his refusal to punish thugs who attempt to intimidate voters and who beat those who oppose them.

Apparently, Obama plans to make Holder the head of a new American "KGB" once the local police forces have been placed under his control.   According to Jim Fotis, the president of LEAA, a nationalized police force under Holder would be the worst attack against law enforcement that he (a retired policeman) has ever seen.   Georgia Congressman Paul Broun said Obama's plan for a federal takeover of law enforcement is exactly what Hitler did in Nazi Germany and what the Soviet Union did.

One of the most powerful establishment police groups, the "International" Association of Chiefs of Police, has been given $19.7 million from the federal government.   Since Obama has come into power, this group has seen a 560 percent increase in income from taxpayer dollars, including $2.3 in stimulus money.   This stimulus money created four jobs, and the rest seems to have gone as payouts.   Coincidentally, this massive increase in payouts to left-leaning cop groups happened when Holders takeover of local police began.   It appears that Obama is bribing the International Association of Chiefs to keep quiet about the takeover of local police.   Once bribed, someone can be blackmailed.   So both bribery and blackmail are at work here, and it is possible that your local police force is already under Holder's control.

Jim Fotis would like to see a flood of letters from voters asking Congressman Issa, the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, to launch an investigation into this matter.

Added February 24, 2013.

So far nothing has been done to cancel a weapons delivery to Egypt that had been promised when Egypt was considered our ally.   Now, the Muslim Brotherhood has taken over Egypt and will be working against the U.S. and Israel.   Obama and his minions refuse to stop the delivery of F-16 jet fighters and 200 Abram M-1 tanks.

The F-16s are state-of-the-art fighters which will give Egypt greatly enhanced ability to attack Israel and suppress or kill its own Christian citizens.   Abrams tanks are an even worse threat to Israel and Christians.   U.S. aid comes to approximately 80 percent of Egyptian Defense Ministry's weapons procurement costs, making American taxpayers responsible for aiding and abetting the enemy.

Egypt's new president, Mohammed Morsi, stated on a 2010 videotape that Israeli Jews are "bloodsuckers who attack Palestinians, these warmongers, are descendants of apes and pigs."   This is a wording directly from the Koran.

B.O.'s motives are clear enough.   In his hatred of the U.S., he wants destruction of anything Christian or Jewish and, as a Muslim, he is catering to the anti-American Muslim factions.   This move to aid our enemies is just another way to weaken our ally in the Middle East and further weaken the U.S. economy through spending.

Added February 1, 2017.

Much has happened in the last four years. Obama is now little more than a bad taste in our mouths whenever we think of him (not very often). He essentially succeeded in destroying the Democrats with the help of the completely communist branch of that party. Of course, Obama is much too narcissistic to understand what happened, and he continues to try to put his nose into the new president's affairs, not realizing how many of us are laughing at his unsuccessful attempts at meddling.

Nancy Pelosi continues to exist in her usual idiotic fashion, but Harry Reid has resigned and Chuck Schumer has taken Reid's place. Schumer is of full-blooded Jewish descent, highly intelligent, very cunning, and not very wise because he thinks others think like he does. He has had a fabulous political career by championing popular causes except for such things as gun control, which is a must for communist moles. He, like Obama, is well known for his narcissism and need for public attention. So he fits very well with Pelosi.

Currently, Schumer is busy doing all he can to slow the confirmation of the new president's cabinet. In the long run, this is stupid because this last election put the Republicans in control in both houses of Congress, and even in many states where new Republican governors were elected. Harry Reid had used the nuclear option of a simple majority in the Senate to pass legislation. He was sure that the Democrats would continue to have the majority in the Senate. This has backfired now that the Republicans have the majority. So Schumer is making a fool of himself with his current attempts at vengeance for perceived slights against the Democrats. His delaying tactics merely serve to irritate the people who elected Trump, as well as many of those who did not vote, and even quite a few of the old=style Democrats who are not communists or useful idiots.

When enough of the people of the United States finally awakened from their long sleep, they did not tell the communist mainstream press who they were thinking of electing. Crooked Hillary Clinton was to be the expected winner of the presidential election according to the press, even though she should have been in jail for life. The conservatives kept their silence and the polls kept showing Clinton as the winner.

Donald Trump is not a career politician. The people, tired of most of Washington's politicians thinking only of the next election rather than the people, won the Republican primary and then went on to a achieve a landslide victory against Clinton. The Democrats still haven't a clue as to what happened. After all, they followed Saul Alinsky's instructions, cheating and lying in every way possible, and they still lost the election. They are sure that there is no justice because they worked hard to keep the people asleep.

Books Added for Recommended Reading - Iain Murray wrote a book with the title The Really Inconvenient Truths, copyrighted 2008.   It is definitely a rightwing publication with some incorrect information, but it also has a lot of good information that is backed up.   There is much to see on how the left has infiltrated the environmental movement and hijacked it to the point that it now produces propaganda designed to hurt America and capitalism.

One of the interesting parts of the book follows. Freedom, in the Anglo-Dutch-American understanding of the term, supplies far greater benefits than the freedom the German-Marxist-Communists sought.   Marxism brought us Gulags.   The worst that most commentators can say about free-enterprise these days is that it brought us McDonalds.

Marxism as a serious political system came crashing down with the Berlin wall in 1990.   Aspects of it certainly linger in European-style "social democracy" and in surviving elements of the New Deal in America.   Every time you suffer an energy blackout, for instance, you are probably suffering from the Depression-era laws that led to a fragmented electricity transmission grid in the name of preserving jobs.

Yet the instinct to broadly and aggressively apply the tools of Marxism - central planning and government control - lives on.   The instinct is the same as it was when Marx articulated it in the nineteenth century, but the old justification just doesn't fly.   Free enterprise has proven not to oppress the working man, but to free him.

If the working man is no longer oppressed, the central tenet of Marxism no longer applies, but surely there must be another victim of capitalism to take its place.   Women and minorities have advanced themselves under free enterprise just as surely as has the working man, and so they are not ideal candidates.

Luckily for the Left, they have a victim ready on the shelf.   This time it is one that will not exercise free choice in rejecting the ministrations of those who claim to speak for it.   In the Leftist's world view, the worker has been replaced by "the Environment".

The transition was seamless, because of a long history of cooperation between Marxists and environmentalists.   Earth Day is held every year on April 22, a date deliberately chosen because it is Lenin's birthday.   R. J. Smith, the veteran champion of free market environmentalism and private conservatism, told Human Events: It is no accident it is on Lenin's birthday, April 22.   It wasn't a coincidence.   I knew some of the kids involved.   They thought, "What better day that Lenin's birthday because capitalism destroys the environment?   Most environmental ecologists believed the source of environmental degradation was the selfishness of capitalistic owners.   So we had to have a socialist system with a manager instead of an owner.   Some of the constitutions of Communist states expressly forbid pollution...

Those who advocate central planning in the name of the environment today don't usually declare wholesale war on the idea of a free economy.   Instead, they choose to justify particular curtailments of free enterprise on the grounds of correcting for "externalities", as an economist put it...

A Primer on CO2 and Climate by Howard C. Hayden, Second Edition, copyrighted 2008, is excellent in every way.   It is excellent in its back-up math, its scientific research, its writing, and its objectivity.   Before accepting the premise that humans have anything to do with climate change, one should read this book.   It is not very long, and it is difficult to put down once one begins to read it.   A few of the facts that it shows are:

CO2 is a necessary and natural ingredient for plant growth.

During the last half-billion years, CO2 concentration has never been as low as it is now.

True science is not ruled by consensus, but by what the facts actually are.   An example is the idea that the earth was once considered by consensus to be flat.   However, the earth was not interested in conforming to the consensus.

Non-technical folks [such as politicians like Al Gore] generally pay no heed to such constraints as the laws of physics.

Climate Confusion, a New York Times best seller by Roy W. Spencer, copyrighted 2008, is about global warming.   More truths about the climate change hysteria are: (1) the press, politicians like Al Gore, and authors like Rachel Carson always like to make money and the bigger the catastrophe, the more money they make; (2) they have been pushing climate change caused by humans; (3) they are seldom influenced by the truth - nor is Hollywood; (4) the real scientists who know the truth about climate change usually are not interested in being publicly demonized by the left and do not speak out, yet they can be found and interviewed if one makes the effort to do so.   Climate change happens and has always happened in cycles from causes that are natural and much more forceful than anything that mankind can influence at this time.   Furthermore, these cycles do not endanger the earth and the earth has experienced them many times before.

Other good books on climate change are The Deniers by Lawrence Solomon, copyrighted 2008, and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming and Environmentalism by Christopher C. Horner, copyrighted 2007.

See Climate Change .
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