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Genetically engineered (modified) food,
destruction of traditional healthy food,
killing ecological organisms,
and weather disruption.


Genetic Engineering

A well-known host with Fox News stated some weeks ago that he could not see why we should object to genetic engineering for foods that we eat - because we have always done so.   This is true in the sense that humans have chosen to cultivate certain traits within domestic animals and plants more than others to achieve a desired result.   Jack Weatherford wrote two books (Indian Givers and Native Roots) on how the Native Americans have enriched our world.   A major part of their contributions was in agriculture.   They provided many varities of potatoes, corn, tomatoes, and other foods which the Europeans adopted for their own use.   In many instances, the Europeans did an inadequate job of adoption as was the case with the famine in Ireland in which the "Irish" potato suffered a blight.   It was the only Native American potato that the Irish were growing at the time, and the main staple of their diet.   When the potatoes died, so did many of the people.   The Native Americans knew about diseases in potatoes and had perfected many varieties so that when one suffered a blight, the others did not.   The Native Americans also had plants explicitly tailored to thrive at various elevations in the Andes.   In America, before the Europeans came, the science of agriculture was the forte' of the natives.

The motive of the Native American agriculturalists who were the genetic engineers of the Americas was to promote the health of their people.   They used methods which would not upset the genes within the plants except for the slight changes needed to create plants that would thrive under different conditions and which might have nutritional value that would aid in creating a healthy balanced diet.   The test of time assured that the beneficial effects of each developing variety was not seriously offset by unwanted side-effects.

Today, genetic engineering is hurried, politicians are bribed or otherwise pressured to make the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approve a genetically modified (GM) type, and numerous unwanted and dangerous side-effects have resulted.   The chief motive of those who are doing the engineering is profit.   Greed is the driving force and it is not being offset with any sense of responsibility for others.   The method is to send foreign genes into the DNA of the target plant, hoping that one or more of the foreign genes will hit the right place in the DNA.   The plants with the altered DNA are usually incapable of sustaining themselves, or are without the desired characteristics.   But some do have what is wanted.   These are kept and marketed even though no one knows what the long-term side-effects will be.

When Monsanto found that it could create soy crops that were resistant to Roundup, it knew that it had a winner.   The farmers would buy the seed and spray the field with roundup as the plants grew.   This killed the weeds while the soy plants grew, saving many hours of physical weeding.   Monsanto was allowed to patent its GM plants and to use the courts to "protect" its patents.   The seeds from the GM plants could not be used for planting in the following season, and new seeds had to be purchased from Monsanto.   The pollen from the genetically engineered plants would blow into adjoining fields of non-GM soy and contaminate them, creating seeds that Monsanto could "prove" were theirs.   Monsanto would then sue each farmer whose seeds had been contaminated by Monsanto, and the farmer would paid Monsanto out of court because he could not afford the legal fees to go farther.   According to the sources that are shown here, about 95 percent of the soy today is genetically engineered and dangerous to humans, compliments of Monsanto's legal manipulations and the contaminating ability of its GM soy.

It is quite apparent that genetic engineering today is not the same as that of ages past, and that we need labeling that shows what foods we buy are genetically engineered - so that we can refuse to buy that food.   Unfortunately, those who have genetically engineered the food have forced various states to enact legislation that prevents the labeling of foods to show that they have been genetically engineered.


This company was originally, and still is, a chemical company.   It created DDT - which has proven to be a problem.   It created Agent Orange which eventually killed thousands who were exposed to it.   It is the creator of Roundup which is NOT biogradable but was sold as such until its true nature was exposed.   All three these things were advertised and sold as products which are not harmful to humans.   As time passed and Monsanto's chemicals were exposed as extremely harmful, Monsanto was exposed as a corporation composed of liars and murderers.   Today, eating foods made from soy, corn, cotton seed, and canola may kill you in the long run - because Monsanto has either ruined these things or is in the process of doing so.

Monsanto has also essentially ruined papayas in Hawaii and is working on other crops on the islands.   I never thought that I would agree with Vladimir Putin, but he has stated that we might have to go to war against Monsanto.   There are legal ways to fight Monsanto, but by the time these produce results, it may be too late - Monsanto will have destroyed most of our healthful staples and other foods.

The only solution seems to be forcing legislators to have labels upon our foods showing which are genetically modified (GM) and which are produced by companies like Monsanto or its subsidiaries.   In this manner, we can boycott the bad food and drive the bad guys out of business.   Of course, there is also the matter of enforcing correct labeling of the foods.

If it should turn out that Monsanto is the international corporation responsible for the spraying (see below) it would be appropriate to execute its major stockholders and its management.

It is not suprising to see that Bill Gates and George Soros are stockholders in Monsanto, according to the sources mentioned below.

The way most politicians think today, this can only be accomplished by education of the public and having the people fire the corrupt politicians.


These are perhaps the most diabolical means of destroying humans that have ever been used.   More deadly than atomic warfare and nuclear winter, chemtrails can destroy all life on the planet.   If you have little compassion for humans, perhaps you should be concerned about plant and animal life.

Someone is spraying nano-particles of metals into the stratosphere.   Perhaps they are attempting to control the weather (they are obviously good at disrupting it).   Perhaps they are attempting to reduce global warming by reflecting sunlight away from us (although what they are doing is holding more heat than is being reflected).   Perhaps it is Monsanto attempting to kill off all plant life so that they can give us GM plant life and something similar to all life on the planet.   Whatever is the motive, the spray is arriving on the surface of the planet and killing the tiny symbiotes that are the key to the survival of our plant life.   Breathing the nano-particles causes arteries and veins to be clogged, killing us and the animal life here.   It also produces diseases of the lungs and the liver.

The proof is in the soil and in the eye-witness accounts of the spraying and the spray mechanism (including U.S. Air Force pilots who have taken movies of the spraying while following the spraying aircraft from its blind spot).

See Chemtrails and HAARP

Pertinent Information (more will be added as they are viewed and approved)

Marie-Monique Robin has written a book titled The World According to Monsanto.   She has also created a DVD with the same title.   Both have excellent depth of research and comprehensive covering of the subject.
See and

The GMO Trilogy is a three disk set composed of
Unnatural Selection (a DVD) showing the impact of GM crops on animals and other crops,
Hidden Dangers in Kids' Meals (a DVD) showing how children are at risk and what you can do,
and You're Eating What? (an audio CD) telling how industrial manipulation allowed dangerous GM foods to be approved.   It may be shared and copied.

Seeds of Destruction is a book by F. William Engdahl showing how a small socio-political elite is seeking to establish control over the very basis of human survival.   "Seeds" is a play on words which refers in part to GM seeds.

Food, Inc. is a DVD that lifts the veil in the food industry, exposing how your food supply is now controlled by only a handful of corporations that often put profit ahead of consumer health, the livelihood of the farmer, the safety of workers, and our own environment.   It reveals the surprising - and often shocking - truths about what we eat, how it is produced, and who we have become as a society.

What in the World Are They Spraying is a DVD by G. Edward Griffin, Michael Murphy, and Paul Wittenberger, that explains what "geoengineering" is; the difference between contrails and chemtrails; the environmental implications of geoengineering; and how this spraying affects you, your family, and the food you eat.   This DVD is distributed by Reality Zone,, and may be shared and copied.

Why in the World Are They Spraying is a DVD directed by Michael J. Murphy that explains the environmental and human health implications of geoengineering programs; how geoengineering can be used to control weather; what industries benefit from geoengineering programs; and how the spraying affects you, your family, and the future of humanity.   It is an investigation into one of the many agendas associated with chemtrail/geoengineering programs (weather control).   Produced and edited by Barry Kolsky, this DVD may be shared and copied.

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