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Some parts of this section may not be updated very often, and other parts may be updated without being mentioned in the updates.   However, most of the time, one can find new things put on this site by going to the updates.

The survival section was titled "Survival as a Free Nation" because our nation and the world is currently being threatened by extreme evil in many forms.   Some of those who are either part of the evil itself - or slaves to those who are - have used the usual propaganda, saying that this site is divisive.   From their viewpoint this site is a threat.

Let us say that one night an arsonist sets a fire in the basement of a dormitory while soft music is playing as the occupants sleep.   The janitor notices smoke and discovers the fire, so he begins to awaken the sleeping people.   Meantime, the arsonist is going along behind the janitor and telling people that the janitor is deranged and that there is no fire.   As some of the people assemble, drowsy and irritable, the janitor is accused of being divisive.   Yes, it appears that the janitor is being divisive.

There is a war against freedom - here and now - along many fronts.   One of the major fronts was created by the billionaire psychopaths (see The Federal Reserve System) and their foundations (see Hillary Clinton or George Soros for example).   Another was created by the Marxists, Socialists, Communists - today often called liberals, progressives, radicals, and other names designed to take our attention away from the truth (see Communism).   A third was created by radical Muslims.   However, the origin of the primary tool in this battle was Lenin's work in Russia when he adopted Marxism, overthrew a new provisional democratic government, created a civil war, created the Cheka (original name of the KGB), and began the spread of international communism.   Lenin's brand of communism is called a tool because it was and is being used by the billionaire psychopaths as well as the communists to create generations too ignorant of the truth to be able to fight back (the sleeping people in the dormitory) with the ultimate goal of enslaving them (the fire) under a world government.

The Cold War was actually fought by military might (overt means) and other ways (covert means).   After the fall of the Soviet Union, the overt means was shelved for a time.   But the covert means, used very expertly by the KGB in its various guises, never stopped being used - although we are told by defectors that the current version of the KGB has very little to do in target nations now - especially the United States - because we have been taken over while we slept.   Many of us who have awakened and seen the fire in the basement are still trying to awaken those who are still sleeping.   We have not given up because we know what will happen to our grandchildren, if not ourselves, if the fire is not extinguished.

The enemies of freedom are usually psychopaths, being less than human.   Psychopaths lack empathy and have only enough intelligence or forethought to be able to destroy things.   Destruction is far more simple to achieve than creation of better things.   Yet, they can be very cunning in finding ways to destroy or cripple others as they attempt to gain from the chaos they create, and sometimes they are stupid enough to bring their own houses down.   There are psychopaths who may belong to one or more of the three categories mentioned or they may be in their own categories.   They may be fueled only by greed for money or power as opposed to pure hatred of humanity or sadism.

Some of the most evil of the psychopaths today are those who manufacture or push debilitating drugs, both "recreational" drugs like opium derivatives, or almost untested prescription drugs that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has allowed to be given to doctors for their patients.   Accessories to this are the people in the FDA who allow this to happen.

There are others like Wolff and Chaikoff (of the W-C effect) who profit from their incompetent research, and medical doctors who never checked that research.   They caused iodine supplements to be eliminated from the arsenal the body needs to prevent disease, and many deaths resulted.   One of the best books on this subject is The Iodine Crisis by Lynne Farrow.

Perhaps the most extremely evil psychopaths are the baby killers who today, who are manufacturing vaccines and paying politicians and the media to keep their secrets.   The babies they fail to kill grow up with damaged immune systems and diseases caused by inability to ward them off.   No, not all vaccines are bad, but many are, and legislators have been bribed into creating laws that prevent lawsuits against the perpetrators of the bad ones.   If you care about your children or grandchildren you should check the private investigations on vaccines to discover the truth.   Those by governments are often invalid.   The easiest way to get the answers is to go on search on the web using "The Truth about Vaccines". Aluminum and mercury do not belong in the human body, nor does formaldehyde or animal DNA or RNA which can be passed on to succeeding generations of people.   Flu shots can be more debilitating than the flu itself when its base is poisonous.

Then we have Monsanto, the company that produced Agent Orange, DDT, and Roundup, and are now producing genetically modified foods.   The Native Americans took many generations to genetically modify foods based upon the idea that the foods would be better for the human body and, in some instances, better for the climate where it would be grown.   Through the generations, they observed the effects of the foods and kept the best ones.   Monsanto modifies foods by trying out various genes to see what happens to make the produce more easily able to tolerate chemicals that are sprayed on them or are more insect resistant.   They do not care if the result is something that hurts the humans that eat the food, and they do not make long-term tests to find out.   Their primary motives in modifying food are (1) to increase their profits, and (2) to take over all the foods that people eat with their modified foods.   There may be other motives, like elimimating a large part of humanity, or eliminating the older people who have more wisdom than the younger ones.   Some countries have outlawed Monsanto and others like them.

Today, it is difficult to find foods in the markets that have not been contaminated with high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).   If just one food had it, humans may be able to survive easily.   It contains only small amounts of mercury.   But when so many foods have it, the mercury accumulates.   Iodine supplements help to eliminate heavy metals in the diet, but iodine supplements were removed from use for over 40 years.   Today, even sausage at the grocery store usually has HFCS.   You should check the sweetened breakfast cereal you buy for your child. Mercury is a poison.

The facts are presented here as well as titles of various publications which have even more facts.   The communists in our nation are many, and they have taken over the mainstream press, many magazines, parts of the internet, and most of the environmental organizations.   They attempt to stifle those who provide facts in newspapers, on websites, or on TV and talk radio.   They form brigades who use ridicule, personal attack, and propaganda in attempts to censor those who present facts that upset the communist agenda.   They can be stopped to some extent by recognizing the difference between facts being presented and personal attacks (or other means which encourage censorship).   And once recognized, those who are attempting to censor those presenting the facts may be countered with one's own letters, websites, emails, and telephone calls.   But don't roll over and go back to sleep.   If you want to survive, you had best stay awake and fight with those of us who want our nation to survive without corruption and psychopathic vandalism.

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