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Obama is getting ready for martial law.

The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is,
as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.

- Thomas Jefferson -
The Hidden Goal

Brarack Obama (B.O.) is a narcissistic psychopath (see psychopath.htm) whose goal is to destroy America as a free nation.   He attempts to veil his methods and gain power through misdirection, outright lies, and charm as opposed to reason.   He wants us to be subjects rather than citizens, who can become slaves in a future world feudal society.   B.O. was a student in Saul Alinsky's school and actually taught Alinsky's tactics and strategy to others.   B.O.'s methods form a pattern which is becoming more obvious as it progresses - provided one is not taken in by his lies.   What follows are the steps that B.O. has taken to date (February 2013) to set the stage for enslaving us.


Alinsky taught his students to "feint" before committing themselves.   He used different words, but essentially he taught a three-step method that could be extended to more steps if necessary.
1.   Mention a particular subject or issue in an ambiguous manner.
2.   Watch for the reaction from those who are against your actual (but not disclosed) inner agenda.
3.   Use your opponent's reaction to dictate how to proceed - and proceed in a way that does not disclose your agenda and still lets you gain your ends.   If necessary, repeat the above until you have gained your ends.   This goes hand-in-glove with an Alinsky requirement for his students: the organizer (student) must be "A well-integrated political schizoid".   This means that the student must be able to further goals, policies, and supposed truths, while not believing in any of them.

In B.O.'s campaign, he first put forth subjects in an ambiguous manner that allowed people to believe that he might be in favor of what they wanted.   Next, B.O. assessed the reaction of the different groups.   He repeated this procedure until he was certain of how to address each group in a way that would get him elected.   Finally, he told each group what they wanted to hear (usually without very much detail).   And, of course he did this with sufficient emotional content to prevent them from thinking clearly.

Civilian National Security Force & The Youth Brigade

Adolph Hitler formed a movement which was designed to brainwash the German youth and make each youth, male or female, loyal only to himself.   Obama, as a student of Hitler's methods, made two feints in 2008 before he was elected.   One was for creating a "Civilian National Security Force" which would be bigger, stronger, and more well-funded than the Department of Defense.   This could be done in two ways: (A) creating a civilian army, and (B) weakening the U.S. military.

B.O. has done wonders in weakening the military to date and promises to do more to weaken it.   He has "adjusted" "Homeland Security" to be "Homeland Surrender" to those outside our nation to move in, terrorize, and take us over - and to be "Obaman Security" to stop those who oppose the complete B.O. take-over of the nation.   This is the initial step in having a "Civilian National Security Force" loyal only to B.O.

The second feint B.O. mentioned as he was campaigning is to create a draft for the youth of the nation so that they could do public service of some kind, employed by the government.   This would, of course, make them part of the expanding and controlling government and create a youth movement similar to what Hitler did to maintain power.   This step is one that he has not yet taken.

Each time, that there is little reaction to a feint, B.O. is encouraged to actually follow through.

We now have word that the government (probably Homeland "Security") is setting up cadres of black youths who are "trained" and given red jackets so that they can be like a club to police neighborhoods.

Defense Authorization Bill

Just over a year ago, Congress passed the defense reauthorization bill that killed the concept of habeas corpus - legislation that authorized the president to use the U.S. military to arrest and indefinitely detain American citizens without charge or trial.

Bear in mind that before, under the Patriot Act, the time the government could hold one of us without charges or trial was six months - now one can be kept for six years - while it is possible to keep one indefinitely without trial due to legal loopholes.   This development dovetails with the EO that follows should anyone object to the way B.O. is running things.

The word is out now that many military men are saying they have been interviewed to discover whether or not they would be willing to kill American citizens.

Added February 24, 2013
Now, according to Michael Connelly (Executive Director of The United States Justice Foundation), at least at West Point there is a Director of West Point's Combating Terrorism Center (Major Bryan Price) who is teaching the cadets that conservatives are potential domestic threats, a line being peddled by Janet Napolitano, Obama's head of Homeland "Security" (now beginning to be known as the "Department of Homeland Surrender").   According to Major Bryan Price, those who believe in civil activism, individual freedom, and self-government are a danger to America.   The major states that such people are apparently part of Hillary Clinton's imaginary "right wing conspiracy" that she ranted about during her husband's troubled Presidency.   He says that American conservatives have evolved into terrorists waiting to overthrow the federal government and law enforcement agencies.   So far we have no reports of the same nature in the other military academies.

Any emergency will do for B.O. to take over with martial law, according to his executive order, The National Defense Preparedness Order.   A problem with Iran could easily be such an excuse with Ahmadinejad as its ruler.   He has recently stated that he would like to be the first Iranian in space now that a monkey from Iran has been successfully launched into space.   John McCain stated "So Ahmadinejad wants to be the first Iranian in space - wasn't he just there last week?"   McCain was accused by an American of Syrian and Palestinian descent of being "racist" in his comment.   According to National Review, this is a case of an ethnically Arab American criticizing an ethnically Scotch-Irish American for making fun of an ethnically Persian Iranian in a manner sometimes intended to slur African Americans.   However, the criticism of McCain was correct because McCain's comment was an offense to lower primates.

The National Defense Preparedness Order

On March 16, 2012, Obama signed an executive order (EO) that his press secretary said was routine business.   However, this one differs from similar EOs signed by past presidents.   Brandon Turbeville explains correctly most of what it does in an article he wrote

Unlike the orders signed by past presidents, this new EO gives B.O. the power to use the military to arrest and jail his enemies (and use them for slave labor) - and to keep them forever under lock and key.   B.O. is just waiting until the proper time so that he can invoke martial law under his National Defense Preparedness Order.

This EO allows B.O. to seize our infrastructure and our citizens for "military preparedness" whenever he wishes to do so - not just in times of war or national emergencies.   Obama and his cabinet secretaries now have the authority to confiscate and control, at any time, all our domestic resources - every means of human survival - and to forcibly draft Americans into the military or in government civilian roles (to fulfill "labor requirements" for purposes of national defense).   This control applies to every area under U.S. jurisdiction and includes all agriculture, food resources, food resource facilities, livestock and veterinary resources, plant health resources, domestic distribution of farm equipment and commercial fertilizer, all forms of energy, all forms of civil transportation, all water resources, and all other materials, services, and facilities, including construction material.   There is no mention of Congress beyond a minor role of keeping it informed on essentially meaningless developments.

Upon reading the EO, I found that Turbeville is absolutely correct as far as he goes, but he should have mentioned the powers of a GA ("Guaranteeing Agency" - Ombama's delegate - secretary director, whatever).   The GA is empowered to force a loan upon any business or individual that has insufficient wealth to comply with the dictates of Obama.   Furthermore, the GA may dictate the terms of the loan without the consent of the "borrower".   The Federal Reserve (Fed) or one of its banks may issue the loan and further enrich.   If subsequent production is too high as a result of the "loan", the surplus goes into the Defense Stockpile, thus the amount of the loan may be higher than necessary - providing more interest to the Fed for its counterfeit dollars.   See fedres.htm.

Apparently, Obama wishes to either control all of our industries or take them over outright.   In other words, the EO is a way to nationalize our industries - precisely like the government of the Soviet Union did, and what Putin is doing in Russia today.   Obama can use the EO to declare martial law in case he is about to lose control through impeachment or a future election.   On the other hand, if he maintains control after each election he can do anything he wants without consequences to himself.   Many people believe that Michele Obama will run in 2016 and essentially keep B.O. in control (similar to what Putin has done in Russia).   Hitler could not have been more thorough when he took over Germany before he began to use the "ovens" to eliminate his opposition and the German Jews (his scapegoats).

There was no age specified for the draft, so even the very young or the aged may be placed in an American version of Siberia.   Obama is putting everything in place for us just like Lenin did in Russia.

Bribing the Police
Added October 17, 2012.

The Law Enforcement Alliance of America (LEAA) states that the Obama administration has been doing its best to seize control of the police forces in America so that Obama will have a federally controlled police force.   This is not a surprise considering that Eric Holder has attempted to covertly use Fast and Furious to make Americans believe that our rights under the Second Amendment should be taken away.   This backfired as has his refusal to punish thugs who attempt to intimidate voters and who beat those who oppose them.

Apparently, Obama plans to make Holder the head of a new American "KGB" once the local police forces have been placed under his control.   According to Jim Fotis, the president of LEAA, a nationalized police force under Holder would be the worst attack against law enforcement that he (a retired policeman) has ever seen.   Georgia Congressman Paul Broun said Obama's plan for a federal takeover of law enforcement is exactly what Hitler did in Nazi Germany and what the Soviet Union did.

One of the most powerful establishment police groups, the "International" Association of Chiefs of Police, has been given $19.7 million from the federal government.   Since Obama has come into power, this group has seen a 560 percent increase in income from taxpayer dollars, including $2.3 in stimulus money.   This stimulus money created four jobs, and the rest seems to have gone as payouts.   Coincidentally, this massive increase in payouts to left-leaning cop groups happened when Holders takeover of local police began.   It appears that Obama is bribing the International Association of Chiefs to keep quiet about the takeover of local police.   Once bribed, someone can be blackmailed.   So both bribery and blackmail are at work here, and it is possible that your local police force is already under Holder's control.

Jim Fotis would like to see a flood of letters from voters asking Congressman Issa, the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, to launch an investigation into this matter.

"Law Enforcement" Agencies Stealing Private Information
Added February 26, 2013, from Fox News and other sources.

U.S. Government agencies, federal, state, and local made a record 13,753 requests to read emails or gather other info sent through google's gmail and other services in 2012.   More than half was without warrants according to google statistics.   The total number of users targeted by these agencies was 31,072 - up from 23,300 in 2011, setting another record.   The reason for the larger amount of users as opposed to the smaller amount of requests is that more than one subscriber may be in each household.

Google, Yahoo, or such services that may be targeted include document storage, email, phone service, You Tube, personal blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Federal law has changed since the Electronic Information Privacy Act (ECPA) was first introduced into law.   Today, if not sent in the body of an email or recorded in a voice message, the content can be obtained by a government agency by a simple subpoena - without need for probable cause.   All that is needed is the name of email holder, the IP address used, dates and times of transmissions, and other info one gives google when one's account was created.   Agencies can legally access without a warrant opened email that is stored remotely.   The law allows agencies to access archival info without a warrant, and google usually complies.   Archival means after a certain amount of time passes.   Information stored by google or the server is easily obtained - not so with that stored on one's own hard drive.

Google complied with 88 percent of requests from July to December 2012, 90 percent from January to June 2012, and 93 percent in 2011.

Google does not notify users when they are targeted unless it is not prohibited from doing so.   In emergencies, google may release info without a subpoena or search warrant if it chooses to do so.

Those who object to the law as it is can contact their congressman or woman to ask he or she to aid in attempting to change the law again.

Obama Targeting U.S. Patriots
Added February 26, 2013, from a WorldNetDaily Exclusive.

Aaron Klein, a top-notch investigative reporter for WND, revealed that "with almost no media coverage, the White House last week announced its new Interagency Working Group to Counter Online Radicalization to Violence that will target NOT only Islamic terrorists but so-called violent 'sovereign citizens'.   The FBI now defines "sovereign citizens"... as anti-government extremists who who believe that even though they may physically reside in this country, they are separate and apart or "sovereign" from the United States.

Klein goes on to report: The law enforcement agency noted that such citizens believe that they don't have to answer to any government authority, including courts, taxing entities, motor vehicle departments, or police... The new online group will be chaired by the national security staff at the White House with input from specialists in countering what the Obama administration calls violent extremism... Because of the troubling ideology of some Obama officials, the question arises as to exactly what citizens are considered threats to the Obama government.

This Klein/WND assessment of what Obama and his comrades have in mind through their sinister Interagency Working Group to Counter Online Radicalization is historically ironic and telling.   By the definition of radicals being proffered by Obama's FBI and Justice Department henchmen, George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, and our other Founding Fathers and framers of the U.S. Constitution would be considered "radical anti-government extremists" since they, beginning with the Declaration of Independence, refused, on behalf of the American colonies, to recognize the sovereignty of the British crown and [its actions to] finally seize and destroy the people's guns.

In that document are the words: ...when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a design to reduce them [the People] under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government [that is doing so], and to provide new Guards for their future security.

Claiming to have been a constitutional law professor during the earlier part of his "career", Obama knows this all too well.   He knows that his vision of a "new America", when put into total practice as he is now doing after his "re-election", will ultimately send We the People into the streets and cause us to reject his total tyrannical sovereingnty over us.   And that is why, coupled with his Interagency Working Group to Counter Online Radicalization to Violence, Obama and his evil cohorts in his administration are moving to kill any [form of] revolution on our part.

[This same exclusive confirms, per reporter Bob Unruh, the reports of black helicopters firing machine guns with blanks over major American cities - said exercises being preparation for urban violence.   It also confirms that the Obama-controlled government is stockpiling and hoarding guns and ammunition as part of a secret security force.]


B.O. has killed American citizens in other countries with drone attacks upon suspected Muslims in close proximity to those citizens - in this case the son of a terrorist and the son's friend.   From this, it has come out that B.O. can and will use drones in America to kill citizens without benefit of trial should he decide to do so.   Furthermore, drones will be used for surveillance over America.

The Department of Homeland Surrender

The Department of Homeland "Security" is has been stockpiling massive amounts of hollowpoint ammunition.   This comes from several sources and is rather suspicious because it is not the military that is stockpiling the ammo - it is the Homeland people.   Furthermore, hollowpoint ammo will not usually penetrate body armor such as that on enemy troops or law enforcement people.   But hollowpoint ammo will kill (not just wound) civilians without body armor.   Details follow.

1.   HMS has purchased over 450,000,000 rounds of .40 caliber hollowpoint ammunition.   The caliber is the more energetic type of semi-automatic handgun ammo, usually purchased by law enforcement or those who have a right-to-carry permit.   However, in the military and in many states, hollowpoints are considered too lethal and are not allowed for use against humans.   Solid bullets will pass through with less of a wound than a hollowpoint, which spreads outward like a mushroom and does excessive damage.

2.   HMS has purchased over 175,000,000 rounds of .223 caliber have.   This is the type the military uses in their so-called assault rifles.

3.   The DHS has recently upped its small arms ammo orders by 1.2 billion.  

So why is this happening?   Is it possible that the administration is concerned about us using what the Second Amendment was created for - to overthrow a dictatorial government in the America?   Homeland "Security" under B.O. has done all it can to be certain that our borders are not adequately protected, so guess what its true purpose is.


In early 2012, FEMA, which later closed its doors due to bad weather when New Jersey and New York residents lost everything, began purchasing millions of meals, and solicited contractors to provide Temporary Camp Services at FEMA Detention Camps in all 50 states.   Large orders of plastic coffins are also being purchased.   Perhaps this just a way to save people, but it could also be taking advantage of future crises.

Taking Firearms from Citizens

The take-over of firearms from American citizens is being pushed by the left - especially by B.O., "Mad Dog" Feinstein, and others who are not interested in defending children in schools, but are interested instead in removing firearms that might be used to defend those children.   The real reason for the left's push is, of course, to prevent citizens from defending themselves from a tyrannical goverment (theirs).

B.O. put out a list of "executive actions" since people have been concerned about his "executive orders" - substituting the word "actions" might prevent some sleeping citizens from waking up.   The most objectionable were those addressed to the idea that more background checks are needed for everyone purchasing any type of firearm.   This is a ploy, of course, to register all gun owners so that guns can be taken from them, insuring an easier take-over by force from the communist left.   One of the most insidious has to do with Obama care and encourages doctors to force patients to divulge whether or not they have a gun in the home - if they refuse, it can be assumed that they have one and listed as such, and they will not be treated.   The leftist doctor can also claim that the patient his a mental problem that would indicate he or she should not have a firearm.   This is not joke because it has happened in California and the only cure is to find another doctor.   Under Obama care, this cure may not be possible.

Once one is on a list of firearm owners, it will not be removed from the vast number of computers that are keeping the information.   We know this is true because my deceased parents are still alive in the computers even 14 years after they were cremated.

The idea that certain types of magazines, firearms, or ammunition is the way to go is ridiculous.   The Second Amendment was created for us to overthrow a tyrannical government.   It was created when citizens had firearms comparable to those of the government.   Today, we should have a lot more than rifles, shotguns, and pistols if we don't want to take huge losses.   Look at what is happening now (Feb 2013) and last year in Syria to the citizens that are trying to remove a corrupt dictator.   We need the military on our side - and it should be considering what the current administration is doing to it.   The other alternative is guerilla warfare in which the superior weapons are taken for use by the "weaker" side whenever possible.   Let us hope it does not come that.   There are better alternatives if the wimpy republicans in Congress will act like men who are awake instead of mice who are asleep.

The other and most obvious arguments for keeping firearms in the hands of citizens is that the gun violence statistics show that deaths from guns are down as compared to deaths by doctors and automobiles, that there are enough laws against guns on the books, and the shootings are done by those who have decided not to obey the law.

Realistic Urban Training

According to Freedom Watch, in Florida and Texas black helicopters are in use, firing blanks from their machines guns, and armored vehicles are cruising through residential neighborhoods.   This is the Special Operations Command doing "realistic urban training" in our cities such as Miami and Houston.   The army spokesman says the military considers these drills to be routine.   It appears that the public is being conditioned to give up its own defenses by repeatedly being trained (or intimidated) to accept a constant police-military presence.   It is interesting that Florida and Texas are probably the states with citizens most resistant to a complete federal government take-over.   Are some of Obama's minions attempting to give their citizens a message?

This, coupled with the fact that some government agency is interviewing military people to see if they would, if asked to do so, kill American citizens, indicates that we citizens may have a possible problem.

Tactical Manuals for the Army

Tactical Manuals have been published for the Army which describe how to control domestic insurrection.   This is a means of taking firearms away from American citizens, after martial law is declared.

Federal Reserve (Big Bankers Cartel) Involvement
(From Wayne Peterson,

The US Treasury released figures indicating that the Federal Reserve is now buying 100% of new US debt. If it is the only buyer at Treasury bond auctions, how in blazes will the Fed ever be able to sell the $1.8 trillion in US bonds it has accumulated, allowing it to accomplish the great unwind it is advertising to mainstream media? The answer is that no one will buy them at today’s low rates. So to find buyers, bond interest rates will have to rise. Predictable consequences of this action will include further escalation of US budget deficits, (hyper)inflation and a vaporization of bondholder wealth.

Targets for the Army

There are reports that targets for shooting practice for the army, instead of having pictures of enemy combatants on them, have pictures of women and childred (even babies).   This is a means of desensitizing our soldiers and possibly a means of choosing the psychopaths among them who might aid the left in killing Americans at the president's request.

Before and during World War II, Japanese soldiers were desensitized by having each enlisted man bayonet to death a prisoner of war (POW - including Chinese civilians) and each officer cut off the head of POW.   This was done on a weekly basis and succeeding in desensitizing as it was intended to do.   In the case of Americans, this process must begin at a less violent level before progressing to more violent levels.

Training Manuals for the Armed Services

From Volume 19 of The Judicial Watch Verdict.

Using the Freedom of Information Act, Judicial Watch obtained from the Air Force a number of documents. Included is a January 2013 Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute "student guide" entitled Extremism. The document is for marked "for training purposes". The following highlights are found within it.

1.   Extremists are persons who advocate the use of force or violence; advocate supremacist causes based upon race, ethnicity, religion, gender, or national origin; or otherwise engages to legally deprive individuals or groups of their legal rights. [So far this seems to be all right.]

2.   "Nowadays, instead of dressing in sheets or publicly espousing hate messages, many extremists will talk of individual liberties, states' rights, and how to make the world a better place." [This is a direct attack upon patriots and those who believe in the Founding Fathers, the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution.]

3.   "While not all extremist groups are hate groups, all hate groups are extremist groups."

4.   Under the section labeled "Extremist Ideologies" the document states: "In U.S. history there are many examples of extremist ideologies and movements. The colonists who sought to free themselves from British rule and the Confederate states who sought to secede from the Northern states are just two examples." [What a great way to turn the American Revolution against the Founding Fathers! And what a great way to prevent the Sovereign States to use their rights to either nullify or secede should the Federal Government become too powerful!]

5.   In the same section, the document lists the 9/11 attack under a category of "Historical Events", instead of an act of terrorism by a Muslim hate group.

6.   "Active participation...with regard to extremist organizations is incompatible with military service, and is, therefore, prohibited," The bold letters for emphasis are in the original document. [This is great way for the military to become robotic acceptors of illegal and unconstitutional orders - NOT a tradition in this country - we have won our wars by using thinking military personnel.]

7.   The document details the "seven stages of hate" and sixteen "extremist traits".

8.   The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is listed as a resource for information on hate groups and referenced several times throughout the guide. [I have been receiving the SPLC publication for many years so that I could monitor the efforts of the Marxist left. In in I have found that they have a "rogues gallery" which includes people like Glenn Beck, various figures in Fox News, and many other thinking and Constitution-loving Americans. It is undoubtedly one of the most active communist organizations in America today.]

9.   Of the five organizations besides the SPLC listed as resources, one is an SPLC project   -   Teaching Tolerance   -   and any politically or socially conservative movement is considered to be a potential hate group (Political Research Associates).

10.   Other than a mention of 9/11 and the Sudan, there is no discussion of Islamic extremism.

Though the document was obtained from the Air Force, it originated in the Pentagon and is likely to be used throughout the military. The language used by the Pentagon is eerily similar to descriptions used by the Internal Revenue Service [our American Gestapo] to target "Tea Party" and conservative groups with unnecessary audits, releasing their confidential financial information and stonewalling the tax exempt applications of organizations deemed hostile to the "President's" Big Government agenda.

The Obama administration equates conservative values with terrorism. Now in a document full of claptrap, the Obama Pentagon suggests that the Founding Fathers, and many conservative Americans, would not be welcome in today's military.

At this time, the FBI is purging its training materials and organizational vocabulary of any term that might offend radical Islam (including the term "radical Islam").

As I have been typing this (Nov 13, 2013), I received a telephone call from a "research company" who wanted my personal information, beginning with any political affiliation that I might have and my place of work. The Obamacare website has been set up to take all of one's personal information before anything can be provided. Now that the website is failing to get all that information, it would appear that we are getting telephone calls that want it. The caller new my name (it is not in the telephone director), and she was probably one of our useful idiots, but where do you suppose the information was to go?

In America today (February 27, 2013), we have a president who was born a Muslim, sent to Muslim schools early on, and then educated as a communist.   He has assumed the role of dictator, using the same tactics that Adolph Hitler used in Germany.   The last series of steps in taking over a nation by evil ones like communists (under whatever name they choose to call themselves), Marxists, facists, nazis, or the like, is to take the firearms away from the people.

Steps Taken in the Past

In countries like Germany and Russia, and lately Australia - which is still in the process of completing all the steps - the evil ones have done essentially what follows.   Unfortunately, even in Switzerland this process is now being used by agents in an effort to take guns away from the populace.

1.   Divide the populace so that they fight one another rather than the real menace.   In America, Saul Alinsky and other key communists enlisted many "useful idiots" to accomplish this goal.   Barack Obama (B.O.) was a top community organizer who taught community organizing later.   "Community organizer" is the whitewashed name for a "communist agitator", whose goal is to exaggerate any supposed grievances, real or imagined, that the community has to form an emotional force to be used by the agitator.

2.   Place key figures in positions of power, using the Alinsky mindset in which the end justifies the use of any means.   In America, the left has actually managed get one of their own in the White House.   This was done using voter fraud, lying to the people, using a press that had been taken over long before by communists and their useful idiots, and other means both fair and foul.   In Alinsky's book, Rules for Radicals, he lists the qualities needed to be a community organizer.   These qualities are precisely the same as those needed for one to be a considered a psychopath.

3.   Set up legislation, press releases, letters to the editor, and more, in advance that can be used to exploit any crisis, real or imaginary.   We have an example of this with "Mad Dog" Feinstein, the California senator who cares not for children being murdered, but attempts to exploit their murders, using emotion to so that she can cause honest citizens to lose their firearms, their last means of defense as the left attempts to take over the nation.

4.   Set up people who will act as murderers.   In the Columbine shooting, the perpetrators were set up with violent movies and video games - there may even have been suggestions of a subliminal nature and suggestions that were more direct, beginning with agitation about something to a full-blown resolve to kill.

There are unanswered questions in the case of the boy who allegedly stole his mother's guns to kill young children of whom he was supposedly jealous.   Was he influenced by an agitator or more than one agitator, who had discovered him as a possible means to create an incident?   This sound callous, but the KGB in Russia has done such things in the past, as have the Nazis in Germany, the Facists in Italy, etc.   Obama's friend and ghost writer, Bill Ayers, and his wife, Bernardine Dohrn, are murderers of policemen, and Obama is a murderer as shown with Benghazi and Fast & Furious (to name but two more recent examples).   There was a car which was never found and was involved in this school shooting, and the media seems to have lost interest in all the loose ends.   It is typical KGB to make certain that the shooter is killed so that he cannot answer any pertinent questions.

5.   Begin advancing legislation that is ready once the triggering incident is over, and put forth all the publicity possible that is in favor of taking away firearms.   In B.O.'s case, he moves to campaign for his cause, taking trips to various places and lying like he always does.   If things don't go well enough, there are other issues to be used to focus public attention away from the one he does not want people to remember.

6.   Once legislation is in place such as universal background checks and forced registration, the left has the means to go after gun owners.   In Australia, according to newspapers at the time, the real Crocodile Dundee refused to surrender his gun.   He was hunted down and killed along with about a thousand others who also refused.   This is typical of what has happened whenever and wherever guns have been confiscated by a government.

7.   With the guns out of the way, the leftists can take over by force and kill off the portion of the population that opposed them.   More have been killed by Marxists than by any political group in history.

8.   The next step is to round up the useful idiots (they usually outnumber the real socialists/communists/or whatever) and place them in concentration camps for future disposal, send them to a labor camp, or kill them outright.   They cannot be trusted because they were traitors to their own country.   In Soviet Russia, Stalin sent agents to hunt down even those who had escaped from other countries.   More recently, Sadam Hussein sent teams of hit men to America to find and kill those who escaped from Iraq.

We are in a war now, and almost half of our people do not even know it.   The first thing we need to do to win is to wake up enough peope so that a vast majority will recognize the danger they are.   There are some good DVDs available that place a lot of good information within a short span of time.   One is called Thrive and is available free if one has a computer that can handle online movies.   It is also available from Amazon for under $20.   Another DVD that is excellent is called Agenda and is $18 for a single copy or as little as $7 a copy in a bulk order.   Orders for Agenda can be telephoned in at 877-527-2111.   For those who prefer some very informative and detailed reading, The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin goes after the root cause of world problems, the Shadow Party who are behind the so-called Federal Reserve and who manipulate us all too successfully.

B.O. has done what he can to reduce the power of the Christian churches by dividing or discrediting them whenever possible.   Anti-American agents have infiltrated the churches to hasten the process.   Bulk orders of DVDs and the right books can be the key to educating, awakening, and unifying moral Christians and those who have equivalent morality.   This educating, awakening, and unifying will work against those that Marxists are placing in key places.   The same strategy can work to educate, awaken, and unify those in political organizations that are truly attempting to help the nation.   These are examples of the use of bulk orders to do the most good for the least expenditure.   You can think of other ways to move the message.   Please do so.

Help from Firearms Manufacturers
Help is coming from at least 44 firearms manufacturers who have decided that they will no longer sell firearms to law enforcement in any state that has strict laws against firearms.   They do not want honest citizens to have less fire power than their law enforcement people.   This is logical considering the fact that the leftists have been able to bribe or blackmail police chiefs to do their bidding.


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