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See the December 31, 2011 issue of National Review.

  The Shadow Party is composed of the same people found behind the Federal Reserve (big bankers, financiers, extremely wealthy people who are responsible for most of our woes, including war, just so they can have more power).   The parts on this site with the titles, "The Federal Reserve System" and "The Creature from Jekyll Island" go into more detail.   These people are the real power behind a candidate, and the real power that breaks a candidate who may be too smart, too canny, for them to control.   The Shadow Party people influence editors of magazines, newspapers, and publishing houses whenever it can.   The debates, the rhetoric, and the visible news are all part of dog and pony show.   But it may be possible with enough education for us to throw off the yoke of the Shadow Party.   It appears that the Shadow Party is worried about Newt Gingrich as a President who could upset its plans.

It is more than obvious that the editor of National Review told his people to write everything negative that was possible about Newt Gingrich.   Newt was on top in the polls at the time, a real threat to those who want a slow-acting, even slow-witted, President for them to manipulate.   Once the Dec. 31 issue was out (it always comes out early), Gingrich dropped drastically in the polls.   Of course there were also other means used to make him drop in popularity.

In that issue of National Review we see a terrible cover that is designed to make people hate Newt.   Then we see The Gingrich Gestalt by Mark Steyn.   This article by a master propagandist was composed of derogatory comments, personal attacks, ways to denigrate other Republican candidates as well as Newt, a few facts without sufficient support or a look at the other side, and unnecessary words to fill up space.   It was the same one-sided argument technique used by the Progressives or by trial attorneys.   Please read it if you can so that you will have a better idea of who Mark Steyn really is.   I have lost any respect for him that I once had.

The next article is How Speaker Newt Balanced the Budget by Kevin D. Williamson.   This was a more adult article without Steyn's emotion-generating personal attacks, and with quite a few facts.   It shows correctly that there were other factors involved that allowed Newt to work successfully at balancing the federal budget.   Newt did not do it alone, but then nobody does.   Since there is no one today who really knows the various factors that were either opposing or aiding Newt, perhaps it would be wise not to criticize him because he did not do more.   The final point Williamson was trying to make, is that Newt could not possibly do much good as President because of the obstacles he would face - such as a budget presented by a Congress which does not know all the answers.   But could anyone else do better?

Kris W. Kobach wrote Amnesty Again for that same issue.   He outlines Gingrich's plan for dealing with illegal immigrants, then takes it apart piece by piece.   For those of us who have worked with people in meetings, it is obvious that good ideas are easily squelched by those who did not produce them.   Frankly, I have not seen any better way to handle the illegal immigrant problem, and this author did not produce one.   Instead, this author showed that Newt's ideas were not far right enough.   Whether far right or far left, there are some solutions that must be implemented before it is too late.   In every case, the outlined solution used will be modified to better address the problem, and it is too soon to criticize Newt's basic idea just because it might actually be accepted by those in both major political parties.

Then we have Jonathan H. Adler's article, Some Shade of Green.   Adler shows that Newt was taken in by the global warming propaganda that had us all fooled at the time.   He took steps to help save the day.   I thought this was a plus for Newt considering the attitude of the public at the time when he was Speaker.   Newt was (and still may be) an environmentalist.   Before the Progressives/Communists had taken over the green movement, Newt was in favor of it.   But Adler mentions that Newt has gone over to the side of energy.   Actually, there are no sides here.   Energy need not be related to anti-environmentalism, and environmentalism need not be related to anti-energy.   Newt has the intellect to understand this, but his opposition does not want the public to understand.   Newt's scientific interests and his intellect are used by Adler in a manner that is neither favorable nor unfavorable except perhaps to make it appear that Newt is too intellectual to appeal to the average voter.   Adler criticizes Newt's interactions regarding the Environmental Protection Agency and the Endangered Species Act, but Adler was not there.   Adler sums up that Newt could be the one to articulate an alternative environmental vision - if he would be inclined to do so.   Over all, it would appear that anyone with an intelligent and open mind would find this article helpful for Newt - and that Adler failed to do a very good job of destroying Newt's reputation.   Perhaps the editor will chastise him.

January 21, 2012

In an interview on Fox News, Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild explained her views on the Republican candidates.   It appears that the Rothschilds, who are descended from the man who was the architect of our Federal Reserve system (composed of those who constitute the largest part of the Shadow Party), are definitely fearful of Newt Gingrich and in favor of Mitt Romney who has been endorsed by John McCain (a leftist in sheep's clothing who was backed by George Soros to make certain that Obama would win the 2008 election).   If Newt is elected, we should pray that he does not go the way of John and Bobby Kennedy when they became a possible problem for the Shadow Party.

For more information on "Lady de Rothschild" use search on the web.   For more information on the Federal Reserve (Big Bankers' Cartel) go to The Federal Reserve System on this site.   We will never have a truly free nation until the Fed is eliminated and those in the Shadow Party (including the Rothschilds), lose their hold on us.   As more Americans begin to awaken, more elections may be won on the basis of truth as opposed to lying propaganda funded by people like the Rothschilds.

Political Parties

Having two major political parties has been a real problem because party loyalty at the higher levels usually exceeds national loyalty.   This makes it easy for the Shadow Party to manipulate U.S. politics.   I have voted in every election, but most of the time I was voting for the candidate I hated the least.   Whenever one party stated that they were on a particular side of an issue, the other party would automatically state that they were on the other side.   But there are more than two two sides to each issue, and ways to satisfy both parties unless one party is composed of anti-American Progressives/Communists who are using Saul Alinsky tactics to destroy the U.S.   Consequently, I am an independent, strongly opposed to those who promote unconstitutional action.   We have never lived under truly constitutional government, and the Shadow Party does not allow adherence to the Constitution unless it serves their purpose.

Both parties have been in favor of big government at one time or another, have failed to abide by the Constitution, and have made certain that salaries and benefits for congressmen and government elected executives keep increasing.   The voters are swayed by the media which is in the pocket of Shadow Party either directly or indirectly.   We have arrived at a time when the slaves like us must spend all our time working instead of being aware of the political scene before us.   What we don't see, we can't fix, so many of us don't vote - and the corrupt can dominate the political scene.

The Republican Party chiefs may be behind the trashing of Newt, allied with the Shadow Party.   Those in charge of that party may feel threatened by someone with an intellect like Newt's.   The Founding Fathers wanted us to have representative government - a republic rather than a democracy - because we would elect those with more mental ability than most of us, the ones best qualified to do that job.   This has rarely happened.   Most of the time we tend to elect those who are best at catering to the Shadow Party's wishes, and manipulating us into voting for them.

We want to have a President that actually believes that the interests of the United States and its individual citizens takes precedence over a particular party.

Usurped by the Government

There are numerous government bureaucracies that deal with things that the Constitution does allow the government to invade.   Education in the U.S. is at a low because of central control by the Federal Government.   If Obama's healthcare is not repealed, we will have one more bureaucracy that will control us.   There are many other examples.

Issues like pro-life vs abortion should never have been considered an issue for the federal government.   Gay marriage is another issue from which the federal government should exclude itself.   The federal government should be concerned with the common defense (including defense of our borders), enforcing our bill of rights by creating stiff penalties for those who attempt to steal our rights (whether they are state legislators or judges), and regulating (not stopping) interstate commerce.

What We Need

We need a President with a mind capable of handling a lot of data and with knowledge beyond simple politics.   Newt has the capability to be a great President if he can survive the tactics of the Shadow Party, its allies, and their unwitting slaves.



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