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Why we must pass legislation eliminating all firearms in America.

People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because
rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.

George Orwell


Why we should eliminate firearms in America

There are a large number of people who will benefit from the elimination of all firearms in the United States of America.   Are they all citizens of this country?   Probably not.   Are they a legally voting majority?   Perhaps.   Are they "citizens of the world"?   Most of them.

We are now in the second term of a president who wishes to "adjust" or eliminate the Constitution.   He is our Saviour, our Anointed One.   If you do not believe this, ask him, look at his executive orders and his executive "actions", and look at his actions during the last four years.   It is obvious that he is the King of America who can do whatever he wishes whenever he wishes.   Barack Obama and those who are part of his coalition are attempting to create universal background checks for firearms of all types in the USA that are transferred in any way from one person to another.   Should the King and his people succeed, they will eventually be able to list every firearm owner.   Once listed as an owner of a firearm, one's name will be in the system forever, and confiscation will inevitably follow.   According one of his executive orders, martial law can be declared and he will be able to legally incarcerate anyone who opposes him.   See National Defense Preparedness Order.

What follows are a few reasons why we should listen to those who wish to eliminate the Second Amendment, as given by those who do not want that amendment in the Constitution.

Organized Crime - Job Creation

During the era of prohibition (of liquor), organized crime was able to illegally sell alcoholic beverages at greatly inflated prices.   Today, many drugs are illegal, and various mafias are reaping huge rewards for selling them.   For this reason, those in organized crime are looking forward to a time when the federal or state governments will prohibit firearms for citizens.   Gun and ammunition prices will soar, and a new generation of "criminals" will be created.

In cities like Chicago, where members of organized crime vote several times in each election (see Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky for details), the "democratic" process has created a wonderful playground for criminals during and ever since the era of Al Capone.   Perhaps Chicago should be the model for the entire nation.

Expanding organized crime will create jobs and the economy will grow.   Just as drugs are imported and created today, and how liquor was created during Capone's era, new mafia gun industries will increase the number of jobs by importing and producing firearms to be sold on the black market.   Of course, those with less income will not be able to afford firearms, but spears made of broomsticks will be theirs until broomsticks become illegal.

In the various socialist/communist countries of the world, we have seen that the growth of organized crime has helped to create a communist dictatorship and to sustain it.   Thus, we should do what we can to aid organized crime.   We must confiscate all firearms held by honest U.S. citizens.

Non-Unionized Criminals - Safer Working Conditions

Today, criminal home invasion is a somewhat risky business.   The poor criminal is never quite certain than the homeowner will not shoot him.   Even though in many states the homeowner will be sent to jail or executed for shooting the home-invading criminal, the poor criminal might either be dead or incapacitated in some manner.   At the very least, he or she will have suffered severe trauma and monetary loss.   In the case of incapacitation, the criminal will have lost his livelihood.   He can sue the homeowner, but sometimes the homeowner will not be able to pay very much - especially if the homeowner is sent to jail or executed for the "crime" of shooting the invader.

Unfortunately, the home-invader has a job during which he does not pay for social security.   Consequently, he has no means of retiring with enough of an income to maintain his standard of living.   So he must save enough for his retirement.   If he is shot and has hospital bills to pay, he loses his savings.   It follows that he should be able to have more job security and safer working conditions.   Of course, he could join a union for home invaders and steal money legally as do most of the unions in America.   But for now, he has no union.

If the homeowner has no firearm for self-protection, the home-invader can use his own black-market firearm to overpower the homeowner.   This improves the working conditions for the invader considerably.   So we should register and confiscate firearms for American citizens.   Remember that if one criminal's life can be saved or even improved, we should legislate a means of making it happen.

Unionized Criminals - Increase Union Membership

Most unions since their very beginning have used strong-arm tactics, outright violence, and threats of physical harm, to enforce their will.   The union bosses do not believe in the law, and do everything from blocking traffic to actual murder.   However, they are often traumatized if someone stands up to them.   If the average citizen has no firearm, the union bosses can enforce their edicts with less chance of being endangered.   As criminals themselves, the union bosses will have their own firearms, and they can better bully their own workers if the workers have no firearms.

These poor bosses should be allowed to do as they wish with less danger to themselves.   Bad enough that they have to deal with one another (remember Jimmy Hoffa).

Crooked and Treasonous Politicians - Help Eliminate Trauma

Crooked and treasonous politicians will always have firearms for self-defense because they are worried about someone becoming irritated by their actions.   They suffer at times as they worry, and therefore are victims of trauma (like Senators Feinstein and Boxer).   They want everyone else to be unarmed so that they can feel safer as they go about their business.   All lesser people, like the average American, should, therefore, be divested of firearms.   Only the elite should have such a privilege, and most of them would feel better if even their peers were disarmed.

Communists, Radical Muslims, and Other Anti-American People - World Peace

The Communist nations of the world, the Communist and Socialist Parties in the U.S., the Middle Eastern terrorists, and others like them (such as Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid) are striving to find ways to take away all firearms from U.S. citizens.   They know that total control of the nation can only be theirs if no one is left to forcefully oppose them.   When added to the various members of organized crime, non-unionized criminals, unionized criminals, and other crooked politicians, they are numerous enough to create a very large minority.   With organizations like ACORN, illegal immigrants, and people like George Soros on their side, they can increase their illegal votes to effectively dominate the majority.

If they can eventually take away all firearms from the multitudes, they can easily enslave the populace and the world will be safer.   Under slavery, the slaves can be cared for with more nutritional food and working hours that guarantee proper production - and if the better food and proper working hours does not happen (as has been the case in communist nations), then there is still world peace because no one can revolt.

Useful Idiots - Eliminate Some Darwin Awards

These people are dedicated to creating a communist nation in place of a free-enterprise nation.   They want to eliminate the U.S. Constitution.   They have been taught a false history of the U.S. and the world or no history at all.   Subjects such as logic and critical thinking are unknown to them.   They are victims of the principle "if you don't know a subject exists, you cannot study it".

Such people really do need to feel safe because they are too inept to be able to handle a firearm.   They watch pro-wrestling and they procreate.   These are just the kind of people most needed by enemies of America.   Most likely, they will not know the difference when they are taken to Siberia to work for the Kremlin.   But we must be certain that they are not uncomfortable until that time comes.

They can eventually constitute a huge work force of such ignorance and stupidity that revolution will become impossible for them.   As communism continues to take over the world, it will fight against radical Islam and become the only world power under the Shadow Party (the economic moguls we have installed in the so-called Federal Reserve).   This will guarantee world peace.   Consequently, we must keep the useful idiots safe.   They must not have firearms because they are too ignorant and stupid to otherwise be prevented from hurting themselves.

The Shadow Party - Promote World Government

Sometimes called the "Illuminati", and sometimes called various invectives, these are the people first established by those of the Red Shield (the Rothchilds) who are the ones behind the "Federal Reserve" - which is neither federal nor a reserve.   They are a Big Bankers' Cartel, an illegal group who were responsible for the Federal Reserve Act.   They steal money all the time, by using their banking practices and bogus loans to the U.S. government.   See The Federal Reserve System.   They also steal property by giving bogus loans, creating economic "crises", and foreclosing on homes.

They have worked hard throughout the world to gain control of the world economy.   They have placed crooked politicians in the proper places, created almost every war on the planet, and surreptitiously enslaved us to a great extent.   Income tax was created merely to increase their wealth.   The people of the Shadow Party must be pitied.   After a long life of legal criminal activity, they should be allowed to enjoy their wealth and power without danger of being deposed.

A book called The Creature from Jekyll Island a DVD called Thrive are being studied by more and more people thoughout the U.S., and this could lead to an armed revolt - or at the least a movement against world government.   Since those in the Shadow Party could be in danger of losing their immense wealth or even their lives, we should take the firearms away from U.S. citizens (the victims of the Shadow Party).

From the National Review of February 11, 2013

In this issue is an article by Kevin D. WIlliamson with the title Armed, Not Dangerous.   In it we see that Switzerland has kept up with the times - unlike America.   The purpose of the Second Amendment for Americans is to have a nation of armed citizens who can rid themselves of an out-of-control federal government.   For this to be possible, the arms for the citizens should be as least as good as what the American military has.   But Americans are not armed that way and there is a movement from anti-Americans like Senators Feinstein and Boxer (from communist California) and so-called President Obama (who is not even an American) to bit-by-bit take away all firearms from citizens (for their own good, of course).

In Switzerland, every able male and any volunteering female must, but law, have the latest fully-automatic military rifle along with ammunition at home.   There is a legal age before they are drafted, but men into their sixties or older are still part of the Swiss army.   The Swiss have all of these citizens as reserves who are trained and repeatedly drilled and updated so that they can augment the 4,200 regular members of the Swiss army.   The Swiss have found that they have so little crime that it is only lately being monitored statistically.   Most of their crime comes from immigrants, so they have a number of countries on the "no immigrant" list and no immigration to Switzerland from these countries is allowed.   The few immigrants that are allowed from other countries are carefully screened, and the Swiss borders have good security.

The city of Zurich in Switzerland has a population of 8 million people.   In 2010, there were 53 murders there, 40 of which were accomplished with firearms.   The latest statistics are difficult to find probably because of lack of Swiss interest in them.   On the other hand, Chicago in the U.S.A. has a population of 2.7 million and in 2012 there were over 500 murders there.   Zurich has trained its citizens with firearms, and there is at least one gun for every home.   Every Swiss man is trained to shoot people, there are shooting contests, gun celebrations, and on-going training - and no other country feels that it is worthwhile to invade Switzerland.   In Chicago, guns are not allowed for honest citizens, so the criminals can literally go wild with their guns (since they do not obey the laws).   Most likely (my comment), no one would want to invade Chicago because there are too many criminals there with guns.

In 2007, a BBC report had the comment Guns are deeply rooted within Swiss culture - but the crime rate is so low that statistics are not even kept.   Now, with computers available for another bureaucracy, the statistics are kept to at least some extent.

With Comrade Obama and his Homeland Surrender people in charge of the U.S. borders, America is becoming the diametric opposite of Switzerland.   When I was an NRA instructor, we were able to train youngsters in the safe use of firearms and marksmanship.   Those youngsters grew up to become citizen soldiers of the best quality.   Today, too many young people do not know their heritage or even why we need quality training to deal with our enemies.   A bully is only interested in attacking those who are weaker.   A strong military is the key to maintaining our freedom, and firearm training from an early age is the key to a strong military.   America needs to be more like Switzerland.


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